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The journey finally comes to an end. BEM KEMA Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran (FEB UNPAD) finally completed their series of events, PASIFIC (Padjadjaran Music Festival and Culture). Started with the first event in February 2014, committee auspiciously held the gig with numerous big names in music such as NAIF, HiVi, Project Pop, Sheila On 7, Afgan, The SIGIT, Glenn Fredly, and Tulus. Continued to PASIFIC 2 First Event in last month of 2014, FLOAT, Pandai Besi, Senandung Taman, Tiga Pagi, and the remarkable Daniel Sahuleka were up on stage playing their music. At last, the second and third events of PASIFIC happened in this March. While the former spotlighted green activities at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, the latter we attended recently presenting Mocca, Maliq & D’Essentials, Sheila On7, and DEWA 19 feat. Ari Lasso. These pretty much summarize the whole sequence of PASIFIC.

Now, let’s pay attention to the last event we covered, which is the third event. Centering the importance of green life, PASIFIC consistently acknowledge their visitors about taking care of our nature surrounds and cleanness in Bandung. Therefore, they brought up “Experience the Soul of Nature” as second event theme and “We Are the Soul of Nature” as third theme. Located at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, last Saturday became one of many memorable music events in Bandung. The gate was opened from 1 p.m. and one distinguished thing about this event was their punctuality. Committee had proved that time and pleasantness of their visitors are important so they surely did the best in time management. In addition for our pleasure, they provided us with many tenants consisted of foods, beverages, performer’s merchandise, and sponsor’s items to choose. No worries of getting hungry or bored.

Pasific 2 - Mahesvara

As usual for college events, PASIFIC 2 was officially opened that noon as the Vice Dean gave his speech and followed by P2K2M. Months ago the committee had held band audition and the result was five groups who played in third event. Our biggest applause for many young yet talented fellas from Summer Breeze, Lebanon, The Mahad, Happy Man, and Mahesvara. They all deserve the spotlight at big stage as in PASIFIC because joyful they served to us through their tunes. Mahesvara is one of those bands closest to us and as much as we are happy to see they develop this far, great to see they continually spread the traditional Sundanese to many crowds. Fun to see they blended the latest hits with their traditional arrangements well just like within their first song, Sia’s “Chandelier”, continued by Titi DJ’s “Ekspresi”, and a Sundanese song from Pupuh Kinanti, “Budak Leutik Bisa Ngapung”.

Pasific 2 - Mocca (1)

Right before break at dawn, one of four main stars was ready on stage, Bandung sweetheart, Mocca. We had mentioned within Java Jazz Festival 2015 report that last January Mocca released their newest album called ‘Home’. By saying home, it refers to Bandung as their hometown, where the creative Mocca was born and belongs. ‘Home’ is an album full of their stories about the long journey to come back home and special for this event, Mocca played several songs from that album. “Changing fate”, “Home”, “Somewhere In My Dreamland”, and “Bandung (Flower City)” were their new pieces, added with the old “I Remember” and “Swing It, Bob” which were beautifully sang by Arina Ephipania, Riko Prayitno, Toma Pratama, and Indra Massad.

Pasific 2 - Maliq n d'Essentials (2)

Right after the pray break time, the crowds increasingly fulfilled the venue as Maliq & D’Essentials was ready to give their best in order to entertain Bandung. The atmosphere was filled with festive atmosphere while Maliq continuously served us with their sundry hits such as “Himalaya”, “Setapak Sriwedari”, “Semesta”, “Terlalu”, “Drama Romantika”, “Pilihanku”, “Terdiam”, “Dia”, “Menari”, and the greatest of all “Untitled”. Since the releasing of their debut album in 2004 until now, there are plentiful gigs they have performed; they have six incredible albums and many labeling them with jazz and soul genre. But as we can see up to this time, they do not stop exploring new side of them, new genres, and many great things are worth to wait from this band.

Pasific 2 - Sheila on 7 (1)

Sheila on 7 was the only band who performed twice at PASIFIC and still they attracted many people. Two same things as Mocca did: first, Sheila on7 recently released their newest album last year, titled ‘Musim yang Baik’, so until these days their schedule is tight in order to promote their album. Second, they both finally joined the biggest jazz event, Java Jazz Festival 2015. As Duta opened the show with their friendly greeting, the vocalist thanked the crowds whom chose to spent their weekend at Sabuga and appreciate Indonesian music. For sure we expected Sheila On7 not only prepared to sing their newest tunes, but also the old which we are very familiar with. Yes, they gave what we wanted. “Hari Bersamanya”, “Sahabat Sejati”, “Seberapa Pantas”, “Satu Langkah”, “Melompat Lebih Tinggi”, “Dan”, “Itu Aku”, “Buka Mata Buka Telinga”, “Yang Terlewatkan”, and “Anugerah Terindah Yang Pernah Kumiliki” medley with “Lapang Dada” were well served.

Pasific 2 - Dewa 19 (1)

It is fair enough to say that this last performer was the highlight of this event. DEWA 19 who last time came to perform in Bandung was 2003 finally satisfied our longing for them. The formation for PASIFIC was Ari Lasso on vocal, Ahmad Dhani on keyboard, Andra Junaidi on guitar, Yuke Sampurna on bass, with two additional players on guitar and drum. It was clearly seen that the personnel really enjoyed the show because of strong vibes from the crowds. Sabuga was full house at that time, many Baladewa was on front line, and the crowds didn’t stop to sing along. Together they didn’t stop gave us the best performance with all-time hits we already knew such as: “Restoe Boemi”, “Pangeran Cinta”, “Cukup Siti Nurbaya”, “Sedang Ingin Bercinta”, “Kirana”, “Pupus”, “Cinta Kan Membawamu Kembali”, “Satu Hati”, “Separuh Nafas”, “Kangen”, “Arjuna”, and finally closed the magnificent show with “Kamulah Satu-Satunya”.

The air was filled joy, excitement, and tired faces from all people who came to PASIFIC because they enjoyed the gig very much they couldn’t stop singing and dancing along with the performers. The price of tickets is classified into above average for college gigs but for you who came know for sure that it was worth. You never know what time in the future DEWA 19 feat. Ari Lasso will ever performing together again. Also other big names like Mocca, Sheila on7, and, Maliq & D’Essentials in one stage? It was a big winning and Bandung should be glad to see those artists. Big thanks to the hard work of committee who finally done four big events and we hope that we will see another PASIFIC next year. Congrats, kuddos!

See more pictures:

Reporter: Mellysa Anastasya
Photographer: Titus Firmanto

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Music learning and writing has taken on different platforms, and now musicians have turned to their everyday gadgets to expand their jazz horizons, learning new songs and even utilizing them as a resource to write their next piece. Although Harry Decimo of Evolver.fm explains that the “truly useful musicians’ tools designed for players who know what they are doing are decidely rarer,” there are definitely a few apps out there that no jazz musician can do without.

Using your smartphone or your tablet as a tool for jazz players is rather unconventional compared to traditional resources, such as sheet music and a metronome, some might say. But being that mobile internet is the most powerful trend on the internet landscape to date, as discussed by Gaming Realms, operator of bingo portal Free Bingo Hunter, an app can do more than what you might think. From recording music to learning jazz terms, these apps are recommended by jazz musicians, for jazz musicians.



iReal Pro
If there was just one app that every player needed to have, it would be this one. Available on both Google Play and the App Store, iReal Pro is the best tool for musicians, beginners or professionals, to master their art. As an added bonus, the app features a realistic sounding band that accompanies you as you practice. It’s a book and a band all in one.

Set List Maker
Just as the name suggests, this app is a must-need for those that need an organizer for their gigs. Rather constantly erasing your ideas, tossing papers into the garbage, and reorganizing set lists by hand, you can manage songs efficiently while attaching notes, PDF charts , and much more. Set List Maker is compatible on both iPhone and iPad, but for the purpose of notetaking and chart viewing, downloading the app on your iPad is your best bet.

iMusic Dictionary
All the Italian terms in this genre can be hard to keep up with. iMusic Dictionary currently has over 1,400 definitions that cover the extensive verbal vocabulary associated with jazz. Other than the theoretical terms that appear in your sheet music, obscure instruments, slang, musical styles, and oddly enough historical references are also included in the database. Unlike other dictionary apps, such as Musictionary, the definitions are simpler and more concise.

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Many would agree that the variety of theme offered is very, very limited at the recent time. There are some brightly creative talents manage to create something interesting, yet most of them fail to enter the market that’s ruled by the unseen hands. The question is: does our music scene today still have a room for new comers? And, if they are not with the big labels, do they have the chance? Well, the chance might be small, but we like to believe that there is. There are evidence too can be found in the industry. Those who started from scratch, struggling hard, fighting with and sacrificing anything they have to succeed. Some interesting and big potential talents have emerged from the independent/indie road. By being creative, one can still dig some more ways in the independent road to fulfill their dream and calling.

Panda Pangeran Muda Terpaku (3)

Meet the young talent whose career has just entered the new, more promising dawn: Pangeran Muda ‘Panda’ Siagian (twitter: @PangeranMudaPM). He rose very early and have gained so many experience since he was still a little kid. We will let you know more about this, but let’s focus on his most recent move. As he’s preparing his debut solo album, last Saturday (March 14, 2015) he launched his single “Terpaku” (‘Stunned’) at Tokove Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta. This single is made light and easy listening in R&B mode with a little pop jazz and tells a story that’s close to us. The main theme is love, but Panda views it from quite a different angle. He might have dissapointed the one he loved many times, but still he receives love and happiness from her. So he expresses his love to her, telling her that his heart’s locked on her and let her know that he wouldn’t be able to live without her.

This song is produced by Tommy Widodo (co producer of Pongky Meet the Stars Album). Amazingly, throughout the process of making the album, Panda invites everyone to support him by being Co Producer. That’s the reflection of the spirit of unity, something that he has inside his soul. He truly believes that wherever there is unity and the will to support one another, the result will be something that can inspire many hearts.

Panda Pangeran Muda Terpaku (4)

So far he has prepared 6 songs, all written by himself such as “Daraku”, “Bergegaslah, Kawan!”, “Akulah Pangeranmu”, “Bully”, “Kaulah Yang Ku Sayang” and “Hidup Sederhana”. As shown on the title, Panda take many daily life’s story as the theme, more than just simply about love. “True, there are so many love songs already, but we don’t fall in love everyday. So many other stories in life that we experience every day.” he says. Based on that, he speaks loud on life motivation, family, friendship, nature and even anti bullying. Quoting him, “We need more songs that can help to express our feeling on a daily basis.” In cooking up his meal, Panda doesn’t want to trap himself into any particular genre. He describes his music as “Complicated Pop” that accomodates all the music styles/genres that he likes, from Soimah (Soimah Pancawati, a presenter, singer, sinden, comedian) to Amy Winehouse.

On one hand, Pangeran Muda launched his single “Terpaku” as the first step towards a successful solo career. On the other, he also used the momentum to launch the Crowdfunding GO PANDA! campaign. This is a creative move made by him that openly involves the fans and wider society to support local musicians. Here’s how it goes. Panda and the team will visit many places to run a campaign in a hope to move many people to support the album. Using people’s power for a positive cause? That’s inspiring. If this idea works, many artists could follow his step, so they can keep working and progressing independently without having any intervention and/or coercion from the ruling people/elite  at the top. It will give more alternative for music listeners as well as creating and enriching healthy music scene.

Panda Pangeran Muda Terpaku (2)

If you still don’t know him, allow us to bring you closer to him. This young man has achieved no less than 200 achievements throughout his career. The prestigious Java Jazz Festival and JakJazz are just a few of the event that he’s in. He has performed in Hong Kong and Macau and crowned as the Ambassador of Jakarta Musical Production Ministry. Speaking of competition, he won the Sherina Star Kids Competition in 2000, McDonalds Kids Awards in 2002, Heartline Gospel Singing Contest (2006), the winner of talent search show produced by Trans TV “Suara Indonesia” and runner up of Bintang Radio Festival in Jakarta, 2005. Last year he reached the Top 20 in Indonesian Idol 2014. As if those are not enough, he also exists as an actor. He starred the musical series “Peri Cinta dan Anak Jalanan” as the leading role as a part of the 9th Anniversary of SCTV. His voice was heard in some jingles for tvs and radios such as Honda, Spacy, Madurasa and Aneka Tambang. Recordings? Been there done that. He has released a couple of albums, particularly gospel. Two gospel albums in 2009, one Batak and one Christmas album “Colours of Christmas” in 2011 listed in his portfolio. What a shining resume, amazingly achieved before he even reaches 30 years of age.

We have had him on our very own regular event, the Braga Jazz Walk. Like a giant magnet he dragged mall goers to his show, joining the medias and attending fans who already stood near the stage (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-05-the-report/). From what we have seen, this man has it all. He has beautiful, soft and tender voice that will melt the girls’ heart, and wide range too. He has the look, smiley, familiar and friendly. He is also a prince charming that can create happy mood when he’s around. He has everything (including the ‘it’ factor) needed to success. A career in music is clearly his calling as his happiness can be felt throughout his performance.

Panda Pangeran Muda Terpaku (1)

“I wish to present a more real form of art that can be enjoyed at any time. And my dreams won’t stop there. I also wish to motivate young generation in Indonesia to be fruitful. Despite anything they lack of, they should know that they still have the chance to make something according to their calling and gain success. ” he said. Then continued, “As a part of long term mission, I have the vision to give support and appreciation to them, so they will know that by making serious effort, they can also make themselves and their works heard by many. ”

As what we have said in 2014, the year 2015 might become the best year for Pangeran Muda aka ‘Panda’. After Tulus, he is the next big thing. Let’s wish him the best, for the released single “Terpaku”, for the Crowdfunding “GO PANDA!” campaign, for the process of making up the album and of course for a successful career.

Written by: Riandy Kurniawan
Photos courtesy of Pangeran Muda

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After the blazing Pre Event Java Jazz Festival for Bandung region two weeks ago (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-special-edition-pre-event-java-jazz-festival-2015-the-report/), we are back to the regular community event in supporting local jazz/jazz oriented musicians to showcase and socialize their music to the public. In this edition we invited variety of bands/musicians. By saying variety we mean age (from junior high school students to senior drummer/famous drum teacher), experience and the flavor of their music.

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Hexatonix (2)

The show kicked off just a couple of minutes after seven pm. To open it up, Hexatonix, the junior high school students from Kalam Kudus Christian School stepped up the gear and drove some fusion out from the stage. Jenny Meijelina (vocal), Kirana Ariel (bass), Karel Kwee (rhythm guitar), Errick Salibana (melody guitar), Cecilia (keyboard) and Sigit (drums) were all the students of young guitarist who’s also a regular faces in our events, Jerry Gates and his friend, Andreas (drums). They are still new to this, only got the chance to learn two months, but the spirit are there already. Thomas Sylvester and Billy Likumahuwa are helping to shape them up too.

The combination of today’s top 40 and jazz standards became their choice. Jenny and Cecilia started first with “If I Ain’t Got You”. Not only playing, Cecilia sang too. After that, the rest of the band joined in. “Autumn Leaves” was the song, followed by Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” in much slower tempo. The soulful Jenny then pinned Raisa’s big hit “Could It Be Love” and then served the last party with Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”.

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Hexatonix (8)

These kids are still in their mid teen, yet look at how good they are progressing in playing jazz. Not easy, since they have responsibilities to do the best on their formal study, but they seem able to share some of their time to play music especially jazz. We are happy to see the birth of new jazz souls like this, and we are excited to see their progress. We know the board of teachers/mentors are good musicians, but now we also know that they are good in teaching the kids. A good musician should also be able to teach too, don’t you think? Passing the knowledge and skill to the next generation will create fresh new players that we need in order to keep it alive. In other words, the future of jazz is in their hands. Thank you Andreas, Jerry, Thomas and Billy, may you never stop in making and finding more potential talents. And kids, keep up the great job!

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Gallia (7)

Different menu was served on the second round. It was a duo of Galant Yurdian and Puspallia Panggabean, together as Gallia. Well, both of them share the same passion and most probably calling. Puspall is active in several groups and often goes back and forth from Bandung to Jakarta, Galant achieves success as the bassist of Deugalih & Folks and 70’s Orgasm Club. With Puspall however, Galant switches his weapon with guitar and proves that he can play it just as good. They have been supporting each other for quite some times and stood tall as one of the Duotone teams at Klab Jazz’s special event last August, 2014. Just based on this fact alone we could already feel that this pairing would give interesting things. And yes, they actually did.

Throughout the session, Puspall who looked cute with Indian ‘bindi’ on her forehead demonstrated the solid vocal quality that has attracted many seniors in Jakarta. Galant did very, very well not only in playing but also in the arrangement post. Basically they served a unique, acoustic tribute to the great, great American legend, Cole Porter. Except one song from Frente, “Cuscutlan”. Not an ordinary song choice perhaps, but they took and played it beautifully. “I just love that song,” said Puspall, giggled. As for the Cole Porter songlist, they didn’t just take them but rearranged them differently.  “Anything Goes” served grand, just like the way Kate Capshaw did at the opening scene of “Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom”. Amazingly, they did it by two, not with a big band like Kate. After the sweet “Night and Day” , Gallia demonstrated how good they could rearrange and execute songs with “Let’s Fall in Love” and “In the Still of the Night”.  The first mentioned song got heavy blues treatment. In a way, we could feel Galant’s soul and spirit in this one. Then, the last song began with minus one before Galant painted the song even more with his colorful play. So different, so fresh, creatively crafted.


Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Gallia (6)

There are several factors that make this pairing works. First, they have been supporting each other for quite some times. They know each other closely and share the strong chemistry. Then, this duo share the same passion in music. Eventhough their music reference and channel might be different, but they surely know what to choose. Another important thing to mention, both of them are remarkable artists. Equipped with skills, heavily gifted and fully experienced, they can create something new by flying wide, stretching the border to find broader musical horizon, without leaving each of their style and taste behind. We had been wishing to invite them for a couple of months, but only now finally we got the chance. In the midst of big sized bands, a duo like this can be really refreshing and should be kept going, especially when the duo is as good as this couple. Bravo, Gallia!

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Olteje (1)

The last performing band was Olteje. Stands as O Learns to Jazz, this group interestingly has a fully respected drummer in it: Henky Suparjan. On the other corners this band also has experts consists of jazz experts: Caroline Tjhi (piano), Okki Jatikusuma (guitar) and Leo Hansen (bass).

They began the journey a couple of years ago, establishing the connection fast and keep digging more and more repertoires, from simple jazz standards to the complex ones. That’s why they like to spread their wings wide on stage, reaching swing, bossa, fusion and other kind of jazz horizons. In performing, they often add more bites with vocalist and/or percussionist.

For this event however, Okki couldn’t make it at the last minute. But worry not, Dicky Ampouw, one of the saxophonist of Salamander Big Band stood tall replacing him. A song written by Joe Zawinul for Cannonball Aderley Quintet, “Mercy Mercy Mercy” gave a grand start. From there, they moved to the second checkpoint, playing Dizzy Gillespie’s “Night in Tunisia”. The classic Latin jazz standard “Mambo Inn” took us into a cozy, breezy beach mood. After “Cheek to Cheek”, Olteje gave a completely relaxing ending in bossa style by taking Jobim’s gem, “Look to the Sky”.

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Olteje (6)

A pure jazz extacy were produced by this amazing jazz quartet. They made it so simple, but you could really hear that they played in master level. Challenging and fascinating, refreshing. Special thanks to Henky Supardjan who’s willing to play with electric drum in order to play in this event.

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Jam Session (1)

Jam session served right on. Tonight we got a special participant. Not a senior, but on the opposite, an 8 year-old girl named Nadine. She studies at VMS with Nanet Ken Asri, once an active jazz pianist. She came, approaching us asking to jam, and actually played very well. Accompanied by Jerry Gates (guitar), Billy Likumahuwa (vocal), Farrel Ong (drums) and Yosua Setiawan (bass), she played “Autumn Leaves” flawlessly. The bass guitar changed hand to Nicodemus Horrison and guitar to Adya Amru. “Misty” was the song. Imagine an 8 year-old girl in a jazz event, not just watching but performing! How wonderful is that? We are happy to find another wonder little girl who rises so early.  She knows what she likes already and sticks with it. Amazing.

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - Jam Session (4)

The photo session took place in the middle of that song. But after that, the jam session still carried on. This year’s X Factor participant, Andre Arizky ran to the stage and sang “Route 66″. Nicodemus on piano, Amru on guitar and our very own photographer, Titus Firmanto on drums.

Braga Jazz Walk 11 - PhotoSession

Another good round that has many stories to tell. We are happy with the result, and we love the variation served in this one. From junior high schoolers to today’s success artists to respected musicians. Positive energy and happy vibes were all over. We thank everyone who came to support us, the playing and jamming musicians, the audience and mall-goers, salute to you all.

Breaking News: Braga Jazz Walk will only be a monthly event from now

Allow us to announce that due to some circumstances, Braga CityWalk has decided to cut off one of the regular schedule. If before we run twice a month, from now on we only run once, on the second Thursday of the month. So, until further notice Braga Jazz Walk becomes monthly. There are many bands still to showcase, but unfortunately the call is not on us. Whoever fill the 4th Thursday night won’t be from us, and we get nothing to do with it at all. This is why jazz lovers and musicians have to keep supporting local jazz community. No matter where, many jazz community struggles to maintain its show. Your support is always counted and appreciated. We’ll see you again next month with another batch, another style and another story.

Watch the video highlight from Braga Jazz Walk 11

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

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Finally fellas! the last event of PASIFIC (Padjadjaran Music Festival and Culture) we’ve been waiting for comes nearer. You probably still remember the first event of PASIFIC 2 we covered last December with the legendary Daniel Sahuleka on stage. Now, BEM KEMA Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran (FEB UNPAD) is ready to serve you (again) with their third yet main event next Saturday, on March 21th, 2015, located at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung.

Highlighting the same theme, “The Soul of Nature”, the committee did the second event at last March 8th, 2015. Our nature and green life are the main issue here, where they acknowledge the society to care the surroundings more. Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda was the actual place where it all happened. The event contained of two activities: seed planting and petition signing and they successfully reached 1000 participants to support land conversion.

Back to our focus, the top of all previous PASIFIC events, the third event. Since couple months ago, committee had spread online form aiming to know better visitor’s interest on the artist and lineup. As the result, they surprisingly made DEWA 19 to come performing in Bandung when the last time they had in Bandung was 20 years ago. Many people are wondering which formation of DEWA 19 will be perform, but one thing for sure, Ari Lasso will come along. Prepare yourself with their old-lasting-hits and come, let’s sing along.

The excitement don’t stop here. After their bad experience last time performing in Bandung where they didn’t make it, Sheila On 7 is back again. The committee has promised us via their twitter account that they already organized the time schedule the best they can to make sure you can enjoy all the performers on time without any distraction. Mocca, Bandung’s sweetheart, also will greet their swinging friends at sabuga with their cheerful tunes from newest album, “Home”. No matter what, Mocca is close with their hometown, Bandung, and get yourself ready to swing along with their warm-hearted music just like the old times. Many times we see their performances, many times we got surprised with their stage act and fresh arrangements. Maliq & D’Essentials is the latest band confirmed to join this biggest music event in Bandung.

Several months ago, PASIFIC had held band auditions and as result, Mahesvara, Lebanon, The Mahad, Summer Breeze, and Happy Man are the luckiest groups we will see as opening bands. These talented and creative young musicians you don’t wanna miss. We do know Mahesvara so well and proud of the way they uphold the traditional Sundanese trads along with their joyful, modern approach. As for the rest, surely they earn the spot too.

Feeling hungry while enjoying the gig? Don’t worry, your tummy will be fulfilled with many delicious food from tenants and bazaar at the venue. Until this info is written, PASIFIC 2 is still selling their presale 3 tickets for you who haven’t bought it. We already knew that presale 1 and presale 2 tickets are sold out. Absolutely you don’t wanna miss presale 3, right? Go grab the tickets for Rp 175.000. If you are willing to pay more for extra coziness to watch your favorite musicians, PASIFIC 2 has VIP tickets (Rp 350.000) and VVIP tickets (550.000). Yes, the lineup is not as much as the previous events, but these performers we mentioned above are absolute top of the line. See you next weekend people!

Ticket Price (available at RKM BEM FEB UNPAD)

presale III: 175k
VIP: 350K
VVIP: 550K

on the spot: 225k

Date: Saturday, March 21th, 2015
Time: open gate at 3pm
Location: at Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Bandung

For more info:
Twitter & Instagram: @PASIFIC_FEB
Website: http://pasific.feb.unpad.ac.id/

Sisil 085781812363 / LINE ID: sylcecile
Dimas 082233031916

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk #11]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15551 2015-03-14T13:49:37Z 2015-03-09T05:55:11Z Braga-Jazz-Walk-11

The last Braga Jazz Walk was used as the Pre Event of Java Jazz Festival 2015 for Bandung region with a superb success result (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-special-edition-pre-event-java-jazz-festival-2015-the-report/). We are really proud to make it happen and hope for another chance to bring more international/national superstars, but now let’s get back to the core of this regular community event which intends to push the regeneration of jazz musicians through continuous edutainment program. We wish to see this event as the home of jazz musicians and beyond, being a place where they can learn, practice and grow. A home to meet old and new friends, sharing, exchanging and exploring ideas to one another. Or maybe, even establish a new band. Stuffs like these have happened ever since we launched the event last year. Now, with the support of Braga CityWalk and KPH Music, we aim to see more.

Here we come to the 11th installment of Braga Jazz Walk. In this episode we have prepared 3 bands with players ranging from the teachers, fully experienced musicians all the way to tender young lions who are still in junior high school. Who? Let’s check them out.


olteje, henky suparjan, jazzuality


First, Olteje. Stands as O Learns to Jazz, this group consists of jazz experts in every corner; iconic senior drummer Henky Suparjan with Caroline Tjhi (piano), Okki Jatikusuma (guitar) and Leo Hansen (bass). When they met at Klab Jazz’s event, they found out that actually they shared the same passion in jazz. From there they practiced together, digging all kind of repertoires from simple jazz standards to the complex ones. That’s why they like to spread their wings wide on stage, reaching swing, bossa, fusion and other kind of jazz horizons. In performing, they often add more bites with vocalist and/or percussionist. If you’re looking for a pure jazztacy from traditional to modern, this group will satisfy you to the max.


olteje, henky suparjan, jazzuality


Next, Gallia. This is a colourful duet between top notch jazz singer Puspallia Panggabean and cool all-round instrumentalist, Galant Yurdian. While Puspall is active in several groups and often goes back and forth from Bandung to Jakarta, Galant achieves success as the bassist of Deugalih & Folks and 70’s Orgasm Club. With Puspall however, Gallant switches his weapon with guitar and proves that he can play it just as good. They have been supporting each other for quite some times and stood tall as one of the Duotone teams at Klab Jazz’s special event last August, 2014. What’s interesting in this act is to see how an indie-rock oriented musician/guitarist like Galant would sound when he takes on Cole Porter. As for Puspall, this young lady is the perfect one to carry this task. Let’s see how they cook the meals.

olteje, henky suparjan, jazzuality


Last but not least, Hexatonix. This group of 6 comprises of junior high school students from Sekolah Kristen Kalam Kudus. They are Jenny Meijelina (vocal), Kirana Ariel (bass), Karel Kwee (rhythm guitar), Errick Salibana (melody guitar), Cecilia (keyboard) and Sigit (drums). There are two close friends, guitarist Jerry Gates and drummer Andreas who taught in there. It didn’t take long for them to realize that some of his students actually have passion to walk more miles. So, they worked hard in training, equipping and preparing them as one solid unit. In doing so, Thomas Sylvester and later on Billy Likumahuwa contributed in shaping them up.

Tell you the truth, we are curious to see this boys and girls. What can a set of junior high school students do on jazz stage? They have been learning for a short while just yet, but based on what we have seen before, kids can be surprising. Their innocence, cheerful personalities and bravery often make a show fills with lots of fun. We want to push the jazz-regeneration forward, this kids of Hexatonix are the potential seeds. They might become the future of jazz in Bandung, Indonesia or who knows, the world. Let’s support them and help them to grow as fine (jazz) musicians.

As usual, the jam session will be provided right after all the showcases. Whoever you are, whatever your musical background is and no matter how old you are, you are welcome to jam. It’s totally open for everyone.

Braga Jazz Walk is always 100% free. No hidden charge or anything like that. Either you want to enjoy the show or be a part of the act, you can do it for free. Each edition is intended to be a jazz edutainment program. We hope that you can learn about something and be entertained at the same time. Do come. Bring your friends and family and let’s jazz the month of March together.

Braga Jazz Walk #11

Date: March 12, 2015
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga no 99 – 101, Bandung



:: OLTEJE ::
Caroline Tjhi (piano)
Henky Suparjan (drums)
Okki Jatikusuma (guitar)
Leo Hansen (bass)

:: GALLIA ::
Galant Yurdian (guitar/vocal)
Puspallia Panggabean (vocal)

Jenny Meijelina (vocal)
Kirana Ariel (bass)
Karel Kwee (rhythm guitar)
Errick Salibana (melody guitar),
Cecilia (keyboard)
Sigit (drums)

Mellysa Anastasya <![CDATA[Java Jazz Festival 2015: Day 3]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15605 2015-03-11T04:54:29Z 2015-03-08T19:15:01Z Java-Jazz-Festival-2015-Day-3

After two days of jazzsensation, here we come to Day 3, the final day of Java Jazz Festival year 2015. Great opportunity to spend our first weekend on March in this tenth edition of the festival. You can choose to come one day or three days in a row, and when you miss one of your favourite artists, there is still another day to choose. Some artists have two or three times to perform. These musicians had showed up on Friday or Saturday, and yes they came again today. There are Ron King Big Band, Blue Note Tokyo All-Star Jazz Orchestra, Naturally 7, Bobby McFerrin, Lisa Ono, Ramsey Lewis, Alain Caron, Harvey Mason’s Chameleon (Fred D. Jr. Chris T., Kamasi W., John B.), Iriao, Joshua Ledet & Ron King Quintet, Anthony Stanco and The Crucial Elements, Richard Bona, Michael Lington, John Primer & the Living History Band, Chris Botti, Mehliana (Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana), Etienne Charles, Snarky Puppy, Jumaane Smith & Ron King Quintet. On the other hand, there are many bands/projects/performers who just got their shot here on this day.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Anthony Stanco Ensemble (1)

Just like yesterday, Day 3 started with swing. If Salamander Big Band was the band on day 2, this time it was Galaxy BigBand Jazz Orchestra. The Galaxy Big Band is a regular in this fest, filled with Japanese (and other countries’) expatriates who are still happily spare their valuable time to maintain their passion in music, particularly jazz.

It’s been great to see Warren Hill back again to Indonesia after 20 years. This man redefined the contemporary smooth jazz to be both sexy, relaxing and energetic at the same time way back then in the 90’s. He still has it all today.  Warren Hill plays every note with passion, up to the point that his music somewhat has spirit and alive. Action packed show, energetic and romantic. Bravo Warren!



The Salamander junior, Youth Jazz Orchestra ensured us that the future of swingin’ big band in Indonesia is on the good hands. Still around the future stars, Margo Rising Star made a blast at the outdoor stage. Once again, these young guns made Margo Jazz community proud. Harvey Malaiholo was back but this time in supporting the Malaysian orchestra, probably the oldest one, the RTM Big Band Jazz Orchestra, and he sang “Dara”, “Enggo Lari”, and also did several featuring. The senior jazz, blues, rock guitarist Donny Suhendra show came early this year. Fusion flowed naturally from his stage.



Ananda Sukarlan has made Indonesia proud in the international music scene. He is prominent in the field of composing, he has involved in so many international commissions and performances. He has played and recorded with more than 50 renowned composers. Mostly embracing classical, Ananda Sukarlan surprisingly brought his solo piano recital, Rapsodia Nusantara and fitted the selected numbers in jazz outfit.  A wonderful package from the genius.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Chris Minh Doky Hanna Paulsberg (1)

This year Java Jazz Festival invites a band put together consisting of one musician from each nordic country. They decided to call the band as Nordic All Stars. On this last day bassist Chris Minh Doky (Denmark) had a fun encounter with saxophonist Hanna Paulsberg (Norway). Two of Indonesian musicians Johanes Radianto (guitar) and Elfa Zulha (drums) were supporting them. The visit of Nordic All Stars show that jazz is pulsing healthily in the Nordic countries. There are many prominent names who gain respect worldwide, and some of today’s big names were here this time.  We always love to taste jazz from different region and feel happy to be able to taste the Nordic jazz.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - The Ladies of Jazz (2)

A very special show took plae at the D1 hall. The show’s called The Ladies of Jazz, featuring three legendary female jazz singers who are still able to sing as good as decades ago, if not even better. Margie Segers, Rien Djamain and Ermy Kullit sang three of most favorite songs from their own shelf which got a new arrangement from Adra Karim. Playing alongside Adra Karim were Dion Janapria (guitar), Kevin Yosua (bass) and Elfa Zulham (drums). All, plus Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra (TRUST), an orchestra consists of young lions aged 10 to 25 max. If that’s not enough, the legendary ladies of jazz wore dress specially designed for each of them: Alain Gunawan for Margie Segers, Rama Dauhan on Ermy Kullit and Serre Marini for Rien Djamain. . It’s amazing that after all these years, these ladies still have their golden voice. For us, this is the best show ever after all this time in our humble opinion. After singing their own hits, they ended up with familiar party with “Dia”, the crowd even sang along with them. Full of nostalgia, full of respect.


Maurice ‘Mobetta’ Brown made his way back gracing the Java Jazz Festival again. Brown’s game is different. Yes, he bops hard, but he also embraces the urban ghetto soul, fluent in hip hop and even capable to rock. Always cool while playing, always charismatic, always sensational. It’s Mobetta, the one and only Mobetta.


Should a teacher perform in live concert once in a while? We say it’s a must. Other than they need to feel the joy of playing live in front of good crowds, the live performance can be a perfect source to learn too (learning by watching). Andi Wiriantono spent many years as a music teacher, but 4 years ago he realized the needs of appearing on the surface, as an active musician. He has graced many prestigious stages right after. Even when he gets busier after establishing his own school, The Andi Wiriantono Music School, he never lost his passion to feel the adrenaline rush on stage. This year Andi brought the team of great young guns including Ricad Hutapea (saxophone), Dimas Pradipta (drums) and Doni Sundjoyo (bass). Improvisations, solo runs, tradings, all were captured from their jamming-like show.  Maruli Tampubolon once had collaboration with Syahrini, now the son of one famous lawyer in Indonesia epically showed at MILD Hall. You might see Dikta as one of Yovie and Nuno’s vocalist, but this time he specially formed a project since he tries a new path in solo career and awesomely entertained us. In other stage, Suar gave their best shot on each of their spot.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Philippe Sellam Frank Herrgott Quartet

The name Philippe Sellam is not new for us. We have covered his awesome show at the KL International Jazz Festival last year under a trio format.  At the Java Jazz Festival, Sellam spat high doses of venoms as usual in an inspiring collaboration with pianist Frank Herrgott Quartet.  Modest but sharp, they exhcanged punches and worked hand in hand to build a strong musical structure.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Ruth Sahanaya

Ruth Sahanaya, almost hit the number of 30 years of musical experiences has shaped herself into one of considered divas in Indonesia. Her maintained appearance go along well with undoubted beautiful voice she has. Naturally Uthe offered many hits in her performance like “Memori” and “Keliru” and attractively  wrapped it up with ‘Talk about Love’ concept. Many couple were seen holding each other hands and sang along as love filled the air.


Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Dwiki Dharmawan Violet Spin (2)

Dwiki Dharmawan and Violet Spin got their first encounter on July 8, 2012 at the Jazz Fest Wien (Vienna Jazz Festival) in Austria. Other than collaborated with Oliver Steger, at that time Dwiki meets the Violet Spin, a string quartet consists of Lukas Lauerman (cello), Judith Reitner (viola), Paul Dangl (violin) dan Irene Kepl, a violist who’s also in charge as the leader of the quartet. 3 years later they finally met again, having another good round showing jazz is a universal language that can bring harmony even to players from the opposite sides of the sphere. Joining Dwiki and the Violet Spin was the bassist we all know and proud of, Doni Sundjoyo.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Benny Likumahuwa (2)

We heard about Benny Likumahuwa’s  health problem about two months ago. But thank God, he’s fully recovered  as we found the evidence at the B2 stage.  Well, for someone like Benny Likumahuwa, a legendary trombonist/multi instrumentalist who has been doing everything for jazz for more than 50 years, an appearance at a festival like this is a must.  This year again he presented pure jazz delight in the most delicate and natural way. Joining him are his own son, the favorite Barry Likumahuwa on bass, Dimas Pradipta on drum, Christ Stanley on keyboard, Indra Aziz on saxophone&vocal, Bass G, and Jordy Waelauruw on trumpet.  Just last year we enjoyed his fine work “Rekam Jejak Vol.1”, in the spirit of keeping up the track record not only of him but also some of important names in the business, from the adult, young adult to 10 year old prodigy.


Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Benny Mustafa (2)

Another legend, this time a drummer, a very important milestone in Indonesian jazz historical timeline Benny Mustafa showed that he’s still in perfect condition. Whether with wood stick or brush, he swings like no other. Reflecting all the experiences and skills he possessed for more than half a century, his show was like a window for us to see, hear and feel the journey of jazz in Indonesia during the past 50 years. For this time he was accompanied with Stefan Thiele on keyboard, Kevin Yosua on bass, and Tyo Alibasjah on guitar.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Mata Jiwa (1)

Back in early 2000, Kerispatih started their career as one of huge pop band with many hits that we stll remember now. Sammy Simorangkir was one of them and his unique strong voice now practically supports him as male soloist. The artistry play by Anda and Reza as Matajiwa who describes their music as 3E: ‘Experience, Experiment and Expression’ was really different. The drumcussion and guitar/vocal showdown crafted creatively and sent as a special gift to people watching them. Trying to unattach themselves from pop and rock label, they freely play their tunes in Ethnopsychadeliarock genre as they called it.


Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Yura

The success story of Yunita Rachman, better known as Yura is fascinating. Once a lyric writer andpianist of Sarasvati, she found a breakthrough by competing in The Voice. There, she stunned the judges and then asked to sing with Glenn Fredly, resulting a popular song, “Cinta dan Rahasia”. As the wind is good for sailing, the ‘Balada Sirkus’ Yura is looking forward to become one of the forces in today’s industry. The venomous guitarist Nissan Fortz was on the stage too. Nowadays, media socials and its all benefits are maximized by Isyana Sarasvati. Being famous on Youtube is not the only achievement she has, instead she gets long list of what she has done astonishingly in music. She is now under label major, Sony Music, and had released first single, “Keep Being You”

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Lea Simanjuntak (2)

Lea Simanjuntak with the Timeless Jazz concept featuring Mike Mohede, Sophie Navita, Irsa Destiwi, Tina Simanjuntak, Troy Bonardo, Rabukustik Band at MILD Hall. So happy to see the magnificent performance of Lea Simanjuntak sang hits from the era of 60s (Etta James, Dionne Warmick, Barbra Streisand) to the latest hits, Taylor Swift.

 Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - WSATCC - Denny Sakrie

Indonesian music scene got shock when we heard the loss one of our dearest friend. Denny Sakrie as one countable music critics and the so-called walking musical dictionary deserves this tribute. Honorable performance tonight was respectfully brought up by Neonomora, Endah n Rhesa, and WSATCC. Christina Perri attracted people’s attention the very first time through her broken hearted anthem, “Jar of heart”. It is not an easy journey for this singer-songwriter but since then her name keeps widely spreading because she has continually produced another hits we love, like “A Thousand Years”, “Human”, and “Distance”. “Head or Heart” is the newest art for her you can enjoy.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Nathan Hartono

We still remember a song, covering Maliq n D’Essentials sung by a handsome young man. We found out later that he’s Nathan Hartono, a Singaporean with Indonesian blood. He successfully made his name in his homeland, gaining reputation among so many loyal fans in such a young age. Now he’s arrived at Java Jazz Festival 2014, supported by Andi Rianto, a top Indonesian composer and leader of Magenta Orchestra. Nathan has the kind of smooth manly voice, wide range, and works in every condition, from solo rendition to orchestra and big band encounters.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - The Daunas

The Dauna’s served a harmonious connection between father, keyboardist Glenn Dauna and sons, trumpeter Indra Dauna and harmonicist Rega Dauna. They have been supporting each other for some years in numerous events. Focusing more on the family ties, they served the kind of jazz where love and respect are felt within. Creative city like Bandung has created so many young talented musicians. One of them is Mr. Sonjaya, an indie folk-accoustic duo with their guitar and special vocal succesfully formed one mini album called, ‘Tiada Kesan Tanpa Kehadiranmu’. Born within musicians family had formed Petra Sihombing into a bright young man with many musical gifts. Not only has a soft voice, he also can play several instruments.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Raghu Dixit (2)

It’s certainly a pleasure to finally see him on stage, after hearing his name for quite some times. It’s The Raghu Dixit Project. This today’s ambassador for Indian music is far beyond genre. He still keeps his Indian traditions and culture, but he knows how to place it in the contemporary modern, western music. As a result, an interlaced dimension of sound naturally flows from his stand. Whether it’s blues, jazz, reggae, country, you name it, you have it. With Carnatic and several Indian languages, from Hindi to Tamil. All sounds natural and simple. With this concept he has reached many parts of the globe and introduced the peaceful ancient sound of Indian music. He even managed to make his audience dance. “While everyone else are watching jazz performances out there, here we are having a private India party.” he said. Well, the scene, the atmosphere, the vibe were absolutely fascinating.  Her Coat of Arm Trio ran on outdoor spot.

Jessi J is someone above average, all about her is special, her stage act and style are always spectacular. Performed as the one and only special show at Java Jazz Festival 2015, Jessie J accomplished her very first time in Indonesia. Hip-hop and Motown strongly heard from her strong loud voice while she sang “Price Tag”, “Bang Bang”, and other songs. No need to fake her performance into jazzy tunes, she already owned the night. So fresh to see this lady gave something different yet outstanding show among other jazz musicians and surely it attracted people attention.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Rio Sidik (1)

At Lawu room we found Tritone, consists of  guitarists from the younger generation who create their own distinctive color. Tiyo Alibasjah, Aditya Bayu and Indra Prasetyo have different backgrounds, ranging from jazz, pop jazz to fusion. A treat for guitar lovers who came to the fest. As Her Coat of Arms Trio performed, the virtuous trumpeter from Bali, Rio Sidik seduced the audience with his blow over the reed. Last year he’s just busy with two big things: the reunion with his closest friends in Jiwa Band and the release of new album Sound of the Mystical Vibe. He kind of brought the rave scene from Bali to this fest. Rio even invited everyone to dance. Cool.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Mondo Gascaro

Yogyakarta, a big city with its strong culture and art produces other musicians; let’s give the spotlight to Everyday band. Contains of Reagina, Itonk, Gilang, and Anggri, together they released a jazzy yet groovy album, “Beutiful Day” in 2013. Once again the magic of social media and technology these days work. Rendy Pandugo already got many loyal visitors in his channel on Youtube and Soundcloud, and many people say he has resemblance with John Mayer. No matter what, Rendy showed his skill in “Firasatku” with famous guitarist, Piyu. Fomerly known as a member of SORE, Mondo Gascaro, now walks in his own path and has worked in so many music projects for Indonesian film and also busy taking care of his music label, IVY League Music. “Saturday Light” was the latest single from him.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Christina Perri (3)

Just like before, this 11th edition of Java Jazz Festival in 2015 holds many interesting stories. From legends, the experts, today’s top stars, potential new comers from all over the world were there for everyone to see. The fest-goers can see how jazz is today in many parts of the world, the newest creation, invention, concept and project from them, spread in more than 50 shows per day on almost 20 stages, consisting hundreds of bands, thousands of musicians. Lucky for us in Indonesia, we can enjoy this biggest annual jazz meeting right here without having to go anywhere.

Either playing, supporting fellow artists or just watching, this massive sized venue holds who’s who in the jazz and music industry. One of the attending musicians, trumpeter Wildan Abdat told us about his point of view. “You know, when the first announcement came up, I can’t tell you how much excited I am. The great Arturo Sandoval showed up on the wish list, and that’s enough for me to know that this edition was going to be crazy. Unfortunately this year,  he failed to be on the lineup. But I kind of feel how badly the organizer wishes to keep on making this event much more loveable.” he said.


Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Ramsey Lewis

As he is a  trumpeter, he would love this 11th Java Jazz Festival so much. Why? Because this year there are many respectable trumpeter and brass players among the massive lineup. If you ever heard about the myth that whoever plays a trumpet will get a positively amount of attractiveness up, these brass players don’t need to consume the myth at all. Especially ladies, there are many performers who gave an unforgettably sweetest weekend ever. From seducing smooth jazz, the sexy soul music, the romantic moods could be felt even before one stepped his feet inside the hall. For others, there are plenty good shows to learn from. And for those who seek up jazz entertainment, they would be fully satisfied to the max.

This 2015 edition interestingly showcased many new names. Many of them might have rarely be heard just yet, but they were artistes who really know and love their crafts, and unpatiently waited to present it to the audience here in Indonesia. And the cool gigs already happened right from the start on each day. Plenty of actions, the different jazz textures, approaches and styles were heard almost in every step. Yes, some non-jazz artists were there, but it’s fair and normal in a festival. It can actually be good for introducing jazz to the non-jazz listeners. A festival as big as this should be able to provide variety. Just like a hypermart, any attendance can choice their own poison according to their taste, and this festival provide everything in the name of jazz in particular, and music in general.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 3 - Joshua Ledet

As much as we love this event, unfortunately there were some troubles occured especially hitting the media crews. Too many unclear restrictions and inconsistencies in security rules that actually create lots conflicts with our works. As for the audience, many of them were confused too since  they had to walk back and forth due to bad coordination among the organizers. May things get better in the next editions.

The Java Jazz Festival 2015 has ended. What’s coming next year is still next year. But one thing for sure, if this festival still exist, many more interesting and exciting stories will again be there. Let’s hope for bigger and better one.

Jazzuality-for-JavaJazz2015Jazzuality’s crews on duty for Java Jazz Festival 2015


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See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Mellysa Anastasya, Daniel Irawan Deo Karmawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto, Mia Damayanti, Bayu Warjiyo
Team: Vierna Mariska


Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Java Jazz Festival 2015: Day 2]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15580 2015-03-18T13:42:28Z 2015-03-07T22:00:12Z Java-Jazz-Festival-2015-Day-2


After a full loaded Day 1, here we come to Java Jazz Festival 2015, Day 2. Just like before, plenty of attraction, mouth watering big names, today’s giants, rising stars and potential newcomers served their crafts on almost 20 stages.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Lantun Orchestra (2)

Just like yesterday, the party started early. Lantun Orchestra opened up on Outdoor stage. This ensemble wishes to (re)introduce the richness of Indonesian traditional music especially the Batavian like keroncong, tanjidor and the likes. But what’s unique, in order to bring it they use jazz elements not only nin notations but also improvisations, solo runs and call & response. Keroncong appears modern with splashes of jazz without neglecting the original spirit is made possible, thanks to Chaka Priambudi on bass, Nesia Ardi on vocal, Kenny Gabriel on trumpet, Arman Chaniago on drum and kendang, Windy Setiadi on accordion, Armia Husein on flute, Tio Alibasyah on guitar, and Donny Prasetyo on keyboard. The interesting part was their mixing appearance where they wore traditional clothes from Betawi with sunglasses and sneakers and sang Betawi songs such as “Ondel-ondel”, “Jali-jali”, and Titik Puspa’s “Gang Kelinci”. Smart!

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Tesla Manaf (1)

While Hendrik Meurkens gave a nice jazz harmonica package early in the afternoon and Ron King Big Band treated the audience with swingin’ sensation, Tesla Manaf showcased the magic of music he called progressive acoustic experimental. This is his latest craft that made him go international under MoonJune Records. Hadis Hendarisman (clarinet), Khrisna Alda (bass) and Desal Sembada (drums) are his team mates. For us who know Tesla’s struggle in establishing himself inside the industry, we are more than happy to see him make it at this year’s edition. As usual, masterclass play just like a jazz veteran.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Emerald BEX

The bassist of legendary group Uzeb and Se7entrion, Alain Caron heated the festival early with his fusion fire, and the Indonesian gem Emerald BEX set the fire exactly on the opposite side of the venue. Live at Wonderland, a group of musicians who frequently play their music in several jazz events and support its community finally arrived at the biggest jazz event and Symbiosis got their chance too around the same time. Symbiosis, a jazz band, with special composition and well-served jazz standards has Chris Dragotta on sax, Michael Kruge on bass/cello, Gary Fredriksen on drums, and Boris de Vries on guitar behind it all.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Salamander Big Band

Ever since we know Salamander Big Band since 2007 they have been showing the life like wine, getting better with age. They consistently bring guest stars from Europe each and every year, learning new things from them and perform together. Getting more knowledge and experient shape them to be a big band with international quality. This year they are back again to this fest. From the facial expression they were proud and happy, we are also happy for them too.

ava Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Bobby McFerrin (1)

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” How many people has this quote as a blessing? Well, it comes from Bobby McFerrin, the man who can do just about anything with his voice. As a legend, he can perform either all by himself or with full band just as cool. If in 2012 he gave a totally out of the box show by involving Balinese kecak, masked dancer and gamelan, this year he performed with a full band. Having seen him doing many things, from the simplest one to the completely improvised like when he was with Chick Corea, Bobby McFerrin always know how to make people deeply into his show. Hey, he’s never forget to involve the audience too. Another good round from Mr McFerrin.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 - VAC Allulli Romero

Then it was time to see the musicians that have brought the Pre Event to our own Braga Jazz Walk community event in Bandung (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-special-edition-pre-event-java-jazz-festival-2015-the-report/). It’s VAC, consists of Israel Varela (drums), Nita Aartsen (piano) and Daniele Cappucci (contrabass), featuring Yeppy Romero (acoustic guitar) and Marcello Allulli (saxophone). What they bring on the plate is something unique, the Flamenco Jazz. Nita bridged the classical, jazz and Flamenco bites on piano, Daniele ran wild intensely on bass while Varela gave rich Andalucia-flavored rhythm. Yeppy’s flamenco guitar playing was spectacular, so was Allulli’s alto saxophone attack. Just marvelous. Different, colorful and special.

ava Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Reza Artamevia

It’s nice to see Reza Artamevia at the Java Jazz Festival. She rose to fame in 1997 with two evergreens, “Satu yang Tak Bisa Lepas”, “Aku Wanita” and “Pertama”, then from there she made more hits. Then she was dissapeared but then in 2012 she was back, stronger and ever, then moved fast by releasing single and album. What’s cool is that ever since she came back, she graced some jazz stages including North Sumatra Jazz Festival. Now she’s landed on the Java Jazz’s soil, sharing her new spirit in jazz soul. She made the crowd cheering out loud because Teza Sumendra suddenly showed up and sang “Biar Menjadi Kenangan” and Michael Lington also accompanied her. Singer, movie and drama star Rinni Wulandari‘s act was on B1 hall. She’s known as one participant from Indonesian Idol years ago. It had opened her way in Indonesia music industry at very young age and now she keeps growing and has many accomplishments.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Blue Note Tokyo All Star Jazz Orchestra

When Blue Note Tokyo opened in 1988, soon after this place gathered Japanese jazz musicians under the name of All-Star Jazz Orchestra, directed by Eric Miyashiro. They have played with legends like Arturo Sandoval and sailed much further to reach other sides of the sphere like Montreux. Now they came to Indonesia. Lucky for us, we could feel how it is in Blue Note Tokyo without having to go there. Arigatou! When the sky turned to dark, jazz drum veteran Karim Suweileh and the Jazzy Quintet paid a swingin tribute to The Beatles.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Lisa Ono (1)

Time for us to enjoy bossa from one of its most up front ambassador, Lisa Ono. We are happy to see her finally back again after her last visit to Java Jazz Festival in 2007. If 7 years ago she gave an unforgettable performance, this time she did it again. Still warm, heartfelt, pure and humble, Lisa made a lovely and intimate session to hundreds of her fans. 7 years passed, but nothing changed because Lisa still has a lot of fans in Indonesia. Again, it was very sweet. You can imagine how beautiful it is to hear classics bossa from the legend that has it inside her heart, mind and soul. She completed the show with encore plus “Bengawan Solo” and “Over the Rainbow”. Awesome, awesome number of crowds.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Meshell Ndegeocello

Four on a Swing, Akiko, Jarrod Lawson, Meshell Ndegeocello, Courtney Pine, Jumaane Smith ft Ron King Quartet, Jon Regen, Mary Stallings, Oleta Adams, Kenny Lattimore, Wayne Krantz/Anthony Jackson/Cliff Almond and Gregoire Maret Quartet got another turn after their show yesterday.

Something cool happened on Java Jazz Coffee stage. It was The Diplomats, when the junior and senior diplomats as well as high rank officials of the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia entertained people with variety of music, from jazz, rock to Indonesian songs. At the B2 Sweden proud son, saxophonist Magnus Lindgren gave another stunning show just like his participation in the 2012 edition but for today Jimi Tenor also came along with him. Van Java as a progressive band from Jakarta successfully entertained the crowd with their rockin stage act blending with metal and jazz tunes.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Tulus (2)

Tulus once again blasted the festival. His show was overcrowded, dragging so many people like a magnet. With just two albums, the selftitled and Gajah, Tulus now stands as one of the top superstars of Indonesia. Everyone know his songs and sang along. Tulus was fully connected with his fans as well. One of the most phenomenal Indonesian artists of the decade, or maybe of all time, it’s interesting to see where he will go from here. But up to this point, he’s doing remarkable and his stage was full house.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 - Tohpati

The past couple of years seems to be a perfect year for Tohpati. He’s being productive in making one album after another in short time. “Too many notes inside my head waiting to be expressed. I couldn’t wait any longer to record the album” he said to us when he launched his album, “Tribal Dance” which featured Jimmy Haslip and Chad Wackerman. Less than a year before that he just released an album where he used acoustic guitar, “Song For You”. His calm looking expression while playing can never hide the fact that he’s excellent in executing his music. Many unreleased compositions were played tonight. Sharp but never too difficult to chew, good to watch both for those who learn and seek for entertainment, it’s hard to imagine a jazz festival without his presence.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Luca Ciarla Chris Jarrett (1)

Speaking of jazz violinist, most of us would remember Stephane Grappelli. Here comes a player that earns respect not only by being skillful but for his creativity. Covering wide areas from jazz, classical to world music, he stands as a reputable player that has played alongside diverse musicians. At this 2015 edition Luca Ciarla played with US-born but German-based pianist Chris Jarrett. They have been touring together and showed their dazzling improvisations to Saturday fest-goers. On the other side, one of the Soulvibe frontman, Abenk Alter decided to go solo since 2013. With this move, he has the chance to dig his true-self which lies in between soul and jazz with a soft, sweet vintage approach, just like his debut single, “Lain Waktu” from his album which had released last November titled, “Selamat Datang”. In our interview after his show, Abenk shared about his experiences going solo. Nikita Dompas is one of many people who convinced him to be confident and be soloist because Abenk’s proven ability in writing and making music. Abenk already set his signature in many musicians through his songs and now he just tries to be himself and dig more his musical side. The challenge being soloist is his own self but it is exciting yet challenging to try anything alone. Tonight crowd was beyond his expectation and he extremely grateful for that. Hope the best for your future music, Abenk.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Etienne Charles

There are many trumpeter, but only a few who digs like Etienne Charles. He exhibits the music from his native culture of Trinidad but at thesame time embraces the sound of American jazz. It was like a party on the beach. Excitingly fresh!

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Chris Botti (2)

Another famous trumpeter was found on the other hall. There are many words that would fit to describe Chris Botti, but if you ask us, we would say, romantic. That accumulates on his latest CD released 3 years ago, “Impressions”. Special for JJF2015, Botti includes violinist Caroline Campbell, opera singer George Komsky, and the unique RnB singer Sy Smith. With more than 250 gigs in a year, the band was tight with another level of chemistry and aggressive playing, but we gotta say that the drummer, Billy Kilson, stole the show as usual. Botti and Kilson has played together for so long and Kilson is probably one of the very few rhythm sections to be allowed to steal shows from the main artist. Kilson showed another level solo jazz drumming by replace a drumstick with a shaker, barehands, and even some acrobatic move. It is not the only highlight. The main one is when Botti and Sy Smith engage the audience directly, and Botti appeared to play in front (or for) a disabled lady. It was such a memorable performance, a lovely night, with a romantic mood with strong jazz fusion vibe. Chris Botti definitely offered a whole package of jazztainment and everyone seems to leave the hall with smile . Caro The lovely sultry jazz vocalist,


Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Danilla

Danilla delivered the easy listening songs with jazz taste, noir tone and in some ways, indie. This winning combination proved to work in order to grab wide segment mt of listeners. Performing with fellow musicians mostly from Bandung, Lafa Green (guitar), Christ Stanley (keyboard), Edward Manurung (drums) and Jalu Gallang Dalimunthe (bass), he combined her original songs and some standards. Beside played the keyboard, Christ Stanley also sang in several numbers and Danilla played melodica. Listen to her album, “Telisik”, as seen at her live performance tonight, how mature she is in lyrical and musical in spite of her young age. Also from Bandung came Dhira Bongs. With her mezzo soprano voice as heard in her album, “My Precious”, this petite young girl took the blend of folk, swing and groove as her music and calls her music as “Exploration Pop Jazz”.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 - Iriao

The Georgian ethno-jazz band Iriao gave a different sound. The name came from the common phrase ‘Iriao-uruao’ commonly found in Krimanchuli. David Malazonia led his team to bring light but distinctive Georgian sound, no intention to modernize this authentic Georgian polyphonic music, but what they aim is to saturate and adorn it with jazz elements. As the result, they don’t play difficult ethnic jazz to digest even by the common listeners.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Ramsey Lewis (1)

If you’re a long time jazz lovers who already live with it for at least a couple of decades, you should praise the works of the legendary Mr Ramsey Lewis. Well, he’s being busy with the industry for -listen to this- almost 60 years! He has seen it all. The birth of new styles, sub-genres, hybrids, and he’s been digging most of them too. Jazz, gospel, blues, soul, or pop, all will be special when it comes from him. And of course, who could ever forget his monumental collaboration with Madame Nancy Wilson, resulting three classic albums? We are lucky, so very lucky to be able to watch and cover his show. He’s almost 80 today, but he still looks fresh like many decades ago. And speaking of his finger-dancing, we say he doesn’t loose anything at all. Genius in composing, finesse execution. Indeed it’s a blessing to watch his show. Unforgettable, totally. As awesome addition, Maurice Brown joined the stage and rockin the night.


Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - John Primer The Living History Band

As Afgan made so many attending fans happy, John Primer & the Living History Band gave roaring, authentic Delta blues on his stage. It was simply like sitting near the Mississippi river, forgetting everything and just enjoying the moment. Meanwhile, Idang Rasjidi appeared as a quintet at Semeru. Moving on to another show, we met Benjamin Herman Quartet from Netherlands on C2 stage. Led by saxophonist Benjamin Herman, this group gave a cool classic boppin’ bites.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Richard Bona

Bass, anyone? If you say yes, then Richard Bona should catch your attention. He is one of the important names in the scene. What he gave on stage is something so playful, the word fun attached strongly, but equipped with such high skill both in playing and composing. Just funkin’ nice. Anthony Stanco, a trumpeter who grew up in Detroit area played under Anthony Stanco Jazz Ensemble, he brings his project which was reflected in his first album, The Crucial Elements. With Marcus Elliot (tenor sax), Paul Bratcher (piano), Sam Copperman (bass) and Jordan Otto (drums), he shows that he can pin just about any genres to fit jazz style. What’s important is to gie music with meaning, it has to contain feelings and emotions that can move the audience. They did it. And for the record, Anthony Stanco Jazz Ensemble is going to give free clinic to Palembang Jazz Community. For that we should thank him.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Mocca (2)

2015 is special for Mocca. This year remark their comeback and the newest album they just released, titled “Home”. Since Arina, the vocalist, has to come back and forth between America and Indonesia, Mocca’s concerts become something people increasingly looking for. In this early year also they provided several special shows for swinging friends. After their first ever 2015 concert last January in their hometown, Bandung, they continually spoiled the loyal fans that live outside Bandung so they also can enjoy our lovely Mocca’s performance.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Jon Regen

Jon Regen, a protege of Kenny Barron was cool all the way to midnight. If pop rock (n roll) world has Billy Joel or Elton John as singing pianist, happy to say that the jazz world now has Jon Regen spicing it up.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Jazzy Juice ft Jilly Likumahuwa

This year there are many trumpeters found in the lineup. Check out Anthony Stanco who grew in the Detroit area. As the talented drummer from younger generation Dion subiakto led his team on Java Jazz Stage, a female jazz trio Jazzy Juice was granted a spot to perform on Delta Stage. One thing you should know about this group is that they combine good jazz and fun chat on stage, just like what you usually have while enjoying a glass of juice with friends. Dyah Sekar on piano gives sweet, tasty melodies, Adhisty Zulkarnaen on drums provides colorful solid beat and monster groove is at max with Arnie Christanty’s electric bass. Special for tonight they brought along Jilly Likumahuwa as vocalist and percussion player and sang “Samba de minha terra” medley with “Manuk Dadali” which dragged so many people to their area. Since they were from Bandung, we have seen and follow their growth, evolving all the way up to this height. We are proud of them. You go ladies!

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Incognito - ChakaKhan (2)

In the album Translantic R.P.M (2010), Incognito made a big breakthrough by featuring Chaka Khan and Mario Biondi for covering Boz Scaggs’ “Lowdown”. Since the collaboration was perfect, we always dreamed to see it here, and Java Jazz Festival is the most possible option; had it ever happen. At this 11th edition that dream came true. Chaka Khan indeed made her come back to the festival after her last performance in 2007, and this time she got strong support by Incognito. “I Feel For You” opened the show and “Ain’t Nobody” was followed. After that Incognito served us with their hits and then Chaka Khan came back and continued with “Until You Come Back to Me”, “Through the Fire” and the official song of woman empowerment, “I’m Every Woman” closed the show. The collaboration between legends like this is always a big catch. Just one of them would already amazing, now double that by two, there you got this act. And the collaboration itself was an ace. Speaking of making a come back, the jazz/funk/ rock/world music artist David Garfield again gave enormous contribution in continuing his constant presence at the Java Jazz Festival.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Kahitna (1)

At this point the time was already late but the Day 2 was still far from over. Getting people attention last year through a hits called ‘Hey Gadis’, FliM which consists of Eron Leban as vocalist, Ahmad ‘Vian’ Oktaviansyah as bassist, Elfir Safir as guitarist, and Jantan Gerhana as drummer first time ever came up into Java Jazz stage. Meanwhile, the legendary band originally from Bandung Kahitna reigned on the big C1 hall. Speaking of Kahitna, most of the music fans might take them as a pop band, and that’s not totally wrong. But we should remember that they actually began with thick jazz fusion on their menu. Especially with Yovie Widianto who has jazz printed all over his heart and soul, many of Kahitna songs are actually simplified from jazz, as he told us some times ago. Almost 30 years in service, Kahitna still has so many fans. They are still energetic and passionate. And the show was as delicious as always.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Ginetta Vendetta and Tony Monaco (2)

There are many male trumpeter, but what about female? This year we got Ginetta M, a multi talented lady who plays trumpet, sings and composes, also leads his funky jazzy blues band, Ginetta’s Vendetta. Her signature pocket-trumpet is one of a kind, her sultry vocals and her hot funky act are some of the cool things to expect from her show. From jazz to Blues, to RnB, to Salsa, Ginetta took us to party along with the worldwide famous hammond organ player, Tony Monaco.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Gerald Situmorang Trio

Gerald Situmorang was known as one of guitar duo Sketsa. Last year he made a move by releasing his new band simply called Gerald Situmorang Trio. Having two of his closest friends: Ankadiov Subran (bass) and Jessilardus Mates (drums), he demonstrated the real him, musically speaking, which clearly rooted in modern jazz along with cool improvisations. This band has released one album “Time is the Answer” and is looking forward to embark on new adventures. A very interesting trio and promising. Skyline and Absurdnation played on each of their spot. The former is jazz band based in Tapiei, Taiwan, filled by five fellows: Jazzy on keyboard, Richard on bass, Allen on drum, Sean on guitar, and Jimmy on sax. Together they filled the air with various genres, funk, fusion, R&B, you name it. The latter is a newly indie band is around the corner. Four men come from Semarang: Nanda Goeltom on vocal, Yusuf Saputra on piano & synth, Fauz Hibatul Haqqi on bass, and Fanny Wardoyo on drum & percussion and ready hail audiences with their ethnic jazz melodies.

Java Jazz Festival Day 2 - Mehliana-Brad Mehldau-Mark Giuliana (3)

The third winner of American Idol 2012, Joshua Ledet, a soulman, gave a sweet soul RnB performance that melted the ladies’ hearts. That included his hit “Here to Die”, sang with his modern day Motown voice. Then came the moment to check out one of the most sensational pairing, this time between Brad Mehldau and Mark Guiliana, together as Mehliana. Both are genius on their weapon, their works together feels stunning and alive. While the album Taming the Dragon received many good reviews from critics, their video clips has inspired many musicians to take a brave step like them. Unique keys-drum connection. Not the first in the music scene but certainly innovative. For a start, they are not playing the traditional jazz, what they do is something out of the box. What can be created from fender Rhodes/synthesizers and drums and effects? Mehliana has proven that plenty of good things can be made. Sky is the limit. Many things to learn from their show.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 2 - Fusion Stuff

Fusion roared wild and fun from the Java Jazz Coffee stage, courtesy of Fusion Stuff. Each corner is guarded by competent players. The leader is keys wiz Krishna Siregar, the monster groove bassist Franky Sadikin, senior guitarist Kadek Rihardika, cute but lethal girl drummer Jeane Phialsa and the seductive saxophonist you see every night in Net TV’s The Comment, Damez Nababan. They bring back the sound of old-skool fusion to appear modern, in a way reminds us of Japanese legends Casiopea and T-Square without the EWI (electronic wind instrument). For a fusion band, their songs are considerably easy to follow and some are actually very melodious and story-telling. It’s challenging, fun to listen and to watch. They sealed the show with our favorite, the sweet “Little Briescha”.

That’s the end of our report on Day 2. Stay tuned for our report on the third and final day of Java Jazz Festival 2015.

Breaking News
In Memoriam: Yeppy Romero

Java Jazz Festival 2015 - VAC ft Yeppy Romero Marcello Allulli (2)

A sad news came right at the end of this 2nd day. We are deeply saddened  by the passing of Yeppy Romero, the Flamenco Jazz hero, just a couple of hours after his last performance with VAC.  The photo above was taken from that show. May God rest his soul.

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See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Mellysa Anastasya, Daniel Irawan Deo Karmawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto, Mia Damayanti, Bayu Warjiyo
Team: Vierna Mariska

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Java Jazz Festival 2015: Day 1]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15554 2015-03-14T13:50:03Z 2015-03-06T21:29:15Z Java-Jazz-Festival-Day-1

The Java Jazz Festival 2015 has reached the 11th year. As usual, this largest annual jazz meeting in the world runs for full three days, presenting more than 50 acts per day (that’s hundreds of artists), spread over almost 20 stages for straight 8-9 hours. For this year there are many new names and interesting new projects, special tributes and so on. From legends, big names, today’s headliners to promising newcomers, all shaped each edition to stand strong both for jazz lovers and music fans in general.

Several stages started early in the first day. Farrah Di ; once a cute little girl but now 18 years old ; played with Jei Angklung in collaboration with Sol Project BPJS. Three more shows running almost at the same time were trumpeter Etienne Charles who represented Trinidad music vibe in jazz, UPH Conservatory Orchestra and the band from Yogjakarta consists of brave young lions, Rekoneko. Just like Farrah Di, Rekoneko got young players when the band was born in 2009. Ido (piano), Andreas (bass), Luke (guitar) and Mahesa (drums) is still the core of this band. The beauty of fusion shone from them, with some ethnic spices here and there.


Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Akiko

First performance at Semeru was so much as expected. Labeled “Straight Ahead Venue”, the artist brought strong jazz bebop, uptempo swing with aggressive solo for real jazz aficionados at this festival. Straight way ahead! Her name is Akiko. Imagine that fused with Joey DeFransesco and Jimmy Smith, then voila! We have Akiko. Teamed up with a guitar, drums, and a trumpet, the band was full of energy and attractive. Not only that, Akiko included gimmicks such as playing “Circus Charlie” in her solo and also included a little bit of “Whiter Shade of Pale”. One of the song they played was called “Johnny Comes Marching Home”.

During a little speech in between her songs, she said that this year is her 50th year in music career, right after that speech she played a beautifully organ-ized cover of “How Deep Is Your Love”, which got the audience to sing along. Great vibe! The show was satisfying. Semeru is definitely THE place for straight-ahead jazz, thanks to its excellent acoustic settings.

The harmonica and vibraphone virtuoso Hendrik Meurkens made his comeback to this festival. Just like in 2011, his passion in blending jazz with Brazilian music (bossa, samba, chorinho and many more) is captivating especially with his quartet, the Hendrik Meurkens Samba Jazz Quartet. Meurkens doesn’t bring just Brazilian music flat; instead he infuses lots of bop. What a way to enjoy Brazilian music-bop style.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Andre Dinuth

Some more shows ran on different stages. Four On A Swing, a band started by pianist Pradyumna Manot with William Walters (bass), Aniruddh Saha (drums) and French Emmanuel Simon (percussion) featuring New Yorker Megan Powers on vocal lightened up the B2 stage. At the same time, Andre Dinuth, the name behind Glenn Fredly, Afgan, Rossa, Sandy Sondoro, Once and one of the Six Strings (with Dewa Bujana, Tohpati, Aria Baron, Baim and Eross Candra) who recently appeared in front by releasing his solo album heated up the other spot. From fusion to progressive to rock, it’s about time for him to make his own story. Meanwhile, the Institute Music Indonesia (IMI) Soca Project gave a tribute to a legend who passed away not long ago, Rinto Harahap. Beautiful arrangement was heard through several hits by him, such as “Ayah” and “Benci tapi Rindu”.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Mary Stallings

Krisdayanti, Ruth Sahanaya and Titi DJ as 3 Diva took place on D2 Main Stage. It was first time ever for these divas joined the festive Java Jazz and surely they colored the stage with numerous hits they sang. The man representing British jazz scene without neglecting his Afro-Caribbean roots, Courtney Pine shocked the audience with his shocking free jazz  and the new saxophone sensation Ricad Hutapea gave a smooth contemporary jazz delight on the other side of the stage. In addition, his fine works on the debut album “Jalan Pertama” surely loved by the visitors. Mary Stallings gave a warm, intimate show on the 6th floor while Aditya Elman served the Delta stage with several jazz standard.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Wayne Krantz

As Pie Grande, Benjamin Herman Quartet and Angel Pieters, a beautiful youngster whose talents once awed David Foster, ran in their stage respectively, the group of giants rested their case on the big hall. One of the world’s best guitarist/composer Wayne Krantz with his mates: stellar musicians Anthony Jackson and Cliff Almond. Cutting edge, adventurous and action packed show presented by these giants. What a show, we’re lucky to see it.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Michael Lington (1)

Michael Lington is a superb saxophonist. No one denies that. But when he released “Soul Appeal”, suddenly we see another side of him that brings the classic soulful vibes to life, unlike others has done it. He doesn’t need to make difficult runs in complexity, extreme maneuvers; instead he just let his feeling out, transferring it into stream of melodies naturally. No need to think, just feel and enjoy what you feel. He can smoothly seductive, he can go wild, and either way Lington’s show was entertaining and should be able to meet the needs of audience.

Potret at Java Jazz Festival? But Potret is not a jazz group. Well, yeah, but listen to this. They’re just back again in 2015 with new single, plus the addition of two new players who are actually deeply connected to jazz: Nikita Dompas and Mery Kasiman. And then, Aksan Sjuman and Anto Hoed were inside too. So Melly Goeslaw should have a new ground, which should not be a problem for such talent like her. They played their famous all time hits, also featuring Yuni Shara.

Java Jazz Festival 2015  Day 1 - Gilang Ramadhan Komodo Project

Things got heated up at the prime hours. Swing legend Oele Pattiselano demonstrated the most beautiful side of swing under quartet formation. His show featured the daughter of bassist Jeffrey Tahalele, Crystal Tahalele.  Swing and samba were delightful from them. Then Agam Hamzah, Adi Darmawan and Gusti Hendy of Ligro Trio served thrilling high-octane action like riding a dare-devil roller coaster ride. At the B2 stage, Gilang Ramadhan presented his newest project, the Komodo Project with Ivan Nestor as guitarist and vocalist, Donny Suhendra, and Adi Darmawan as bassist. Just like the name, Gilang showed how good he is in capturing the beautiful scenery of Komodo Island in every beat. As how he does in Nera, this time he delivers unique drumming with fellow musicians including Ivan Nestorman, Pra Budidharma and so on.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Biel Balester Trio

A genius play by Biel Ballester Trio (with Graci Pedro and Leo Hipaucha) from Argentina gave us a slight sensation as if we were watching Django Reinhardt in modern world. The jazz manouche/gypsy jazz from the trio was sensational. After playing in several events including the Jazz Goes to Campus, Chika At Last Project finally landed at this prestigious festival for the very first time.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Gregoire Maret John Beasley James Genus Jeff Watts

Not only Meurkens, this year Harmonica in jazz is also represented by Gregoire Maret. He has played with big names from Pat Metheny, George Benson, David Sanborn to Herbie Hancock and Marcus Miller just to mention a few. He performed as Gregoire Maret Quartet, featuring A list musicians including pianist John Beasley, bassist James Genus and veteran drummer Jef ‘Tain’ Watts. Marvelous!

Java Jazz Festival 2015  Day 1 - Snarky Puppy (2)

A gang of big names took place at D2 Main stage. It was Yamaha Music Project which featured Glenn Fredly, Bams, Marcell, Sandhy Sondoro and Is from Payung Teduh, Bonar Abraham, Yoes KSP, Jonas Wang, Sadrach Lukas, Hentriessa, Denny Chasmala, and Jubing K. Together they prepared special show in Tribute to Michael Jackson and these awesome fellas sang many hits by the king of pop. A different story but also crowded happened at the other side. We still remember the crowds at Snarky Puppy‘s show at last year’s Java Jazz Festival Day one. At that time their session started really late, close to midnight, but this 2014 Grammy Award winner attracted so many people to come watching their show. In their second appearance again they got massive crowds. But that’s not all, because the view on their stage was also glorious with handful of instruments such as guitars, percussion, the keyboard, woodwinds, and brass played by many happy players. As promised they dropped quite different bombs that once again blew the audience’s mind totally. Cool, Snarky Puppy, hoping you to make a hat-trick next year.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Dominik Bukowski ft Sri Hanuraga (2)

There was an interesting show at the Semeru Hall. Interesting, not only because it featured amazing players from two countries: Poland and Indonesia, but it’s also because it carried an important agenda. It was Dominik Bukowski Group, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of Polish-Indonesian Relation. The Dominik Bukowski Group led by Dominik himself, a jazz vibraphonist and composer with many achievements. The bassist is also Polish; Piotr Lemaczyk and two other players is Indonesian. They are the scientific pianist with lightning speed fingers Sri Hanuraga and brilliant young drummer Jessilardus Mates. Clearly the energetic tunes with complex rhythms and harmonies were served interactively between them. Who could believe that “Bengawan Solo”, the masterpiece of maestro Gesang was actually famous in the 60’s in Poland? Dominik told us so, and the way they played was simply elegant. Musicians from different sides of the sphere are connected in one common language, resulted a delightful package. Meanwhile, young trumpeter/vocalist from New York City, Jumaane Smith was in brass-showdown with Ron King Quintet.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers (2)

What can bass do in a group? You’d be surprise when the question’s given to Indro Hardjodikoro. With his group Indro Hardjodikoro The Finger, he pushes bass much more forward to take the role of other melodic instruments. In some ways he can even make it like ‘singing’. Along with his former student Fajar Adi Nugroho, keyboardist Andy Gomez, and drummer Yandi Andaputra, featured Gilang, Yankjay, and Soukma. Indro once again showcased a bass party. What a fun and pleasuring show as always. Indro Hardjodikoro The Finger has released their new album featuring Tompi, which is ‘Gadis Shanghai’.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Angela Nazar

This legend’s known as the Indonesian George Benson. He plays guitar and sings just as good. He has many hits both in solo career and as a part of a group. That’s Mus Mudjiono. At this year’s episode he got his own show that he took as a media to share his music journey which spans for 30 years the least. Then Angela Nazar, the lady who successfully became the runner up of the Dutch’s X-Factor shared her weapon that made her climb that far. Once known as a reliable band member and additional player, this year Kevin Josua shows his leadership in a quartet formation, just like in his debut album (released this year) titled “Contradiction”. Sri Hanuraga as pianist, Robert Mulyarahardja as guitarist, and Dezca Anugrah as drummer accompanied him on stage.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Naturally 7

We have seen many vocal harmony groups in Java Jazz Festival, from New York Voices, Duwende to Manhattan Transfer. This year came Naturally 7, a group of seven musicians who serve music they call “Vocal Play”. Vocal Play? Yes, because they utilize their vocals in unison to recreate musical instruments in variety from drums, bass to guitars. They have performed with Michael Buble and Quincy Jones just to mention a few. You thought you heard full band, but no, they were all made by human voices. Jazzy, soulful, and very entertaining, no wonder they bagged standing applause everywhere they landed.

Java Jazz Festival 2015  Day 1 - Dian PP

Dian Pramana Putra reprised his cool show by bringing his fans into the memory lane. Many hits were brought up on stage, for instance “Aku Ini Punya Siapa” and “Kau Seputih Melati” which was played with solo guitar acoustic. Deddy Dhukun is a musical soul-mate for Dian PP, so tonight he joined the show as supporting act for Dian. The blues madman Shohei Yamaki was on Delta, and then the come back of Indonesian nu-jazz group, Sova on A1 stage. The showdown between Lawrence Aswin (Larry) and Edward Andez (Andezzz) was refreshing to watch, especially after being on hiatus for no less than 9 year. One thing for sure, Sova is back with a vengeance.

Java Jazz Festival 2015  Day 1 - SimakDialog (2)

Payung Teduh, a rocketed group of four talented fellows with their acoustic specialty, got their own session, had Riza Arshad as guest star, so did simakDialog who has been redefining the east meets west concept by replacing drums with kendang set in a never ending innovation and exploration for 20 years and had Mian Tiara also as guest in “My Favorite Things”.  SimakDialog doesn’t go with vocalist that often. So, when they make this kind of turn, for us it’s something different. We even think it’s a good move that should be carried on. Taking the name of one legendary actor, the Steve McQueens stands as a proud Neo-Vintage Soul Funk band from Singapore but signed to Japanese label, P-Vine. While keeping the soul and groove alive, they have the free improvised sounds, from soulful to sultry, from eclectic to eccentric. This group really captured the modern, urban bright light city vibe while sounding soulfully sweet like the way it was back then.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Oleta Adams (2)

The night was already late when Oleta Adams stood on stage. You should remember her golden hit, “Get Here” right? It was in 1990. Now she’s ready to give something new. The new album Let’s Stay Here, rooted in soulful jazz influenced music that shares many stories, covering good and bad times. That includes “Feeling Good”, originally Nina Simone’s but later popularized by Michael Buble again. Oleta has a very thick and rich voice as a gift; certainly it was lovely to listen. Jon Regen, a protégé of Kenny Barron was cool all the way to midnight. If pop rock (n roll) world has Billy Joel or Elton John as singing pianist, happy to say that the jazz world now has Jon Regen spicing it up.

Bintang Indrianto Trio ++ is the current band of bassist, composer and music producer Bintang Indrianto. This group has been running since 2014 until now. If you wonder about the ++, this symbol enables him to collaborate or feature more players as he wants to. Bonita and Joel Achmad are some of the names who filled the extension. AS for the trio, guitarist Denny Chasmala and drummer Iqball are his mates.

Java Jazz Festival 2015 Day 1 - Kenny Lattimore (2)

Kenny Lattimore represented the world of neo soul the purest way. He just sings with his tender soft voice naturally without any intention to show off once so ever, the result is soothing, relaxing and deeply romantic. Song list? Special treat. The Beatles’ “And I Love Her”, “All My Tomorrows”, “Climb the Mountain”, to “Fly Me to The Moon” and of course, “For You”. Oh yeah, Michael Lington was featured too in his show. Together they played a song from Lington’s album “Soul Appeal” (which actually sang by Lattimore) entitled “Gonna Love You Tonite”.  The soul man/hearthrob Kenny Lattimore was way too hot to handle for ladies, as we heard many of them screamed throughout his show. Hot for the ladies, charming for all.

Harvey Mason is back again, this time highlighting his latest album, “Chameleon”. This title track came from Herbie Hancock’s classic hit from 1973 that got Mason’s rhythmic spank over the jazz-funk staple. Mr Mason has graced so many Java Jazz Festivals edition either as a soloist or with Fourplay, but we can never get tired of him. As one of the most recorded and in-demand drummers of all time, he always offers many things to learn and enchantingly entertaining at the same time. A source of inspiration for drummers and jazz musicians in general he is indeed.

Java Jazz Festival 2015  Day 1 - Gustu Brahmanta Trio

As Laya Putri delivered the beauty of jazz from female jazz singer, Gustu Brahmanta Trio on the other hand transferred the sacred Balinese spirit through their music. The trio combines Western and Balinese instruments, using drums, percussion, contrabass and rindik, gamelan. If you think ethnic music should only played by big ensemble, Gustu Brahmanta Trio proves the otherwise. The three players dare to bring the Balinese jazz concept alive with just minimalist formation. And it works perfectly. Timeless Fusion Party consists of 6 players that are carrying the mission to share the instrumental music to the Chinese spoken world. In order to do so, they combine western groove and eastern melody, fusing it to create a unique new hybrid. On the C1 hall Dewa Budjana rested his case. Throughout 2014 Budjana has been busy having tour to USA and producing some albums involving many overseas superstars, so of course we need to see his show to be updated.

It was already midnight, but there were several shows to be done. The Overtunes, a brotherly music group with Mikha Angelo from X-Factor as frontman. They completed their performance with Al Jarreau’s “Morning”, Kenny Loggins’ “Heart to Heart”, and Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”. Plus, and of course, his own hit “Sayap Pelindungmu”.  LaidThis Nite Orchestra played after midnight while Shadow Puppets played with Reed Ensemble featuring Harvey Malaiholo this time, also playing the works of Cole Porter.

Java Jazz Festival 2015  Day 1 - Sheila on 7 (2)

Now time passed midnight but the crowd were still there waiting for another guest star, Sheila on 7 were ready to meet their loyal fans. Not so long ago, there was a bad experience where this band couldn’t make their come back moment on stage. Now, they got another chance, a better one, at a big yet prestigious event, Java Jazz Festival 2015. What a proper moment to officially back on stage, greet their fans, and fill our craving of their music, this time with the support of Ron King Big Band to drive them more into the jazz lane. Recently they released the 8th album, “Musim yang Baik”, they served us with new tunes without forgetting our longing to their old but everlasting hits.

Java Jazz Festival 2015  Day 1 - Jarrod Lawson

The soul singer who we think is like the young Donny Hathaway, having smooth, sexy but deep vocal style Jarrod Lawson also ran almost at the end of Day 1. This man took the road of old school funky soul with gospel music. It really was nice to listen after munching so many shows since the afternoon. Another last show was Meshell Ndegeocello who is a unique artist and multi talented. Other than standing as a singer, she is also a rapper, bassist and songwriter. Speaking of music, hers involves wide variety of influences including jazz, funk, soul all the way to rock and even reggae.

Phew, what a day it was. But that was still Day 1. There will be two more days of actions. Stay tuned for more!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Mellysa Anastasya, Daniel Irawan Deo Karmawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto, Mia Damayanti, Bayu Warjiyo
Team: Vierna Mariska

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Musi Jazz Sriwijaya]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15547 2015-03-08T02:38:16Z 2015-03-04T14:45:32Z musijazzsriwijaya

Attention jazz lovers in Palembang and South Sumatra in general, you must be excited to hear this! Palembang finally have a jazz festival that features international musicians. This big news arrived earlier today on our desk. The event is called MUSI JAZZ SRIWIJAYA, scheduled for March 10, 2015 from 3:30 pm until 10:30 pm at  Palembang Sport and Convention Center (PSCC), Jl. Angkatan 45, Palembang. This event will surely spoiled jazz lovers living in the capital city of South Sumatra, because other than the shiny lineup, the event is totally free from any charge.

MUSI JAZZ SRIWIJAYA is brought to you by Palembang Jazz Community in cooperation with South Sumatra Tourism & Culture Office and The Consulate of the United States of America for Sumatra. “The appearance of Anthony Stanco Ensemble from USA would surely boost the spirit of local jazz musicians in Palembang, especially in terms of creativity and improvise”, said Zaenal Hanani, the chief of Palembang Jazz Community.

Musi Jazz Sriwijaya will also present collaboration between jazz and ethnic/traditional art of South Sumatra. Irene Camelyn Sinaga, the head of South Sumatra Tourism & Culture Office believes it would push the potential of South Sumatra arts much forward. Meanwhile, Trevor Olson, the Deputy Consul of United States of America to Sumatra Trevor Olson looks forward to see this event as an interesting cultural exhange program between Indonesia and USA.

Anthony Stanco Ensemble consists of Anthony Stanco (trumpet), Marcus Elliot (tenor sax), Paul Bratcher (piano), Sam Copperman (bass) and Jordan Otto (drums). They are going to play South Sumatra folk song in collaboration with Palembang Jazz Community. Other than that, the virtuous guitarist who’s famous with his lightning speed touch-tapping style and often called The Magic Finger, Balawan is confirmed to play in trio format. Joining him are Ketut Tarmadi (bass) and Warman Adhi Sanjaya (drums). The legendary female jazz singer Ermy Kullit is set to perform with local jazz musicians under BSB Band and CON BRIO Orchestra. Another interesting info, Nana Lee will host the whole event and also play saxophone plus sing.

More on the traditional music, the festival is going to present Sanggar Tradisional Kreatif Gema Suara and the South Sumatra traditional play by SD Yayasan IBA and Fashion Show in jazz. Other bands to participate are The ABC feat OP, 3 Ball Porta, HEI feat Nesia, Teguh Project, Celeste Voice, Espresso, Jazzyndicate and Staccato.

The Program Division of Musi Jazz Sriwijaya, Eko Adji Soebijantoro promised that the collaboration between Anthony Stanco, Balawan, Ermy Kullit, Nana Lee and the jazz musicians under Palembang Jazz Community will certainly bring surprises. This event is also plan to be held regularly every year.

It might be a bit difficult for you guys in Palembang to be in Jakarta for the Java Jazz Festival, but hey, now you have the chance to see some of the brilliant performers. Coming at you just two days after the biggest annual jazz meeting in the world (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/jakarta-international-java-jazz-festival-2015-exploring-indonesia/) and a day before the coaching clinic with Anthony Stanco Ensemble (read the info here:  http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/palembang-jazz-community-coaching-clinic-with-anthony-stanco-ensemble/), this is a golden chance for Palembang jazz fans to have something special without having to spend even a dime. If you are in Palembang and you love jazz, mark your calendar and be there.