JakJazz 2008 Posted List


jakjazz 2008, liputan, pictures, report, list
jakjazz 2008, liputan, pictures, report, list

Guys, to make it easier, here are all the lists of JakJazz 2008 report. Will be updated when more added. Stay tune.

  • JakJazz Has Started!
  • Salamander Big Band
  • Devian ft Dina Mariana
  • Idang Rasjidi & The New Generation
  • Heaven on Earth
  • Just The Three Of Us
  • Kyoto Jazz Massive
  • Lica Cecato ft Zarro
  • Maliq n d’Essentials
  • Oele Pattiselano ft Dira & Chika Asamoto
  • Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience
  • What’s happening around JakJazz 2008:Day One
  • Vidi Aldiano ft Tohpati, J-Flow, Rio Sidik and Anton Seva
  • Boi Akih ft Mike Del Ferro
  • What’s happening around JakJazz 2008:Day Two
  • Barry Likumahuwa
  • Indra Lesmana Reborn
  • Daniel Sahuleka
  • Andre Hehanussa
  • Bassgroove 100
  • Ireng Maulana ft Andien and Afgan
  • DJ Shuya from Kyoto Jazz Massive
  • Abraham Laboriel & The Open Hands
  • Noor Bersaudara
  • Syaharani and the Queen Fireworks
  • Andrae Crouch
  • Sekapur Sirih
  • Geronimo ft Rafika Duri
  • Yellowjackets ft Tohpati
  • Nera
  • Abadi Soesman with Gugun and the Blues Bugs
  • Ran
  • Roland Tchakounte
  • Soulvibe
  • Sister Duke
  • JakJazz 10th Edition Celebration
  • Editor Notes: JakJazz 2008 3 Days Summary
  • Exclusive Interview with Ray Harris
  • Exclusive Interview with Bhayu from Heaven On Earth
  • Exclusive Interview with Devian
  • Exclusive Interview with Dina Mariana
  • Exclusive Interview with Shuya Okino
  • Exclusive Interview with Just The Three Of Us (Rien Djamain, Vonny Sumlang, Mawar AFI)
  • Exclusive Interview with Andrae Crouch

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