Exclusive Interview With Bayu & Tesla


This attractive and dynamic duo was so cool when performed in the stage at Jazz Ramadhan. Although they only consist of 2 people, what they performed was sbayu-n-tesla_smallo amazing with high degree of difficulty. Bayu (piano) and Tesla (guitar) delivered all Chick Corea composition which is famous for high degree of difficulty, but  enjoyable. Their combination was incredibly awesome. Bayu and Tesla are directed by Klabjazz. At this moment, I had a chance to have interview with both of them accompanied by Mr Niman (Dwi Cahya Niman) from Klabjazz.

Wow, it was great, how long do you guys play together?
It’s just only for 3-4 months but we are housemate, so basically we know each other for quite sometimes.

Where did you guys get an idea to form together?

In the beginning, Tesla asked to form the group and finally both of us agreed to.

(Mr. Niman) : I proposed some songs to them. They accept some, reject some. Basically they choose themselves which one is fit with their characteristic.

So what kind of style do you guys play?
We play in experimental style.  Sometimes we play with DJ, or even we use sequencer to mix it with our music.

Wow. This is new..
(Mr. Niman) : Yesterday, they were also presented at Warta Jazz Birthday and they met JGTC’s guys (Jazz Goes To Campus). Hopefully, they will consider seriously to invite Bayu & Tesla to perform at Depok. Heavy or light is relative. But if we take a look of what they offer, they are attractive and take people attention.

When Bayu performed at the stage, his looked trance. I don’t think he will even realize if something happens to him (laugh)
Haha…..well, that’s our style when we perform at stage.

(Mr Niman) : In classical music world we know the phrase called Impromptu. Impromptu is known as a composition of music where the theme and improvisation has already written by the composer. In this case, the room of improvisation is not much. However, their unison using two instruments which have high degree of difficulty has to be kept fully. Yes, maybe they don’t have any room to improve when they play this kind of style, but still because of that they can keep their concentration level so that they can play without any blank space from the beginning to the end. It’s a challange as well. They have the freedom to choose their own repertoire. Since in the beginning, Bayu & Tesla has their own unique style and Klabjazz totally support them. We give them total freedom.

How do you react to the music trend in Indonesia?
I just talked to them, I think Bayu & Tesla have to think smart, willing to play other style than jazz so that they can still get some income. This is important since musicians who are in jazz industry have difficulty to keep their income stable. This is a problem that may appear not only in Indonesia, but everywhere around the world.

The biggest problem in Indonesia is that there is lack of spot for Jazz music in the entertainment world, eventhough we have many good jazz musicians that can compete with those from overseas.
Yes that’s true. It’s also a lot cheaper to present our local muicians. I don’t deny the fact that there are many great players from the western world, and if they perform here, it will give advantages for our jazz refference. But we can’t do that too much since they are expensive. What important is, we have to keep socializing jazz.

How many times have Bayu & Tesla performed?
So far, they have performed five times. Further, they have already had mp3 recording song. For video music, this last one month they have been in process to make one, and soon it will be released at facebook and myspace.

In my opinion, among all of your performance in this Jazz Ramadhan, I really like when you delivered “Spain”. Not many people dare to play that song, but you guys amazingly delivered it. The way you delivered it, my oh my, it was great, unique and amazingly beautiful and in my opinion was one of the best rendition I’ve ever heard. I wish the best for Bayu & Tesla.
Wow thank you so much.


  1. Chick Corea composition?. wow! what a great skill and talent, I hope I can enjoy their performance someday.

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