Exploring Through Ika Ratih Poespa’s “Eksplorasi”


Ika Ratih Poespa is a singer, composer and producer, a name out of many talented jazz musicians in Indonesia, consistent in her own line and have been fly wide to reach many other segments throughout her career. Ika Ratih Poespa comes from a family with a big influence of music and arts. Her father, Hadi Sowito won a title in the keroncong competition in the 50’s and Sumiyati, her mother who is also a sariosa singer, have been involved in the music industry since the 80’s also with Ika Ratih Poespa’s brother, Dian Pramana Poetra. Other than attending the “Bourest Vocal Group” and “Dasa Tembang Tercantik 80 Choir” with Dian his brother, he also involved in Jimmy Manopo’s album “Ceritamu Ceritaku” , “Nyanyian Bidadari” with Dian Pramana Poetra and Friends, Jingle “Pramuka Nasional”, “Relife Insurrance”, SMA 8, winning the Jingle competition of Bakri Life Insurance and BNI, Elvyn GM’s “Terserah Saja”, writing a song for Harvey Malaiholo entitled “Merindukanmu” (arranged by Tohpati) all the way to mixing, mastering and also as backing vocal in some of them, and last but not least worked in arranging Elvyn GM’s religious album with the nuance of Middle East and jazz classical harmony.

In 2012, Ika Ratih Poespa released her new album “Eksplorasi” that is wrapped up in a jazzy and sassy nuance. The album “Eksplorasi” does not display music in the mainstream form of jazz but instead the songs are brought up in funk, soul and even retro disco tunes which are interesting and very ear-catching.

Under the label of Omega Pacific Production (OPP), this album involves loads of big names such as Dian Pramana Poetra, Riza Arshad, Zarro, Elvyn G Masassya, Hendry Lamiri and many others. These names added the previous who’s who in the music industry she’s worked with like Tohpati, Naima, Popo Artopo, Aditya Gumay, Andrea, Ustadz Jefry, Peter F Gontha, Bambang Utomo, Lenggie, Indah Permata Sari, Harvey Malaiholo, Calvin Jeremy, Dheca, Saradine, Dian Piesesha just to mention a few. With soft compositions and also with a thick atmosphere of beat funk, this album hopes to overcome the satiation of songs on air these days.

“Reste” is one of the many songs in this album that has received a warm welcome at the MIDEM Festival in Cannes, France which was performed by Ika Ratih Poespa’s youngest daughter, Danilla. The lyrics in that are written in French, were written by Denny Arantika, produced by Richard Buntario and arranged by her own brother, Dian Pramana Poetra.

Riza Arshad completed the musicality in this album with the accordions in the track “Jawaban” making it feel very jazzy with a unique European touch.

Dian Pramana Poetra’s arrangement of “Merindukanmu” is a sweet collaboration between him and Ika Ratih Poespa that is able to fulfill the longing craves of jazz lovers wanting to listen to the voice of our senior jazz singer, Dian Pramana Poetra.


Along with other splendid tracks forming this album, listeners will be satisfied with what she has presented in this album. The list will take you into her ways of music with a variation of different tracks presented in their own unique ways.

With so many talented she possessed, the wide arrays of variation contained in the album plus the support from so many fellow musicians, it’s about time for Ika Ratih Poespa to stand in a spot she really deserves.

Eksplorasi should be a major breakthrough for her as well as becoming an important milestone in her illustrious career.

Written by: Tanthie Bimantoro
Translated into English by: Khairiyah Sartika Syofian
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan


  1. congrats mpox Ika…. this album is great… i love it… & very feasible for a collection ^__*

    salam dianers semurni kasih