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Just like the name of the event, Dji Sam Soe Urban Jazz Crossover blends and twists many genres of music in a one groovy pot. As we’ve mentioned in other articles, this concert involved many artists from other music genres . One of those is rock. We might wonder how come a rock artist with genuinely rock voice could transform their performance and musicality into jazzy tone that usually goes softer than the style they used to do.

Here is the interview with Candil and Andi /rif, two of the rockin’ performers at this event that are famously known as the vocalists of rock bands. Candil with his ex- Seurieus band and Andi with /rif band.
The interview held separately after the show of Surabaya Edition of Dji Sam Soe Urban Jazz Crossover, May 29, 2009.

How do you think about the crowds of Surabaya, the last city of this Tour?
Candil :
they were all awesome! They were the most attractive audience of the whole 5 cities.

Andi/rif : cool! They were so cool and interactive. Surabaya as the last city for this concert was absolutely a right choice!


Tell us about how you connected with the Urban Jazz Crossover?
Candil : It all started from the last Java Jazz Festival 2009. I was performing with an angklung group (angklung is a traditional Indonesian instrument made from bamboo). Eq Puradiredja ( the music director) might have seen me and he thought it would be fun if I could join him and the team for this project. I couldn’t resist at this great offer of course..
Andi/rif : This was my second performance for this event. And it’s getting bigger! The show’s concept was so surprisingly unique & I’m so proud being a part of a solid teamwork. This year’s show has grown a lot more. The stages were amazingly done, the lightings were so luxurious.

As you know, we are used to give the “rocker” tag to you. Tell us why do you like to involve in this project ?
Candil : Well, I had that thought when I said yes to Eq. I thought that it would give me a great opportunity. The concept was so unique and unusual. And this is something new from me. I felt so happy that I worked with great team. From them I learned to adapt or adjust my performance to fit the concept. They handled this project professionally.
Andi/rif : Sure it needed some adaptation. Though I think it wasn’t that hard to adapt my basic voice for this project. I always say that Jazz and Rock came from the same “mother”, which is blues.

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Would you tell us about your recent activity?

Candil : Right now I’m working on my solo album that hopefully can be finished by the end of this year.
Andi/rif : I’m making my own solo album with classic rock concept. I’m working with many great Indonesian musicians such as Dian HP, Tohpati, etc in my solo album. The album’s concept came from a thought that nowadays there are not many 70’s generation still listening to “their own generation” of rock n roll right now. So, most of my upcoming album will consists of classic rock.

What do you expect from Urban Jazz Crossover show?
Candil : I hope it can be held continuously every year with many more musicians involved.
Andi/rif : This event must be held routine every year, as the people seems to get more interested in jazz .

Interviewed by Apey Idris
Photographer : Dyaz Chan, I Putu Surya K.B. , Novan Yahya Renatal
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan