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Another interview from Road to Kampoeng Jazz 2008. This time we met Soulvibe, a new emerging band whom deliver cool funk and groove acid. This band is starting to get more attention by music lovers. They sound fresh, with great vocal and technique quality. Many critics claimed that they are just impostors of well known band like Maliq n d’Essentials. It’s very unfair. They explained all about this, plus many more about Soulvibe in this interview.


at the moment of interview

It was really fun talking to them. for more than half an hour, not only we asked them questions, but we also discussed many things about the music trend and some stuff.

First of all, congratulation for the successful debut album. It was a great performance as well.

thank you, thank you!

As what we heard from your debut album, it sounds really groovy, and it fits to the trend that’s going on right now in Indonesia. Did you follow the trend for making your music or this is just who you really are?

As a matter of fact, we read many reviews and comments about us, and many said we are just trying to sound like some groovy band that already succeed.. for example Maliq and d’Essentials. A lot of people said we are copying them. But actually, we have been doing this kind of music since 2002, when Maliq was just formed as well. We have our own style for sure. We know, because Maliq came out first and reached their success before us, then people would say other band that sounds quite the same are just followers.

Yeah I believe so too. I mean, comparing you with other band and said that you’re just a follower are just silly. Anyway, I found a lot of color in your style, does it come from different music taste of the personnel?

Wow, glad you thought that way! thanks! yeah, we all have different favorite style. One likes Incognito, the other like Herbie Hancock, then some are more into soul RnB, even rock. All those “ingredients” then fused together, resulting Soulvibe style of music.

Cool! With these various blend, what do you call your music then? groovy and funky acid?

We like to call it Pop Universal, because of those diversities. So, this is the music that represent us.

Okay, but do you consider yourself as jazz musician?

Well, I think it’s too soon for us.. we are what we are. Actually we were kind of surprised that Kampoeng Jazz wanted us to perform, since we are not that “jazz”, but I believe they had their own reason and we’re happy for that.

But of course you put some improvisation to make the song more jazzy in jazz festival right?

yeah, for example, we put chords like C7 in some parts to make it sound more jazzy.. it’s not that important, but we also have mission to introduce jazz through our songs.

picture credit:mustangfm.com

What song raised your name first of all?

The song called “No More”. That song went into chart in Prambors radio, we reached the top and stayed there for 2 weeks. From there, many people started to know us.

Oh yeah, I noticed there are some songs that are bilingual, you use both indonesian and english in one song.. did you get critics because of that, and why do you have to sing in two language at once?

Yeah we did! many people gave critics for using two language like that.. but we really think it’s necessary. It fits perfectly with what we’re trying to say. You know, some words can’t be replaced totally, it will give different perception.

How’s your road to success? can you share some story?

We started to play together since 2002, from stage to stage, covering popular songs like Maxwell, Eric Benet, The Police and many more before Soulvibe was formed. One day when we performed on stage, Rayendra (from Parkdrive) was there too, and he offered us to make an album. (Rayendra is one of the Gowa Music Producer as well). We did it, and the rest is history.

How did you came up with the name “Soulvibe”? I noticed it’s some kind of abbreviation?

Yeah, Soulvibe means Sound of Universal Love Various Instruments and Behaviour. Actually at that time we had several choice of names, we put all of them on paper and then finally we all think Soulvibe was the best as our name.

Now back to the label, did they give you freedom to make your songs, or were there any boundaries and limitation? Some label always try to limit the creativity of a band to fit the market demand.

No, no.. they really let us pour our creativity. We made about 20 songs, and they choosed 11 songs for the album. Not only that,they also let us learn some direction for mixing and recording too, which was really cool.

Means you can still let your idealism and creativity out..

Yes, they even gave trainings before the recording. We are very grateful because of that.

But sometimes there’s a bit problem with Mid label on the distribution. What do you think?

Yeah, for now the album is only available in the big cities. That’s why we are thankful if there are medias like you to put us in feature. We will keep doing this of course, and we believe soon people will know about us more.

Any plan to sell the album online?

Yes, the label is still working for that. Just wait and see.. haha..

Next question, with these many personnel of 7, wasn’t it difficult to decide anything? It’s impossible for you all to have the same idea all the time right?

Yeah of course. It’s normal for us to have different ideas, but we always discussed to reach the final decision. If it still doesn’t work, we raise a vote.

Do you all have long time commitment in this band? Learning from the past, there were many great band that disbanded just because they got other project that fits more to their favorite style.. tell me you won’t be another one like them.

We all have full commitment for Soulvibe. Soulvibe is still and always be our priority. Still, we never forbid any of them to have other solo project. It’s better after we have 3 albums, maybe.. but it’s not a must though.

Hopefully Soulvibe will stand the test of time and still together in years ahead. It will be unfortunate if a great band like this has to end..

Hopefully not, we want to exist long too. But for now, we have to manage our time between playing music and continue our study. We’re all still in the college, and it’s also important for future investment.

Okay… good luck to all of you, all the best!

Thank you very much.

Soulvibe are:

Rizqi Rizaldi (vocal)

Bayu Adiputra (vocal)

Ramadhan Handy (bas)

Frans Martatko (keyboard)

Adhika Winasis (gitar)

Muhammad Caesar Rizal (drum)

Adrianto Ario Seto (synthesizer)

For more infos and samples, please visit them at: http://www.myspace.com/svsoulvibe


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