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One project duo carrying free jazz concept, one new but highly promising jazz trio and one soul jazz full band became the highlight of the last edition, Braga Jazz Walk #04 (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-04-the-report/). Happy to tell you guys that this two weekly event is improving since it was started two months ago. Well, actually since we planted the seed in the beginning of 2014 in another venue.

In the new and even better venue, we establish even more solid cooperation with the ground zero Braga City Walk and KPH Music who provides the instruments and look forward to make this event grow bigger and better. In every edition we think of providing good jazz(y) entertainment as well as pushing the jazz regeneration forward as well as establishing a friendly/homey playground for the musicians to rest their case. Either they want to promote their new works (single/album/project), try their concept, to get the media coverage or simply to gain experience of playing in front of real audience, this event would be good to use.

Since we are getting ready to present the next 5th edition, you may wonder what we will offer. Well, turns out this edition will become an edition that could surprise you. Wide coverage in genre, involving two bands from Jakarta: one is a rising star that you will hear much, much more very soon and the other one is a blues trio that gives joyful vibe while resting their case. Other than that, a group of ‘mafias’ will ‘terrorize’ you with happy tunes. They are all ready to merry the Braga Jazz Walk #05. Plus, the open jam session that invites you guys to participate in. Now, let’s dig the lineup one by one.


pangeran muda siagian, jazzuality


Pangeran Muda Siagian

A young man, still in mid 20s but has gained quite experience and held hundreds of achievements (he has no less than 200 trophies at home), including the winner of Sherina Star Kids Competition in 2000, McDonalds Kids Awards in 2002, Heartline Gospel Singing Contest (2006) and runner up of Bintang Radio Festival in Jakarta, 2005. He became the winner of talent search show produced by Trans TV “Suara Indonesia”, reached the Top 20 in Indonesian Idol 2014, performed several times at Java Jazz Festival and JakJazz and an unforgettable duet with Viky Sianipar at Rising Star concert among hundreds of shows he’s in. So many to say until we loose count. Here’s a handsome man that we predict to go big in no time. You will hear him a lot more often soon. He is Yesaya Pangeran Muda Siagian.

Other than singing, Pangeran also stands as an MC, like for example in Java Jazz Festival 2008. It wasn’t his first time tasting the prestigious festival. In 2006 he sang together with the famous vocal teacher Bertha and just a year after in 2009 he came back by proudly bringing the music of his own tribe, Batak called Toba Rumba and received great response from the crowd. In the recordings he has released a couple of albums, particularly gospel. Two gospel albums in 2009 and one Batak and a Christmas album “Colours of Christmas” in 2011. He has played all the way to Hong Kong and Macau and crowned as the Ambassador of Jakarta Musical Production Ministry.

Speaking of vocal ability, he’s really gifted. He’s an all rounder that can sing just about anything. He does pop easily, he can croon like a pro while doing jazz, he knows how to sing ethnics, even classical or soprano/seriosa singing that he has done several times. Pangeran has done some jingles for tvs and radios such as Honda, Spacy, Madurasa and Aneka Tambang. One more thing: speaking of television, he can act too. He starred the musical series “Peri Cinta dan Anak Jalanan” as the leading role as a part of the 9th Anniversary of SCTV.

As he’s preparing a single and his debut album, we are proud to have him gracing the Braga Jazz Walk stage. He’s going to perform full team with Klency Lyman Lembono (keyboard), Reinhard Woran (bass), Bernardus Ajutor Moa (guitar), Martin Julio Sutanto (drums), Mario Ruben (saxophone) and Gina Dewi (backing vocal). This should be considered a dream team. Reinhard is the bassist of Cakra Khan, Bernardus is the music director of Monita Tahalea an Gaby Idol and Gina is the runner up of Star Voices seasion 1. Let’s make something clear. If Tulus’ success has spread all over the nation, it’s about time to have a new male star with exceptional quality. Pangeran Muda Siagian is the one.


my way band, jazzuality


My Way Band

Also coming from Jakarta is a blues trio, MY WAY BAND. We met them for the first at Espose 2013 Band Auditions. At that time their delicate blues style and friendly appearance warmth the judges and committee. As our founder was one of the judges, we’ve been in touch ever since.

My Way Band was established in April 2009 based on the same vision. They want to express and develop their talent and passion to the maximum possible extent.  Wawan (guitar),  Coki (bass) and Alu (drums), three players found in this band will try everything possible to present a type of music that can be enjoyed by variety of music lovers. The core of their music is blues but they also have some other flavors here and there. We have been wanting to have them gracing our event for at least a year, but it’s just difficult to find the right time especially since our event runs on work days. We offered them again for this 5th edition and luckily they agreed to fill a slot. My Way doesn’t just play covers, they do have their own songs too. You can listen to their original songs in their Reverbnation account: http://www.reverbnation.com/mywayband.

In our mission to bring variety of styles and related genres to this event, we are proud to have this blues trio from Jakarta. From time to time we involve the roots of all modern musics aka blues into the jazz patterns, this time My Way Band from Jakarta is the representative, a cool one.


my way band, jazzuality


Wedding Mafia

As we said earlier, a gang of mafias are heading to Braga Jazz Walk for the first time. Don’t be afraid, these mafias are not criminals and won’t harm you. Instead they will ‘infiltrate’ you with good entertaining music. Wedding Mafia, that’s their name. Since there’s Wedding in the name, perhaps you need to know a little background of this group. Some wedding musicians based in KPH (Kruisnode Piano House) Music who apparently shared the same vision and mission gave birth to it.

The band’s led by the headmaster of KPH Music, Andre Simangunsong. They are fortunate to have many players inside with the same quality. For this event, Andre will bring Syafiera Prami (vocal), Ari “Black” (drums), Harist (bass), Arnaz (guitar) and Ibnu (saxophone). Claiming the ability to give satisfaction and happiness, the band can appear with all kind of styles. Pop, jazz, fusion, soul, Latins, RnB, funk, you want it, you have it.

As our trustable partner who provide the instruments in every edition, we are happy to have this solid band from KPH Music to fill up the slot. These jazzy ‘dons’ have been ‘terrorizing’ the wedding parties and events, not with guns and other weapons but with pleasuring music especially jazz. We are excited to have them. Fusion, swing and standards that are friendly to common ears? They are good at it. Come and taste their music. If you like them, maybe you can consider of hiring them for your wedding or event.

You are a musician but still have no band? Or, you have a band but have no schedule in this edition yet wish to play? You know how to play instrument or dream to sing jazz but don’t know where to go? Our open jam session can be the answer. From our own experience, this session can spread joy and bring surprises both to audience and players. No matter who you are and what genre you’re in, you can always have fun during this session.

Interesting edition isn’t it? Whether you want to play or just watching, we invite you to be a part of this Braga Jazz Walk 5th Edition. This is a community based event that allows everyone to extend and build your network with more new friends. The musicians and the event need support from you. So, while you’re supporting us, you can be entertained by our presentation. Don’t worry, it’s totally FREE. The Braga Jazz Walk #05 will run on November 27, 2014. Save the date from now and hope to see you there.


Date:  Thursday, November 27, 2014
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Main Atrium of Braga City Walk (left side of Giggle Box)
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Pangeran Muda Siagian (vocals)
Klency Lyman Lembono (keyboard)
Reinhard Woran (bass)
Bernardus Ajutor Moa (guitar)
Martin Julio Sutanto (drums)
Mario Ruben (saxophone)
Gina Dewi (backing vocals)

Wawan (guitar/vocal)
Coki (bass)
Alu (drums)

Andre Mangunsong (keyboard)
Syafiera Prami (vocal)
Ari “Black” (drums)
Harist (bass)
Arnaz (guitar)
Ibnu (saxophone)

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk 04 : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15257 2014-11-17T03:35:40Z 2014-11-17T02:18:50Z Braga Jazz Walk 04


One duo project, one newly established trio, and one fast moving jazzy soul train. Yep, that was the menu of Braga Jazz Walk #04. This edition showed our goal, to accomodate the musicians in creating or crafting projects and at the same time, providing happy vibes in jazztertainment. Located at the historical site, Braga street in Bandung, the fruit of Jazzuality.com‘s cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music has once again drawn good amount of people, from the musicians, the jazz fans and mall-goers. Happy to say that jazz once again penetrated the Braga atmosphere on the second Thursday of November.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 - YD Navis Alman Naufal Project Duo (7)


A project of two players opened up this edition, a showdown between keyboardist YD Nafis and much younger drummer, Alman Naufal. One important fact: this group is planned as a trio, but they just haven’t found the suitable bassist just yet. If other group would rather wait, they decide to keep going duo while still searching for the one to complete the band. Hence, temporarily they called themselves YD Nafis & Alman Naufal Project Duo.

First of all, they performed a number one hit from Nirvana, called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with more dynamic improvisations. This duo changed the rock pattern to a brave free jazz. Next was “All The Things You Are”, a standard  that all jazz musicians should already know very well. It was composed by Jerome Kern, with lyrics written by Oscar Hammerstein II and it had been sung by countless singers including Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Both of YD Nafis and Alman Naufal played impressively in tight teamwork. Britney Spears’ famous song “Toxic” became the last tune. They made the flirty nuance of Britney’s music disappeared and changed the nuance into a thick jazz vibe.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 - YD Navis Alman Naufal Project Duo (6)


Interesting project we should say. Alman could match the much experienced YD Nafis without any problem. YD Nafis as usual showcased the combination of skill and experience in one solid package, the way he does in West Java Syndicate or Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha. As for Alman, we always admire his passion and energy whenever he’s drumming. The way he tranced during his play kind of interesting to see. But now, as he’s learning with Elfa Zulham, he’s getting much better in controlling himself. Some European drumming styles seems to be one of the fruits too. They were tough in trading punches but also reflected good teamwork.

Despite of the age differences, the two players communicated nicely. They served harmonious dialogue by using their instruments. We will surely invite this team again when they aleady become trio, but hey, they are already cool even by two.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 - Etudiant (6)


The second session belong to a newly formed trio, Etudiant (French word for ‘student’). This trio consists of pianist Tiurma Tizadya Ramadhani Siregar and two personnels of Isola Jazz: Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha (bass) and Galih Cahya Nugraha (drums). We have known how fluent the boys are in doing jazz, but we have never saw Tiurma just yet. How would these boys be when there’s a lady with them, we wonder back then. Now we finally got the answer. The boys got a match, resulting one delightful pure jazz package.

They took over the stage by carrying “Night and Day” from Cole Porter by emphasizing on smooth jazz taste. Their tasty skills shone in the middle of the song. Next was a cover of Indro Hardjodikoro & the Finger’s popular song, “Andong”.  It kept the cheerful mood from the original song but served in their own way. Then, they back again bopping by bringing “Straight No Chaser” which was composed by Thelonious Monk. “My Favorite Things” became their last tune, it was filled with joyful ambience in a frame of free jazz. The everybody’s song “My Favorite Things” was enhanced by their well music cooperation as a team on stage.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 - Etudiant (7)


The trio’s still new? That’s right. But they definitely didn’t play as a beginner or newbie. Good arrangement, nicely executed. And, they way they execute the traditional jazz is charming and ellegant. Since there are not so many jazz trios anymore in Bandung, a good one like Etudiant hopefully will keep their existance. Speaking of the way the jazzed people up in Braga City Walk, they did hit the spot. Delicious… to the last crunch.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 -  MotionVibe (5)


Third and final featured band was Motionvibe. Just like young, modern Kahitna with beatbox. What? That’s what our first impression when we heard their single, “Mati Rasa” for a very first time and saw their performance. Just like the previous two groups, this band of six is considerably still new. They are not even two months old just yet. But they surely move fast. They built a professional team, they established strong concept and made a strong single that we think have a big chance to win the heart of music lovers out there. They are soulful, groovy when needed, got the flavor of RnB but also has jazzpression. They are energetic and know how to have fun together with the crowds. They clearly showed how happy they were to be on stage and created that vibe throughout the venue. The players found inside Motionvibe are Agung and Boang (vocals), Raka (drums), Edho (keyboard), Farhan (bass) and Wahyu (guitar).

How many band can make prestigious achievement in its first month? Not many. But Motionvibe is one of the rares. Just two weeks ago they won a competition in Yogyakarta as a part of Festival Kebudayaan Arab Gajah Mada University (FKA UGM). Farhan, Agung and Boang went there representing the band and brought the remix of an Arabian song by adding some blues, jazz and so on. They bagged the first prize in bass and battle beatbox categories. Impressive isn’t it?

At this show, they brought an additional player on saxophone, his name is Raka. They started with a very happening song from Magic, titled “Rude” with a touch of nu-jazz, a blend of R&B, jazz and soul. A tune that was taken from Justin Timberlake’s album called “Suit and Tie” was served with  similar flavor. Their dynamic performance made the audience felt like moving their heads and feet. They took a short moment to wish the manager happy birthday complete with cake and candles.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 -  MotionVibe (1)


Just as they promised earlier in their Path and Twitter, they sang the first single “Mati Rasa”. Based on the lyrics that suit the world of youngsters and the catchy melodies, this nice groovy pop song has a big chance to succeed in the market.  “Hari Ini” as the fourth song is also their own single. Again, we could feel the groovy vibe and creamy melody from these dudes. Then they sealed their performance by playing one of The Beatles’ hits, “Come Together” served spicy with rock nuance and sprinkles of funk, plus the cool beatbox by Boang.

Happy mood and positive vibes were transfered by the Motionvibe. Speaking of soulful groove with RnB and some jazz flavors, we do have some successful names from the era of Kahitna to Soulvibe for example. But we simply can’t get enough can we? Especially when a band can offer something new or unique inside the circle. Good skilled players are found in every corner and the beatbox, mouth-trumpet and other vocal works by Boang worked perfectly as an attraction. Motionvibe is promising, and we wish them all the best.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 - Jam Session (2)


We believed placing them as the final performance would help to set a good platform for jam session, and yes it was right. The heat was still on to make some musicians jumped onto the stage to have fun.  It was Erick Gabe and Guntur Satria who started it in front, pinning “Englishman in New York”.  On drums was Joe Yang of Chakraborty and Ilham stood tall once again on bass. Two piano players abused the same instrument: Nicodemus Horisson and YD Nafis. That created a unique scene in this edition’s jam.

Erick and YD Nafis left the stage but the rest carried on with Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain”.  Billy of Find Taste stepped up to sing the final song for the night: “Fly Me To The Moon”. Again, two players positioned themselves on piano: Nicodemus and Andre Arizky.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 - Jam Session (1)


Providing good quality of live jazz entertainment on a regular basis isn’t easy, especially when it’s about meeting the standard of public and the needs of musicians plus the regeneration and development. We will always try our best for it and try to improve in every edition. But so far we are very happy to see the response. Many fellow musicians have been visiting frequently, some of them even join the jam session. They mingle with the audience and together they form the happening crowds.


Braga Jazz Walk 4 - Foto Session


From the side of featured bands, this edition is interesting since all of them are still newly formed. But the personnels are certainly not new players. Each band is promising in their own way. So, if anyone still measures a band from how long they have been established, it has to change because based on this edition alone, newborn bands can be really surprising.


braga jazz walk 05, the trias, pangeran muda siagian, wedding mafia, nissan fortz, cantik-cantik kok panasan


That’s the recap of the Braga Jazz Walk #04. In the next edition (November 27, 2014) we will feature a rising star from Jakarta that many people thought a little brother of Tulus. He’s an Indonesian Idol 2014 alumni (top 20).  His name? Pangeran Muda Siagian. Wedding Mafia from our partner KPH Music will also be there. And don’t miss a very special performance by a trio firstly established in Ruang Putih, still famously based in there, has a lot of fans and friends and just released a new single, “Cantik-cantik Kok Panasan” (Pretty but Hot Temprered). It’s a group formerly called Trias Acoustica but now settled with The Trias. See? Plenty of cool stuffs for this month, hope you won’t miss anything. See you!

Watch the highlight on our Youtube channel

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Bintang Stania
Photographer: Titus Firmanto, Nia Kurniawati
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[A Special Night with Japanese Artist AISAKU YOKOGAWA at SOCIETY LOUNGE, Makati City, Manila]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15254 2014-11-24T14:43:04Z 2014-11-12T08:39:10Z aisaku-specialnightwith


SOCIETY LOUNGE (Makati Ave. corner Paseo De Roxas, Makati City) treats you to a night filled with classy & sophisticated music featuring multi-awarded Japanese Jazz/OPM Artist, Aisaku Yokogawa together with special guests Asia’s Harpist Angel Noelle Cassandra, Japanese traditional Koto (harp) artist Yu Miyoshi, Multi-voiced Doble-Kara talent Aekaye Tereshkova, Japanese singer Karen Kono, Jazzin’ Diva Monet Ganir, and 13-year old singer/actress/violinist Tricia Bernales (GMA7), together with the VERVE Band on November 20, 2014, 8:00 pm onwards in Society Lounge, GF Atrium Bldg., Makati Avenue corner Paseo De Roxas, Makati City. FREE ENTRANCE / FREE VALET PARKING.

Aisaku Yokogawa is a full-blooded Japanese known for his Commercials, OPM music, and Japanese covers interpreted in Filipino such as IKAW PA RIN (Saigo No Iwake) released under I&I Records and Universal Records. He has been active as a Jazz singer and OPM artist in the local music scene winning various awards such as 2014’s Asian Star Entertainer Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Global Excellence Awards  as ‘Outstanding OPM Artist, People’s choice for Entertainment Host, & Most Outstanding Asian Male Host’.

Born and raised by Japanese parents, Aisaku is an amazing multi-lingual performer. Aside from singing in his native tongue, he never fails to surprise the audience as this sleepy-eyed lad dishes out OPM favorites in flawless Tagalog. Aisaku’s talent as a performer is evident in his humor as a host and in his repertoire of Latin and Jazz influence of Japanese songs mixed with standards, pop jazz, & ballads. Don’t miss this chance to see Aisaku’s live performance with his brand of music thats will make you learn some Japanese just by listening to his heartful song numbers.

The newly released single ‘Imademo Aishiteru’ which features a unique mix of OPM and Japanese is currently available on iTunes and all your favorite local radio stations!!

Accompanying him is Francis Etorma on Keyboards, Steven Mora on Drums, Brian Mora on Guitars, Philip Ariola on Bass, Joseph Cabanero on Sax, and Laura Austria on percussions, with special performances from Monet Ganir and friends of Aisaku.

If you are currently in Philippines, don’t miss this one! Let’s all have an intimate night of different classy music together with Aisaku and his friends! Arigato Gozaimasu!

For Details, Kindly contact
Phone Number: (+63 2) 408-1852
Email: aisaku.jazz@gmail.com

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[EVENING GALA JAZZ & FINE ARTS : Fundraising for Kids with Cancer in Medan]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15248 2014-11-22T10:34:23Z 2014-11-12T07:33:31Z EveningGalaJazz-KidswithCancer


As a universal language, music has uncountable purposes and can be beneficial in so many different ways. While most of people probably use music for the sake of entertainment, music actually can be used for good causes and charity. Jazz, one of the biggest, most influential and respected style of music are commonly used everywhere to raise an awareness for something the public should know of and have a certain kind of force to stand as a theme in fundraising concert.


Gala Jazz and Fine Arts - Fundraising for Kids with Cancer (1)


Based on that spirit, here’s what happened in Medan last week. YOAM (Yayasan Onkologi Anak Medan), currently headed by Rizanul Arifin of ‘Medan Bisnis’ with the support of the Vice Governor of North Sumatra, T. Erry Nuradi in cooperation with Waspada Emusic (WEM), the affiliated media-company which specialized in bringing jazz as the part of the city’s culture and art by their finest jazz group, ‘Erucakra Mahameru & C Man Band’, plus The City Hall Club (Medan’s premier private membership club located in The Aston City Hall which exists to serve and facilitate communication, exchange of ideas, interaction and camaraderie supporting the development of local industry and infrastructure including culture and arts) held a special jazz-based fundraising event intended to support kids with cancer. It’s called: Evening Gala Jazz & Fine Arts ; Fundraising for Kids with Cancer.

Rizanul said, by looking at the new and different ways to spread the awareness, this time they relied on jazz music which has become more and more accepted by the public, also fine arts including the painting/photo exhibitions and auctions. There was also fashion show to introduce the city’s most notable talents. They hope this event could raise more funds to support the medical treatments for kids with cancer. The event was attended by the city’s governments and US consul for Sumatra in Medan, Robert Ewing, as well as the donators, sponsors, medical doctors and medias.


Gala Jazz and Fine Arts - Fundraising for Kids with Cancer (3)

Opened by Rizanul and the caretakers of the foundation, the event featured jazz music performance by Erucakra Mahameru & C Man. For this charity project, the band consists of the frontman guitarist/vocalist Erucakra Mahameru, Dian (bass), Alfred (bass), Budi (keyboard), Rusfian (drum), Bryan (saxophone) and Noni, Ega & Linvia (vocals) played jazz tunes such as Miles Davis’ “So What”, “Celebration” and Indonesian famous jazz song written by Dian Pramana Putra/Deddy Dhukun and popularized for the first time by January Christy,  “Aku Ini Punya Siapa”.

Other than delivering well known songs in cool rearrangement, Erucakra & C Man also played two original compositions, “Balap Liar” (Illegal Drag Race) and “Mohax”. After that they turned to James Brown with “I Feel Good”.

Accompanying the first session of fashion show which featured original collection of designers Torang Sitorus and Erdan, Indonesian’s pop classic “Kala Cinta Menggoda”, Miles Davis’ “Jojo” and Sting’s “Englishman In New York” became their choice of songs. Not a normal song to use in fashion show, perhaps, but these songs remarkably worked very well.


Gala Jazz and Fine Arts - Fundraising for Kids with Cancer (6)


The event reached its peak when the foundation called the children with cancer to be on stage together with Medan’s Vice Governor. Together they sang famous hits like D Masiv’s “Jangan Menyerah” (Don’t Give Up), George Benson’s “The Greatest Love of All” and The Beatles’ “Come Together”. In the end these children handed flower bouquets to the Vice Governor, YOAM, WEM and the representative of the City Hall Club. This moment touched every hearts in the hall deeply.


Gala Jazz and Fine Arts - Fundraising for Kids with Cancer (9)


Along with the auctions and exhibitions, the whole evening managed to raise more than 50 million rupiah from the donators. This is what music can do, reaching more people to join the good cause by giving donations in charity programs. We realize the pain and suffering these children with cancer are enduring. It’s hard for them, it’s hard for the parents and family. Hopefully all the donations would help the children with cancer to survive and live their lives better. we certainly hope so. Look forward for more event like this. Keep fighting, kids! Never give up, we are with you in your fight for life.

See more pictures:

Reporter: Daniel Irawan
Photographer: Ferry Rumahorbo
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk #04]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15239 2014-11-17T02:22:37Z 2014-11-08T06:21:08Z BragaJazzWalk04


After our Special Edition in order to support the culinary event Bragalicious (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-special-edition-in-a-series-of-bragalicious-the-report/), the Braga Jazz Walk is back to its regular schedule. In the upcoming 4th edition, as what we have mentioned in the previous coverage we have prepared four bands/groups in various formats and styles. Created by Jazzuality.com in full cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music, Braga City Walk is ready to give you cool jazztertainment in the month of November.

Jazztertainment? Yes. It takes place at a public places, so of course, the entertainment factor is very important. But other than that, we’re also committed in pushing the jazz regeneration forward. Everyone who are interested in jazz can use the stage either to promote themselves to the society, to try the concept, to gain more experiences of playing in front of real crowds or simply just to have fun. Go ahead, the stage is all yours. An open jam session is always on in every edition to provide more chance for any musicians/singers to have a jolly good time. Put it simple, this event is for everyone.

In accordance to our mission, the Braga Jazz Walk #04 will feature a duo project and a newly formed trio and a full band consists of college students. These bands and project are still newly established, yet most of the faces behind those groups are familiar and we do know them as talented players. Some are even full with experienced, so no doubt each of these groups promise many things that may catch your attention. Who are they? Let’s take a closer look.

First, the collaborative project between keyboardist YD Navis and much younger drummer, Alman Naufal. YD Navis is the keyboardist of West Java Syndicate who’s also playing for Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha. And Alman, the son of senior guitarist/bassist Kanggep Kusuma, is a boy who’s clearly born to drum. You can see it from his facial expression and the amount of energy he unleashes when he’s placed behind the drum. As he’s currently learning from Elfa Zulham, from what we heard he’s improved a lot. We have featured him several times before in two different projects: with guitar (with Anjuan Julio) and then with saxophone (with Fauzan Hakim). Now as he’s teaming up with Navis, it’s interesting to see what they are going to share. Oh yes, this group is supposed to be a trio, but they just haven’t found the suitable bassist just yet. If other group would wait, they decide to keep going while still searching for the one to complete the band. YD Navis & Alman Naufal Project Duo is the name, let’s wait and see what they are going to offer.


braga jazz walk, bandung jazz community, komunitas jazz bandung, jazzuality event


If you’re familiar with the Bandung jazz scene, the name Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha should ring a bell. He’s still young but consider to be one of the most reliable jazz bassists in Bandung which come from the new generation. He’s still active in his group Isola Jazz but now adds another group that we feature in this edition: Etudiant.

Etudiant is a French word means Student. The band was officially established just a month ago and previously named Tiurma Tizadya Trio, taken from the name of the pianist Tiurma Tizadya Ramadhani Siregar. Sitting behind the drum for this trio is Galih Cahya Nugraha, a fine, eccentric drummer who’s actually Ilham’s compatriote in Isola Jazz. Etudiant hasn’t played that much just yet, but individually they are all young fellas with experience. A trio would already be more than enough to bring surprises, and when it comes from skillful players like this, you can expect many things.

Last but not least, there will be a band, quite big in size and still fresh (the band was born on September 27, 2014). The name is Motionvibe. From what we have seen, these guys are all energetic and never stops in spreading the cool vibe through their music, mainly built from the combination of jazz, soul and RnB. 6 boys found inside Motionvibe are Agung and Boang (vocals), Raka (drums), Edho (keyboard), Farhan (bass) and Wahyu (guitar).

Just a week ago they won a competition in Yogyakarta as a part of Festival Kebudayaan Arab Gajah Mada University (FKA UGM). Farhan, Agung and Boang went there representing the band and brought the remix of an Arabian song by adding some blues, jazz and so on. They bagged the first prize in bass and battle beatbox categories. Impresive.

Motionvibe clearly has some jazz inside. But they also has strong sense of soul, pop and RnB that makes their music easy to chew, even by the common listeners. They already have a single “Mati Rasa” which is in our opinion has big potential to achieve success in the market. For sure they will bring this song in Braga Jazz Walk. If you’re curious, be there and hear yourself. A new but promising band Motionvibe really is. Their musicality, their spirit, their passion and the way they cover up the stage remind us of a still-active legendary band also from Bandung, Kahitna. Beatbox, mouth trumpet and some other cool vocal techniques are expected to be there, since Boang has the skill to do those difficult stuffs.

Anyone up for jam session? It will be provided after the showcase, totally open for everyone. Various styles, assorted jazz, different formats and concepts can be found in Braga Jazz Walk #04. What are you waiting for? If you’re in Bandung, join us and have a jazzy good times. It’s in the historical Braga street, inside the one and only mall in that area, right on the side of the delicious cafe/resto: Giggle Box and Tokyo Connection. Mark the date and be there. Ngariung. Ngabaraga. Ngajazz.

Braga Jazz Walk #04

Date: Thursday, November 13, 2014
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



YD Navis (keyboard)
Alman Naufal (drums)

Tiurma Tizadya Ramadhani Siregar (piano)
Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha (bass)
Galih Cahya Nugraha (drums)

Agung (vocal)
Boang (vocal)
Raka (drums)
Edho (keyboard)
Farhan (bass)
Wahyu (guitar)

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Exclusive Interview With Chaseiro]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15233 2014-11-05T15:30:59Z 2014-11-05T15:29:58Z Chaseiro-Interview-Jazzuality

CHASEIRO is certainly not a new name in Indonesian music scene. Formed in 1978, The vocal group consisted of Candra Darusman (vocal, keyboard), Helmie Indrakesuma (vocal), Aswin Sastrowardoyo (vocal, guitar), Edwin Hudioro (flute), Irwan B. Indrakesuma (vocal), Rizali Indrakesuma (vocal, bass), Omen Norman Sonisontani (vocal) made an important breakthrough after they won a competition held by Radio Amigos on May 6, 1978. Soon after they appeared at the first ever Jazz Goes to Campus, a special appearance in the 70’s popular TV show Nada dan Improvisasi and the rest is history.

Chaisero’s well known for their catchy melodies  and lyrics which often made simple but close to our everyday’s life, in many times inspiring or  even come with social and politic issue. For instance, “Pemuda”, is one of their best songs, memorable, inspirational, even the lyric is still relevant for our young generation now.


Chaseiro-Retro2-Presscon-DudutSuhendraPutra (4)


More than 30 years have passed and now Chaseiro still full of spirit and energy to continue their music career. The surprise is here : Recently they released a new album named Retro 2 (buy here: http://store.jazzuality.com/product/chaseiro-retro-2/), following the first Retro released a couple of years ago which marked the return of Chaseiro in the recordings. The press conference was held on October 11, 2014 at BlackCat, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, moderated by Bens Leo. The popular group RAN was there too as the representative of guest stars in the album. The band is 36 years old, yet they are still showing high energy and passion to craft new things in the music industry.

We had chance to know the whole process about it. They shared their stories about recording, solidarity between them after Helmie’s passed away, being in the same square circle with so many young and new musicians and the next big thing they would like to do about Chaisero’s future music. If you have some questions about what’s inside the album or why you should get a copy, this interview will reveal it all too. We met some of them at Vio Hotel Bandung. At first there were only Chandra Darusman and Omen Norman Sonisontani but later Aswin Sastrowardoyo joined the conversation.
* * *


Chaseiro-Interview-ArmanoPutranto (2)


The past three years must be hard for Chaseiro due to the passing of three friends. First Uce Hariono, then Ade Hamzah, and last year we were all shock by the passing of Helmie Indrakesuma.  How’s Chaseiro and how do you deal with it?
Of course it brings a huge impact on us. He’s a big loss for us, because Helmie brings an important role in Chaseiro’s vocal harmonization and music, and to our unity as one big family too. But life has to keep going forward. Now that he’s gone, we’re still keeping our friendship tight to his family.

He has a strong character over his voice that’s easy to distinguish in Chaseiro’s song..
Yes. In terms of vocal, Helmi is irreplaceable. We’re very sad and miss him so much. But Chaseiro is commited to keep moving forward, keep on crafting in Indonesian music industry.

It must be hard for you to realize that Helmi’s not there anymore every time you stand on stage, especially since he was already there with you from the beginning?
Yes, it’s sad to realize that he’s not there anymore. Well, why we can not sing “Shy” until now, because he sang it a lot (he actually wrote this song too in 1983-ed). But there’s no burdened feeling between the member of Chaseiro. We know we just have to keep going.



Chaseiro-Interview-MiaDamayanti (2)


Having existed for 36 years and obviously still driven by passion. With that kind of passion, surely you have some plans in mind. What’s next?
We still want to make new songs, where there’s a lot of changes over the years. We’ve been together since we were young and single, until now that we have family and kids. As we get older, we have a lot of responsibility. Musically speaking, our mission is not only about ourselves anymore, but also about the young generation.

You’ve been doing it for more than three decades. You know, the inspiring, positive message through the lyrics..
Well, those themes are still the same.. you know, about solidarity, honesty, friendship…  but we also realize that we need to keep on evolving.

One of the most important example is “Pemuda”. After all this year, the message carried by the song is still relevant. I think it can be mentioned as the most memorable one. A lot of people still enjoy listening to that song, it even appeared in the commercial nowadays.
We still don’t get it ourselves. (Chandra Darusman laughed). Maybe there’s still so many people need and looking for something so that it still feelsrelevant to a lot of people.




Now let’s talk about the most recent album of Chaseiro called Retro 2. First of all, I’m interested with the word “Retro”. Nowadays we tend to go retro almost in everyting. In the movie, photo, fashion, music and so on. Recycling something from the past to be a today’s trend… so the fact that Chaseiro uses Retro, twice in the comeback is really interesting.
Exactly. We actually mention it in the press release. We brought some of our old hits but made a fresh rearrangement. But there are new songs too. So it’s like the compilation of those hits with a new breath.

Again, this time you collaborate with a lot of guest stars, including the top ones in today’s music scene.
Yes, we work with a lot of young musicians to make Chaseiro’s music become fresher than before. This time we feature RAN, Marcell, Tompi and some other artists that have started before them like Riza Arshad, Tohpati and Uci Nurul.

So, modern element is important in Retro 2, just like the first Retro?
Yes. We’re trying to accentuate the modern elements so our content can be delivered to the youngsters.


Chaseiro-Retro2-Presscon-DudutSuhendraPutra (1)


Such as?
Well, you will hear new arrangement over the songs that you’ve probably know. Speaking of modern, there will be rap, reggae and the new composition in a group like the way RAN has been doing.

Do you guys keep your eyes on the Indonesian music references today, especially on the young and new musicians?
Of course. We listen to RAN, Tulus, Raisa, Barry Likumahuwa, also the genius one, Joey Alexander. We think he’s way better than Indra Lesmana in his age. He’s gonna be the next big thing.

Knowing that the members are scattered in different sides of the sphere, you (Chandra Darusman) in Singapore, Rizali in India and the rest in Jakarta, is it hard to keep running especially in the recording process of Retro 2?
We have to admit that it was hard. In Retro 2, all the recording process held when we were in different places. Thanks to the technology, we could take vocals, send the data, and all the recording stepped without boundaries. There are lot of tech features that can be used such as emails, dropbox feature, etc. Those facilitated us during the recording process. Since Tohpati and Tompi were busy, we actually did it too with them. We were collaborating with Tohpati and Tompi indirectly using the internet to send their vocal and guitar tracks. We even sent the payment to them by using e-banking. (laughs).


Chaseiro-Interview-ArmanoPutranto (6)


What is Chaseiro’s plan for the near future? Will there be a breakthrough or you will still go retro and serve those beauties in new style?
For the next plan, we do wish to make an album of all new songs. Chaseiro doesn’t have a plan to continue to Retro 3 after Retro 1 and Retro 2. In Retro 2 you can already listen to three of our new songs such as “Tell Me” (written by the late Helmie Indrakesuma), “Siapa Bilang” and “Pagi Hari”. Actually, we also have an interest on releasing song one by one with video clip, we compile it one by one and when it’s enough for an album, we make one.

So make one song after another, release it as a video clip? That’s interesting. But why exactly you want to make it that way?
It’s because making one full album is a lot of work and doesn’t always sell well, right? That’s why we have to think about new strategy, and that one seems good.

The messages contained in Chaseiro’s songs have a wide and universal meaning. And as far as the music goes, it seems that Chaseiro never stuck on one genre. Instead you go with whatever style, from jazz, Latin, pop to even country, often you also combine those elements. If one ask you about the genre of your music, what would you tell them?
Actually if we have to mention Chaseiro’s music in one genre, I think it’s going to be pop latin. That’s the closest element of Chaseiro. But, we also have a little jazz here and there, although it’s only mild or light. We also love to add some samba elements and other varieties of music.

Aside of Chaseiro, what do you think of Indonesian music nowadays?
We see that the Indonesian music industry has been growing much better. We see Indonesian music is always irreplaceable in its home. Although there’s certain trend such as K-Pop or Western music domination, but somehow, the Indonesian music can still keep its path towards a better direction. Our music is actually doing better  compared to the nearest neighboring countries.


Chaseiro-Interview-MiaDamayanti (4)


Last question, but probably the most important thing regarding to the new Retro 2 album. What’s interesting in this album so the music fans have to own it?
First, we renew the old concept so it’s very refreshing.
Second, there are seven guest stars, many of them are from the young generation to reach wider, younger segment.
Third, you can still listen to the works of our late friends (Helmie Indrakesuma, Uce Hariono and Ade Hamzah). Before they passed away, we still got the chance to record some materials with them. So now you can listen as if they were still alive and played with us.

and then, Chaseiro also cooperate with Indonesian Cancer Foundation (Yki-Yayasan Kanker Indonesia) with our song titled “Dara”. As a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), our consistency in humanity and future generation, we decided to donate all the royalties of “Dara” to the research and treatment of the ladies who suffer cervical cancer. Why we chose to donate it to the cervical cancer patient? There are some reasons. One, because I don’t know why, but we found out that Chaseiro’s listeners are mostly women. And cervical cancer is one of the most medical problems that women had to deal with. So we want to help them by contributing with our music.

(Aswin who also work as an Obstetrics and gynaecology (OB/GYN) doctor explained to us that in Indonesia this type of cancer is still the biggest threat to female. It actually can be cured if detected earlier, but many people don’t realize the importance just yet).

Lastly, the unique thing about this album is ‘the behind the scene’ part itself. As we said earlier, the album process was assisted by the internet techonology, such as vocal takes in separate places, send the data and stuffs. We know that we need to keep being updated with the technology development. that can always help us to evolve better from time to time.

BUY THE NEW ALBUM OF CHASEIRO : RETRO 2  at our online store: http://store.jazzuality.com/product/chaseiro-retro-2/

See more pictures:


Interviewed by: Riandy Kurniawan and Maudy Puteri Agusdina
Photos during the interview were taken by: Armano Putranto and Mia Damayanti
Photos from the Press Conference belong to Dudut Suhendra Putra, provided by Niny Sunny

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[The 37th Jazz Goes to Campus : “The Ultimate Jazzperience”]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15228 2014-11-07T06:36:23Z 2014-11-03T06:01:01Z 37th-jgtc-2014



1978 is the year when Jazz Goes to Campus was held for the very first time. At that time the students of Faculty of Economics from University of Indonesia got the idea to create art events not only about music, but also theater, painting, photography and some other art forms. During that era, jazz was already facing the stigma by being labeled as an expensive and exclusive music by many. Candra Darusman, -at that time still a faculty of economics student-, wanted to prove otherwise. He initiated the first ever Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) in late 1978, still in Salemba, with minimalist stage sets and ticket price only IDR 500. “But we got really great crowds. It was cool and familiar.” said Candra Darusman not long ago to us. The history proved that among those art events, only the JGTC managed to stand the test of time. Today this event proudly stands as the longest running annual jazz event in Indonesia and one of the oldest in the world (second to North Sea Jazz Festival). This year they are ready to back again with a mouth-watering lineup of artists. Let’s give it up for The 37th Jazz Goes to Campus!

The Ultimate Jazzperience

There are some interesting new movements being made by this year’s committee, which once again involves hundreds of current active students of Faculty of Economics from University of Indonesia (FEUI). First, they will be a Project called “Tribute to Salemba”, made by one of the playing artists in the first JGTC in 1978, Benny Likumahuwa with the initiator, Candra Darusman. This show will bring back all the memories and should be interesting since it will feature legendary names who were presented at that very first installment in Salemba. Therefore, the committee decided to use “Living the Inspired Jazzperience” as the theme which is focusing on “Inspired” and “Jazzperience”. “This year we wish to show our appreciation by presenting the senior jazz musicians that have given uncountable contributions in building up the jazz industry in Indonesia.” said the committee in the press release. In accordance to the theme, the 37th JGTC has “The Ultimate Jazzperience” as the tagline. This tagline pretty much shows their spirit in letting the audience feel the beautiful experience of enjoying jazz as well as ultimate satisfaction that can be felt by all this year’s stakeholders. “We are commited to give different jazz festival. We are going to bring variety of jazz musicians with balanced composition of senior and young ones. Other than that, “The Ultimate Jazzperience” should be able to represent the 37 years of our service.” said the committee. Not only celebrating the well known jazz musicians, Jazz Goes to Campus also aims to create a platform for young musicians to express their passion for jazz and exhibit their music talent throguh our very own JGTC competition.

The crowds of the 36th Jazz Goes to Campus (2013)


- Opening and Clinic

There are series of pre-event being held before the D-day. Starting with the JGTC Opening & Press Conference three days ago on October 31st, 2014 at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Depok, a JGTC Clinic was made exclusive for the JGTC Competition’s contestants on November 2nd. Given by guitarist Agam Hamzah, drummer Rayendra Sunito, pianist Boby Limijaya and bassist Fajar Adi Nugroho, this clinic enhanced the technical aspects and an overview of how to become a good player in the industry.

- JGTC Competition

About the competition itself, this event is one of the most prestigious competitions that has created so many well-established musicians. The JGTC Competition belongs to JGTC Exhibiton along with the JGTC Choice Awards. The Qualification Round will run on 8-9 November 2014 at Tribeca Central Park, but that’s not all because for the first time will also be held in Surabaya. This will give easier opportunities to jazz bands/artists in Surabaya to be a part of the competition. The Surabaya Qualifying Round will take place at Area Danau Kampus C, Airlangga University, Surabaya on November 14, 2014.  I (Riandy Kurniawan) will be one of the judges with Benny Likumahuwa, Rayendra Sunito and Boy Rhunos (Surabaya only).

- JGTC Roadshow

JGTC Roadshow is on schedule too. This year it will visit Surabaya in cooperation with Airlangga University’s students as a mini show on November 14, 2014 featuring ITS Jazz, Korek Jazz, C.Twosix Jazz Club, Fusion Jazz Community and special guest star Idang Rasjidi and the Syndicate.

- JGTC Scholarship

To show the Social Responsibility, JGTC is going to give scholarship to the FEUI students who need it. The fund raising is made through JGTC Gathering & Charity Night, inviting the donors and previous JGTC committees. This charity night is set to come on November 15, 2014 at Qi Dine and Lounge, Sultan Hotel Jakarta with a special appearance of a beautiful multi-talented lady who represented North Sumatra in Miss Indonesia pageant in 2013 that showed her ability in singing/songwriting, Yemima Hutapea.


Tulus at the 36th Jazz Goes to Campus (2013)

- JGTC Community Night

To show our care towards the jazz communities in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Bandung, the JGTC Community Night will be held on November 21, 2014 at Airman Lounge, Sultan Hotel Jakarta. This Community Night is giving a platform for jazz communities in those areas to mingle and spread the love of jazz. Beben Jazz from Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK) and the living legend Benny Mustafa will be there as the guest stars.

- JGTC Choice Awards

This program has been running since 2007 in order to give the highest appreciation to those who have given enormous contribution to JGTC and to jazz development in Indonesia in general. This year the awards will be given to selected person in some categories such as Newcomer Artist, Most Dedicated, Young Talent, Album of The Year, dan Lifetime Achievement. The judges are Agus Basuni, Frans Sartono, David Karto, David Tarigan and Yance Manusama. These awards will be given at the main event.

- The Main Event

Now here comes the information you’re waiting for. The main event will be on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at Campus Ground FEUI, Depok. As for the lineup, the list are mouth-watering. The international artists are Sondre Lerche (Norway) and Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience (Scotland). We have covered Sondre Lerche’s show twice: at Java Jazz Festival 2011 and Kampoeng Jazz 2013, but this time surely he’ll highlight more of his new released album “Please”. As for Mr. wild keyboardist Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience, we watched his performance at JakJazz 2008 and still remember all the fun we had back then as if it was just yesterday.


 Sondre Lerche at Kampoeng Jazz 2013


From our own land there will be today’s front runners, living legends, experienced ones, rising stars and new comers, also special projects. They are Glenn Fredly, Tulus, The Groove, Adhitia Sofyan, JGTC Project “Tribute to Salemba” , Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Like Father Like Son (Benny Likumahuwa & Barry Likumahuwa), ESQI:EF aka Syaharani and Queenfireworks, Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales, Oele Pattiselanno Quartet, Tjut Nyak Deviana & Friends, Bandanaira, Kunto Aji, HajarBleh Big Band, Yemima Hutapea, Bonita & the hus BAND and of course the JGTC Competition Winners. All these artists will be divided into four stages with wider and more comfortable festival area.

- Jazz Museum

This year the 37th JGTC will also have a Jazz Museum. This section will give you a long (his)story of jazz from its origin, in Indonesia and of course the history of JGTC. Other than that, there will be plenty of booths if you feel hungry, thirsty or need anything, plus artistic decorations that could make your festive moment even merrier.

All said. Lots of program all the way to the D-day, where four stages with varieties of superstars, running for 12 hours straight are set to knock you out. Do you want to be a part of the 37th Jazz Goes to Campus and feel the ultimate Jazzperience? All you have to do is secure the ticket now before it’s too late and while it’s still in early bird price. A good event should be able to give more than just entertainment. It has to inspire people, contribute towards the developing process and better future, creative and innovative in making something that the audience won’t forget easily. This year’s committee understand the importance of it and have been working hard to make it happen. The clock is ticking, the countdown has begun. See you there in less than a month.

“The 37th Jazz Goes To Campus, The Ultimate Jazzperience”

Date: Sunday, November 30, 2014
Time: 12 noon – midnight
Location: Pelataran Parkir Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia, Kampus UI Depok

Buy the ticket here: http://store.jazzuality.com/product/tiket-pre-sale-2-the-37th-jazz-goes-to-campus-festival/

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk Special Edition: In a Series of Bragalicious : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15214 2014-11-12T07:38:01Z 2014-11-01T04:50:51Z BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious


Braga City Walk is launching its new event called Bragalicious, a culinary festival for 5 straight days that’s planned to run a couple of times a year. If before there was Braga Culinary Night, now this concept is adopted by the Braga City Walk to facilitate the society’s needs of finding foods and beverages in variety, including the artistic aspects.

Braga Jazz Walk which was created by Jazzuality.com in full cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music that has been running regularly every two weeks since last month. We are happy to be able to participate in the grand launching, supporting it with exclusive live jazz performances. We invited three bands as usual that pretty much represent the history of Braga street and the hang-out folks that are usually found along the sidewalk.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-SSP (6)


The first turn was given to a band of university students, SSP. Stands for Suka Suka (As We Like) Project, this Padjadjaran University students band choose to go free with style and genre. They don’t want to be trapped in any corner, instead they want to be able to explore free as a bird. Jo (vocal), Ezra (keyboard), Fahmi (drum), Hiro (guitar), Rayan (bass) and the brass section consists of Widi (saxophone), Rifky (trumpet) and Djani (trombone) are the personnels of SSP that serves joy through their groovy and chillin’ light jazz-oriented songs.

Having a brass section, what to bring? Well, they streamed fast and high directly, taking on Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious”. Hiro’s written song, “Fantasi” took the lane of acid jazz bands like The Groove, catchy melody and lyrics that will have a success among the young music fans. After another groovy soul track from Eric Benét entitled “Spiritual Thang”, a ballad written also by Hiro titled “Terlambat” put us all in a mellow mood. Again, this song has the power to be a hit. If Tulus could do it with “Sewindu”, this one could too. Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” brought everyone safely back to the happy mood.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-SSP (7)


A band of campus students is always fun to watch. The youthful spirit, the playful mood in serving easy listening but ear catchy tunes. When we got a band like SSP, they have it all but also good skills in playing and rearranging the materials. Other than that they have original songs with strong potential that would do really well in the market. The combination of prime soulful male vocalist and highly capable musicians with the intention to share their happiness of playing music creates a warm atmosphere inside the Braga City Walk. What’s also great is that they brought loud, happening crowds too. We’re glad that SSP was here with us in this special edition.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-Satura-ft-PuspalliaPanggabean (4)


For the next group, let’s begin with one question. How could we bring ‘Parijs van Java’ – the nickname of Bandung-, into life? Well, music can do that. Not many bands in Indonesia play it, but there’s a duo that brings the reminiscence of Parijs van Java in their concept: SATURA. They bring back the Gypsy Swing to the surface, as if it was still the era of Django Reinhardt and the other Romani guitarists, Paris-circa 1930.

Satura was born not that long ago, but when you hear them play, it feels like they have been playing together for decades. What they play is a heavenly stuff with swing articulation that has the Musette waltz with chromatic Gypsy style. Many historians believe that this style was invented by Django Reinhardt and became his legendary signature playing style. This style is difficult to play, especially by two guitarists. But Opik and Arief are equipped with magic fingers and united soul. They can play at maximum speed without any problem. Clean, tight and sharp, perfect in harmony.

The evidence can already be traced right from the start. Who could ever thought they would start with “Flinstones”? Not just the theme, but also played in in cool Gypsy swing style. Huge applauses were given to them. Then they carried on with “Lady Be Good” and rose the musette swing even happier with “Tiger Rag”.

For tonight they got empowered by one of the female vocalists that they often feature, Puspallia Panggabean. Like having an old soul, she has a perfect jazz tone and articulation, wide vocal range and high singing technique. She’s a living songbook since she memorizes so many songs. She’s charming and has a sweet smile. What’s not to love about her? After last week we were wowed by Agis Kania, now Puspall did it in her own way.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-Satura-ft-PuspalliaPanggabean (7)


Puspallia Panggabean placed herself on stage to sing “Sweet Georgia Brown” that made us feel like enjoying the Parisien cafe in the 30’s.   “Bye Bye Blackbird” and “Bluesette” became their next presentation that made them bag even louder cheers from the crowd. For the last song they surprised everyone with one of Ismail Marzuki’s masterpiece, “Sersan Mayorku” brought in multi-modulation technique based on the version of Bandanaira. Very, very difficult, but they did it really well.

The nickname “Parijs van Java” was given to Bandung for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere back at the colonial times. According to many historians, Bandung attained the nickname actually from what was going on in Braga Street in the 20s. At that period, this particular street was already happening. There were chic cafes, restaurants, boutiques, European art deco buildings and flowery scents around. In year 2014 we thought it’d be nice to have the scene being captured in our mind. Thanks to Satura who ressurects this authentic vintage aromatic floral scent of French Gypsy scene, we could finally have it. C’était merveilleux! Merci Beaucoup.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-West Java Syndicate (5)


And now, it’s time to see the mindbending musicality from 3 mad-men. The personnels should be five persons, but for this event they could only come by three. What to do with two players defisit? This band proved they had no problem at all with it. It was still a hillarious show where a new musical dimension came alive through the collision between two worlds. Wait, we forget mentioning the band. It’s the one and only, WEST JAVA SYNDICATE.

West Java Syndicate came alive in 2010 by  Zahar Mustilaq, the drummer who actually live in between two spheres, the Sundanese traditional and the modern western music like jazz, blues, rock and so on. It didn’t take long for them to find the formula, but interestingly the personnels always love to explore and try new things, endlessly. Together with Yopi D Navis (keys) and Dede SP (bass), Dosenk (kendang/flute) and Randy Gevenk on woodwind section including tarumpet, karinding and bamboo flute, West Java Syndicate throws all the barricades to offer something unique. On the surface you might refer them as a band who plays Ethnic Progressive Jazz, but believe us when we say that they actually give more than just that.

From the very first song they already showed a high skilled-theatrical show. They were playful, humorous and totally interactive. The progressive ethnic was felt right from the first note with “Bubuka”. Then the folk song “Bajing Luncat” was delivered with wide room for improvisation.  What a surprise to see another traditional song “Manuk Dadali” got an electronica treatment and served theatrical.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-West Java Syndicate (6)


An original piece written by YD Navis titled “Tembang Katresna” (Love Song) was next. The last song was their first song, “Gending Rame ku Kendang”. “What we intend to say with this song is that kendang should have the same portion. Kendang can be a layer, it can do melodies as well.” said Zahar. The song is kendang-based composition, they didn’t have kendang player, yet they did really great in covering the loss. The solo bass in the middle was tight, and the other players poured the rest of energy they had left for an intense climax.

It was a mind-bending final act where the traditional Sundanese music got a rock and jazzitude treatment seamlessly. Acrobatic, entertaining, full of action, plenty of jokes, a ‘crazy’ package that amazingly served only by three fellows. Absolutely amazing.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-JamSession (4)


Jam session took place after that, and coincidentally it became one hot blues jam. The guitarist of Firewire Blues Galura Wirayudanto was on stage along with SSP drummer Fahmi and bassist Rayan. On keyboard was Nicodemus Horisson of Owcindful and Chakraborty, while the mike was taken by an alumni of Rising Star Indonesia, Andre Arizky. “Come Together” and “Route 66″ were their choices.


BragaJazzWalk-Bragalicious-JamSession (2)


Our MC Erick Gabe couldn’t help himself not to join. He did the scat singing and mouth trumpet along with the lineup. Then Danto moved to bass as a blues guitarist Idris took his place. Playing guitar and sing at the same time, Idris led the group towards the classic ballad lane with Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”.




Another batch came in with Joo Yang behind the drums, Klency Lembono on keyboard, Yosua Setiawan (bass) and the Indonesian Idol 2014 alumni Yesaya Pangeran Muda Siagian sang Beyonce’s “Love on Top”. Puspall who apparently loves this song joined the gang as the photo session took place. As the vocalists were able to fly up high with their vocal, the signature modulation was done spontaneously several times. We would love to see more, but we have to wrapped it up since it was already late.


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As the first-ever special edition of Braga Jazz Walk, we take this one as a beauty. And what makes us proud the most is the fact that it was carried by all-local bands that were all out to give a 5-star performance. Both Satura and West Java Syndicate should already have their career on international level based on their distinct/unique material, amazing skill and fine execution. They can really do it, we always believe so. As for SSP, this band of youngsters has been gaining more and more popularity among the UNPAD students that hopefully will bring them to the higher ground. Why not? They are entertaining, they have skills and they know what to do in cheering people up. And the jam session? It was hot and full of stars.

Bragalicious opens up a chance for everyone to enjoy the culinary festival. Plenty of food choices, variety of beverages from almost 50 brands/restaurants/cafes were found inside the modern-looking mall with art deco concept in the historical street, Braga City Walk. It’s also good to see that the programs of this mall are being integrated and supporting one another, and for us behind the Braga Jazz Walk, we’re happy to participate and hope this event contributed positively towards the success of it. May there be more edition to come, and if you ever need some jazz again in supporting the event from the entertainment side, count us in.


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Thank you very much to the musicians, the partners, supporters, the Bragalicious peeps and the audience. The next stop of Braga Jazz Walk will be on November 12, 2014. We have prepared three groups for it. Need some hints? There will be piano-drum duo project, a new but solid trio and a large-sized band that will remind you of young Kahitna. Curious? Stay tuned and don’t forget to come back in two weeks from now. We’ll be there to jazz you up.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto, Nia Kurniawati
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan


Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk Special Edition : In a Series of Bragalicious Activities]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15207 2014-11-08T06:26:39Z 2014-10-27T08:36:49Z BragaJazzWalk--Bragalicious


Music can accompany you through every single feeling and/or moment in your life, a good friend to be with whever you are, wherever you go, in any kind of activity. You listen to music while driving, you look for music to relax with, you share your sorrow, you go happy with it. Music would be perfect to accompany your dinner and beneficial in supporting any events. So now, think of this. Dinner, event/fest and music. Sounds good right? Well, that’s what you’re going to have this week.

The regular schedule of Braga Jazz Festival 3rd edition was just done last week. Normally we will be back again on the second Thursday of November. But since this week there’s a special culinary fest which will be served marathon from October 29th to November 2nd, 2014 called Bragalicious. To make this event merrier, Braga Jazz Walk will have a special edition as a part of (in a series of) Bragalicious Activities. So, jazz in a culinary fest? Why not. We are going to cook this one differently by presenting bands that in some ways may represent the spirit of Braga street from past to present. And of course, to fit the Bragalicious event.

First, let’s talk about a little history of Bandung for a while. The nickname “Parijs van Java” was given to Bandung for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere back at the colonial times. According to many historians, Bandung attained the nickname actually from what was going on in Braga Street in the 20s. At that time, this particular street was already happening. There were chic cafes, restaurants, boutiques, European art deco buildings and flowery scents around. That’s beautiful to imagine isn’t it? Now, what if we try to bring back the spirit in form of music, the music style from the 30’s era in Paris? The question is, is there any band who still play that vintage style? In Bandung? The answer is, yes there is! It’s SATURA.


satura, french jazz, gypsy jazz, jazz manouche, django reinhardt


Satura is a sensational acoustic guitar duo of Opik Bape and Dede Arief Ginanjar that most likely will be difficult to find anywhere else in Indonesia. Why? Because what they play is not just a simple acoustic jazz, but as we said, they dig something that reflects the beauty of jazz style originated in French around the 1930’s known as Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Manouche which many believed was invented by the phenomenal Django Reinhardt. Satura was formed not too long ago, but the souls of these dudes quickly submerged in this magical jazz style. The famous one among Romani guitarists who worked around Paris during the 30’s Django Reinhardt crafted the kind of music with traditional swing articulation but carried the then-popular Musette waltz with chromatic, mystical Gypsy flavor. Django has It’s still played by many musicians throughout the world, but it’s still rare to find in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. But now we have Satura who ressurects this authentic vintage aromatic floral scent of French Gypsy scene.

Often in Satura’s performance, the duo got empowered by one or two amazing female vocalists, Puspallia Panggabean and Agis Kania. Both of these young ladies are unbelievable in their own ways. magnificent, because they stand in between the old-soul and modern way of singing. While Puspall illuminates world class jazz vocals, Agis is a fine powerhouse soul sista. We just got Agis and Opik as a duo in last edition  ( Watch the video highlight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6bx2nlKtls ) and now it’s time to have the boys of Satura with Puspall. A Parisien Gypsy Jazz in Parijs van Java? It’s going to be magic.


west java syndicate, jazzuality


Other than reflecting the vintage Paris or European scene, the street of Braga has also been known as the home of Sundanese traditional arts and cultures, including the music. Now here comes a unique unit that we think would be perfect to present this traditional Sundanese music-along with the exact spirit-by using the progressive jazz as the universal language: WEST JAVA SYNDICATE.

West Java Syndicate was born in 2010 by the drummer Zahar Mustilaq. This band combines two spheres, the Western jazz, blues and rock and Sundanese musical patterns. Along with YD Navis (keys) and Dede SP (bass) and on the other corner are Dosenk (kendang/flute) and the newest member, Randy Gevenk on woodwind section including tarumpet, karinding and bamboo flute, they open up a cross-dimensional music world that trancends anything you expect from music listening. They are playful, humorous and totally interactive. They do slapstick joke, they laugh, they are theatrical. But above all, they serve a cool invention by utilizing the skill and limitless creativity. As the result, you will have your mind bent. The rocktitude gamelan-based bass playing, the mod-trad drumming, the jazz-Sundanese piano sound and authentic sound from traditional instruments, all will knock you out.

One EP titled “Albeum Leutik” (Mini Album) is already out and available internationally through Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Albeum-Leutik-West-Java-Syndicate/dp/B00GKVDNIY and iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/west-java-syndicate/id740629021 and a full album is in the making. How far can music go along the path of complexity without losing its public altogether, by utilizing everything we have inside? Ask these guys about it, they will happily welcome you to listen to it yourself. A mad syndicate from West Java is going to redefine your music experience and entertaining pleasure.



For the young and trendy boys and girls out there, we have something for you. A groovy pop jazz from Padjadjaran University is going to glue you with jazzy rearrangement of well known songs. The band is SSP. SSP was established in February 2014. By having Suka Suka Project (As We Like Project) as a name, SSP shows that they don’t want to stuck only in one genre. Being able to explore their creativity freely is what they wish.

We met this band for the very first time when they competed in Kampoeng Jazz Band Auditions in 2014 and noticed the potential of them, both individually and as one team. 6 players are found inside: Jo (vocal), Ezra (keyboard), Fahmi (drum), Hiro (guitar), Rayan (bass) and Widi (saxophone). For two weekends they have conducted the jam session in KFC, Sukawangi Bandung. And now the boys continue their participation to Braga Jazz Walk. We invite SSP to accomodate the music taste of most young music listeners who you can easily find everytime you stroll down the Braga sidewalk.

Three bands, plus open jam session all the way to the end (if possible) will give more pleasure as you enjoy what Bragalicious is offering. We believe the sensation of tasting the delicious food and beverages would go up higher with live and exclusive jazz event. From Pop Jazz, retro French Gypsy Jazz to the Sundanese Ethnic Progressive Jazz, and so much more, are going to add more art into this 5-day of culinary fest. Since this Special Edition comes not in the regular schedule, please mark your calendar so you won’t miss it. Braga Jazz Walk, Live and Exclusive in a Series of Bragalicious Activities is brought to you by Jazzuality.com in full cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music. See you.

Braga Jazz Walk Special Edition – in a Series of Bragalicious Activities

Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Zahar Mustilaq (drums)
YD Nafis (piano)
Dede SP (bass)

:: SATURA ::
Opik Bape (guitar)
Dede Arief Ginanjar (guitar)
Puspallia Panggabean (vocal)

:: SSP ::
Jo (vocal)
Ezra (keyboard)
Fahmi (drum)
Hiro (guitar)
Rayan (bass)
Widi (saxophone)

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk 03 : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15202 2014-11-05T15:36:33Z 2014-10-26T06:12:05Z BragaJazzWalk3


Just a couple of days ago Indonesia officially has a new President. Joko Widodo, better known as Jokowi took his oath on Monday, October 20, 2014. As TIME magazine put him in the cover with “A New Hope” as the title, the music people now can hope for a better future, simply because for the first time this nation has a President who’s really a music fan, especially metal. Moreover, many times in his campaigns he affirmed commitment to support the creative economy. He’s only just begun, so let’s hope for the best.

Enough of the introduction, let’s get down to business. We scored another goal. A hattrick. Yes, we’re happy with the result of Braga Jazz Walk, 3rd edition. Speaking of variety we got Soul-Blues-Swing, Funky Fusion, Hard Bop and Groovy Pop Jazz among some other jazz corners that appeared here and there in smaller amount. Since all performers did their thing really well, this edition was filled with joy. Happy, tapping feet, smile, cheer, claps were all over the venue throughout the show.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Titbits (4)


Braga Jazz Walk is a two weekly event (on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month) that’s created by Jazzuality.com in full cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music. We wish to (re)introduce the rich varieties of jazz to the society especially the music lovers who live in the same city, Bandung. Through this regular event we wish to push the regeneration much forward by providing reliable ground for them to gain experience, make themselves heard and try their music in front of real audience. At the same time we believe this event will give good entertainment to everyone watching. Thus, this is an edutainment program that hopefully can give benefit to the jazz development.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - AllVoices (4)


AllVoices was the first to begin with. This band was established 3 years ago when the personnels were still in high school in Sukabumi, West Java. In pursuing the education, they have to be scattered in three different cities: Bandung, Jakarta and Sukabumi. But amazingly the band was still well kept. They even still manage to have regular practice in their hometown. Talk about passion and commitment, they really have it.

AllVoices appeared in full team with Boy Hylmy and Simplicity (vocals), Dori wirawan and Trisna Wiguna (guitars), Yudansyah (bass), Elko Nurul (keyboard), Aldi (sax), Rizfan Zulkifli (percussion) and Puji Belmanda (drums). Right after the whole team arrived at Braga City Walk, AllVoices heated up the audience right from the start with Reza’s “Berharap tak Berpisah”. The second song was the posthumous hit of Michael Jackson with Justin Timberlake, “Love Never Felt So Good”. But interestingly, they taylored the song in mid tempo smooth jazz, not the original breezy disco confection. Brave attempt but it paid off.

Still with smooth jazz, the Dewa 19’s hit “Pupus” took us into even more melancholy night. Rizfan changed his gear to flute that gave richer layer to the song. For the last song they went upbeat, this time with the cool rearrangement of GIGI’s “Nakal”.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - AllVoices (1)


Just in 2014 alone they have performed in three prestigious stages: Kampoeng Jazz 2014 (as the winner of Band Auditions), Ramadhan Jazz Festival and Tangsel Jazz Festival. A fruitful year it’s been, and we’re just proud to be able to invite them. Fresh, groovy pop jazz like this are always perfect to capture the mall-goers, especially when it’s well executed by a band like this. As an evidence, we got good amount of crowds right from the start.

AllVoices is a solid proof that jazz has been growing very well in Sukabumi. From them we got the info that Sukabumi already has a jazz community called “Ngajazz”. We’re happy to know it. May there be more jazz bands from this particular city in Braga Jazz Walk. Thank you for coming and playing, AllVoices, hope to see you again.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Lumiere (6)


Time to check out the ‘Light’, a direct translation of the name of the next band, Lumiere. Established by a bunch of friends: Hendike (saxophone), Widiyanto Sutanto (keyboard), Marissa Wiguna (drums), Robert Daniel (bass), Daniel Christy (guitar) and Gerry (vocal) in June 2014, this band move quite fast by already has one recorded track from their original materials. Speaking of the composition of players, Lumiere is like a marriage between two bands: Out of 7 and Final Script. We know the great talents behind this band and expected something tight from them. Did we get it from them? Absolutely.

A package of funky hard bop was served as the opening with Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon”. Massive funk-attack were thrown from the stage by them. After this instrumental track, Gerry joined the musicians to sing their original song, “Tak Terkalahkan”. Benjamin S’ “Nonton Bioskop” got a groovy, fusion suit and then they sealed up high with Daniel Christy’s favorite pick, “Night Rhythms”. Solo runs, tradings, call and response and improvisations were all over each song. It was tight!


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Lumiere (7)


Powerful in every line, we should say. Infectious monster groove from the bassman, the colorful beat from the lady drummer, sharp jazz-rock guitar, the stunning improvisation on the piano and funky boppin’ sax were merry like a multi-colored Christmas light bulbs. By the addition of RnB male vocalist, Lumiere should shine even brighter. Still 4 months old, but with this kind of players the band can really go far, no doubt about it.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Agis Bape (3)


The mainstream industry in Indonesia today tend to go more into big sized band plus the amount of singers that is never enough. If that’s the reference, the young musicians would think that the big sized is the only way for them to succeed. Because of that, while we are dealing with the regeneration process, we have to push the establishment of smaller format, all the way to duo or even solo. As we have showcased the duos and solos a couple of times in the old Terraz Jazz, Klab Jazz moved towards the same point, even further by making up a Duo Tone concert. Four duos plus one special performance by Sarah N Soul for us became an important agenda not only to keep the music scene full of variety, but also as a reminder that a duo can be good too if not even better.

So here, we invited one of the four duos and placed them as the final show: Agis Bape, the collaborative project between the powerhouse soul sister Agis Kania teamed up with swingin’ guitar sensation Opik Bape. They have worked together for quite some time, especially in the French Gypsy Swing/Jazz Manouche group Satura. In Satura there are two guitarists and two vocalists, this time it’s like being cut in half. By going smaller, these two artists are able to focus on their forte which creates a unique blend between soul and swing.

Agis has a strong, 5-star soulful vocal character while Opik is a fine swing guitarist that would have been a huge success had he be born 80-90 years ago, either in Paris or Chicago. With that kind of hat, Opik got even stronger spirit and look cooler. They began sailing with Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish”. Agis showed how strong she could sing as well as demonstrating a voice with character. Then she went back all the way to the mid 30’s with a jazzy blues blast from the past, “Why Don’t You Do Right”. If the 30’s sounds too far, this song was sung by Jessica Rabbit character in the trailblazing combination of animation and live-action from 1988 movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Agis Bape (7)


Etta James’ “Fool that I Am” served deep before they revisited Motown with Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues”. Agis’ all time fav “Change The World” originally by Eric Clapton became the last meal. Not an easy song to sing since one has to have the ‘it’ factor other than top-notch singing/guitar playing quality, but these two folks have it all. What a way to end a show.

Just two of them, but look at the music they produced. It felt fully round and deep, not flat and has no blank spots. Players in a duo have to know their own role and be connected fully to each other. In our opinion, Agis Kania and Opik Bape is definitely one of the best pairings ever made in Indonesia and they should be able to march much further, if the industry still care of quality.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Nouveau Project


Before the jam session started, we gave a shot to a group of Telkom University students named Nouveau. They have been coming regularly but they haven’t got the slot just yet. We invited and let them play one song. They surprised us with a unique swingin’ cover of Pharell Williams’ “Happy”. They gave good shot. For sure you will see them again in even longer duration in one of the soon-coming editions.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Jam Session (1)


Then the jam session started. Billy (vocal), Andi Pramudito (drums), Robert Daniel (bass) and Nicodemus Horisson (piano) were there together with three guitarists: Daniel Christy, Jerry Gates and Thomas. Chick Corea’s “Spain” became their choice. A group photo session occured earlier since some of the players especially the AllVoices members from Sukabumi had to go home. But the “Spain” was back again right after the session and carried on up until the end.


Braga Jazz Walk 3 - Photo Session


Three groups, different sizes, multi flavors, plenty of highlights and so many cool rearrangements, these would be good enough to describe this third edition. It was filled with groovy tunes, funky chops, jazzattack and classic/authentic swingin’, bluesy soul. With that range of variety, we hope the audience and mall-goers were entertained, while the coming musicians got something to look at. We thank everyone who have come and support us up until now. More to come in the next editions, so stay tuned and meanwhile, keep jazzin’.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan