Amboina: Exclusive Interview with Enteng Tanamal

amboina, enteng tanamal, java jazz, java jazz 2009
amboina, enteng tanamal, java jazz, java jazz 2009

An interesting show will happen on one of the stage of Java Jazz Festival 2009. It’s a special program called “AMBOINA”, a concert that will gather all great cross-generation artists from Ambon, Maluku (Molucca). It’s interesting, because we have huge contributions in the music world from the amazing talents of many Ambonese artists in every generations. As how beautiful the land of Maluku is, so the Ambonese talents are. As a musicians, vocalists, song writers, producers, conceptors, creative brains and more, the contributions given by them have been uncountable. In every important aspects of life, including the music world, we always have the amazing people from the land of Maluku giving whatever they got for the best of everyone. In short words, Ambonese have always been an important part, an integral part of Indonesian social and culture. I don’t think we can enjoy what we have today without their contribution.

Enteng Tanamal is one of many legendary Ambonese artists. All through his career, spanning from the 60s until today, he has done so many wonderful things. He has been active not only as a musician, but also continuously fight for the rights of royalty in the music industry. He is the Chairman of Yayasan Karya Cipta Indonesia (YKCI) Advisory Council, an organization that deals with the royalties and copyrights every artists should earn through their works. He is also active in PAPPRI (Persatuan Artis Pencipta Lagu dan Penata Musik Rekaman Indonesia), an organization consists of song writers, composers and others who are related with the recordings). At the AXIS JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL 2009 Press Conference, he came representing Amboina, as the conceptor.

amboina, java jazz 2009, java jazz, enteng tanamalCan you tell us the basic concept of Amboina?
You know there are many Ambonese are popular as public figure, but they haven’t shown the togetherness as one big Ambonese community. So, that’s the basic concept, to see them representing Ambonese together, in one full team. It’s going to be a total show. It’s time to show  this is us.

There have been many important contribution given by The Ambonese..
That’s right. Ambonese are known as the “warehouse” of artists and athelete. There have been many,many names that has made this country really proud.. that’s why in terms of music, it’s time to combine them together as one team, not only singers, but also musicians.

There are many negative issues about Ambonese as well, some even wanted to declarate their freedom, and that’s a negative campaign..
When one talk about Ambon, some negative image can appear sometimes. That’s why this is important, to show the right image of Ambonese. We want to deliver the message of peace, love and togetherness. There’s nothing better than showing who and how Ambonese really are as one full team.

amboina, java jazz 2009, java jazz, enteng tanamal

I believe that’s going to be amazing. Can you give some hints, who will be there in Amboina?
We are going to be there full team. Glenn Fredly, Ello, Utha Likumahuwa, Pasto, Benny Likumahuwa, Barry Likumahuwa, Oele Pattiselano, Margie Segers and many, many more.

What about Bob Tutupoly (one of Ambonese legendary singer/entertainer), will he be there as well?
Absolutely. He’s also one of the organizer for Amboina. He will be there for sure.

What about the Ambonese talents that live abroad? We have many great talents that are living in Netherland for example, like Daniel Sahuleka or Monica Akihary of Boi Akih..will they be there as well?
Unfortunately no, because they are living too far away. If they were here, of course they’d be included.

As what I heard in the Press Conference, the goverment now are starting to show their concern for the rights of musicians. What do you think about it?
I feel thankful, that finally the goverment has started to care. It’s been the issue for so long, the musicians and artists don’t know where or how to find protections for all their works. All these times, they only know that they are under the labels. So in many cases, they just become the slave of the industry. The musicians or artists should have earned what they deserved with all their creative ideas and works. Of course The business man can earn something, but the artists have to be able to live properly as well.

That’s a good start, and I hope it will last..Also, I notice that this year has been stated as “Indonesian Creative Year 2009”. How does it mean to you?
I think it’s a breakthrough, the concept is good. However, I think it’s too bad they made no regulations, no draft of plans on how to run it. They should make something to make it work, or else it will just stay as an icon without any realizations.

The music industry can contribute a lot for the national income. And because of that, the goverment has to take care of artists’ rights in return. Let me give you an example. Frank Sinatra’s My Way got no less than US$ 1 million per year for the royalty. What about in Indonesia? Almost nobody care about that, and there are so many artists who live in poor condition when their prime time ends.  It’s time to for us to do something.

Actually they can use this Java Jazz Festival 2009 event as a perfect chance to promote the idea. You know, do something out of it.. this is an important festival, the world is looking at it, so they should use the chance as much as possible.

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Novan Yahya Renatal