Exclusive Interview with Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience


ray harris, fusion experience, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008
ray harris, fusion experience, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008

Hi Hello all..

sooo .. how’s our web treat you all ? must be awesome rite ?

it will be more awesome with this exclusive interview. Yesss the interview with Ray Harris himself.

Here’s the interview.

Hello Ray.. it’s so nice watching your performance in JakJazz 2008. Finally I can meet you in person. Why your music sounds like 70’s and soul james brown-iesh ?
Hi.. I love to have this performance in Jakarta for sure. Yeah,  about the music, it’s because that’s the kind of music I love most. Funk and Soul in 70’s era.

ray harris, fusion experience, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008

I can see you love piano/organ as your favorite instrument, what is it exactly ?
I love Hammond organ, that’s my lifetime favorite instrument

Since when you play that?
Since I was 14 years old, my family are musicians

Why your group named The FUSION experience ?
Because we got so many influences in one music, our music, that’s why called Experience.

Please introduce us Your Band members
Rite my pleasure.  They are:

Drums : Jimmy McGrory
Guitar: Wavan Malloch
Vocals : Marie Claire Lee
Piano and Vocals : Ray Harris
Percussion : Siany Jakosdottir
Bass: John Paul Speirs

and surprisingly Ray Harris wish to send you all his warm regards for Indonesia people

Thank you for People in Indonesia specially Jakarta, who make me feel so Welcome and hospitality. It is very fantastic to have a performance here in JakJazz 2008. Thank You – RAY HARRIS

It’s so nice to have a chance interviewing you Ray.. It’s a great honor to meet you in person.
Thank you

ray harris, fusion experience, jakjazz, jakjazz 2008

That’s the interview with the kindly Ray Harris.

And thanks for the SPRITE Ray 😉 !

Reporter: JazzLoVa


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