Java Jazz Festival 2010: 21st Night, Ligro Trio, Notturno


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We call this band, Notturno, as a band who dares to expose the dark side of jazz. Not in a creepy way, but somehow their music has a deeper connection to the darkest side of our hearts. Releasing one album, involved in two movie soundtracts: Pintu Terlarang and Rumah Dara, were the undoubtable prooves how dark their music is. Yet surprisingly, their music can stil be enjoyed by many, plus the way they interacted with the audiences made their compositions even lighter. Featuring with Chroma String Quartet tonight, they kept getting impressions both by their fans and the audiences bumped into their stage.

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Meanwhile at the Outdoor stage we got the presence of a trio gone wild. Once you get in you will never be able to get out, yes this might sounds scary but that’s the impression we always get when we entered Ligro Trio. It’s like having a journey on a wild ride through many elements of music, they can bring your mood up and throw you down from the beginning to the end of the show. Provocative might be the best way to describe them as they can use so many elements like rock, jazz, ethnical or anything else to stregthen they missions. With Agam Hamzah, Adi Dharmawan and Hendi ‘Gigi’ they continously give a new experience to the wide segment of listeners.

Ligro Trio (5)

At the A1 Hall the audience tasted the beauty of acid jazz. Strongly related with Maliq n D’essentials, 21st Night is one groovy band that fits in into today’s trend among the teenagers and young at hearts. It was even difficult for us to move into their stage area, shows the hype of jakarta’s teenagers music trend.

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Reporter: Novan Yahya Renatal, Riandy Kurniawan, Ata Michaella

Photographer: Eghi Gabred, Ata Michaella

Editor: Ardhi Saputro


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