Java Jazz Festival 2010: Andien, Andra and The Backbone feat. Ari Lasso


Eventhough she hasn’t released album in several years, yet people still love Andien. With her strong jazzy voice and attractive performance, this sweet darling of Indonesian jazz always know how to draws attention from her fans. Since her debut when she was still 16 years old until today she has never loose her touch in jazz. To show how serious she is in music, until today she still learns how sing to enhance her quality. This amazing young lady with her very jazzy voice gave away one magical performance in Java Jazz Festival 2010.

Andra & The Backbone ft Ari Lasso (3)

Which Indonesian wouldn’t know about Andra and The Backbone? This amazing band that carries pop rock music came to Java Jazz Festival 2010 featuring Ari Lasso. They performed acoustically to make softer sound for their songs.

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Reporter: Ata Michaella, Riandy Kurniawan

Photographer: Praditya Nova

Editor: Ardhi Saputro


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