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Is it possible to make Braga Jazz Walk – a regular event  that’s been held regularly inside  a mall in Braga street named Braga City Walk —  stand as one of the jazz destinations in Bandung? That’s the wish of Braga City Walk that we have to answer. We believe it can happen. If we keep on doing it on regular basis and cook every edition with rich flavors and varieties, one day Braga Jazz Walk will be a favorite jazz spot for everyone who are in Bandung.

While we are working on it, here comes the third edition of Braga Jazz Walk. Three bands to blast the showcase session and an open jam session will provide more than enough space to party for every musician who come over. Free to watch, free to jam, free to have jazzy fun. Together with the venue Braga City Walk and KPH Music, we Jazzuality.com are trying the best we can to introduce the wide variety of jazz colors to the society.

Let’s see the performing bands. First, say hi to a band originally from Sukabumi, a city in West Java, located about 80 km south of Jakarta. The band is AllVoices. This band is definitely not a newbie since they were formed three years ago when the personnels were still in highschool.  Today the personnels stay in different cities. Some of them are still in Sukabumi, some are in Jakarta and some are in Bandung.  Amazingly, they’re still able to keep the band on.

We first knew them as one of the Kampoeng Jazz Band Auditions. They won and got the shot to play at the main event. But that’s not the only big event they were in, because they have also participated at the Tangsel Jazz Festival and Ramadhan Jazz Festival just to mention a few. AllVoices consists of Boy Hylmy and Simplicity (vocals), Dori wirawan and Trisna Wiguna (guitars), Yudansyah (bass), Elko Nurul (keyboard), Aldi (sax), Rizfan Zulkifli (percussion) and Puji Belmanda (drums). Pop jazz/Groove is their thing. The existance of AllVoices proves that Jazz is indeed alive in Sukabumi. We are happy and excited to have a jazz-oriented band from Sukabumi. Let’s give them a warm welcome by coming and supporting them.


braga jazz walk, braga city walk, lumiere, allvoices, opik bape, agis kania, swing, soul swing


Lumiere is a French word means “Light”. Or, maybe you will refer this word to the Disney character found in Beauty and the Beast — a candle with a French accent. Now, here’s a band from Bandung that has it as a name. The band’s like two bands melt as one, a blend between Out of 7 and Final Script. Hendike (saxophone), Widiyanto Sutanto (keyboard), Marissa Wiguna (drums), Robert Daniel (bass), Daniel Christy (guitar) and Gerry (vocal) established Lumiere just some months ago in June 2014, but they do move fast. So far they have one recorded track that they promised to let us hear in this gig. Hendike is currently working on his solo project and already has his materials. Well, shine the light on, Lumiere. Make the stage bright with your jazz bites.

One question: can duo make an impact in the midst of mainstream’s requirement of full (sized) band and lots of singers? We say yes, a duo definitely can! True, it won’t be easy since the two players have to work harder to fill up the empty spaces and to make a composition stands just as good as being played by full team, but once they find the way, they can shine as bright, or even brighter.

Just a couple of weeks ago Klab Jazz highlighted this ‘smallest’ collaborative work of musical pairing into a grand Duo Tone concert http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/duo-tone/.  Klab Jazz selected/initiated the birth of 4 standout duos that have their own killing punches. We hope to be able to invite each and every one of them, but hey, let’s start first with a premium combination of Soul and Swing courtesy of Agis Bape.

This is a slice of a ‘small’ group that plays French Gypsy Jazz, Satura ft Agis Kania. This time two members from this group: Agis Kania and Opik Bape will go deeper into Soul Jazz. This is a good choice since Agis has a strong, 5-star soulful vocal character while Opik is a fine swing guitarist that would have been a huge success had he be born 80-90 years ago, in Paris or Chicago. Step aside from the Django Reinhardt’s style that Satura is into, Agis and Opik will definitely give something tight, clean and connected. You can expect some monumental works of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Etta James and the likes to appear from their show. If you like the kind of musics that grow in between the field of Soul, Jazz and Swing, the songs from the Billie Holiday, Etta James to Motown, you really got to see Agis and Opik. Just two of them, but they will wow you. No doubt about it.


braga jazz walk, braga city walk, jazzuality event, bandung jazz community, indonesian jazz


In any of Braga Jazz Walk you can have the jazztertainment, relaxing hours while hanging out with friends and families without having to pay even a penny. But that’s not it, because this event can always be a good source of training ground and jazzpression. You can express your soul and train yourself to deal and interact with other players (especially those you didn’t know before) on stage. The jam session is totally open for any musicians. Bring your own gear and swim with other sharks.

All said. Calling all jazz lovers, music students and everyone who are looking for a jazzy entertainment to support this event and the performing musicians. No charge once so ever, so it costs nothing but many to gain. Groovy pop jazz, funky fusion and soul swing are ready to blow your mind. All come to you this Thursday, October 23, 2014. See you there.

Braga Jazz Walk #03

Date: Thursday, October 23, 2014
Time: 07:00 pm – onwards
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Boy Hylmy and Simplicity (vocals)
Dori wirawan and Trisna Wiguna (guitars)
Yudansyah (bass)
Elko Nurul (keyboard)
Aldi (saxophone)
Rizfan Zulkifli (percussion)
Puji Belmanda (drums)

Hendike (saxophone)
Widiyanto Sutanto (keyboard)
Marissa Wiguna (drums)
Robert Daniel (bass)
Daniel Christy (guitar)
Gerry (vocal)

Agis Kania (vocal)
Opik Bape (guitar)

ps: The photo of Agis Bape and AllVoices courtesy of Mia Damayanti Sjahir

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Serambi Jazz 2014: Benny Lackner Trio ft Azfansadra Karim and Johanes Radianto : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15190 2014-10-15T19:21:14Z 2014-10-15T19:20:02Z SerambiJazz-BennyLacknerTrio-2014


Serambi Jazz hasn’t visited Bandung for quite some times. So now that the program landed again in the Parahyangan soil, the jazz aficionados should be excited. It was a 5 star quality concert with very interesting collaboration between a group who’s been placing its feet on Berlin and New York, and two of the best Indonesian musicians from younger generation. Representing Europe is a group formed more than a decade ago in New York, Benny Lackner Trio. This trio is led by the German-American pianist Benny Lackner, who’s been known as one of the most successful students of Brad Mehldau.

The trio came for an Asia, Australia and New Zealand tour in order to promote their 5th album, “Sisikiyou” which was recorded at the famous Jazzanova Studio in Berlin. For this tour Benny Lackner is accompanied by drummer Matthieu Chazarenc and bassist Paul Philipp Kleber. Speaking of Paul, we have been wowed by his mastery play last year when he came with Kai Brückner for a mind-bending encounter with Riza Arshad Project on April 2013. http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/serambi-jazz-kai-bruckner-and-riza-arshad-project-the-report/. If this trio is already stunning, the collaboration with two of considerably young but highly skilled musicians got their master degrees in Netherlands: Johanes Radianto (guitar) and Adra Karim (keyboard/B3 organ).



Serambi Jazz 2014-BennyLacknerTrio (12)



We attended the Bandung gig on October 15, 2014 which took place at the historical hall of ITB, the Aula Barat (West Hall). There were lots of things going down in this particular spot in the 70’s when it comes to the history of jazz in Bandung. So placing such classy concert like this in this building created some kind of different atmosphere to the already fully spirited one.

The concert started right after the welcome speech from ITB, Mrs Sulastri and Riza Arshad. Lackner began with glittery solo piano as the opening of soft, smooth with David Bowie’s “Cygnet Committe.” Adra Karim joined them shortly after to play “Pianohaus”, a song listed in their 2012 album, “Chacuma”. The beauty of free jazz shone from them where both piano and keyboard collided yet they went on harmoniously.



Serambi Jazz 2014-BennyLacknerTrio (20)



Let’s get a little bit deeper with Benny Lackner Trio. This group was build under a standard jazz trio formation, but their concept is anything but typical. Their music is like the combination of hard grooving beats, slow, atmospheric sounds and modern jazz. The balance of the composed music and improvisation contains a deep respect for the Jazz tradition but at the same time bringing out contemporary elements of modern music which can be inspired by Radiohead as well as harmonic language inspired by composers such as Brahms and Chopin and Keith Jarrett. You can only imagine the wideness of their coverage musical area.

In a way, you can say that their music resonances the expressive jazz. They decorate their music with slight electronic that spiced the acoustic sound with subtle electronics by utilizing organ like  the Nord that’s being used in this concert. The team marched on playing totally collective with each member plays an equal role inside. Modern, groovy beating rhythm, artistic and in their veins, you can find the fine electrocoustic feel.



Serambi Jazz 2014-BennyLacknerTrio (9)


So far they had formed a quartet at the West Hall of ITB.  Johanes Radianto expanded the formation to quintet. “Name Dropper” arrived in fair fusion style. They went dreamy in the next song, not too long but enough to share a lot of feelings. Benny and Paul left the stage and a new organ trio was formed between Adra, Johanes and Matthieu. A warm swingin’ straightahead became a base for them to play around. That include, a cool 8-bar trading.

Lackner and Kleber came back again to play a song from their new album titled “Heartracer”. Heartbeating, heartpounding, and certainly, heartracing that was kept intense and sharp.

“A Park” brought them back to the beautifully build melodical structure. Next they played Adra’s composition titled “It Hurts A Bit” that created the wonderland atmosphere.


Serambi Jazz 2014-BennyLacknerTrio (10)


The unconventional interpretation of some diverse contemporary works of artists ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Björk, Feast to David Bowie has won more and more crowds everywhere they landed. But that’s not all, since they can fly their wings to reach wider lands by making surprisingly insightful arrangements of Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk and the Gershwins. and of course Benny’s former private mentor Brad Mehldau who openly stated his compliment to Benny.

The variation and combination between interesting covers and originals can be found in their collections like “Not the Same” (2003), “Sign of the Times” (2006), “Pilgrim” (2007) and “Cachuma” (2012). In the brand-new 5th album “Sisikiyou” they continue to feature a modern, groove-oriented sound with electronic embellishments. Funky, but full with twisting techniques that can only be done by highly skilled players like these lads.


Serambi Jazz 2014-BennyLacknerTrio (13)



Anyway, let’s go back to the concert. It was already late, close to 10 pm. As much as we loved the concert, they have reached the end of the line with Jimi Hendrix’s song “If Six Was Nine” which appeared in their 2003 album, “Not the Same”. This composition still built under the blues taste but also played within augmented and chromatic scales. Kleber gave one bluesy solo run in this one. The intensity created a perfect climax. It was clean and tight!

ITB handed each of them batik syal and tote bag as they finished the concert. But apparently the audience didn’t want to let them go. Under the ‘we want more’ chants and claps, they came back again to play Indonesian traditional folk song “Gundul-Gundul Pacul” where the improvisation interestingly locked in one chord. Huge applauses was given to them in big respect.


Serambi Jazz 2014-BennyLacknerTrio (18)


Unlike before, for the first time Serambi Jazz served an open jam session. Three players from ITB Jazz including Hajar AS (guitar) and the current coordinator in chief Hizkia Natanael (bass) came onto the stage and had a fun jam with Lackner. Only one song with one set of players, then it was wrapped.

Once again Serambi Jazz delivered a very, very nutricious jazz concert where people can be entertained and learned altogether at the same time. You don’t have to be a jazz expert to enjoy this concert, but if you’re a hardcored jazz fans, you should really take this one as brilliant. Technically they maximize the richness of Blues, Ionian, Chromatic, Augmented and Diminished scales, but let’s put it simple: they appeared like 5 architectures working together in building a beautiful, monumental masterpiece. Slowly constructed each composition to stand tall and ellegant.

Jazzmen from two different part of the spheres collided in perfect harmony. Not that they have played together for many years, they have even just met a couple of days ago, only practicing twice, yet they  amazingly created one peaceful and harmonious collaboration with deep mutual understanding to one another. “Yes, it was the very first time for me to play with them, but it seems easy for me to connect with the boys. I guess, one of the reasons is because they are very kind and friendly.” said Johanes to us after the concert.


Serambi Jazz 2014-BennyLacknerTrio (17)


We send our highest appreciation to Benny Lackner, Matthieu Chazarenc, Paul Kleber, Johanes Radianto and Adra Karim, also to everyone behind the Serambi Jazz and Goethe Institut. Hope you read this article early, because the next gig will be in Jakarta today at GoetheHaus Jakarta (on October 16,2014). If you are in Jakarta, seriously don’t miss this one. Something like this goes for free, and you miss it, it’s really not a smart thing to do, right? Well, hope you have the time to catch it and enjoy this one as we did.

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Jerry Gates
Photographer: Titus Firmanto

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It’s certainly good to see Goethe Institut‘s successful program Serambi Jazz‘ is being busy in the Indonesian jazz scene recently. The last show in Jakarta was two months ago, on August with Tuslah (the unique quartet of Riza Arzhad, Sri Hanuraga on piano, Adra Karim and Elfa Zulham) (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/serambi-jazz-2014-tuslah/). Normally we would wait until the next program in November since Serambi Jazz is a two monthly event, but for this year this program landed on two different cities: Yogyakarta and Surabaya in between the regular schedule. The Duo Project (Dhani Syah and Johanes Radianto) was in Yogyakarta in July (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/serambi-jazz-2014-duo-project-ramadhani-syah-warongan-johanes-radianto-yogyakarta/) and then Sketsa (in trio format with Gerald Situmorang, Dimas Wibisana and Andreas Arianto) visited Surabaya (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/serambi-jazz-2014-presents-sketsa-in-surabaya-the-report/). So not only Serambi Jazz’s wings spread wider, they have been flapping more too. So talk about penetrating Indonesia with good quality of jazz concert, this program has been doing remarkably well.

As we have entered the month of October, that means it’s about time to have the next regular schedule of Serambi Jazz. We have received the official announcement from Goethe Institut Jakarta, and it turns out to be special. For the November 2014 edition, Serambi Jazz is presenting a trio who place their feet on two cities, Berlin and New York. Led by the German-American pianist Benny Lackner, here comes a group of three formed about a decade ago in New York City, Benny Lackner Trio.


benny lackner, serambi jazz, jazzuality


Yes, it’s true that Benny Lackner’s group was build under a standard jazz trio formation, but their concept is anything but typical. The music is a combination of hard grooving beats, slow, atmospheric sounds and modern jazz. The balance of the composed music and improvisation holds a deep respect for the Jazz tradition and at the same time bringing out contemporary elements of modern music inspired by Radiohead as well as harmonic language inspired by composers such as Brahms and Chopin and Keith Jarrett. They refer their music to expressive jazz, that might be the good way to describe this multi-dimensional band. They decorate their music with slight electronic augmentation and drum programming, playing totally collective with each member plays an equal role inside. Together with drummer Matthieu Chazarenc and bassist Jerôme Regard, the trio establishes a new horizon of jazz unlike we have seen or heard before. Modern, groovy beating rhythm, artistic and utilizes both electronic and acoustic instruments can be found in their veins, something that they have started since 2002.

The unconventional interpretation of some diverse contemporary works of artists ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Björk, Feast to David Bowie has won more and more crowds everywhere they landed. But that’s not all, since they can fly their wings to reach wider lands by making surprisingly insightful arrangements of Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk and the Gershwins. Hey, we should add Brad Mehldau too, since Mehldau is actually, once, the private mentor of Lackner. By looking at these names you could get a slight hint of how diverse this group is in their play. But of course they have their own original songs which all can stand as their masterpiece. All of these stuffs are documented in their recordings such as “Sign of the Times” (2006), “Pilgrim” (2007), “Cachuma” (2012) and their brand-new 5th album, “Sisikiyou” (2014) that they are currently promoting by being on tour to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The album Sisikiyou was recorded at the famous Jazzanova Studio in Berlin and features a modern, groove-oriented sound with electronic embellishments.

Jazz Times stated that their sound “is a direct result of the influence of the trios of Keith Jarrett, Ahmad Jamal, Brad Mehldau and Bill Evans.” From what we have seen in Benny Lackner Trio’s live recordings on Youtube, their repertoires are quite indescribable. We got something different from each videos, where highlight can be found in every tune. They could play bluesy, sophisticated like Norah Jones, but on the other hand they can go wild and challenging by performing the progressive jazz/rock even reaching out to touch the experimental. No matter what or how they play, the manouvers are stunning, as if they want to catch you off-guard through each played material.

Benny Lackner Trio was here in 2011 brought by @America and Beyond Production. For this 5th album promo Asia-Australia-New Zealand tour, the bass position is given to Paul Kleber. Special for the trip to Indonesia, two Indonesian musicians are featured too. They are keyboardist Azfansadra (Adra) Karim and guitarist Johanes Radianto. Both of these considerably young but highly skilled musicians got their master degrees in Netherlands. It’s going to be interesting to see how these lads would reinforce the Benny Lackner Trio and create even richer tones and possibilities than ever.

Now let’s see the profile of each member.


benny lackner, serambi jazz, jazzuality


Benny Lackner (piano)
He’s said to be the incarnation of Bill Evans or the younger Brad Mehldau. Benny Lackner was born in Berlin. He moved to California at the age of 13. He received BFA from the California Institute of the Arts under the direction of big names such as Charlie Haden and David Roitstein. Then he continued by studying privately with pianist Brad Mehldau. He’s seen in various jazz festivals including North Sea, Monterey and Montreux Jazz Festivals. This once called young lions has played alongside big names including Billy Higgins, Brad Shepik, Marc Ribot, Pheeroan akLaff and many more. Today he lives in New York City and Berlin. Other than working on the trio, he’s also active as a sideman and composer.

Matthew Chazarenc (drums)
Listen to his drum and you’ll be amazed. This man can shift efortlessly from whispers to snapping energetic beat. and Just like Jerôme, Matthew also came from France, more specifically from the south-west part of the nation. He studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris under the guidance of Daniel Humair. After that he continued to study privately with Jeff Ballard, Ari Hoenig, Kenny Washington and John Riley. Just like his two companions, he has played with many musicians including Robert Glasper, Marcia Maria, David Linx, Laika Fatien, Misha Fitzgerald, Glenn Ferris and Dominique Di Piazza just to name a few.

Paul Kleber (bass)
Paul Philipp Kleber was born in Berlin and began his musical journey with cello lessons. But then he switched to drums before finally found peace in bass. He’s involved with many bands/projects, for example with Lisa Bassenge, in the live band of Jazzanova, with Sonar Kollektiv Orchester, the German nu jazz band Micatone among others. This won’t be his first trip to Indonesia since he was here last year accompanying Kai Brückner in a mind-bending encounter with Riza Arshad Project on April 2013. http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/serambi-jazz-kai-bruckner-and-riza-arshad-project-the-report/. He is a very effective player while assisting his team mates, but once being given a space, he will float merrily on the surface.


benny lackner, serambi jazz, jazzuality


Azfansadra Karim (keyboard/organ)
This outstanding pianist/keyboardist/B3 organist has started playing piano since early age and found his passion in jazz in early 2000s. He learned from many musicians in Jakarta and attended a pre-college program in Institut Musik Daya Indonesia. He decided to continue his study to Netherlands in 2006 to learn Organ Jazz at ArtEZ School of Music, Enschede and Prins Claus Conservatorium (PCC), Groningen. In 2013 he got an opportunity to represent Groningen in Next Generation Jazz at Jazz Dag Festival in Rotterdam. In the same year, Adra finished his magister program in PCC which was focusing on the influence of Balinese music in jazz arrangement and composition. He’s the personnel of infectious avant funk band Tomorrow People Ensemble and the quartet Tuslah. Other than that, he’s been doing many side projects. One of them was when he pinned the works of Thelonious Monk with fellow pianist Sri Hanuraga.

Johanes Radianto (guitar)
Johanes took guitar at the age of 11, inspired by pop, rock, blues, and bluegrass players. He attended Universitas Pelita Harapan but after one year he decided to go abroad and study Jazz Music. He graduated from Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen (Bachelor Degree) and Koninklijk Conservatory in Den Haag (Master Degree) and before that, a certificate from Summer Jazz Program in Slovenia. All of his study years was inspired by he jazz giants including: Brian Lynch, Steve Grossman, Don Braden, David Berkman, just to mention a few. He recorded with many musicians in Europe and Asia. He also performed in many festival and giving workshops in many institution. In a recent year, his distinctive playing has grown him opportunities to collaborate with some of Indonesian Musicians such as: Indra Lesmana, Oele Pattiselano, Margie Segers and many more. Lately he’s busy with his Duo Project together with pianist Dhani Syah.

“Trying to rest in advance before we go and take 14 airplanes to 12 different cities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia within 20 Days starting October 10th… it’s going to be mind warping!” says Benny Lackner in his official website http://bennylackner.com. Two cities of Indonesia will get the chance to see them. First they will land on Bandung at the monumental Aula Barat (West Hall) of ITB on October 15, 2014 and then you guys in Jakarta can have this package just a day after, on October 16, 2014 at GoetheHaus Jakarta. Both shows will start at 7:30 pm.

He’s excited, we are excited. Are you too? This is going to be a nutricious concert that you don’t get to see so often. So when you can have it, make sure you don’t miss it. Serambi Jazz is going to spread its distincitive jazz concert. Pick the nearest one and be there.

“Benny Lackner has a distinctive compositional voice that sounds lucid and fresh. He’s found a cool way to write for this trio.”Brad Mehldau

SERAMBI JAZZ 2014: Benny Lackner Trio feat Azfansadra Karim and Johanes Radianto

Benny Lackner Trio are:
Benny Lackner (piano)
Matthew Chazarenc (drums)
Paul Kleber (bass)
Azfansadra Karim (keyboard)
Johanes Radianto (guitar)

Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Time: 07:30 pm-onwards
Location: Aula Barat ITB, Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung

Date: Thursday, October 16, 2014
Time: 07:30 pm – onwards
Location: GoetheHaus, Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Menteng, Jakarta


Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk 02 : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15180 2014-10-11T06:45:32Z 2014-10-11T06:43:44Z BragaJazzWalk02


We scored another streak. After the crowded premiere edition, the Braga Jazz Walk #02 once again draws good number of audience. Held in the mall located at the historical Braga street named Braga City Walk, this second edition served something quite different than the menu on the previous one. This time it was about pop jazz, soul, and then the rare jazz flavored reggae with some blues, rock and pop delights. We believe by bringing in different styles we could introduce the rich variety of jazz towards the society as well as showing that jazz is indeed a genre that could fit everyone’s ears. Another important mission to accomplish is to make Braga City Walk a jazz spot/destination in Bandung. With the solid cooperation between us Jazzuality.com, the venue Braga City Walk and the kind-hearted music school KPH Music who provides the instruments and sounds plus the support of musicians in Bandung and the jazz fans who have been with us, we know we can make it happen.


BragaJazzWalk02-Imagodeo (6)


The event started 15 minutes after 7:00 pm with a band of Maranatha University student, Imagodeo. Since Imagodeo shows the intention to reflect the image of God in their nature, this band wishes to luminate it through their music and performance. This band is focusing on ‘Pop Soul’ by placing quality and harmony up front. The personnels are Andhika Caesar Sesa (Dhika) on vocal, Yohansa Ambarita (Yoan) on electric guitar, Dennise Natasha Inadea Mata Hine (Dea) on keyboard, Janoko Dewanto (Ojan) on bass, Engelberth Fredrick Watory (Engel) on acoustic guitar and Gerids Yanri Yulius on drums.

RAN & Tulus’ “Aku Bisa” was their first song that directly followed by Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”. After the happy groove they turned to ballad, this time with a big hit from Brian McKnight, “Back at One”. A song from Tulus’ second album titled “Satu Hari di Bulan Juni” with a piece of “When a Man Loves a Woman” being blended in the middle. Dewi ‘Dee’ Lestari’s “Malaikat Juga Tahu” which also sang by Glenn Fredly was the next choice. In this song Dhika showed everyone his deep, soulful vocal quality that reminds us of Glenn. Dhika has the kind of voice that perfectly suits the trend in our music industry today. It was beautiful, but they didn’t want to end their session in mellow tune, so they took everyone for one last joyride with Slank’s “Kamu Harus Pulang”.


BragaJazzWalk02-Imagodeo (7)


We have planned to bring them in for some months, but only until now we could find the time to have them for real. Well known songs, nicely executed with happy moods. This band would perfectly fit to run around the field of blues, jazz, groove, doo woop, traditional pop, soul, RnB and everything in between. An entertaining band it is. Well done, Imagodeo, keep reflecting the image of God in anything you do, especially in music!



BragaJazzWalk02-RizkiJonathanProject (7)


The second session was taken by a band, still two months old named Rizki Jonathan Project. This group is led by a young male singer Rizki Jonathan, whose vocal character has gentle yet strong, bluesy, soulful and husky that in a way reminds us of Sandhy Sondoro. He came to our event so often, almost in every edition and consistently joined the jam session. Since he already established a group, it’s about time to feature him up in the showcase session.

Andre Fernando (guitar/backing vocal), Felix Jose (guitar), Yosua Setiawan (bass), Farrel Yanaga (drums) and Chaerul Ahmad (saxophonist) stood alongside Rizki. Their session started in a duo between Jonathan and Andre. The song was “Amazing Grace”, brought acoustic and quickly bagged applauses. The whole band members then joined these two lads and brought nothing but popular songs including Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and the most recent chart topper from the Canadian band Magic!, “Rude”. Then they went back to the past and covered one of Chrisye’s evergreens, “Kala Cinta Menggoda” and reached the end with a cool rearrangement of Michael Jackson’s “Man In the Mirror”.



BragaJazzWalk02-RizkiJonathanProject (1)

That’s Rizki Jonathan. Not only he could sing very well, he also has his own color in unique tone. Since he’s still very young, he still has a lot of time to fulfill his dream. With such gift he can make it to the top in the near future. We’d love to see him and his fellows grow on our stage. Hope he will keep jamming and take some more slots in the future.


BragaJazzWalk02-ErwinSaz (5)


The last performer was an artist who amazingly can enter the mainstream industry while still keeping his idealism attached. As long as people feel happy and have fun with him, then he’d accomplish his wish. Through quite long time of searching and trying, he found his magic formula that uniquely combines wide-array of music, from jazz, pop, soul to reggae. What’s great about his music is that you will find colorful dimensions created by crossovers of genres that feels natural. He is Erwin Saz a.k.a Mr. Uye.

As he’s finishing his new album (projected to release soon in November 2014), we were happy to be able to hijack him to share some teasers (as well as singing his hits of course) for this second edition. He was accompanied by heavy caliber (all-star cast) including Nissan Fortz (guitar), Dede (bass) and Dani Irjayana (drums).

We say it was a truly magnificent session that spoke loud about the multi-dimensional music concept, yet served really friendly and easy to absorb even by the most common listeners. And the entertainment factor is very high! All in all, they were playful and attractive throughout their almost an hour round.


BragaJazzWalk02-ErwinSaz (2)
The main team started first and directly surprised the audience by a jazzy version of Bob Marley’s “Waiting in Vain”. Well, it started with smooth jazz-reggae outfit, but then more and more flavors were added into the palette, from blues to country. Nissan Fortz performed like a wizard, totally riveting with his multi-color tones. Dede got the rock bassist style by holding his weapon down low yet the groove and notes were clearly went to jazz. Dani is no stranger to jazz drumming, but here he demonstrated an all-rounder beatings. The featured artist Erwin Saz didn’t just sing, he already sounded his trumpet and harp from this first song all the way to the very end.

Mr. Uye suddenly opened the jam session on the second song, his own hit “Sumitro Rojali”. Genta (blues harp), Hafidz (trumpet) and Estu (violin) quickly submitted themselves into the show. Again, this song became a free-for-all playing ground. They all had solo run and Nissan conducted the drum and bass to keep changing the musical layer, from Latin to blues to country folk. The audience were involved too, singing together with them. “Englishman In New York” was the next source to have fun. All kinds of genre floated in, including house music. Everyone sang again led by Mr. Uye himself. “Do you want to hear one more, or should we stop right here?” he said. Of course we wished to have more. Apparently he still had one last song in his mind. It was a famous song written by the late, legendary Batavian artiste, Benyamin S entitled “Nonton Bioskop”. Keroncong was pretty much alive in this one, especially through Estu’s violin.  They poured out every energy they had left for one last magical jam.



BragaJazzWalk02-ErwinSaz (11)

The whole show of Erwin Saz and friends was built under the concept of jam session. These guys turned the stage into a fun park where they could play around freely. An amazing, highly entertaining show was the result. Since the time was already too late, we had to cancel the open jam session in this edition. Many musicians came to jam, but we’re sure they understand. Not everyday we can have an ensemble like this. We can learn so many things from them. The concept building, the way to execute it, the good way to jam and of course, the entertainment factor. So X factor, WOW factor, or whatever you call it, Erwin ‘Mr.Uye’ Saz and his team mates have it. It was mad! Uye!


BragaJazzWalk02-Titbits (6)


The Braga Jazz Walk #02 turns out to be a fun edition. We got lots of groove, a lot of happy vibes, cheerful moods and tasty tunes. There were many cool covers of today’s hitlist, but there were also some originals that have strong potential to be succeed in the market. Many thanks to all the bands, the jam participants, our partners and of course to you all, gorgeous, happening crowds! We hope you enjoy this edition and keep supporting us in the next editions. Jazz belong to everyone and should be able to penetrate all segment of society. We bring our concept into the mall which is located in the middle of the historical Braga street in a wish to introduce the friendly face of jazz and its colorful varieties (and possibilities) to both devoted jazz fans and new/common listeners.





We will be back again in 2 weeks, scheduled for October 23, 2014. Fresh batch, colorful variety are to be expected. Hope to see you then!

Watch the video highlight on our Youtube channel:

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Nia Kurniawati, Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk #02]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15171 2014-10-11T06:47:17Z 2014-10-06T04:01:24Z Braga-Jazz-Walk-02


The first Braga Jazz Walk was a huge success. We got pretty amount of audience, and what make us happy is the fact that those are the kind of loud, happening crowds enjoying magnificent performances by the great young local talents. (Read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-2013-the-report/). A new place brings new hope, we always believe so, and now we’re working hard to make more and more improvement in this twice a month event.

As you might have known, Braga Jazz Walk which is made by the cooperation of Jazzuality.com, Braga City Walk and KPH Music runs every Thursdays of the second and fourth week. In this event we feature 3 bands that leads to the open jam session. Everyone can join in, no matter what genre they are into. Basically we’re cored in jazz, but we wish to stretch the boundaries wider, showing that jazz is not just the music style but can also be applied in the spirit and mentality of playing. We support the pure jazz musicians, but what’s also important is to find unique bands/musicians that have different music hybrids yet still strongly resonance jazz in its concept.

Since we are now in the second week of October, happy to announce that Braga Jazz Walk #02 is ready to roll. It’s going to be on Thursday, October 9, 2014 starting at 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm, served totally free.


braga jazz walk, braga jazz walk 2, jazzuality event, jazzuality.com, braga city walk, kph music


Who will be featured in the Braga Jazz Walk #02? Let’s start with this one. There’s a theological term in Christianity that describes the symbolical relation between God and humanity called Imago Dei. The brief translation is “Image of God”, but this term is used to show how humans should reflect the image of God in their moral, spiritual and intellectual nature. How about in art or more specifically music? Well, there’s a band etablished on November 10, 2013 that uses this term as the name of their band. It’s called Imagodeo. By using this, the personnels wish to reflect God and send His love through their music and performance.

It all came from the unity of 5 boys and 1 girl that are deeply into music and already experienced as additional players in many bands and events. At first they used d’bakupolo as the name but on the Valentine’s Day this year they officially changed into Imagodeo following some changes in the lineup. This band is focusing on ‘Pop Soul’ by placing quality and harmony up front. The personnels are Andhika Caesar Sesa (Dhika) on vocal, Yohansa Ambarita (Yoan) on electric guitar, Dennise Natasha Inadea Mata Hine (Dea) on keyboard, Janoko Dewanto (Ojan) on bass, Engelberth Fredrick Watory (Engel) on acoustic guitar and Gerids Yanri Yulius on drums. They have performed quite often in Maranatha University’s events and reached Ruang Putih for Friday Lite Music. Now they are heading to Terraz Jazz to utilize their jazzy side. We have seen some of their videos in Gerid’s Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/JUNGLEBEAT90/videos) and found many interesting stuffs. If you love Soulful pop with jazz, blues, blues and a little rock, this band will meet your needs.

Next. Let’s take a look at a young male singer with unique characteristic voice. His name is Rizki Jonathan. As he’s been coming regularly to our regular event from the no longer existed Terraz Jazz, the still running Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Jam to the first edition of Braga Jazz Walk, and he always joins the jam session whenever possible. Speaking of vocal character, he has gentle yet strong, bluesy, soulful and husky kind of voice that in a way reminds us of Sandhy Sondoro. Since he’s still young, we believe he still has more than enough time to climb to the top.

About two months ago we heard that he already has established a platform called Rizki Jonathan Project (RJP). According to Rizki, the group was officially established in August 23, 2014 and cored in pop rock with jazzy vibes. We have seen him so often in the jam session, but now we happily give him a shot in the showcase section. Joining him are his friends including Andre Fernando (guitar/backing vocal), Yosua Setiawan (bass), Farrel Yanaga (drums) and Chaerul Ahmad (saxophonist). If you fancy the kind of soulful, pop approach of current popular songs, make sure you won’t miss this one.

You might have known him, maybe you haven’t, but you really got to see this He’s been known as a dynamic and idealistic artist that places his feet on crossovers, from pop, reggae, blues and jazz. He sings, he dances, he plays instruments especially trumpet. A couple of years ago he made a hit single called “Sumitro Rojali” which uniquely made in two version, pop jazz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hKSVsfMRI0 and reggae https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgCy3kqm6hI , and quickly gained attention from music lovers. A highly gifted artist, cool, yet humble and friendly. He’s none other than Mr. Uye , the alias for Erwin Saz.

It’s not easy for him to find a stable ground in the industry, and certainly it took quite a long time. But he found the way to offer something trendy that suits the common ears without having to sacrifice his honesty and idealism. If you listen to his very popular “Sumitro Rojali” and whatever song he sings/plays, you will clearly feel it. Plus, you will find colorful dimensions created by crossovers of genres that feels natural. He plays what he like, he doesn’t care about any specific genre. What’s important is for us to enjoy his performance and have fun together with him, the rest won’t matter to him.

For this gig Mr Uye will be accompanied by heavy artillery including Nissan Fortz (guitar), Dede SP (bass) and Danny (drums). Nissan is known as one of the frontmen of Blues movement in Bandung and half of the famous duo Sarah N Soul, while Dede SP is a blues/rock bassist active in West Java Syndicate among other bands and highly capable in playing many other genres from jazz to Sundanese traditional music.

This man is good, no doubt about it. But for us, he’s an example of a fine artist that know how to use variety of music styles, sounds or even disciplines to create a tasty dish for everyone. Since he’s going to release his second album really soon (projected in November 2014), it’s going to be cool to hear some teasers directly from him. If you’re curious to hear how jazz would sound when placed altogether with reggae, blues, soul, rock and pop, let’s stand right in front of Erwin ‘Mr Uye’ Saz’s stage. Along with the heavy artillery, Mr. Uye will make you feel good. Uyee!


braga jazz walk, braga jazz walk 2, jazzuality event, jazzuality.com, braga city walk, kph music


The jam session as usual will be provided all the way to the end of the show. Everyone can join in. Other than two baby grand pianos and electronic drum provided by KPH Music, you can bring your own instruments and jump right in. No matter what your music bacground is, as long as you feel like jamming, the stage can be yours.

This event is brought to you free of charge. All you have to do is come to the Braga City Walk, go straight in until you find Giggle Box, and the stage stands right on its left side. In order to keep this event running we need your support. You can do that by simply come to each edition. While you get entertained by wide variations of jazz played by several bands, your present will help the process of regeneration and jazz socialization in Bandung.

Braga Jazz Walk #02 is ready to roll. Let’s make it a blast!


Date:  Thursday, October 9, 2014
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Main Atrium of Braga City Walk (left side of Giggle Box)
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Andhika Caesar Sesa (vocal)
Yohansa Ambarita (electric guitar)
Dennise Natasha Inadea Mata Hine (keyboard)
Janoko Dewanto (bass)
Engelberth Fredrick Watory (acoustic guitar)
Gerids Yanri Yulius (drums)

Rizki Jonathan (vocal)
Andre Fernando (guitar/backing vocal)
Jerry Gates (guitar)
Yosua Setiawan (bass)
Farrel Yanaga (drums)
Chaerul Ahmad (saxophonist)

:: ERWIN SAZ “Mr Uye” ::
Erwin Saz (vocal/trumpet)
Nissan Fortz (guitar)
Dede SP (bass)
Danny (drums)

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Bogor Jazz Reunion 2014: Feel the Intimate]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15166 2014-10-06T13:16:24Z 2014-10-03T09:50:25Z Bogor-Jazz-Reunion-2014


Bogor is a city located about 60 kilometers south of Jakarta. As a part of the Jakarta metropolitan region known as Jabodetabek, Bogor now stands as an important city in terms of economic, scientific, tourism and so on, including music. What about jazz? Happy to say that jazz has been growing healthily over the recent years. Bogor now has jazz community, many jazz bands (including big band), and hey, its own festival. It’s called BOGOR JAZZ REUNION.

This year the BOGOR JAZZ REUNION 2014 is ready to back again really soon, on October 25, 2014. at SKI, Wisata Tas Tajur, Katulampa-Tajur, Bogor, starting as early as 1:00 pm. With the affordable ticket price (as low as only IDR 50.000 for students), the audience can enjoy many talented performers as well as enjoying the cozy, friendly and even intimate jazzy atmosphere created by this event.

Cozy, friendly and intimate? Yes, that’s exactly what this year’s theme says: “Feel the Intimate”. According to the Chairman, the legendary keyboardist/entertainer Idang Rasjidi, this event will introduce the new face of jazz which goes towards the intimate interaction between the musicians, fans and even the environment. “It’s time to make Bogor as the hive of jazz that blends harmoniously with the Sundanese tradition the city holds.”

This annual event which is created by Moksa Event Management aims to become one of the icon of today’s jazz scene. In order to do so, BOGOR JAZZ REUNION 2014 will present the combination of jazz legends (national and international), today’s popular stars and the future players as they continue to innovate and expand the boundaries of this great music legacy in an artistic ambience. Will the musical tradition be involved? Most likely yes. They all will share intimately about their beginning, training, inspiration, and hard-earned lessons, creating a facinating mosaic of current jazz community. With an conductory from the Chairman and colored by diversity of art performers, Bogor Jazz Reunion 2014 is an unprecedented window onto today’s world of jazz, for everyone, from the jazz aficionados to the common or new listeners.


bogor jazz reunion 2014, idang rasjidi, jazzuality
The Chairman of Bogor Jazz Reunion, Idang Rasjidi

Now let’s see the lineup. Who will play in this BOGOR JAZZ REUNION 2014? Plenty of stars. Other than the Chairman himself Mr. Idang Rasjidi, there will be many other stars such as Kemala Ayu, Rieka Roslan & the Troubadour, Bertha, Matthew Sayersz, Amelia Ong, Fanny Kuncoro, The Ligro (Agam Hamzah, Gusti Hendy and Adi Darmawan), Rudy Wowor, Shadu Syah and Shaku Rasjidi, Sastrani, Fanny Kuncoro and the unique, new ensemble that enlivens the traditional musical tradition like Batavian keroncong, the mindbending Lantun Orchestra. From Malaysia comes the senior percussionist Steve Thornton and Azmi Hairudin.

A jazz festival that lets you feel the intimate experience? Bogor Jazz Reunion 2014 takes it as one of the most important aspects to serve. If you live in Bogor, make sure to jump yourself in. If you live not that far from this particular area, you are invited to be a part of this annual fest too. Plenty of stars, plenty of styles in vibrant colors, plenty of attractions will be served right here, plus so much more stuffs to enjoy. As jazz is thriving in the twenty-first century, the new face of jazz is illustrated as an intimate feel, either to the artists, the audience, and the festival itself. Mark your calendar and see you there!

Bogor Jazz Reunion 2014

Date: Saturday, October 25, 2014
Time: 1:00 pm – onwards
Location: SKI, Wisata Tas Tajur, Katulampa-Tajur, Bogor


– Regular : IDR 75.000
– Student : IDR 50.000

On the Spot:
– Regular : IDR 100.000
– Student : IDR  75.000

For more info log on to http://www.bogorjazzreunion.com/ and follow their twitter: @jazzreunionBGR

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[PIM Jazz Festival 2014: The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15162 2014-10-06T13:20:17Z 2014-09-29T17:13:28Z PIMJazzFestival2014


This year’s PIM Jazz Festival  was successfully held on Monday, September 28, 2014 at Wing Atrium of Palembang Indah Mall. Made by the cooperation between PIM-Palembang Indah Mall, Trijaya 87.6 FM, Palembang Jazz Community (Pal Jazz Com) and The Faculty of Computer Science of Sriwijaya University (Fasilkom UNSRI), the festival managed to grab the public attention in Palembang city as well as the musicians.

The event started early at 10 am in the morning with Festival Band Technology Euphoria. “This Festival is followed by no less than 25 bands with the hope to accomodate the creativity of young musicians in Palembang”, said Siti, the Chairman of Festival Band. Meanwhile, Adji from Trijaya 87.6 FM shared his happiness too. “This event become a solid proof that the jazz virus has indeed spread. More and more youngsters are into jazz in Palembang today.” Palembang Jazz Community or Pal Jazz Com is always consistent in searching young talents and provide enough space for them to  explore, as told by the head, Zaelan Hanani.

Bands from Pal Jazz Com were in line after that. Teguh Project was the first band. With the formation of Vinsensius Brian Jordi (keyboard, backing vocal),Rieo Rizky Permana Putra (guitar, backing vocal), Nickodemus Tethool (drums), Surya Adi Putra (bass) and three vocalists: Bayu Valerinoya, Ade Irma Suryani and Aldhita Rizky, they played 4 songs such as “Denganmu”, “Let’s Fall in Love”, “All of Me” and “Moving On”. This soon followed by Hei that chose fusion as their forte. Hei stands as the initial of the members: Hendra (drums), Edo (piano) and Ian (bass). The songs were “Smiling Faces”, “Friend & Stranger” and “Flying East”.


PIM Jazz Festival 2014-Creative_Percussions (3)

The attractive performance was given by EMS Creative Percussion. Ical, Arif, Dhio and Irvan are the players behind this group from Entertainment Music School. They combined the harmonious sound of percussion with variety of beating technique and attractive arrangements.


PIM Jazz Festival 2014-Mr (1)


After that, Mr Jack John, a group of six with two vocalists represented songs in blues color. Staccato was next, comprises of Andre Martadinata (vocal), Roby (drums), Riski (guitar), Agung (bass) and Icha (keyboard). They entertained the audience with 3 songs: “Spend the Night”, “Celebrate” and “Rame-Rame”.

PIM Jazz Festival 2014-Staccatto (2)



The special guest Bintang Indrianto Trio was the final show. In this trio, senior bassist Bintang Indrianto brought two compatriotes: Danny Chasmala (guitar) and Muhammad Iqbal (drums). Bintang Indrianto Trio served live performance and music clinic altogether in one package. Nutricious education was given, yet informal and entertaining.



PIM Jazz Festival 2014-Bintang_Indrianto_Trio (4)


The clinic part started with a brief explanation of setting up the instruments. Bintang Indrianto asked the audience and clinic participants especially bass, guitar and drums players to approached the stage so they could establish an intense communication. There were many interesting questions given to them, all were answered in detail by Bintang, Denny and Iqbal. Bintang emphasized on the importance of finding the right tone before one starts playing the instrument. What’s cool is this: Bintang directly invited those who asked questions to step up the stage and then tried it under their guidance.

Speaking of performance, Bintang Indrianto took a song highly popular in the early 80’s titled “Madu & Racun” in compelling rearrangement. He really showed his class as one of the all-time best Indonesian bassists through variety of techniques and his creativity of making unique sounds appear from his play. They also played a unique composition which he will include in the trio’s upcoming new album, “Kendang Kribow”. In the end, Bintang Indrianto Trio asked the local musicians to play together in an open jam session.

Based on the result, this event will continue to run for more years to come. Intan, the promotional manager of PIM said that PIM will always give different jazz entertainment plus music clinic as a part of responsibility to support the local musicians. With this we can hope to see more jazz players to emerge from Palembang as well as watching the tremendous growth of jazz in this particular side of Indonesia. Keep jazzin’ Palembang!

See more pictures:

The article’s written by: Eko Adji
Translated into English by: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Djoean Kellij (except the header, provided by Eko Adji)

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk, Premiere Edition : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15148 2014-10-20T16:08:00Z 2014-09-28T08:48:35Z Braga Jazz Walk 01


We have held Terraz Jazz for 11 straight editions. Actually it ran very well, but apparently the venue Festival Citylink suddenly closed its door and no longer wish to support the event for whatever reason. So be it. But since we carry such important mission to provide a home for musicians (especially the young ones in Bandung), a place where they can practice, gain experience and of course have fun, we just got to find a new ground.

Thank God we didn’t have to wait too long. The Braga City Walk, a mall located in the historical Braga street understood our mission and agreed to support. Being held in a new venue, this event got a new name too: Braga Jazz Walk. This new place should be easier to access since it’s located right at the heart of Bandung. KPH Music provides the instruments and sounds. All set. We look forward to have a solid cooperation and aim for a better future.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Titbits (1)


We figured out that the event was held exactly on Bandung’s 204th Anniversary. It was totally coincidence, but we hope this to be a good sign.  What make us proud is that the event was a huge success. We got wonderful happening crowds that gave lots of applauses and cheers to the performers. Many musicians, many mall-goers and some audience from the Fave Hotel were enjoying the show too. Look at the photo above. We feel really, really happy with that scene.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Duovali (2)


What did we have here in this new chapter? Three groups were participating happily: Two bands and one project plus a happening jam session as usual. The first performance was set for Duolid, a project belong to Andre Mangunsong, the founder of KPH Music and the soulful powerhouse Agis Kania. But since Agis fell ill and had to rest, the stage was given to Duovali. Still a duo, but it was a vocal-guitar connection with Dian and Yuga.

It turned out to be a very nice substitute and worked really well as the first performance of Braga Jazz Walk. Presented intimate in minimalistic concept, Yuga and Dian pinned some of the famous soulful RnB renditions like Brian McKnight’s “Another You”, The Commodores’ “Thank You”, also the current radio hit Magic!’s “Rude” and Renee Olstead’s song, “A Love That Will Last”.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Duovali (6)



When we heard about Duolid as a project of Andre and Agis, we knew it’d be magic. It was unfortunate that Agis couldn’t come, but hey, we got a sweet surprise. Dian shone bright with a top notch RnB singing voice and Yuga is indeed a stylish guitarist.  What a lovely, intimate start it was. Minimalist yet warm, classy and fancy. Exactly what we needed after fighting the heavy traffic to reach the venue.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Setim Project (8)


The second band in action was Setim Project. The band is still new but the faces found in the band are familiar to us due to their frequent appearance in our events. The personnels are the students of STiMB (Sekolah Tinggi Musik Bandung/School of Musician) consists of Jerry Gates and Amo Conka (guitars), Reinhard Worran (bass), Andi Pramudito (drums), Billy Geraldy (keyboard) and Budy Prama Dongoran (saxophone).

Based on the composition of player we knew it would be mad. But they ‘tricked’ us by starting soft. “Feels Like Making Love” from Roberta Flack was the first one pinned in smooth jazz followed by Marcus Miller’s song from the album Renaissance (2012) titled “Detroit”. After that they went harder by blending hard bop, fusion and heavy metal with Herbie Hancock’s classic, “Cantaloupe Island.” It was interesting to see this song being covered with heavy metal approach. Jerry’s fusion touch and Amo’s slashing metal licks created different musical dimension which later became even more mind-bending with solo runs from the rest. Reinhard’s rockin’ bass, the cool solo drums and an action served by Billy using a key-tar.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Setim Project (3)


When people thought that would be it, they dropped huge bombs on the last two songs. First, it was “Blues For Ben”, a piece from rock/jazz drummer Stanton Moore in which they created jamming atmosphere. It was too hot to handle by the awesome crowds, they gave lots of noises many times to the band. But for the climax, they left jazz and went totally rock by playing Steve Vai’s “Audience is Listening.” How often would you see Steve Vai being covered in a jazz event? Slim chance. But this band is blessed by having Amo Conka, the ninja-like guitarist with complete killing strikes. He opened his shirt and then roared wild in building unbelievable ending.

A newly formed band, yes, but they are definitely not beginners. Apparently the School of Musicians has produced ripe fruits that are not only great in skills but also dare to go beyond limit. The entertaining rate was high. A wild party, edgy and in many ways, controversially stunning. Having these mad lads was clearly a dope.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Chakraborty (1)


The last slot was taken by a band which adopts the philosophy of the North Indian ancient mythology, Chakraborty. It’s a Sanskrit word which means “(becoming) the best” or “(doing) the best”. The band is led by a fine young drummer named Joo Yang with other players such as Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar), Ayu Sara (vocal), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard). Recently they seem to make great moves by getting more and more gigs, including some big catches, including Tangsel Jazz Festival 2014 just a couple of weeks ago. Being one of our loyal supporters, we are more than happy to place them under the spotlight again.  It’s time for us to get their updates. What did they bring this time? Well, assorted jazz rich variety.

Yosua couldn’t join the party since he had another job. Muhamad Ilham replaced him, plus Mada Radjab on saxophone. All set. Chakraborty started sailing with “(They Long To Be) Close To You” originally by The Carpenters and then asked everyone to celebrate the 204th Anniversary of Bandung with Ismail Marzuki’s national anthem, “Halo-Halo Bandung”. They smartly taylored this song with Jaco Pastorius’ “The Chicken”. All the way Joo Yang used cajon instead of the electric drum for this session. The last song was “Summertime” in groovy mood.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Chakraborty (3)


We have known the band for quite long time and always appreciate their passion to music, especially jazz. For a band like this, the only way is up, if they keep the pace the way they are doing right now. Skillful players found in every corner, tight when they unite as a team. As we said before, this band is one of our biggest supporters. They’ve been visiting our event often and had fun together with us many, many times. Well guys, hope to see you again soon. Keep up the good work and be a ‘chakraborty’.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Jam Session (2)


Jam Session took place directly after every performing bands rested their case. Wait, we haven’t mentioned that there were so many musicians from different backgrounds came to this event. Among them were a great drummer, an Indonesian but has been pursuing his career in Sydney, Australia for 18 years. He is the ‘Superman’ Deva Permana. As he’s back to Indonesia, he was very kind to visit us. We invited him to the stage for short conversation and then invited him to jam. Joining him on stage was his former band-mate Hendy Hertiasa (works as a lecturer in ITB) on vocal, Yopi D Navis on keyboard and Hajar AS (guitar). Another coincidence occured:  the band of ITB was formed! The combination of teacher-ex students from different years was there on stage. This team covered two songs: “Route 66″ in an open style and “Moody’s Mood for Love”. Ayu Sara joined near the end.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Titbits (12)


The next batch filled with Billy (vocal), Chairul (sax), Nicodemus Horisson and Yopi D Navis (keyboards), Adya Amru (guitar) and Farrel (drums). “The Girl from Ipanema” was their choice which became the song that sealed this premiere edition. A photo session took place in the very end.

The street of Braga (Bragaweg in Dutch colonial period) holds historical value, artistic value and commemorative value. You can still see classic European Art Deco architectures along the street, old shops that live harmoniously with the new ones. It gives a perfect portrait of the past as the street has been passing quite a journey through time but at the same time it accomodates today’s lifestyle too. The place serves vintage/retro feel, stands as a cultural spot but also modern. It’s historical but trendy. A perfect hangout spot for everyone That’s why the Braga Street always has a magical atmosphere, something that’s hard to find elsewhere. What we hope is to have a reliable ground to keep carrying the regeneration process and supporting the young musicians in Bandung to fulfill their dreams.


Braga Jazz Walk 1 - Photo Session


As we hold this commitment, we thank our partners, the Braga City Walk and KPH Music for the full support. May our cooperation last long in strong, natural synergy. We also send respect to every musicians who have been supporting us by coming regularly. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you, we really appreciate it. Thanks guys!

What we dream is this: one day soon, Braga will be remembered not only for its vintage atmosphere and modern scene, not only for the place to find fine arts and cafes, but also a place where you can find Jazz. Not the segmented and exclusive one, but the kind of jazz that carries the original philosophy, tradition and spirit. Every musicians can join in and add your own color into the provided palette. Jazz is, and should always be an open minded and friendly music corner to everyone. Having this kind of jazz in Braga, wouldn’t it be cool? Well, we’ll provide it twice a month, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday. Come to Braga and let’s jazz. Or say it in Sundanese way: Hayu Ngabaraga bari Ngajazz!

See the highlight of Braga Jazz Walk #01 on our Youtube channel

See more pictures:


Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Nia Kurniawati, Ayu Lestari
Video and Photo Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan, Titus Firmanto

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From 2009 Serambi Jazz has been providing series of quality concerts in Jakarta that involve both great local talents and European artists, mostly from Germany. This event belongs to Goethe-Institut Indonesien with Riza Arshad stands as the curator got so many loyal fans in no time, and said to be one of the most successful overseas programs of Goethe. Riza once said that this event was made as an alternative and complement the already existed events. But what this program brings is more than just that. For example, thanks to Serambi Jazz, the mutual friendship between these two great nations has been re-established through music as one of the art forms-jazz to be exact. The artists who show high commitment to jazz got a good spot to perform in front of the jazz aficionados in Jakarta. Later Serambi Jazz extended its service to reach other cities like Bandung, the capital of West Java and then stretched further to meet Yogyakarta and Surabaya. And that’s a good move, since those cities have many jazz fans too that are thirsty for a high quality event. Serambi Jazz definitely can quench that thirst.

Yogyakarta just got their wish two last July with Duo Project representing Serambi Jazz. Then two months later Surabaya got the chance. The Goethe Institut and Wisma Jerman Surabaya (Goethe-Centre/Goethe-Zentrum Surabaya) proudly presented a stunning band with unique concept, the one that we love to mention as one of the most dynamic bands in terms of musicality, variation and formation: SKETSA. This Serambi Jazz event took place at Ciputra Hall, Performing Arts Centre, Sekolah Ciputra, Puri Widya Kencana, Citraland, Surabaya with good amount of crowds.

Good amount of crowds? Yes. Let’s see some facts. The location of the venue is quite far from central Surabaya, and there were many events ran at the same time. But still, many jazz lovers spent time to be there watching the cool acoustic group from Jakarta.


Serambi Jazz - Sketsa -Surabaya - 2014 (1)


Serving the opening act was a jazz fusion band from Surabaya named Deny and the Add. Under quintet formation the band released the joy of funky jazz fusion into the atmosphere. After that, madame Birgit Steffan, the Director of Wisma Jerman Surabaya gave the opening speech. And then the main show started right after.

Gerald Hiras Situmorang and Dimas Wibisana, the dynamic duo of Sketsa took their position on stage. Without further ado, they began sailing with the title track of their second album, “Different Seasons”.


Serambi Jazz - Sketsa -Surabaya - 2014 (13)



Sketsa was originally formed as a duo almost a decade ago (in 2005). That’s the core formation. Just like the name says, the way they play music is like two painters painting as one. What they ‘paint’ on their ‘canvas’ is an connected discussion or heartfelt dialogue that can be enjoyed by anyone. Both have their own role in creating a masterpiece on the same canvas. Two should already be enough, that’s what we might think. But along the journey Gerald and Dimas have been enjoying the dynamic soundscapes through variety of extensions. Gerald once told us that he always needs varieties to avoid stagnation. Moreover, both of them always love to have richer tones by adding up other instruments than guitar. Who could predict that they would stretch the band from just guitar to ‘crowdier’ sounds involving contrabass, violin, percussion, clarinet, accordion and some vocals in adding up some more aestethic taste? But they have done it. Another important thing to note is that in any formations, Sketsa happily flies higher than genre. They serve rich varieties of sound, from jazz, bossanova, folk, pop and ethnics, not separately but in harmony to create enjoyable sounds that fits the ear of anyone who loves music.

For the second song, they called in one more player, Andreas Arianto Yanuar. From duo to trio, that’s right, but hey, Andreas didn’t play the usual instrument found in normal trio, he played accordion and clarinet. Andreas is not a newcomer in Sketsa at all. He’s been playing with the band since 2010 and participated in “Different Seasons”. Other than being a multi-instrumentalist, Andreas Arianto Yanuar is a well-established music producer, arranger and songwriter. You will find him in other successful bands too such as Andre Harihandoyo and Sonic People for example. As a trio, they played the fast-paced country-ish tune, “Horse Race”.


Serambi Jazz - Sketsa -Surabaya - 2014 (11)


For the third song they played “Try Anything”, a composition that told a story of a man who’d do and try anything to win the heart of someone he truly loves. It started with clarinet that soon filled with the harmony of two guitars. This attempt created a sweet, soft nuance yet dynamic. During the concert they loved to throw jokes or making up funny gestures. Talk about the effort of making everyone felt at ease, they did it really, really well. Or maybe, it wasn’t even an effort since everything flew naturally from them.

In the fourth song, Dimas led the audience to clap their hands and used it as the beat. Andreas took his accordion and played “Cousins.” Not only accordion, Andreas also played clarinet in this one. Meanwhile, Dimas kept reminding the audience to provide the beat with their hands. The 5th song “Up and Down” kind of took the audience into a jolly joyride. Sketsa got a huge applause in this one.

What’s interesting is that Gerald took the chance to introduce his newer group called Gerald Situmorang Trio. With this group he recently released an album entitled “Time is the Answer”. More songs came in such as “Kita Tidak Bisa Mengulang Masa Lalu/Namun Ada Masa Depan”, “Anak Bungsu” (the album version is featuring Tohpati), the title track of the first album “Childhood’s Dream”, “Hop Hop” all the way to reach the end with one of their most popular tracks, “Into the Light”.


Serambi Jazz - Sketsa -Surabaya - 2014 (18)


Taking Sketsa to Surabaya as the representative of Serambi Jazz was indeed a brilliant decision. This group is filled with experienced young lads that can give warm concert tone. They are explorative and love to spread the wings wide in creating music, yet somehow all pieces are friendly even to common ears. Under the trio formation Sketsa served a very intimate atmosphere. Some songs were melancholy but beautiful, creating the impression of sweet sorrow. “Did you try to close your eyes? I did, and somehow I felt like I was in Paris in the spring time” said one of the audience to us. While the harmonious sounds from two guitars took us into a journey around the globe, accoustically, in crossovers, Andreas’ accordion gave a strong scent of European accoustic scene/scent, just like the musicians you found while streaming along the streets of Paris.

Based on the great, appreciative response given by the crowds, we hope Serambi Jazz to keep Surabaya in the schedule. The good quality concert and players will stimulate and motivate the local musicians to reach their best state. Thank you Sketsa, Serambi Jazz, Goethe Institut and Wisma Jerman Surabaya for a beautiful concert. We loved it! May there be more to come.

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Reporter: Destina Kawanti
Photographer: I Putu Surya KB, Pramadi Wardhana
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan

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Goodbye Terraz Jazz, Welcome BRAGA JAZZ WALK!

We were ready to enter the 12th edition of Terraz Jazz, but all of the sudden the venue closed its door and no longer wish to support the event. They must have their own reason But for us, what’s important is to find another spot where the musicians especially the youngsters in Bandung can take as home, especially since we got the enormous response coming from the young musicians from different genres.

Thank God we didn’t have to wait too long. We’re happy to officially announce that the Terraz Jazz will run again in a new ground zero, BRAGA CITY WALK. After a long discussion with the venue, we both agree with the new name: BRAGA JAZZ WALK. This new place should be easier to access since it’s located right at the heart of Bandung. The instruments (electric drums and electric baby grand piano) are endorsed by KPH Music., who once again showing their tremendous support. With a promising cooperation like this, we look forward to have even better spot for a better future.

Other than the new spot and new name, the rest are still the same. BRAGA JAZZ WALK is scheduled to run twice a month, on Thursday of the second and fourth week of each month. The show will start on 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm, totally free of charge. And just like before, we open up free-for-all jam session right after the showcase. Whoever you are, you’re welcome to join in. The premiere edition is set to go no longer than tomorrow (September 25, 2014). You wonder how to find the stage? Just enter the Braga City Walk then walk straight. You will soon find Giggle Box side by side with Tokyo Connection, the stage is there, placed on the right side.


The History of Braga Street

For you who still don’t know about the Braga street in Bandung, let us just say that this historical place is magical in many ways. According to some sources, this part of Bandung was already alive since early 1800s, especially when there was a plan to move the Dutch East Indies goverment center from Batavia (now Jakarta) to Bandung. In the late 1800’s there was a famous drama group named The Toneel Braga who often performed in there and achieved success with huge number of crowds. The street became a famous place too, and soon known as the Braga Street.



Braga Street circa 1930’s-1950’s


During the 20’s this street was famous as a promenade street. You could find cafes, boutiques and other stores with European ambiance with many art deco buildings (which amazingly still preserved until now), plenty of entertainments and even witnessed a piece of history when the Asian-African Conference was held just at the corner. What does the city mean today? It’s actually unique. Try to walk in that area, you will feel so many things. Most of the buildings still keep their originality thus create a vintage scenery. For many senior tourists, this street could bring back some memories or even resemblence the old days of Europe in a way or two. But vintage and history are not the only thing you can find in there. Look at the youngsters who love to hangout around the street, young executives, families and so on. Also this street has strong West Java atmosphere that can make you realize you’re in it from the moment you step into this street. Simply put, this old street is so happening with sparkling magical atmosphere that you won’t find elsewhere.


Jazzin’ in Braga, Anyone?

Will a magical and historical place be good for a jazz edutainment? We believe so. As we wish to support today’s generation in pursuing their music career as well as pushing the regeneration by providing a reliable playground, this event should be able to entertain jazz lovers or mall goers too. In this event,  Every musician can use it as they wish. They can have spot to perform as a band or as a jam paticipants, they can have a media coverage which will promote them to the public better, or simply to try a concept in front of real audience. It’s no secret that these young jazz musicians are having difficulties to penetrate the market because they have to encounter medias who are getting more and more profit oriented. There are some names who have made it, but there are so many players still struggling to proof that they deserve the same chance too.

If you come to any of our created event, you will see many bands that you might have never heard before. Some still need some works, some others are ready to ride the big waves but need publications or promotions. But they are good and deserve the chance. In each edition we see talents who clearly show their passion to play music. We are here for them. That’s why we created Terraz Jazz and its newest form, BRAGA JAZZ WALK. Either as a source of education, training/practicing or having fun, this event can or should be able to fulfill the needs. Let’s not forget that the jazz fans or even music lovers can have an entertaining show as well. We always believe that the good entertainment doesn’t come only from the big names, these young fellas can be surprising too. If you find it hard to believe, just come and see it yourself.


 The participating bands/groups for Braga Jazz Walk #01

The Lineup

So, what do we have for the BRAGA JAZZ WALK premiere edition? As usual, we already prepare 3 bands. First, let’s take a look at a band that has been supporting us and our event since the beginning. The personnels are like a regular attendances who still come frequently even when they have no schedule to play in the showcase session. It’s Chakraborty. This band was officially established on April 17, 2013 at Aru Studio in Bandung. The band consists of Venche Music School (VMS)’s students and often supported by sessionists from other music schools. Said to be rooted in traditional American Jazz, they play wide to cover most of the big jazz corners from Swing, Cool Jazz, Fusion, Blues Jazz all the way to Bossanova.

If you still don’t know about the meaning of the name, Chakraborty was taken from the North Indian ancient mythology, a Sanskrit word which means “(becoming) the best” or “(doing) the best”. Clearly, that’s the goal of this band. The band is led by a fine young drummer named Joo Yang with other players such as Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar), Ayu Sara (vocal), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard). Recently they seem to make great moves by getting more and more gigs, including some big catches. The last one was Tangsel Jazz Festival 2014 just a couple of weeks ago. We have featured them twice but it’s already months ago. It’s time for us to get their updates. The best way to see it is by inviting them to be in the lineup again.

The next band is still new but filled with familiar faces for their frequent appearance in our events. The personnels are the students of STiMB (Sekolah Tinggi Musik Bandung/School of Musician) and the band’s called Setim Project which means a project established by a team of players, but also kind of show where they came from. The band consists of Jerry Gates and Amo Chonka (guitars), Reinhard Woran (bass), Andi Pramundito (drums), Billy Geraldy (piano) and Budy Prama Dongoran (saxophone). Based on the players, our guess is this band will go with fusion. But we predict the fusion will be edgy since Amo is a wild, rebelious heavy metal player. Other than Amo, the rest of the team are just as young but also highly skilled. It’s going to be interesting to see the outcome of their show.

That was two. The third and last performing band to mention is Duolid. This is a brand new project of the KPH founder Andre Mangunsong (piano) and the soul powerhouse Agis Kania. According to Andre, the project is made as an exploration ground. A simple duo format like this will work very well if filled with strong players, Andre and Agis are undoubtedly listed in this category. They should be able to craft something special or even bring surprises since both of them know how to give the best of entertainment to their audience. If we’ve known how good Agis is in a duo with guitar, it’s time to see her soulful heart with piano.



Wish to Join/See the  Jam Session? You Got It!

We intend to keep the jazz tradition alive in this event. So, the jam session is, as usual, provided right after the bands rest their case. It’s an open jam, meaning everyone can join the party. Either you’re one of the participating bands, the musicians who live in Bandung or happen to be in the city and come to this edition, or you just love to sing and wish to try how it feels to sing on stage, you can always try it. The musicians that still have no band can also take this round. We will keep it open until the mall shuts down.

The BRAGA JAZZ WALK #1 is set to go on September 25, 2014. Remember, the new location is right at the historical Braga Street, inside the Braga City Walk to be exact.  This community-based event is made to meet your needs. Whether you’re a musician or band that needs publication, you are a successful player and wish to support the younger generations or even for all the jazz lovers particularly those who live in Bandung and nearby. Fun jazzin’, Fun jammin’, Fun learnin’ is always our tagline. We provide them all without forgetting the importance of giving you a good entertainment. You think these fella’ can’t entertain you like the big cats? Be there, we will proof you wrong. Community-based event needs audiences and musicians, so your contribution and participation is urgently needed. Other than that, the event is FREE! So just bring your friends and family as many as you can, and let’s jazz the night up together!


Date: Thursday, September 25, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Main Atrium of Braga Citywalk (in front of Gigglebox and Tokyo Connection)
Jl. Braga 99-101, Bandung



Joo Yang (drums)
Ayu Sara (vocal)
Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar)
Yosua Setiawan (bass)
Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard)

Jerry Gates (guitar)
Amo Chonka (guitar)
Reinhard Worran (bass)
Andi Pramundito (drums)
Billy Geraldy (piano)
Budy Prama Dongoran (saxophone).

:: DUOLID ::
Andre Simangunsong (piano)
Agis Kania (vocal)