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Once upon a time, sometimes around mid 1976, people witnessed the magical performance by a 10 year old boy on stage, a 10 year old boy with ten little fingers dancing on the fender rhodes. A star was born. It was his first appearance on stage, and he’s still making a big impact in Indonesian jazz frame till today. Indra Lesmana was a wonder kid, and will always be someone with very special and gifted talent.

Indra was born in Jakarta, March 28 1966, a son of great musician Jack Lesmana and Nien Lesmana. After his first appearance mentioned earlier, and followed by another appearance in Taman Ismail Marzuki in Jakarta, he got the chance to performed in ASEAN Trade Fair in Australia sometimes around 1978. At that time, his father encouraged him to take a qualification test at the Conservatorium of Music, he passed and accepted to study in that school.

Several years after, he came back to Indonesia, and formed a quartet with his father, Jack and Indra Lesmana Quartet. The other two was Karim Suweileh and James Morrison. When he returned to Australia, he made a latin fusion band called “Children of Fantasy” that only lasted less than a year. Another band was formed after that, called Nebula, with Steve Hunter, Ken James, Andy Evans, Vince Genova and Carlinhos Gonzalves. With this formation he released “No Standing”.This album released in Australia under Jasmine Records, and also in Indonesia by prestigeous Jackson Records.

Two of his albums, “No Standing and “For Earth and Heaven” was released in USA. Two singles, No Standing and Stephanie entered the Jazz Billboard Chart in USA, and also several radio charts at that time.

Indra has made or involved in more than 40 albums in his career. He has tons of solo albums, but he was also joining several bands like Krakatau, Java Jazz and P.I.G (Pra B Dharma, Indra , Gilang Ramadhan). He also produced albums for many other fellow musicians, and personally mixed and mastered more than 20 albums of other musicians. Indra Lesmana also works for Indonesian Idol as one of the jury.

Tons of awards, lots of albums, and more than 30 years of creativity, amazing talent on playing keyboard, piano and some other instruments has made him a legend, an Indonesian jazz icon. It would be really difficult to imagine indonesian jazz world without Indra.

* 1976 Jazz Masa Lalu dan Masa Kini (first appearance and first recording of Indra Lesmana)
* 1978 Ayahku Sahabatku
* 1981 Children of Fantasy
* 1982 No Standing
* 1982 Nostalgia
* 1982 Latin Jazz Fusion
* 1983 Women and Children First
* 1984 No Standing
* 1984 Tragedi
* 1984 Yang Pertama Yang Bahagia
* 1986 For Earth and Heaven
* 1986 Karina
* 1986 Gemilang
* 1986 Jack & Indra Lesmana
* 1987 La Samba Primadona
* 1987 Semakin Menawan
* 1988 Kau Datang
* 1988 Ekspresi
* 1989 Dunia Boleh Tertawa
* 1989 Titi DJ 1989
* 1990 Aku Ingin
* 1990 Adegan
* 1992 Cerita Lalu
* 1992 Selangkah Di Depan
* 1992 Hanya Untukmu
* 1993 Biarkan Aku Kembali
* 1994 Tiada Kata
* 1994 Waktu Berjalan
* 1994 Keharidan
* 1994 Bulan Di Atas Asia
* 1994 Ayah
* 1995 Kabut Di Kaki Langit
* 1996 Jalan Yang Hilang
* 1996 Romantic Piano
* 1996 Jalan Hidupmu
* 1996 Menari-Nari
* 1997 Lost Forest
* 1997 Selamat Tinggal
* 1998 Kedua
* 1998 Sabda Prana
* 1999 Saat Yang Terindah
* 2000 Interaski
* 2000 Reborn
* 2001 The Birds
* 2002 Kinanti
* 2002 Rumah Ke Tujuh OST
* 2003 Gelatik
* 2005 Silver
* 2007 Kayon – Tree of life

* Best Jazz/Pop Keyboards Instrumentalist – Gadis [1989]
* Best Pop Selling Album : “Aku Ingin“ – BASF Awards [1990]
* Diamond Achievement Awards – De Beers Diamond [1995]
* Best Jazz/Fusion Album – producer : “ Ermi Kullit – Saat Yang Terindah “ – 4th AMI Awards [2000]
* Best Jazz Vocalist – News Music Awards [2001]
* Best Keyboardist – News Music Awards [2001]
* Best Instrumental Song : “ Reborn “ – 5th AMI Awards [2001]
* Best Jazz/Contemporary Jazz Album – producer : “ Andien – Kinanti “ – 6th AMI Awards [2002]
* Best Score/Soundtrack : “ Rumah Ke Tujuh “- Festival Film Bandung [2003]
* Best Jazz/Contemporary Jazz Artist – 7th AMI Awards [2003]
* Best Jazz Song : “Mimpi & Rumah ke Tujuh“ – 7th AMI Awards [2003]
* Best Jazz Arranger : “Mimpi & Rumah ke Tujuh“ – 7th AMI Awards [2003]
* Best Jazz Producer : “OST Rumah ke Tujuh“ – 7th AMI Awards [2003]
* Most Radical Musician : Nokia 7600 [2004]

Public date: March 1st, 2008
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  1. LIa_scolfield says:
    Sep 13th

    INDRA LESMANA IS My fav musician, I like her song like jalinan kasih & any other….his song always sound so universal…

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