Java Jazz Festival 2010: Bob James Trio and Nita Aartsen Latin Jazz Mania


Ever wondered why Bob James becomes a legend? One main reason is his skills on playing the piano is superb, and he always play by pouring his heart and soul.  Anywhere his fingers move would create melodious sounds.  We used to say, give some notes to Bob, and he will turn it into a masterpiece composition. That’s how amazing Bob James is. What we heard is a natural creation of the perfect jazz tunes. On the last day of Java Jazz Festival 2010, Bob James performed with his trio including Harvey Mason on drums. Bob James (3)Unlike the day before, in the much smaller Semeru Hall Bob could interact more intimately than ever with the audiences.  Bob once again ended his performance with his new composition that successfully made the crowds popped. On this second show, Bob James played a bit different and managed to get standing applause by the audiences.  What a perfect tune to close this his performance at this year’s Java Jazz Festival gloriously.

Bob James (11)

One of the last show of Java Jazz Festival 2010 was Nita Aartsen and her Latin Jazz Mania. Nita Aartsen is a senior and complete pianist that also sing also gifted as a stand out music composer. Whether it’s pop, rock, blues, classical, or any other genres, she could breath a soul into it to make the  song feels so alive.  Nita said “Music is like home to me.. It’s like a dining room where I have my harmony food, it’s like a bed to lie down and relax my mind from my restlessness, it’s like a living room where I join my fellow musicians, and even a spiritual room for my peace and inspiration. Music is also like a big garden for joy, fun and excitement.”

Nita Aartsen (1)

We could clearly see that music is everything for Nita, and that was what she gave in one of the last shows of Java Jazz Festival 2010. Bringing the cool Latin Jazz Mania as the concept, her show was enjoyed by many audiences. And with Nita Aartsen, Java Jazz Festival 2010 finally reached the end.

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Daniel Irawan
Photographer: Praditya Nova, Eghi Gabred


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