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Jazz is full of improvisation. Jazz is full of innovation. It’s bursting with creative energy, respecting diversity and versatility. Jazz is played by young and old, of all creed and color. Herbie Hancock once said, “The spirit of jazz is the spirit of openness”. All of these are the spirit we keep in Braga Jazz Walk. Eventhough this is just a small, local community event, we try our best to keep it alive and based everything we do in it. We invite all kind of bands that enlive the jazz spirit. We try to push the regeneration, (re)introduce jazz to young musicians and the society, and give contribution towards the jazz development. Other than these, we also wish you bring some educational matters in variation. One of the way is to present tribute to legends. We hadn’t done it yet, but in Braga Jazz Walk #06 edition finally a well-established jazz band agreed to step on the plate.

The tribute was given to a legendary Jazz-funk master who passed away a few months ago in September, Mr Joe Sample. Aside from his illustrious solo career, he had a band who achieved a legendary status as well: The Crusaders (formerly known as The Jazz Crusaders).  And the band tributing Mr Sample and his group at this event was Chakraborty.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Nouveau (1)


Before we get down to it, The Braga Jazz Walk #06 as usual featured two more performances. The show started a couple of minutes after seven with Nouveau. Nouveau comes from Telkom University Bandung and established from a collaborative project of several bands, They have to go changes especially on the lineup too many times until they had to drop the word ‘Project’ and use only Nouveau as the name.

Nouveau are Fachmi Satriyo Yogaswara (vocal), Camelia Yunitasari (vocal), Wiim Bahar Maulana (guitar), David Winalda (guitar), Mohamad Naufal Ihsan (bass) and Wira Majid (drums). More about the past members, eventhough they have quit the band, interestingly they still support the band, either as the additional players or crews. They have visited our events many times, only now we could put them in one of the three spotlights.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Nouveau (2)


The groove started early with favorite songs among youngsters, “Kamu”. The Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” kept the cheerful mood. The vocalists did a great job in front, showing how soulful they are and how high they could climb. The third song was Dian PP and Deddy Dhukun’s “Masih Ada” in a happy disco beat. The disco beat continued on with “Treasure”, one of the recently happening hits of Bruno Mars and brought to the very end with Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”.

This considerably new band is clearly rooted in pop Jazz with delicate Soul and RnB being glued into their concept, plus infectious disco beat. They don’t want to make anything too complex. They light it light but tasty. That should be able to reach the music listeners as wide as possible. One of the evidence was found in this event. They managed to drag good number of people too to watch them. We’re just happy to find more and more jazz-oriented band especially good ones like Nouevau.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Andre Arizky (3)


If you’re following the Rising Star Indonesia 2014, you should have seen this next performer’s face. He’s getting more and more fans, which is good because he’s been doing it for quite some times now. He has even started playing piano since he was still 5 years old, probably has been singing ever since too. This talented young man’s name is Andre Arizky.

We knew him since a couple of years back when he was still singing in a Blues trio named Royal Flush. This year he joined that reality singing competition in RCTI and made it to Top 36 Wall Riser. Andre was also a contestant of StarVoices season 3. He didn’t win but it was enough for the public to spot his ability. We asked him to fill one of the slot in this 6th edition, he agreed and came up with a cool idea. He chose to perform basically alone, singing and playing piano just like one of his source of inspirations, Elton John. We have featured one man show before, singing and playing guitar, but we never had the chance to feature a man singing and playing piano. Especially when Andre was the one to do that, we immidiately agreed.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 -Titbits (1)


Dara Puspita’s “Burung Kakak Tua” and Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” were just the warming up. “Hopefully I sing this one better than I did on TV”, he said before singing “Nuansa Bening”. Did he? Yes! It was deep. Next he took two songs from Elton John’s drawer. First was “Rocket Man”! Not many sing or even remember this song anymore, but Andre did a very lively cover. His voice matches Elton John, so does his piano playing. Then “Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word” was perfectly executed by him.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Andre Arizky (2)


He invited a female singer Lunar Simamora to be with him. The song? A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera: “Say Something”.  Wait, he still had one last present from Chicago: “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”.

He’s going to compete in X Factor. The audition is going to open very soon. Let’s wish him the best. A talent like him should be given enough chance to grow. Charming young man with cheerful, positive vibe, able to control the stage, able to bring life into just about any song and play multi genre, Andre Arizky will give more colors into our music industry. He can be the Indonesian Elton John, but it’s better not to label him anything so he can explore as wide as he wish. We won’t be surprise if one day this man becomes one of the big stars. Why not? He has it all.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Chakraborty (1)


Then, the final act, Chakraborty. Like we said earlier, they came with a special tribute to Joe Sample and the (Jazz) Crusaders. In the early 60’s, Joe shared the joy of hardbop which was popular at that time as one of the founders of The Jazz Crusaders. Joe’s play injected ‘soul’ into the band. Entering the 70’s, elements of rock, RnB, soul and funk became the headlines of global music. The Crusaders, that was the name since 1971, began to explore the jazz funk. Joe went more electric by using keyboard instead of piano. Again, he did very well with this style.

Joe is famous with his funk jazz. But don’t forget that this man can interpret anything with his skill. He could play anything with his own distinctive style. He was a flexible, no surprise since he grew up amongst various genres from gospel, jazz, soul, latin, blues to classical. This led him to become one of the pioneer of contemporary jazz pianist. He reached success too in solo career as well as several notable collaborations like with Lalah Hathaway and Randy Crawford. The music world especially jazz deeply mourned when he passed away last September 2014. He’s not with us anymore, yet the legacy lives on.

Joe Sample and the (Jazz) Crusaders are one of the most important names in the history of jazz. We’re proud to have the tribute served at Braga Jazz Walk by Chakraborty. Chakraborty is still a year old, but they have got many achievements and now stands as one of the most ready jazz band in Bandung to play just about anything. They never back out from challenge, they always happy to attend any jazz events eventhough they have no schedule to play. A good band with good spirit, passionate and focus. That’s what we think of this band.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Chakraborty (3)


They appeared full team with Joo Yang (drums), Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar), Ayu Sara (vocal), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard). The tribute started with the title track of The Crusader’s 1979 album, “Street Life”.  They made soul funk being felt all over the mall.  A very popular song from The Crusaders and Bill Whiters, “Soul Shadows” in more dramatic style came right after. The third song was from the fine collaboration between two Crusaders members: Nils Landgren and Joe Sample titled “Don’t Take Your Love to Hollywood”. Time to step out from the theme, they sang original songs titled “Tiga” and their first single written by Ayu, “Kepahitan Termanis”.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Chakraborty (7)


The tribute was done nicely by them. They kept the essence of each song, but managed to give their own taste and interpretation to the works of Joe Sample and the Crusaders. A tribute is a good way to remind the young musicians of the artists/bands from any eras and the legacies they left to us. As we also holds education as one of the mission, we think presenting tribute is important. We plan to bring more tributes to other legends periodically, let’s hope we can make it. Chakraborty once again proved that they are reliable and great as a partner in crime.  Oh yeah, cool original songs shows how serious they are in this business.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Jam Session (1)


The jam session in this edition was gleeful. Many musicians took part in it: The Owcindful boys Nicodemus Horisson (who shared the seat with Andre Arizky on piano), Jere (bass) and Andre (drums), Inez, Ayu Sara, Arjuna Sirait, Erick Gabe and Andre Fernando (vocals) and Hajar (guitar). While Andre Fernando played guitar and sing, Erick and Andre Arizky were found singing and playing piano. The songs? Well, Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”, John Legend’s “All of Me”, Vina Panduwinata’s “Dia” all the way to Chris Kayhatu’s “Rame-Rame”. In some parts they blended harmoniously as if they have had rehearsals, in other parts they were chaotic yet fun.  Photo session took place while the jam session was still running, and with that the show was wrapped.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Jam Session (2)


Interesting edition is added to Braga Jazz Walk. This one got variety of style, format and good balance between jazztertainment and education. We’re happy with the result, hopefully our partners in crime Braga City Walk and KPH Music feel the same too.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Group Photo


What’s next? Allow us to share the good news. Since the fourth Thursday of this month falls exactly on Christmas (December 25), we are going to bring you A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION. We call it: Braga Jazz Walk: Oldtown Christmas. Two bands and one children choir are ready to celebrate Christmas together with you. So, mark the date from now. If you’re going to spend holidays in Bandung during Christmas or if you live in Bandung and have no plan to go anywhere, do join us. On top of that, let’s keep the jazz spirit alive. See you in two weeks from now!

Watch the highlight here:

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Nia Kurniawati, Titus Firmanto
Video editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[The 4th Jazz Not Jazz: Absolutely Sensational Fusion]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15355 2014-12-11T07:28:32Z 2014-12-10T19:25:04Z jazz-not-jazz


The 100.4 KLCBS is a jazz radio in Bandung which has been consistantly served all kinds of jazz since the year it was established in 1982. The KLCBS Jazz Alliance was born as a media that accomodates listeners (from beginners to jazz enthusiasts), collectors, experts, musicians and journalists. KLCBS Jazz Alliance already has its own regular event called Jazz Not Jazz. The founder/CEO of KLCBS Nazar Noe’man who is also a jazz expert in Indonesia is the one who recommend the selection of arrangements and compositions for this jazz community gathering event. So far Jazz Not Jazz has been served three times. The first one at Javana Bistro featuring Arief Setiadi, Oele Pattiselano and Jeffrey Tahalele, the second at Opulence Dago and the  third installment once again took place at the same place with Gilang Ramadhan, Pra Budidharma and friends. Each event was attended by at least 250 people representing communities from all over Indonesia.

Here comes the 4th Jazz Not Jazz as the fruit of cooperation between KLCBS, Prama Grand Preanger and BNI. Holding the theme of “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”, this fourth installment will make sure you get the best of fusion by featuring full batch of highly talented and experienced artists. Jazz Not Jazz is coming on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at Prama Grand Preanger, Jl. Asia Afrika 81, Bandung.

As you may have seen on the e-flyer above, big names are going to treat you with high quality of jazztertainment. First, the band: Donny Suhendra Band. Led by senior jazz-blues-rock and all-rounder guitarist Donny Suhendra, this group is indeed the home of the giants because it featurs names like Budhy Haryono (former drummer of GIGI, Krakatau, Jamrock/Jamrud and Karimata), pianist Krishna Balagita (former keyboardist of ADA Band who celebrated his comeback to jazz by releasing a solo album titled “Sacred Geometry” eaerlier this year) and bassist Adi Darmawan, a multitalented figure found in the mainbending trio, LIGRO. As you can see, these are artists who have been placing themselves in between jazz and rock (and everything else in between) for many, many years. They will serve madness, no doubt.

As if these are not enough, the lineup goes longer with guest stars. Who? Well, listen carefully. The soulful powerhouse diva Dira Sugandi, violist/string man Ammy Kurniawan (one of 4 Peniti), Lia Amalia (one of the vocalists of Salamander Voices and background singer of Tulus) and Brury Effendi (the trumpeter of Salamander Big Band).


jazz not jazz, donny suhendra, krishna balagita, budhy haryono, adi darmawan, lia amalia, dira sugandi, ammy kurniawan, brury effendi, jazzuality, klcbs


There are two ways to be a part of this event: Gold Package (Dinner and Concert) or Silver Package (Concert only). Scroll down to find the complete info about it.

BNI, KLCBS and Prama Grand Preanger are ready to warm you up during the rainy season with the 4th Jazz Not Jazz “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”. Interesting lineup that you won’t find elsewhere, featuring all players that could change the course of game with their presence. Other than that, it’s going to be cool to meet new friends who share the same passion or hobby inside a jazz community gathering like this. As we are a jazz-related media which happen to maintain our own jazz community through our two weekly regular event Braga Jazz Walk, we are proud to support this event. Alright. Jazz lovers, hope to see you at Grand Preanger on December 18, 2014.

BNI, KLCBS and PRAMA GRAND PREANGER Present: 4th Jazz Not Jazz “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”

Date: Thursday, December 18m 2014
Location: Prama Grand Preanger, Jln Asia-Afrika no 81 Bandung


Donny Suhendra Band :
– Donny Suhendra – (of ESQI:EF Krakatau and many other bands/projects) – Guitar
– Budhy Haryono (former GIGI, Krakatau, Karimata and Jamrock/Jamrud) –  Drum
– Krisna Balagita (former ADA BAND) – Keyboard
– Adi Darmawan (of LIGRO) – Bass

Guest Stars:
– Dira Sugandi – Vocalist
– Amy C. Kurniawan (4 Peniti) – Violinist
– Lia Amalia (Salamander Voices, Tulus’ background singer) – Vocalist
– Bury Effendi (Salamander Big Band) – Trumpeter


Gold Package : Dinner and Concert
Silver Package : Concert only

Dinner starts at 6:30 pm
Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Gold Package IDR 250.000,-
Silver Package IDR 150.000,-

Online ticket: http://www.jazznotjazzgig.com

Ticket box:
Prama Grand Preanger Hotel
Jln. Asia Afrika No. 81, Bandung
+62 22-4231631

Studio KLCBS:
Jln. Karang Layung No.10, Bandung
+62 22-2032452

Get Lucky Dip with BNI Card

For more info, visit:
http://www.klcbs.net, Twitter @KLCBS
http://www.jazznotjazzgig.com, Twitter @JazznotJazzGig

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[1st Annual JAZZ @ KOTA TUA]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15350 2014-12-11T05:12:52Z 2014-12-10T14:27:12Z JAzzKotaTua-InfoJazzuality


Jazz was born in America, but enjoyed worldwide. Jazz belongs to the entire world and is an integrated part of world’s history. That means, having a jazz festival inside a historical site should be an excellent choice. Right at the end of this week, a new jazz festival will be born, taking place at the historical Kota Tua (Old Town) area of Jakarta. The name of the festival is JAZZ @ KOTA TUA, Saturday, December 13, 2014 at Taman Fatahillah, Museum Sejarah Jakarta starting from early in the morning to late at night. And yes, it’s FREE!

If you visit Jakarta, you should visit this particular location. Kota Tua is also known as Old Jakarta or Old/Oud Batavia, a small area that still preserves the reminiscence of the city during colonial times in the 16th century. It was once the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and a trading port. Some places of interest include the Maritime Museum, the Fine Art and Ceramic Museum, Wayang Museum which periodically showcases shadow puppetry and of course the Fatahillah Square, where The Fatahillah Museum (also familiar as the Jakarta History Museum) has been standing tall against the time. This building was built in 1620 as the Stadhuis of Batavia by Jan Pieterzoen Coen and then rebuilt in 1710. Other than being the Stadhuis of the Dutch East India Company, it’s also used as a Courthouse, Civil Registration Office, the sermon, House of Sunday worship and City Council (College van Scheppen).

The Fatahillah Museum has around 23.500 objects including the Jagur Cannon, the prison of Untung Suropati and Pangeran Diponegoro, the painting of Dutch East India’s governor all the way to some prehistorical stuffs. Another history’s added by the appearance of Jazz @ Kota Tua.


dwiki dharmawan, jazz at kota tua, jazzuality


It was Dwiki Dharmawan who had the idea. He thought about it around 8 years ago, but he got no positive reply from the related authorities at that time. But suddenly he was asked to make it happen. In just a short time Dwiki collected everything and everyone. He makes sure the audience to enjoy variety of performers, from the jazz masters to the newcomers, from local to international jazz artists, from rag time to modern jazz, from standards to ethnics. Assorted artistic jazz will be served in the artistic representative of Jakarta in some centuries ago. How cool is that.

Hundreds of musicians divided into more than twenty acts will run on two stages, plus one sharing session/talkshow with the CEO/Founder of MoonJune Records. Leonardo Pavkovic. Leo believes that Indonesia is the next big music country in the world. He has been keeping his eyes on our local scene and so far has recruited almost 10 bands from Indonesia (still counting). Currently he’s promoting the IndoJazzia, a division of Leonardo The Vinci Entertainment with Arlo Hennings in charge as the chief operational activities in Indonesia.

MoonJune proudly presents many of its talents too in this festival. The latest recruit is this festival’s initiator and director, Dwiki Dharmawan. For this fest Dwiki is going to bring two of his sensational legendary groups: the Krakatau-Ethno and Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Orchestra. The Krakatau-Ethno is the version that embraces the ethnic music, specify in Sundanese (West Java) traditions. The ensemble utilizes the micro-tonal system of ancient gamelan musical structures that is based on S’lendro scale. About the World Peace Orchestra, well, this is beyond believe. Think of this: an orchestra comprising of musicians from around the world. If all members are present, it would resemble a ‘World Music Union’. No gap, no differences, just peace, love and respect to one another. The participants came from USA, China, Japan, Australia, European countries, Malaysia and Indonesia, including traditional musicians from Java to North Sumatra. Wide diversity of backgrounds, instruments and styles. Since it was quite impossible for them to gather in the studio, the recording process took place in various countries. The phenomenal mega project is simply called Dwiki Dharmawan & The World Peace Orchestra.


jazz at kota tua, jazzuality


In this festival, the World Peace Orchestra will be carried by a smaller ensemble yet still reflects the spirit perfectly by multi-national musicians. First, Beledo. Often considered as a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs, the guitar hero Beledo plays with the proficiency of a man that has been sharing life with his instruments for some decades. He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but he is a New York based musician and composer. Other than standing as a guitar hero, he is also a prominent pianist. His music lies in between Jazz and Rock with some touches of exotic Spanish-flavored melodies, polyrhytmic rhythms and some other diversely stylish sound. This MoonJune artist isn’t far from Indonesian Jazz. As he is listed as one of the MoonJune Records’ artists, he has collaborated with the cross ethno-progressive ensemble simakDialog, with its pianist Riza Arshad and guitarist Tohpati in 2013, also as a duo with guitarist Dewa Budjana and recorded with Indonesia’s Jazz icon, the one and only Dwiki Dharmawan.

Also joining the World Peace Orchestra is Dale Barlow. The legendary composer/musician from the land of Oz is back again to Indonesia. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays especially the saxophone and flute. As one of Australia’s most accomplished and internationally recognized Jazz artists, he has played with uncountable who’s who in the Jazz scene, even once joined Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers in the 1980s, including several albums with his compositions. He was also a member of The Cedar Walton Quartet. After his shiny appearance in Ubud Village Jazz Festival, he’s ready to grace this fest as one of the WPO team. The kind-hearted and highly respected percussionist Steve Thornton is one of the catch in this act too.

Dewa Budjana and Tesla Manaf are the other names from MoonJune listed in the lineup. Coming from different generations, both players are amazing artistes who should be listed in the world’s greatest guitarist. They will perform under quartet formation. One more MoonJune representative is the cross ethno-progressive ensemble simakDialog. Led by Riza Arshad, this group has gained so many critical acclaims worldwide. Also found on board are Tohpati (guitar), Adhitya Pratama/Rudy Zulkarnaen (bass), Endang Ramdan and Cucu Kurnia (kendangs) and Erlan Suwardana (metal toys). Watch them to see how the using of kendangs as a replacement of drums could open a new musical dimension.

The last to mention from MoonJune is LIGRO. Agam Hamzah (electric/acoustic guitar), Adi Darmawan (electric bass) and Gusti Hendy (drums) succesfully create the mind-bending musical concept wonder since 2004. They give something unusual and might never been or seldom explored by others. They are powerful, chaotic, in some parts can be derange, provocative and even able to deliver some terrors within their music, yet they create lovely harmony.

Bassist Chaka Priambudi and vocalist Nesia Ardi established LANTUN Orchestra to (re)introduce the richness of Indonesian traditional music especially the Batavian like keroncong, tanjidor and the likes. But what’s unique, in order to bring it they use jazz elements not only in notations but also improvisations, solo runs and call & response. “We’re searching for the similiarities between jazz and Indonesian traditional music especially the Batavian, and that’s important because we need to preserve our own cultural heritage and keep deveoping it under today’s condition.” said Chaka proudly. Lantun Orchestra proves that there are still many music corners to explore with limitless possibilities. They also brilliantly shows that jazz can be used to preserve our own traditional music, and for us, Lantun Orchestra is considered as one of the most interesting new concept at present time. Intan Soekotjo, the proud daughter of legendary keroncong singer Sundari Soekotjo who once made surprise with her keroncong rendition of “Over the Rainbow” is featured in this act.


jazz at kota tua, jazzuality

Two of Indonesian pianist who pursue their career overseas will be here too: Dutch/European-based Sri Hanuraga and New York/USA Nial DJuliarso. The ‘El Montuno’, Rio Moreno is going to play too. Then the Jakarta-based Big Band who redefine the Big Band’s way of performing, HajarBleh Big Band is confirmed too. Ever seen the members of big band took selfies and did high-five during performance? This crazy gang will show you that the member of big band can be funky and trendy too. Born in Jakarta but live in Brisbane versatile guitarist Yuri Jo will have a session under Yuri Jo Collective.

Two ladies with the music that symbolizes the beauty and everything that’s 100% Indonesia, Lea Simajuntak and Irsa Destiwi as Bandanaira are in the lineup as well. With the sweet rearrangement of some Indonesian classics and anthems served by top notch vocal technique which appears as the combination of ‘soprano’ and pop, they will give you something nice and easy to chew yet classy. The ‘girl-power’ will also shine from a group of five named Ina Ladies. Senior singer and trumpeter Happy Pretty (she’s the youngest of the legendary Pretty Sisters) led the team consists of Bonita (vocal, harmonica, guitar), Metta Legita (pianist) and two Starlite members: Sheila Permatasaka (bass) and Jeane ‘Alsa’ Phialsa (drums). You will never underestimate the power of ladies anymore after watching them. Presenting the traditional music of Atjeh is Keubitbit. Formed by young musicians, this band plays songs with genuine traditional Atjehnese nuance in progressive fusion corridor.

While top national and international have confirmed their involvement, many newcomers/young lions become an important part too of Jazz @ Kota Tua. Farabi sends two groups: Farabi Percussion Ensemble (with GMB’s percussionist Adi Prasodjo and Steve Thornton) and Farabi Rising Stars featuring Ita Purnamasari and Ify ‘Blink’. Arnando Putra’s Triology, WTF and Revival Generation Project (RGP) also represent the great young talents from today’s generation. Last but not least, don’t miss the Flores proud son Ivan Nestorman and the female singer with shiny international achievements who is famous both in gospel and secular world, Eka Deli.

The most recent update is the final show. It’s going to be the group of colourful pianist who plays all kind of music, from classical, jazz, blues, pop to Latin, Nita Aartsen. The show’s called  Nita Aartsen for Batavia.  Joining her are all star cast including Indro Hardjodikoro, Jalu Pratidina, Arif Darma featuring Yeppy Romero. You should stay until the very end because this final act will give you a special treat.

Jazz @ Kota Tua is ready to showcase heady mix of talents from Indonesia and around the world. This event is meant to celebrate Jazz in a city which is at ease with its rich cultural diversity and drawing a multitude of venues around the old town of Jakarta. Up to 3000 people are projected to enjoy many genres of Jazz at this historical site surrounded by heritage colonial buildings. You can imagine the magical atmosphere. While getting the best of jazztertainment, you can also romancing the snapshot of how the city looked before the skyscrapers move in. It’s time to go jazzy in the Old Town Jakarta.

1st Annual JAZZ @ KOTA TUA

Date: Saturday, December 13, 2014
Time: 09:00 – 22:30
Location: Taman Fatahillah, Museum Sejarah, Jakarta



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Mellysa Anastasya <![CDATA[PASIFIC 2 First Event: The Soul of Nature – Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15338 2014-12-10T10:54:36Z 2014-12-10T10:46:36Z Pasific2-1stEvent

Last Saturday, on December 6th, 2014, Bandung got so many music gigs for you to choose and one memorable event was held at Lapangan Parkir Selatan, Universitas Padjadjaran, Dipati Ukur. The gate was opened at 5pm and you welcomed by some friendly committee. It was pouring rain since midday, the sky was dark, and felt so cold. Yes, bad weather made it started a little bit late but it didn’t stop the crowd to slowly increase as the event continued. PASIFIC 2 was held by students from Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNPAD as the first event of a series they have been doing. Next year they manage to run second event in February and main event in March.

Let’s go back and review this wondrous event before the committees surprise us with another two upcoming big events. A music event with full of youngster and eminent musicians is a strategic moment to spread the words about caring our nature more and paying attention to the environment. Students of FEB tried to prove their concern and good willing with carrying on “The Soul of Nature” as a big theme for this event and provided a booth for those who want to donate plant seeds. They aimed to inspire as many visitors as possible to care the nature and cleanness of beautiful Bandung. Therefore, duo amusing MC, Danto and Faisal, kept on reminding the audience to throw their trash into many available trash bag and better not smoking. After that, they had a go-green-community on stage to widely share about nature.


Pasific 2 1st Event - Jaipong (1)


It is a real statement to point out PASIFIC 2 as a unique among other gigs. Not only they served several impressive artists, but also they put some cultures into the program. Jaipong, a traditional dance from West Java epically opened that night and later on some bands were improvised with touch of ethnic while their on stage. You might be starving when you stood for hours watching you favorite band. Then this is second point of PASIFIC’s uniqueness where they served you with various culinary booths to fulfill your hunger in strategic area. Unlike other music festival where the food price can make you think twice to eat on spot, PASIFIC made it so affordable for you and not to mention the tastes are appetizing.


Pasific 2 1st Event - SSP (1)


Couple of weeks ago, PASIFIC held an audition for opening band and we got two newly remarkable which came from UNPAD, they were SSP and Blue Jays. Let’s take a look one by one. SSP stands for Suka Suka Project. The idea for this name came from their freedom in playing music. They don’t feel like stick into one particular genre and like to explore their skills, to improvise, and to experience as many genres as possible. Although SSP was formed recently, in February this year, they already participated and experienced many stages, included some of Jazzuality’s events. For PASIFIC, they made it full team along with horn section. The personnel are Jo (vocal), Ezra (keyboard), Fahmi (drum), Hiro (guitar), Rayan (bass) and the brass section consists of Widi (saxophone), Rifky (trumpet) and Djani (trombone). Too bad Ezra couldn’t participate with the team that night, so they had Arif and Diki from Salamander Big Band to join them. They hit the stage with famous bouncy song “Rather Be” belongs to Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne. Continued with a familiar and absolutely a very cool single written by Hiro, “Terlambat”, and then brought the cheerful mood again with Stevie Wonder’ hits, “Superstitious”.


Pasific 2 1st Event - Blue Jays (1)


Carrying forward to second band, another striking band from UNPAD, Blue Jays. Yes, they are young, only recently formed; still have fun playing around many genres, and not labeling themselves with one kind of music. However, they rocked the stage with several famous tunes and closed it attractively with Daft Punk “Something about us”. Good job kiddos!


Pasific 2 1st Event - Tiga Pagi (3)


Night greeted, more people came, and more bands were on stage. Tigapagi consists of bunch of men who jammed together since high school and when they were on college, they had maximum musical productivity at 3am. This is where it all begins. When they were up on stage and played the melody in defined style, you could felt the atmosphere was changed softly and warmed up. Rain seemed so beautiful when it was accompanied with mellow and calm tunes from this indie pop acoustic folk band with Sundanese taste. Eko Sakti Oktavianto (Guitar/Bass), Prima Dian Febrianto (Guitar), and Sigit Agung Pramudita (Guitar/Voice/Humming) who comes from Bandung are the people behind it. Together they admirably met the crowd with “Tangan Hampa Kaki Telanjang” ,”Erika”, and several more songs. You start to love them performances? Go find their freshly debut album titled ‘Roekmana’s Repertoire’ and sense the sentimental folk tunes.


Pasific 2 1st Event - Senandung Taman (2)


Senandung Taman who came after safely brought us back to cheery ambience with its female vocalist who also once a part of UNPAD and she said it was a proudly moment to perform in her own alma mater for the first time. Next month in 2015 is going to be first anniversary for this group, who love to perform at some of Bandung’s parks, and all they wish for is the release of their debut album. This is why they do not import their own songs into soundcloud and prefer to do it live. They playfully completed the stage act with “Senja Terbenam di Bibirmu”, “Bintang Malam”, and one mythical hits from limited progressive jazz rock album of a legendary musical group, Guruh Gypsy. Elmo Rinaldy (guitar), Dhea Febrina (lead vocal), and Hariz Lasa (guitar/vocal) absolutely stunned us with their pop acoustic play.


Pasific 2 1st Event - Daniel Sahuleka (2)


Next one was the one and only Daniel Sahuleka who finally engaged his loyal fans. He is known publicly since 70’s and how wonderful it is to see many youngster that night still know and remember his songs, and also there were some older audiences we could see enjoying his performance, perhaps remembering the good old days. No wonder both “You Make My World So Colorful” and “Don’t Sleep Away the Night” are special enchantments for people feeling romantic and sentimental while singing along. Those singles have its own charm that could attract people and how obvious love filled the air with soft voice from Daniel.

His song list for PASIFIC 2 were: “If I Didn’t”, “Hey It’s Good to See You Back Again”, “The Sunflight”, “The Rain”, “I Adore You”, a romantic hits “You Make My World So Colorful”, a medley between “Must You Go Away” and wonderful “Don’t Sleep Away The Night”.  Daniel gave a wonderful surprise by also singing his evergreen minus one to bring the memory back completely. Loud cheer and applause were given to him throughout his show.

There was special occasion happened on stage. Alice, Daniel’s beloved wife, together with the committee had prepared special surprise for him because that night was his 64th birthday. Daniel was caught by surprise and thanked everyone. “This is the most beautiful birthday I’ve ever had”, he said happily.  Was it the end? No, because the audience still demanded more. He fulfilled the request by singing “Anak Kecil” as an encore.

During the interview session shortly after his performance, Daniel told us that he’s ready with a new album which is made in loving memory of his father, Simon Pieter Sahuleka. Titled “Dad’s Request”, Daniel features songs that his dad favoured the most. The songs that Daniel listened to when he grew up, the songs that means the world to him. Thanks to Daniel who gave us the previlege to listen to those songs before the album even released, we know how beautiful this album is. Those are famous songs that have been sung by so many artists throughout eras, but Daniel managed to let his heart and soul poured into it, making those songs as if his own. And yes, this album will let you feel his deepest jazz side and has the power to be a legendary album. Prepare to get the album soon at the stores near you.


Pasific 2 1st Event - Pandai Besi (3)


The last two grand bands were ready to enormously close this gig. Pandai Besi is a band within band. As Cholil from Efek Rumah Kaca is one of personnel, yes we can see the resemblance among them as they also brought up some ERK’s songs from their albums on stage. However, the distinguished arrangement and massive varieties of style becomes an incomparably aspect. Although Cholil and Irma are still not on board because they have something else to do, Pandai Besi awesomely entertained the crowd that night and added little surprise where Sigit from Tigapagi joined them on stage. The personnel are Monica Hapsari, Nastasha Abigail, and Irma Hidayana on vocals, Cholil Mahmud on vocals and guitar, Akbar Bagus Sudibyo on drums and vocals, Poppie Airil bass and vocals, Andi Hans Sabarudin on guitar, Muhammad Asranur on keyboards, and last, Agustinus Panji Mardika on trumpet. Together they beautifully sang melancholic “Desember” and made the crowd sang along “aku selalu suka sehabis hujan di bulan Desember…” What other lyrics could possibly fit the atmosphere, right? No, Pandai Besi is not Efek Rumah Kaca. Indeed, they independently stand on their feet and ready to spread their wings wider in Indonesia music industry.


Pasific 2 1st Event - Float (3)


The time already passed midnight but the crowd loyally waited for one more striking band who recently performed in another UNPAD’s gig at Jatinangor. Float gave what we waited for. They managed to play mostly all of their hits though the time was running out. “3 Hari tuk Slamanya”, “Sementara”, “Stupido Ritmo”, “Surrender”, “Tiap Senja”, and “Pulang” successfully made the audiences non stop sang along and chanted their name. Hotma Roni Simamora (vocals/guitar), Windra Benyamin (guitar), Raymond Agus Saputra (bass/backvox), David Qlintang (guitar), and Arman ‘Jenglot’ Chaniago (percussion) together surprised the people with their special arrangement where there was a touch of gendang and sounded ethnic. In addition, pay attention to their special album in order to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

At last, it is proved, rainy season in December do not stop the youngster to come to PASIFIC 2, not to mention some of older audiences also participated perhaps to see Daniel Sahuleka performance or just trying to catch up with latest Indonesian musicians. Indeed, it was a remarkable night in Bandung where once again people were spoiled by some great music performances. Not to mention that Daniel Sahuleka praised their lighting set. Besides, the sound was clear, the stage set was good, and the hallway of culinary night was properly arranged. Surely they prepared the best for the visitors. This doesn’t stop here fellas. Remember that committee from FEB UNPAD still get you another two grand gigs to enjoy. Kindly mark you calendar in February and March 2015 and wait what else magic they prepare to surprise us. See ya!

See more pictures:


Reporter: Mellysa Anastasya
Photographer: Titus Firmanto


Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk #06]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15333 2014-12-13T05:35:25Z 2014-12-08T08:20:48Z BragaJazzWalk06


The 6th Braga Jazz Walk is right around the corner. If last year we featured the soon-to-be mega star, a twisted Blues band and an acoustic trio, this time we have prepared a fresh batch which involve a student Jazz band, a cool male rising star that can sing and play piano at the same time, and a Jazz band tributing a late legend and his group. As usual, the event is totally free. Interested? Roll the dice, here we go.

First, let’s talk about Joe Sample. The world of jazz mourned when he passed away last September due to lung cancer at the age of 75. We still remember his awesome performance at the Java Jazz Festival year 2008, we enjoy his solo albums and a couple of collaboration albums like with Randy Crawford (“Feeling Good”) and Lalah Hathaway (“The Song Lives On”), and of course his legendary band, the long-time running The Jazz Crusaders or just The Crusaders. The Crusaders is known as a unit where Jazz, Soul, Pop and Funk live harmoniously and nutriciously. Other than being a master of Funk, Joe Sample is great since he had distinctive playing style. He could go wild, but when he went smooth, it felt relaxing like Sunday morning. It’s been three months after his passing, we decided to give a tribute to Mr Sample and The Crusaders. For this, Chakraborty is the band in charge.


chakraborty, jazzuality


Chakraborty was officially established at Aru Studio in Bandung in 2013. The band consists of Venche Music School (VMS)’s students and often supported by sessionists from other music schools. Said to be rooted in traditional American Jazz, they play wide to cover most of the big jazz corners from Swing, Cool Jazz, Fusion, Blues Jazz all the way to Bossanova.

If you still don’t know about the meaning of the name, The band is led by a fine young drummer named Joo Yang with other players such as Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar), Ayu Sara (vocal), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard). Recently they seem to make great moves by getting more and more gigs, including some big catches like Tangsel Jazz Festival 2014 and JakJazz 2014. We have featured them a couple of times but this is going to be the first time for them to bring a special tribute at Braga Jazz Walk. What song will they choose? How will they do it? If you are a fan of Joe Sample, The Crusaders or simply a soulful jazz funk, just come to the show.


andre arizky, rising star indonesia, jazzuality


Fancy a man singing and playing piano all by himself? Then there will be a perfect session for you in this edition. Andre Arizky is the one to do it. We got to know him for the first time when he was one of the Blues band, Royal Flush about three years ago. From there, this Law student of Padjadjaran University showed more and more passion to music. From 2010 to 2011 he acted as the head of Music Division in his faculty.

Then he rose to fame as the contestant of Rising Star Indonesia Live Audition and Duels (Top 36 Wall Riser). He was seen on TV and got his own fans, respectively. He is also one of the top 40 contestant of StarVoices Season 3 contestant. If in last edition we featured a soon-to-be mega star, Andre Arizky is heading towards the same direction. He started playing piano at 5 years old, he might have sung too by then. As Andre draws influences from Elton John, Peter Cetera and Sandhy Sondoro, you can expect him to choose some of the songs from those names, especially from Elton John who also sings when playing piano. For the first time in Braga Jazz Walk there will be a young man to take this move. A one man show by singer-pianist, and it’s Andre Arizky? Man, we have no doubt it’s going to be cool.


nouveau, jazzuality


The last one to mention is a band from Telkom University Bandung called Nouveau. Starting from a collaborative project of several bands, they decided to make a solid group. While they were trying to find a steady ground they had to go through many changes especially on the lineup. Due to this reason, they dropped the word ‘Project’ and use only Nouveau as the name. The personnels are Fachmi Satriyo Yogaswara (vocal), Camelia Yunitasari (vocal), Wiim Bahar Maulana (guitar), David Winalda (guitar) and Mohamad Naufal Ihsan (bass). More about the past members, eventhough they have quit the band, interestingly they still support the band, either as the additional players or crews. Nouveau is rooted in pop jazz, but they have the soulful taste too especially from Fachmi’s voice. This young fella reminds us of Matthew Sayersz and the likes.

As usual, jam session will be provided for you who want to have some fun on stage. It’s open for anyone interested. Bring your best gear and jump in. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a jazz musician, because you can always start right here in this event.

The Braga Jazz Walk #06 will be held on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at the Braga City Walk, on the right side of Giggle Box on the ground floor. A singing pianist, a soulful jazz band from Telkom and one special tribute to Joe Sample and the (Jazz) Crusaders are the highlight. Braga Jazz Walk is brought to you by Jazzuality.com in full cooperation with Braga City Walk and KPH Music every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. This is a community event which need your support, while at the same time we try our best to treat you with fun jazztertainment. Hope to see you there.

Braga Jazz Walk #06

Date: December 11, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



Joo Yang (drums)
Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar)Ayu Sara (vocal)
Yosua Setiawan (bass)
Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard)

Andre Arizky (piano/vocal)

Fachmi Satriyo Yogaswara (vocal)
Camelia Yunitasari (vocal)
Wiim Bahar Maulana (guitar)
David Winalda (guitar)
Mohamad Naufal Ihsan (bass)

Mellysa Anastasya <![CDATA[Ricad Hutapea : Jalan Pertama]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15295 2014-12-10T19:31:45Z 2014-12-03T05:03:57Z RicadHutapea-JalanPertama-Cover


When saxophone was invented in mid 1800, one could have never imagined how important it would become. While saxophone is being used in many genres, it’s seen by many as one of main instruments of jazz. Either it’s fusion, experimental, or even the sexy, seducing, soulful, and relaxing smooth jazz, saxophone undoubtedly plays a very important role in jazz throughout history.

Indonesia is blessed by having so many great saxophonists over the years. From the late Maryono to Embong Rahardjo, from Didiek SSS to Dony Koeswinarno and Donna Koeswinarso to Devian, all the way to the younger generation like Damez Nababan, Dennis Junio, and others. Now here’s a very talented saxophonist with complete skill that you have to know, especially if you love jazz. He can seduce you, he can force you to groove. He can be romantic, he can go funky. His name is RICAD HUTAPEA.


ricad hutapea, jazzuality


Ricad Hutapea, who plays saxophone in tenor and soprano tunes, adds the long list of greatly newcomer musicians in Indonesia. Music plays important role in his life as he joined a choir when he was little, then started to learn piano and keyboard, until he found his heart on saxophone. Ricad knew for sure he has interest in music since young age, therefore he went to Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) to learn deeper about art and music with Irianto Suwondo as his supervisor, and he finally lives his passion.

Ricad had a long way in learning classical music but at one point he realized he fell in love with jazz and beyond music instead. Arief Setiadi, Yoseph Sitompul, and F. A. Talafaral are three important people who taught melodious jazz lessons to Ricad. Through his achievement in jazz and beyond music, he could point out his talent up to many big and prestigious stages in jazzy area such as Java Jazz Festival, Jazz Goes to Campus, Serambi Jazz, Jazz Gunung, Indonesian Jass Festival, JakJazz, Jazz Buzz Salihara. Not only it gave him chances to meet and play together with several top jazz musicians as Indra Lesmana and Tohpati, also he happened to join the youngster through a great Indonesian group music, Art of Tree.

It is not enough only talk about Ricad Hutapea music career, lean your ears on some other musician’s albums to get what Ricad’s play really is. Take a look on their albums: Tohpati, Indro Hardjodikoro, Yoseph Sitompul, Jenny de Fretes, Monita Tahalea (not to mention that Ricad is a personnel of Monita Tahalea and the Nightingales), and DJ Andezzz with whom he produced two singles.


ricad hutapea, jazzuality


Located at Black Cat, South Jakarta, Ricad Hutapea held an event in order to celebrate his album releasement which is titled ‘Jalan Pertama’. This event also became his first show ever together at once made his debut album publicly available. While Ricad was accompanied with a person as Master of Ceremony, that night Rick K, Asti Ashadan, and Richard Christian also appeared on stage as his additional singers.

Simplicity highlights the beauty at its best. It could referred to the stage set and lighting of Ricad’s gig where these helped all eyes focusing on his performance only and made it so special. Testimonial video from Indra Lesmana about Jalan Pertama as his kind of support toward Ricad’s music career opened the show and suddenly followed by melody from “My Song”’. He looked a bit tense at first but he managed to nail it nicely. Right after greeted his beloved guests at Black Cat, Ricad continued his show with “Suddenly”. He must be really enjoy his song that the crowd began dancing along with his music.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper of his debut album. Moment becomes important thing in ones life and most of the time we cannot get it twice. ‘Jalan Pertama’ as a debut album, which is also being one of title song, is one of many necessary moments for Ricad Hutapea. After Ricad had finished his study in IKJ at 2013, his mind was focusing to what he should do with music as his passion. There were lots of possibilities he could choose at that time with all the good and bad on it. Whether he should choose to be an instructor and play music at cafe or restaurant to pay the bills, or he could be a musician who explores jazz and beyond, play high-level and complex music, and produce new kind of arrangement.


ricad hutapea, jazzuality


2014 has become a long-great year for Ricad where he finally let other people know about his works and music through his first album, Jalan Pertama. As it is mentioned above, Ricad has known music since early age and he loves music as long as he can remember, but probably we can say that ‘Jalan Pertama’ is his first stone to step his own music journey. The album contains 10 songs mostly instrumental (except the standard from George and Ira Gershwin, “Someone To Watch Over Me” which is sung by Monita Tahalea). This album is pretty much talk about his life, as a musician (“Struggle”, “Jalan Pertama”, “Suddenly” and “My Song”) and as a person who experience good and bad times, love and loss (“Song for Nando”, “VeFe”, “Hear Me Cry”, “Move On” and “Best Friend”). If you’re into Smooth Jazz, you will totally be in love with Ricad Hutapea’s debut “Jalan Pertama”. In this album he’s supported by his friends such as Yoseph Sitompul (piano), Julian Abraham Marantika (piano), Jessi Mates (drums), and his childhood friend OdiPurba (bass). Mixing and mastering was done by Indra Lesmana at his InLine Music.

Back to the album launching concert, the next song Ricad played is “Jalan Pertama” which followed by joyful clapped from the audience that night. This song is a very special one therefore Ricad made it as title for his album. Then, he went on playing “Struggle” and ” Here My Cry” with his saxophone where it instantly calmed the crowd because they were touched and felt the deep of its tunes.

Next, “VeFe” was brought up on stage and made some of the crowd cheering because they knew the story behind that song. There was one time when Ricad told the story of one his song because it was specially composed for remembering his brother, Fernando, who died in 2005. The song clearly describes Ricad’s feeling about the loss and how he missed his brother so much. His guests nicely accepted his gentle side and praised him with big applause, while some of them gave standing applause. First session was ended by “Move On” which brought back the happiness among the crowd.

ricad hutapea, jazzuality


Second session started as Ricad asked Yance Manusama as senior musician to get up on stage and perform, along with two singers, Rick K and Asti Asha. Together they covered a song called “As”, “Crazy”, and “Never too Much”. Not long after that, Ricad once again asked one senior musician to come on stage with him. This time he got Tohpati, his number one favourite guitarist, to accompany him playing “Beautiful Day”, a song from Tohpati’s album. Although they had minimal concept where they have no band, only saxophone and guitar, they still rock the night. Since Tohpati is Ricad’s idol, he must felt really proud of himself to be able playing together with this guitar hero.

Once again, a collaboration with Yance Manusama, Rick K, Asti Asha, and Richard Christian became an epic closing for the show. They played Stevie Wonder hits, “Superstition”. This last performance ended all sessions of Ricad Hutapea’s release party and after all it was a big success. “This is my first big moment in life”, said Ricad proudly. May this first step will lead him to success. Jessie Mates (Drum), Fanny Kuncoro (keyboard), and Otje Stefanus(Bass)  gave their best in making this debut album launching run smoothly. Their supports are very important too in establishing Ricad Hutapea as one of the top saxophonist in Indonesia, and hopefully  in the world. The best wish goes to Ricad Hutapea music career and a strong commitment in order to bring Indonesian music to the next level will lead you to the brightest future.

Photos and coverage are provided by Benny Hutapea

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[The 37th Jazz Goes to Campus : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15300 2014-12-10T14:31:33Z 2014-12-02T05:50:32Z 37thJGTC-Jazzuality


University of Indonesia, Salemba, 1976. At that time the students of Faculty of Economics wanted to bring up series of events that covered arts in general, including theater, painting, photography and so on, including music. During that era, jazz was already labeled by many as an expensive and exclusive music by many. One of the active student at that time, young Candra Darusman, wanted to prove otherwise. He initiated an event called Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) in late 1976 in a mission to ensure the society that jazz could actually be enjoyed by wider segments and also very affordable. So, the first ever JGTC was held in a park in Salemba, with minimalist stage sets and ticket price only IDR 500. Apparently, it became a huge start for something historical. Today, that very event has reached the 37th edition. That’s the longest running event in Indonesia and one of the longest in the world. How can an event run that long with different committee in each year? Kudos to the Student Board of Faculty of Economics from UI (BEM-FEUI), they did it and will keep doing it.

So here’s the report of 2014 installment. As usual the event started early, around 1:00 pm at noon with selected bands in varieties. We found familiar names from last year: Sekawan and Friends. What we like to see from this band is that they give solid evidence that jazz is actually alive healthily in a small(er) city like their hometown, Salatiga. Good to see that Salatiga’s groove was back to JGTC.


37th-JGTC-RnF (1)


The Jazzperience Stage began with a four-piece band called RnF. The name stands for Room Number Five and they are rooted in soulful pop jazz. They began their journey 5 years ago with Rendy Hendrawan (vocal/guitar), Alex Zulkarnaen (bass), Bobby Abdiawan (percussions) and Fauzan Billie (drums). Their first single was released last year titled “Cinta Adalah 5″ and reached another success with “Habis Kata” from OST Hijabers in Love. Their acoustic guitar sound with groovy rhythms was nice to hear and definitely suit the taste of young listeners. After 5 years in service, RnF seems to find a steady grip. Based on what we saw, 2015 may become their best year to date.




At the same time the Indosat IM3 Stage started its service with JBF Trio. You might wonder what sound would appear when  Jazz, Blues and Funk fused into one? The outcome may vary from one band to another, but one thing for sure, the music produced by this blend will make you unable to stand still. JBF, stands for Jazz Blues and Funk has the winning formula in combining these roots. We enjoyed their performance last year in the 36th JGTC and now once again we tapped our feet over their clean shots. So bluesy, so jazzy and funky at the same time. Fawdy (gitar and vokal), Soebroto (bass) and Ryan (drums) as usual demonstrated their smart brain, creativity and skills in cooking up their tasty platter. 2014 has been a great year for them. Being the winner of Jakarta Indie Music Festival (JIM Fest) that involved all kinds of genre is an evidence of their high quality. Their act in this year’s JGTC can become another proof as well.


37th-JGTC-NadoProject (1)

Nado Project opened up the Musik Asik Stage at 1:30 pm. We saw them in the Final Round of JGTC Competition when they served tight modern jazz, this time Nado, Ibnu and Nadya interestingly served experimental free jazz. Not easy to play, but full with action. SevenStrings Music School & Production used their performance in JGTC to give Tribute to 80’s and 90’s Jazz. It featured so many young talent. You’d know that a music school is good by how the students’ perform. Clearly they have done a marvelous teaching since the representatives played jazz neat and sharp.


37th-JGTC-FusionJazzCommunity (2)


Came all the way from Surabaya was a fast-growing jazz community in Surabaya which specialized in Fusion, the Fusion Jazz Community, better known as FJazzC. It was established on June 2, 2012 based on the mission to extend the jazz coverage area through fusion. Today they have 300 active members (500 if includes the inactive ones) and a regular show on local East Java tv. Other than that, they have graced many jazz events locally. An appearance at a prestigious festival like this is an important step because then they can expand the community with fusion lovers from Jakarta, Depok and beyond. Aside of that, it felt nice to have the jazz fusion shower during the hot weather. When “Billie Jean” and “September” were found among the songlist, what can be wrong?


37th-JGTC-5th-Avenue (2)


The winner of the JGTC Audition 2014 4/4 who gave a superb high class traditional jazz playing couldn’t come due to some reasons. Their session was taken by the consolation prize winner from Bandung, 5th Avenue. Chris Alfeus (guitar/vocal), Stella Inke (keyboard), AlbenOctorys (drums) and William Anthony (bass) gave a rich arrangement of fusion including some scat-singing that fell into exactly the same notes from guitar by Chris. Tjheir version of Indra Lesmana (JavaJazz)’s “Bulan Diatas Asia” was served gloriously like in the competition. And they presented some original songs too, including “Membisu”. They didn’t win the competition, but they did very well just like a champ.


37th-JGTC-ErosTjokro (2)


The runner up of JGTC Competition 2013 Job N’ Duties replace Nado Project on the Musik Asik Stage right after. The cool dudes Jeremiah, Bimo, Afirniar and Faiz demonstrated their solid jazz punch that gave them success in last year’s competition and warmed everyone who came early to this fest. On the other stage we found a young man, not a glamorous or eccentric but rather simple and humble, just like your brother with soulful voice equipped with guitar, singing the songs that you’re already familiar with. That sounds really nice doesn’t it? That’s our impression of Eros Tjokro, a rising star who has many appearance on Youtube especially the clips with some of Gruvi and HiVi! members. He gave a pleasuring package just when the heat from the sun burned our heads. He greeted the crowd with several well-known hits from other famous musicians like Justin Timberlake’s “Senorita”, “Treasure” which belongs to Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, and the legendary “All Night Long” originally sang by Lionel Richie.


37th-JGTC-BraytheDay (1)


Two basses (fretless and fretted), one keyboard, one synthesizer and one drum. Pretty odd formation right? But it’s the formation that made them won the heart of judges in the competition. We’re talking about Bray the Day, the runner up of this year’s audition. Using two bassists might be risky for some, but Bray the Day knows what to do with it, amazingly eventhough they were formed just about a month or even less. Speaking of sound, Nadya Sella Belansky on keyboard gave a rich variety of jazz, plus the synthesizer sounds that add more layers. This band also received the awards of Best Keyboardist and Best Bassist. Nice huh? Well, they earn it. And yes, a great round from them here at the main event. From their show, you could really feel the funk which was shown from their two bass playing.


37th-JGTC-RAN (2)


Not many of you may realize, but RAN (Rayi, Asta and Nino) has just celebrated their 8th year of togetherness. Though they have been dancing that long, they still wish to be better in painting up the industry with their music. As an evidence, their new single, the delightful acoustic that tells a story of long distance relationship “Dekat di Hati” is doing very, very well today in major radio stations all over the country. Appearing in commercial and acting in movie are another thing that they have done too. As predicted, they got enormous size of crowd. Plenty of their hits from the groovy to romantic pleasured the audience fully, including their first hit “Pandangan Pertama” and of course “Dekat di Hati”. So, after 8 years, will there be more fruitful years for them? You bet. One thing for sure, we will surely bump into them again in upcoming festivals. Their performance at JGTC undoubtedly very happening. Full of youngster who cheered, sang, and danced along with RAN’s big hits that they brought up on stage.


37th-JGTC-StoryTellers (1)


Bafty Quintet from Surabaya was the third winner of JGTC Competition. Just like 4/4, they couldn’t make it. They were replaced by the consolation prize winner, StoryTellers. Consists of UPH music students Villo (drums), Reyan (bass), Grace (keyboard) and Nico (guitar) , once again they wowed us with their strength.  Their tasty rendition of “Bulan Di Atas Asia” that wowed the judges was there again served neater. Fluent jazz playing, strong and clear intonation over good arrangement. The way they play was like telling us some stories. It was really fun to watch these guys. On the other hand, Alboni Quartet was about to meet their listeners at Nescafe stage. At first Alboni Quartet was created mainly to join last year’s JGTC Audition. But since they won it, they decided to keep the band running. Aloel, Indra, Ivan and Benny were back again gracing this event and served some standards and familiar songs in fluent jazz but with youthful spirit.


37th-JGTC-Soundscapes (1)


The name Soundscapes sounds familiar to us. Yes, we covered them at the same event last year. Consists of 9 very young personnels (aged around 17 to 20), they served colorful funky jazz. This year these boys came back again with another round of cool covers. This time they tried to do it in mellow version. Several top 40 songs were on the list, for instance, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Jason Mraz “Make it Mine”, Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven”, Adele “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Norwegian Wood” as the opener.


37th-JGTC-HajarBlehBigBand (1)


What do you imagine when you hear Big Band? If you picturize an orchestra with members sit still with serious facial expression in your mind, you will start seeing it differently after you see this Jakarta’s proud big band called the HajarBleh Big Band. Consists of young and happy musicians, they kind of change the paradigm by utilizing their membership in this big band as the playground to have lots of fun. It’s easy to find shiny, happy faces on their stage. They can shape a good looking formation, but they can go ‘messy’ on the street too like what they did in order to celebrate the International Jazz Day last year. In front of hundreds of hawkers and shoppers spectators at Pasar Baroe, Jakarta, they did a flash mob by playing Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” and Louis Prima’s  “Sing Sing Sing.” That suits their statement that jazz should be able to elimiate all layers found in the society and jazz is definitely for everyone. Other than that, HajarBleh Big Band clearly encorages to share the excitement big time and spread the positive vibe throughout Indonesia. Their show really boosted up the crowd because of their arrangement in pop music in big band style. Have you ever seen big band members took selfie and did high-five during performance? They did that. The group epically closed the show with Fariz RM “Barcelona” where the conductor/leader, Roberto Joko, moved forward with keytar (keyboard and guitar). Not only they played it greatly but also they made the final festive.


37th-JGTC-Balawan Trio (1)


As one of the most prominent guitar players in Indonesia, Balawan and his trio got the audience lined-up even before their show started. The light rain did not stop anyone from cheering when the band got on the stage and boy, they did not let down any single person watching it.

Balawan is known as the person who formed Batuan Ethnic Fusion, a mix of Balinese gamelan music with jazz-rock. In this performance, the ethnic colour was very bright and strongly felt, sometimes it got complicated and complex without losing the entertainment. The band showcased what they got and the energy was overwhelming. It was overall very inspiring for musicians and entertaining for the rest of the audience. Now, he surprised the listener with his voice while singing a legendary hits, “What a Wonderful World”. In order to add the blast, Balawan showed his fantastically speed and presition in playing his instrument. You see, the wizard once again did the spell.


37th-JGTC-BSO (2)


Around 4:30 pm the stage in the middle presented BSO Band Jazz Project. BSO stands for Badan Semi Otonom (Semi Autonomomous Body), established in 2001 by mostly rooted in music. This organization has made some bands, music projects, recruitments and events. They realize what music can do, therefore they set their mission to develop people through music. Just like last year they served an interesting bebop and traditional jazz, showing that this BSO does ‘speak’ jazz fluently with the right articulation. Michael Jackson “Love Never Felt So Good” boosted the crowd up as they opened the show, continued with “September”, Sandy Sondoro “Malam Biru”, BSO greatly introduced their abilities and talents to us.


37th-JGTC-KuntoAji (3)


Funny, creative, young, energetic, vibrant are the words that define Kunto Aji. His originality defines what he is, on and off stage. Very talented in music making and performing, Kunto Aji was one of the finalist of an “Idol” talent search, but we can see that he is more than an Idol: a true entertainer. He is naturally funny and there is almost no reason not to love this guy. Knowing that he plays JGTC makes us wonder if being a jazz artist is what his destination is in his musical journey, and he knows he has all the support he needs! Kunto Aji collaborated with Generasi 90, a famous project aiming to bring back all good memories about 90’s to these days. He played several longlast hits from 90’s musicians like Sheila on 7, Bening, Chrisye, Memes, ME, and his favourite group, Kahitna. Although it was the first time for Kunto Aji performing at JGTC, he already got a big crowd cheering his name and the air full of laughter and nostalgic memories of 90’s. Go Kunto!


37th-JGTC-TezaSumendra (3)


On the other stage we found Martesa Sumendra, better known as Teza Sumendra. We first heard him in American Idol season three in 2006. Then we found him again in the album “Kembali Satu”, an album made by Indra Lesmana which featured 8 Indonesian Idol alumni (2009). Again, his name appeared in Andezzz’s “Electric Lov3″. On theater stages he got role in Ali Topan The Musical and Laskar Pelangi. He’s been in Java Jazz Festival too, from 2009 to 2013. Today he’s one of the most favorite male singers among the youngsters. Look at the scene from his stage, clearly he got many fans. Having a good look might may attract girls to like him, but his unique, distinctive singing voice that sounds like a black Soul and RnB singer also spoiled one’s ears. A star in the making has landed on the JGTC ground. Teza surely know how to explore his voice in right genre and he applied into several hits like Justin Timberlake “Suit and Tie”, Beyonce “Drunken Love”, and other songs which made the girl histerically screaming. He also knew how important communication between performer and audience really is, in order to built the mood. Though it was his first time at JGTC, he successfully made first good impression.


37th-JGTC-Yemima Hutapea (3)


This inspiring young lady by the name of Yemima Hutapea set the mood just right at Musik Asik Stage. Her appearance charmed the audience, confidence was top notch. Musically? Undoubtedly beautiful. Her being a top 5 finalist of Miss Indonesia and a TV host shaped her charisma on stage. She was backed by influential musicians and her song choices and styles bring a different color to the festival.


37th-JGTC-Bonita-andthe-Hus-band (2)


Bonita with her powerful voice, Adoy the husband as the guitar player, Bharata and Jimmy in percussion and saxophone. Unusual line-up for a jazz combo, but they make it sound so full and tight! Funny how that line-up can actually produce a beautiful loud, in a very very good way. The performance was so fun and enjoyable. The distinctive, powerful and expressive vocal character of Bonita is always a catch,and the way she performs on stage is always spontaneous. She seems enjoying every performances she does that the air is filled with joyful and not to mention that Oddie Agam once mentioned Bonita as the Indonesian Aretha Franklin. Great experience, Bonita and the HusBand! Puntastic!


37th-JGTC-Like Father Like Son (1)


The father is a living legend, and the son is a legend in the making. Both of them have been contributing a lot in their own time. Both are great in skill and share the same passion according to their callings, which apparently similiar too. Father has been active for more than 50 years, while the son, well, not that long but we believe will follow his father’s footstep. Like Father, Like Son, Benny Likumahuwa and Barry Likumahuwa.

The name Like Father Like Son actually was taken from a song written long time ago by papa Benny. He told us that he couldn’t find the exact title for this song for many years. But later when Barry was in charge, finally he got it. “It’s like magic, suddenly it was all very clear.” he said. Like Father, Like Son it is, not only the song title/theme song but also the name of their bond.

It was a session that talked more than just playing jazz with skill but also a canvas where the harmony of love, respect and senses between two blood connected players being painted beautifully. Let’s not forget the role of fellow musicians including Doni Joesran (keyboard), Jordy Waelauruw (trumpet), Bass G (electric bass) and Dimas Pradipta (drums). Indra Aziz stepped forward to sing “Get Lucky” which now pinned in between funk and traditional jazz. Speaking of traditional jazz, this show brought the best of it. Slices of modern jazz was there too. A good show with good spirit like this should be able to inspire us all.


37th-JGTC-Idang Rasjidi (2)


While a 7-piece pop jazz band with a strong soulful lady on vocal Glanze did their thing with one of today’s hits, Megan Traiton “All About that bass” and “Juwita Malam among others more added their fresh performance, on the Indosat IM3 Stage Idang Rasjidi Syndicate launched their missile. It’s always nice to see Idang Rasjidi Syndicate. Why? Because then we’d see the harmony between a legendary jazz musician/true entertainer and younger players including his own sons plus Ricad Hutapea. Idang’s main weapon is piano, but he can surprise everyone with his unique voice, scat singing and any other vocal works. As we mentioned true entertainer, he always wants his show to be interactive and connected. Either he shares the story behind the song, making jokes or throws inspirational words. Well, as usual there were many things we could learn from his show. Was it entertaining? You bet.


37th-JGTC-Bandanaira (3)


Consisted of two best friends since the university days, Lea Simanjuntak and Irsa Destiwi formed Bandanaira. Lea and Irsa are both well-known in the music industry, especially jazz scene as musicians. Even though it is a duo format, they refuse to call themselves as ‘duo’ but ‘band’ instead. Bandanaira started as a project for fun, but looking at the musicality of them both, it was about time until they eventually got recognized.

They are known to always perform national anthems and traditional music of Indonesia, and that is their way to establish their uniqueness and at the same time they promote Indonesia in their way. If you’re reading this, we believe you know music is the best medium to deliver messages, and Bandanaira smartly does it in a musical way possible. The audience loved it, they sang along to the fun and entertaining performance, and the two ladies in Bandanaira was lovable that people instantly loved them. So much love as they played “Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama” accompanied by Doni Sundjoyo (bass), Didiet (violin), Iwan Wiradz (percussion),  and together continually entertained the people.


37th-JGTC-Bakutindis (2)


The combination of teacher-student of Institut Musik Indonesia (IMI) The Bakutindis‘ show took place at the Musik Asik Stage. Consists of David Likumahua (guitar), Ryan Inno Centio (bass), Samuel Rusli (drums), Christofer Tjandra (guitar), Vinson Vivaldi (keyboard) and Denimaris Boy (saxophone), they served famous Indonesian songs and recent top 40, entertaining the crowds up until the sky began to get dark. Cheerfully opened with Pharell Williams “Get Lucky”, Bakutindis truly got our attention as they continued with many more songs.


37th-JGTC-OelePattiselanoQuartet-Monita (3)


Cool, calm, confidence. That’s the outside look of our own jazz guitar legend, Oele Pattiselano. But the music he brings out from his guitar is simply magic. Pure, genuine heartfelt swing is his thing. Even though he’s a master, he doesn’t like to show off, instead he keeps it simple, letting his heart pours into streaming melodies in jazz tone.

Performing under Oele Pattiselano Quartet with Arief Setiadi on sax, Dezca Anugerah Samudra on drum, and Jeffrey Tahalele on contra bass. Oele delivered a beautiful traditional jazz full of improvisation, just like watching a jam session. Monita Tahalea who was featured added more sweetness into the act. We can always learn from the masters on how to deliver a pure jazz with the exact articulation. It doesn’t always have to be complex, even the simplest one can be so beautiful if the players attach their soul to it. Monita with her beautiful voice opened the show with Kenny Rogers “It Had to be You”, also a song from Arief Setiadi, “Song for Maya”.


37th-JGTC-ESQIEF (3)


A warm, intimate and interactive show as usual belong to Syaharani and the QueenFireworks (ES:QIEF). There’s always love being transferred naturally from her to the audience that also became the title of ES:QIEF’s third album released on March, 2014: Selalu Ada Cinta (There’s Always Love). What’s unique about ES:QIEF is how liquid they are in concept. They don’t want to stick in just one genre, instead they embrace wide variety of sounds and styles. Light Jazzy, Power Pop, Acoustic, Ambiance, Lounge Dance, Groove, Blues, Soul, Rock, Bossa, the indie music, the sound of the 70’s etc, often fuse these elements into a melodic ES:QIEF signature along with the simple ‘slice of life’ lyrics. Founded by three pillars: Syaharani, Donny Suhendra and Didit Saad, the band has been contributing in countless events all over the nation. It’s good to see them again gracing the Jazz Goes to Campus, which is actually not a new place to them. Two of the three founders (Didit wasn’t there since he had to play somewhere else) treated their fans with several songs from their newest album along with Kristian Dharma (bass), Fajar Trias and Andi Gomez (keyboard) and Sirhan Bahasuan (drums). “Arisan Hujan” is a song inspired by a beautiful poem from Syaharani’s beloved friend and they closed with “Morning Coffee”. As Syaharani said, a song can tell beyond the reality because imagination is wild and wide, and yes indeed it was a sweet Sunday where we all felt ease at home.


37th-JGTC-Monita Tahalea (2)


At the Jazzperience Stage we spotted Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales when the sky began to go darker. Led by the beautiful singer with lushy vocal Monita Tahalea, this group has very, very talented male players including Indra Perkasa (bass), Yoseph Sitompul (piano), Ricard Hutapea (flute & sax), Gerald Hiras Situmorang (guitar) and Jessi Mates (drums). There was a new song made by Monita and Gerald found among the repertoires, the song’s called “Memulai Kembali” (“Starting Again”), an easy to love mid tempo folkish pop jazz that suits all kind of listeners. A little info: Nightingale is a singing bird with peaceful and calm sound, it’s a perfect choice for Monita to choose this name since she also breathes the same soul. Sweet, charming and relaxing show courtesy of a gang of young but very talented players. For JGTC this year, Monita specially sang some songs were once popularized by our legendary musician, Chrisye. “Dibatas Mimpi” became the opening song, then continued with “Serasa”, and “Kala Cinta Menggoda”.




A historical moment happened in this year’s installment. Since most of us were not present at the very first one in the second half of 70’s, perhaps you might wonder how it was back then. Well, that’s the interesting part of this session, because at this edition JGTC wished to bring us back to feel it by inviting some of the living legends who performed at JGTC numero uno. Standing as the music director was Benny Likumahuwa (trombone). Joining him was the initiator of JGTC Candra Darusman (piano), Abadi Soesman (keyboard), Benny Mustafa (drums), Iwang Gumiwang (percussion), AS Mates (bass), Rien Djamain (vocals) and a drummer who didn’t play at that time but also a senior musician and important name in our jazz history, Eddy Syakroni. The project’s called: JGTC Project Tribute To Salemba.

In a mission to reminisce all the memories from the first JGTC at Salemba in mid 70s, this project brought back all the glory, beauty and spirit of how it was back then. The artists in this session are not young anymore, yet they still have the energy just like 1976. There’s a little twist: if in 1976 Benny Likumahuwa (with Bubi Chen, Jack Lesmana, Maryono and Jacky Pattiselano) played the traditional jazz, this time with the appearance of Abadi Soesman and Candra Darusman, a little rock was felt here and there. For us, watching them together gave goosebumps. Not only we felt happy to see them all healthy, happy and technically awesome, but this project is also very important in terms of our jazz history. Finally we could take a peek of what happened in Salemba 38 years ago presented by these living legends. Benny Mustafa who recently recovered from sickness surprisingly performed really well and energetic. His love for music was truly seen and this is something we can learn from him. Passion wins it all. Other than that, it was nice to hear Chaesiro’s hit “Ku Lama Menanti” sang by Rien Djamain. We hope to see more, may this project be carried on with more names next year.


37th-JGTC-RayHarris-FusionExperience (5)


We enjoyed his performance back in JakJazz 2008. For us it was like an unforgettable performance. Good fusion with the real spirit, executed sharp and clean, very dynamic and in many parts, wild, and served chilled with lots of fun. We have been waiting for them to come back again, now the Jazz Goes to Campus made it happen. Yes, we’re talking about the fusion band from Glasgow, Scotland founded in 2007, the Ray Harris & the Fusion Experience. What they play is the amalgam of great music across ages, like a time tunnel but in one dimension. Contemporary but still embracing the traditional, modern yet utilizing vintage elements. And what’s also good about them is that their music can satisfy rock, soul, blues and of course jazz fans, including the common listeners.

Another thing that you have to know is that they are not stranger to Indonesian music soil. Other than the previous gigs in here, their album can also be found in the market distributed by DeMajors. The album is available at our online store: http://store.jazzuality.com/product/ray-harris-live-impressions/. Just like what we mentioned 6 years ago, the way Mr Raymond Harris play the keyboard kind of reminds us of The Doors’ Ray Manzarek in present time. Once again they stunned us with their funky formula, and clearly the audience loved what they played too based on what we saw. Intense, high octane action and joyful. Plenty of wild attraction too served from Ray. Another unforgettable one from them. Wicked! For this time Ray Harris collaborated with an Indonesian singer named Marcelia Lesar as vocalist in three beautiful songs. Another collaboration also happened between Ray and Hannabiel, an American percussion player and saxophonist, who recently resides in England. Tonight she played percussion along with the band.


37th-JGTC-TjutNjakDeviana (4)


How would jazz sound in the hands of a professor? Well, we actually know how incredible it would be since we have seen this professor’s gigs many times. Tjut Njak Deviana Daudsjah was born in Indonesia but she studied in Germany and pursued her career there for some decades. One of the most successful one when she was there was a female jazz trio that reigned all over Europe during 1990 to 1993. She came back to Indonesia and established the Institut Musik Daya Indonesia which adopts international curriculum in their education system but still holding tight to keep our own cultures and all its values. She gives birth to many successful musicians and listed as one of the most dedicated names in Indonesian jazz history.

Everytime we watch her, we can always feel her jazzy heart. Being a professor and a highly experienced jazz player doesn’t make her music sounds difficult. She often takes folk, children songs and evergreens from her own land and crafts them effortlessly beautiful. At this 37th JGTC edition she performed under Tjut Njak Deviana & Friends. Madame professor ‘und Freunde’ gave such a beautiful, heartfelt and connected session that would surely make the audience fall in love with jazz. She played around folk songs from various area of Indonesia like Maluku and Minahasa.


37th-JGTC-AdhitiaSofyan (3)


Imagine a romantic man sits alone in his bedroom, picking up his guitar and starts pouring some notes along with singing. Honest but poetic lyrics written in simple way, melodious streaming notes which you can learn to play too. Well, Adhitia Sofyan got his success starting with this concept. Three albums were made under “Bedroom Recordings” concept and reached success: “Quiet Down” (Vol 1), Forget Your Plans” (Vol 2) and “How to Stop Time” (Vol 3). What’s unique is, while the albums are available in the shape of CDs, the fans could also download them for free, provided directly by himself. While performing, Adhitia likes to bring some more players to accompany him. Eventhough he plays as a team, his cozy acoustic bedroom concept is still kept. An inspiring man with tender but manly voice, good in playing guitar and making songs, what’s not to love from him. While the girls melt, the boys can learn how to be romantic from him, the least.


37th-JGTC-Sondre-Lerche (5)


Sondre Lerche has a very strong fan base here in Indonesia. Even though they visited Indonesia just a year ago for a jazz festival in Bandung, the fans seemed to eagerly expect to see them live. Sondre is famous for his songs “Two Way Monologue”, “Sleep On Needless”, and he also wrote some original soundtracks for drama movie like Dan In Real Life.

Sondre Lerche is a versatile musician: He studied classical guitar and explored bossa nova, psychedelic, and even 60’s pop. Yeah, now we know where the distinguished sound in his music came from. As a recording musician, he is also a productive one. He just released his album “Please” this year, which songs were also performed in this festival. A little bit about Please, Sondre is reaching out through this album. He went out of his usual zone, infusing indie-rock scratching with a ballroom-blues glaze, and JGTC is blessed to be performed some of his latest work.

How about his performance? It was romantic in a kind of break-up way. Bittersweet, haunting, beautiful, but also out of this world. As it was a part of his Please Tour, Lerche’s song list was dominated with new songs. “Lucifer”, “Airport Taxi Reception”, “Like Lazenby”, and his hit “Two Way Monologue” were some of them where he performed solo. He added some surprise to the show where he collaborated with Soundscapes in “Everyone’s Rooting for You”. The ‘zoning out’ moment was there, leaving the audience in a long awe. Definitely something we rarely see in any live performance of anyone. At the same time, Sondre Lerche with his expertise spoiled the audience by playing some of his most popular tunes and get them to sing along. Such a treat in a perfect day in University Indonesia, where Jazz Goes To Campus was held at.

Proud to say we could got the answer for our curiosity about the reason why Sondre Lerche love to keep coming back to our beloved country, Indonesia and he mostly performed at jazz event although he is not known as jazz musician. He explained to us the reason behind it is because a lot of Indonesian jazz festivals wish him to be here and he takes it as an honour. Although Sondre Lerche is not known well as jazz musician and has no training in it, but actually he grew up within jazz. He already listened to “Night and Day” when he was 8 and he still fall in love with that song until now. “I like jazz music, I like the freedom you can get in jazz, I like improvisation, I like experimentation, and sometimes those are found more in jazz music than pop”, said Sondre in order to satisfy our question about his relation with jazz.


37th-JGTC-TheGroove (5)


17 years and still running, with even more loyal fans behind? For us it’s a great achievement. It’s The Groove. Imagine this: they have been grooving the stages including those who were built in the campus grounds for that long. Nothing change at all: they always make the audience happy not only with their music but also with their lively performance. Throughout the years the personnel show strong family spirit. Their soul, funk, disco with jazz taste is ageless. Rieka Roslan and Reza (vokal), Yuke Sampurna (bass), Ali Akbar (piano), Rejoz (perkusi), Deta (drum), Arie (guitar) and Tanto (keyboard) amazingly proved that even the songs they wrote more than a decade ago still perfectly suitable for this generation, while the new singles like “Let’s Go (Reunian)” and “Kusambut Hadirumu” are made with the exact The Groove flavors but fit the currend trend at the same time. Happy stage with happy people, both the performers and the crowds. We always love the scene from their show, and surely we will see them again as one of the main treat at many upcoming festivals. “Bagaimana bisa”, “Khayalan”, “Dahulu”


37th-JGTC-Tulus (5)


And now, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the phenomenal man. Once again, Tulus created an unbelievable view on his show. Like a magnet, he dragged everyone in the venue, making his concert area overload again just like last year. Two albums with phenomenal success, plenty of mega hits, lots of appearances everywhere and some prestigious achievements/awards. He held his second solo concert in Bandung just a couple of months ago with about 3500 fans watching. In just a few days Tulus will make his grand Konser Gajah in Jakarta (December 2, 2014) at Kartika Expo Center, Balai Kartini Jakarta, aiming no less than 5000 audience. But before that, he landed first on 37th JGTC. Several years ago he was still a talented young man trying to make his way to the industry, today he’s on top of the game.

What’s good about Tulus is that he knows how to show his passion in jazz without having to go too hard in it. He has some bop and swing in his albums, but he goes wide across borders, embracing pop acoustics, ballads, folk, doo woop and Motown soul. In his concert/show, he likes to combine the original and new arrangements, making his act feels fresh yet familiar. At this year’s edition Tulus was supported by his full team including Fuad Rudyan (drums), Sindhu Banyusekti (bass), Ferry Nurhayat (synthesizer), Anto Arief (guitar) and Yonathan Godjali (keyboard).  He cheered everyone with his numerous hits from both albums. Though 2014 was not his first experience at JGTC, but every year is different experience for Tulus. While last year he was still tried to make his songs familiar, this year Tulus got his audiences sang along with him in whole song list. Another huge success for Tulus and JGTC. We still amazed by the number of audience and how loud they were during the show. He said he wished to be a part of the music history in Indonesia and the world, he already is now. His success would be difficult to follow by others, and his number of audience is always beyond believe. Magnificent.


37th-JGTC-GlennFredly (4)


We were happily exhausted, but the JGTC still got one final act. It’s Glenn Fredly, the man who establishes himself as an indie artist but somehow still gain popularities like a commercial major ones. That means, his fans accept his new idelism and support his mission: Prosperity, Love and Peace. That makes his show both entertaining and important, especially when he meets the young campus generation like this. Glenn along with his fellows which are Nicky Manuputty who stroke us with his sax attack, Rayendra Sunito who provided us with his rich bit, and Bonar Abraham who gave funky rhythm on bass, all at once lively closed this event. He’s great in doing ballads, he can bring in happy feet. He can cheer everyone, he can send the positive messages and reminders. He’s digging more of the entertainment world to spread his message like movies too, or look at the way he shows his care of saving one of the biggest labels in Indonesian history, the Lokananta. Well, Glenn Fredly is a man on a mission. Isn’t it inspiring when we see a big artist uses every chance he has in his life to do something good? Glenn definitely realizes that. And for that, we salute him.

Like the previous editions, there were so many things to catch for almost 12 hours straight. Almost 40 performances and hundreds of artists from Indonesia and far away lands were spread over 4 stages. What a surprise to see this festival free from rain all the way to the end. Seems like the number of audience wasn’t as much as last year, but it was still totally happening. Some stages got good number of crowds even at the early hours.


37th-JGTC-Titbits (7)


As one of the oldest jazz festivals in the world, Jazz Goes to Campus successfully maintain its existance among so many other younger events. The fact that it’s been held in campus ground since the first one shows that jazz has been living inside the students’ hearts for decades too. For this year, the selection of artists reflected the variety of jazz quite enough. We found all kind of jazz, from traditional to modern, from swing to pop, from fusion to free jazz and experimental. Not just the famous names, variety is  an important subject in creating a festival. That will give the audience better access to find the kind of jazz that suits them the most.

The JGTC Choice Awards were given to artists who have given much impact towards the jazz development along with their shiny achievements. Tesla Manaf from Bandung who is soon going to have his album released internationally by MoonJune Records proudly received the award as Newcomer Artist. Is he new in this business? Definitely no. But he’s making a lot of breakthrough for the past couple of years, so for us he earns this prestigious award, not as a newcomer in Indonesia but a newcomer in the world who soon will stand among the giants.

We extend our appreciation to the committee from BEM FEUI for all their hardwork to make this edition once again a success. What or how will it be in 2015? Let’s wait and hope for the best. Thanks JGTC, we loved it. Keep the jazz spirit alive.

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Mellysa Anastasya
Photographer: Titus Firmanto, Mia Damayanti

Special Thanks to: Deo Karmawan, Wildan Abdat

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk #05 : The Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15282 2014-12-10T10:51:34Z 2014-11-30T02:56:34Z bragajazzwalk05-Cover


Wide variety of Jazz (Acoustic, ‘Complicated Pop with Jazzy vibes’ plus Blues Rock), three bands, plenty of player became the highlight of the Braga Jazz Walk #05. Plenty of smiles while serving good quality of music and lots of cheers were found inside the venue for three straight hours.

For the very first time the Braga Jazz Walk proudly presented two performers from other cities: Jakarta and Depok. We are happy with it because we do want this event to reach bands or musicians outside Bandung. If they think this event can be good for their career, becoming a reliable spot to have fun and meet the music fans in Bandung, then we’d be more than happy to welcome them. On the other hand we are working hard to make this event stand tall as an active community gathering and a familiar place to visit by anyone who need a free but good quality jazz-based event. Together with the venue Braga City Walk and KPH Music plus many musicians who have been supporting us, we believe it can happen.


braga jazz walk 5 - ekustik (2)


The first session was supposed to be the band with funny name, Wedding Mafia. But alas, they couldn’t make it. The KPH Music where Wedding Mafia based on sent a cool acoustic representative in trio format by the name of E-kustik. Consists of Hannamasa (vocal), Egi Khatulistiwa (guitar) and Ibnu Ninoy (saxophone), E-kustik started with Rihanna’s hit “Umbrella” and then went a couple of decades back with Toto’s “Georgy Porgy”. They slowed down a bit with Ariana Grande song, “Almost Is Never Enough” but then went funky again with “Come Together”.


braga jazz walk 5 - ekustik (7)


Just simple but beautiful renditions flew out from the stage to the audience. Light soulful jazz would surely entertain wide segment of audience at anytime. We have invited Wedding Mafia twice but they failed to fulfill, but what’s good is that they sent the replacements which were all cool. Speaking of acoustic trio, the combination of acoustic guitar, saxophone and vocal like this added more colors to our stage. Unusual but works very well. In the hands of three capable players it sounds even better.


Braga Jazz Walk 05 - Pangeran Muda Siagian (3)


Next was a rising star from Jakarta. We believe he is the next Tulus, based on the strong character, ability and all the gifts he got from Above. He is a handsome, smiley young man named Yesaya Pangeran Muda Siagian. Though he’s still young, actually he has achieved no less than 200 achievements throughout his career. The prestigious Java Jazz Festival and JakJazz are just a few of the event that he’s in. He has performed in Hong Kong and Macau and crowned as the Ambassador of Jakarta Musical Production Ministry. Speaking of competition, he won the Sherina Star Kids Competition in 2000, McDonalds Kids Awards in 2002, Heartline Gospel Singing Contest (2006), the winner of talent search show produced by Trans TV “Suara Indonesia” and runner up of Bintang Radio Festival in Jakarta, 2005. This year he reached the Top 20 in Indonesian Idol 2014. Not enough? Well, he starred the musical series “Peri Cinta dan Anak Jalanan” as the leading role as a part of the 9th Anniversary of SCTV. His voice was heard in some jingles for tvs and radios such as Honda, Spacy, Madurasa and Aneka Tambang. Recordings? Check. He has released a couple of albums, particularly gospel. Two gospel albums in 2009, one Batak and one Christmas album “Colours of Christmas” in 2011 listed in his portfolio. What a shining resume, amazingly achieved before he even reaches 30 years of age.


Braga Jazz Walk 05 - Pangeran Muda Siagian (1)


With those illustrious backgrounds in many styles he’s been at, how does Pangeran describe his music? “I like to call it “Complicated Pop”, he says. Complicated? “Yes, because I like everything. I like Soimah (Soimah Pancawati, a presenter, singer, sinden, comedian) but also, all the way to Amy Winehouse.” he giggles. From Soimah to Amy, the range is very wide. That’s where the word ‘complicated’ came from. Anyway, you don’t have to feel complicated too with his music, because his music actually is made easy to love by everyone. No complexity, no puzzling melodies,

We’re proud to have him performed full team with an all-star cast, including Klency Lyman Lembono (keyboard), Reinhard Woran (bass), Bernardus Ajutor Moa (guitar), Martin Julio Sutanto (drums), Mario Ruben (saxophone) plus Gina Dewi and Tito (backing vocals). This should be considered a dream team. Reinhard is the bassist of Cakra Khan, Bernardus is the music director of Monita Tahalea an Gaby Idol and Gina is the runner up of Star Voices seasion 1. Great lineup to back a very gifted talent, the result was fun-tastic.

Like a magnet he dragged mall-goers to him, joining the medias and attending fans who already sat and stood around the stage. Pangeran started with a hit of Reza, “Satu yang Tak Bisa Lepas” that brought him round of applause. Interestingly he included “Bengawan Solo” in his repertoires. For your information, he said that this song will be included in his debut solo album, projected to launch next year. Dewi Sandra’s song “I Love You” in a new jazz outfit. “Old McDonald” showed how perfect he could nail the notes and pronouncing the lyrics in super fast speed. “La La (Means I Love You)” which was already sang by many famous names like Delfonics, Jackson 5, Swing Out Sister, The Manhattan Transfer and Prince now appeared seductively romantic. Then came the last song titled “Daraku”. No doubt at all, this pop groovy song with rich melodies would do very well once being released and in our opinion has the force to place him as one of the front runners in our music industry.


Braga Jazz Walk 05 - Pangeran Muda Siagian (2)


Pangeran is an all-round singer who can sing anything very good. Either it’s soprano singing (in Indonesia called seriosa), the Batak tribe,  Pop, RnB, Soul and of course Jazz. Speaking of Jazz, Pangeran showed how jazzy he actually is at the Braga Jazz Walk for more than half an hour. Other than his wide vocal range and really nice tone, he’s got the look, he has magnetic charisma, plus he’s supported by great, great line of musicians. Simply put, he has everything needed to succeed. Mark our words, 2015 is going to be a fruitful year for him. God willing.


jam session


A jam session was served while waiting for the next band to come. We had to move it in order to keep the event on while the band did their best to reach the venue all the way from Jakarta. The session was taken by Joo Yang (drummer), Billy and Erick (vocals), Frank Navayo (guitar) and Reinhard Woran (bass). They did only one song, “Just the Two of Us”, but it was done nicely as if they were in one band.


braga jazz walk 5- my way (1)


At first we invited Bandung’s famous trio “The Trias”. But due to their tight schedule, we have to move the schedule to another edition. What The Trias plays is something called “Happy Music” where genre is not an issue anymore. We wanted to keep the ‘happy music’ concept, so we offered the empty slot to a Blues trio from Jakarta that we know very well, My Way Band. We’ve been wanting to have them in our event for almost a year, but it was just difficult to find the right time since they work in Jakarta. Luckily this time they could make it, still willing to come and perform in Bandung in working days. We have been trying to bring them in because we know they are good. Wawan (guitar/vocal), Coki (bass/vocal) and Alu (drums) are still the core. According to Wawan, they now have another guitarist, but he couldn’t come.

My Way Band started with IWan Fals’ song “Pesawat Tempurku” and then dipped us all in strong blues-presso with their original composition, “Kopi Hitam”.  A song from their second mini album “Langkah Kita” offered a strong indie taste and then they went rocking with “Tak Gendong Kemana-Mana”, a masterpiece of the late Mbah Surip. The intensity rose when they played “Rame-Rame”. Why? Because they were so playful in this one. No less than 5 genres were used in this song, such as Swingin’ Jazz, Hard Rock, Blues, Reggae and, surprise-surprise, Dangdut. Certainly a unique version presented tight. For the last song, they gave a cover of a touring member of Toto, Tony Spinner. Since the clock already went past ten, the 5th Braga Jazz Walk also reached the end.


braga jazz walk 5- my way (7)


My Way Band presented a type of music that can be enjoyed by variety of music lovers by being rooted in the mother of all modern musics. They have the confidence, their Blues playing is tasty, and they are cheerful in executing their music. Their original songs would work well in the market since they have the type of music that can be enjoyed by variety of music lovers. We are happy to finally able to bring them into the Braga Jazz Walk, and hopefully they will be able to come again in the near future.


braga jazz walk 5 - foto group


A mega star soon to be, a blues band with a twist and one acoustic trio replacing the ‘mafiosos’ from Bandung, wide variety of styles. Yes, that’s what we want! There are still many bands to invite, there are many to be updated. Let’s say if the cooperation between us, Braga City Walk and KPH Music still remain strong and carried on, there would be many things we could achieve. The jazz regeneration and development, the tight bond between players supporting one another and of course, making this event more solid and reliable as a jazz destination in Bandung. With your support, we know we can do that.


Braga Jazz Walk 5 - Titbits (1)


Many thanks for the participating bands/musicians both in showcase and open jam, the soundman, the partners and the loud crowds. Let’s keep this event alive and kicking. See you in two weeks.

Watch Braga Jazz Walk 5 Highlight on Youtube


See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

Mellysa Anastasya <![CDATA[Pasific 2 First Event with Daniel Sahuleka: Experience the Soul of Nature]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15284 2014-12-08T10:54:56Z 2014-11-29T14:27:48Z pacific-2-jazzuality
2015 is on the way and we need some great moments to wrap it up, agree? If you nod your head, let join us in PASIFIC 2 FIRST EVENT with Daniel Sahuleka. Coming with idea to “Experience the Soul of Nature”, members of BEM KEMA Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Padjadjaran held their second event at Lapangan Parkir Selatan kampus UNPAD, Bandung on December 6th, 2014.

You must be familiar with an event named PASIFIC because its first event was already happened in last February with so many famous musicians such as NAIF, HiVi, Project Pop, Sheila On 7, Afgan, The SIGIT, Glenn Fredly, Tulus, and yes it was a big success. This time, our fellows from FEB UNPAD once again are preparing their huge gig for people in Bandung who crave for music and surely we hope this time the crowd will be bigger, the lineup will be more spectacular, and more joyfulness in the air.

PASIFIC itself stands for Padjadjaran Music Festival and Culture and the combination of those two things never go wrong. After last time was held in 2006, this year the committee came back on the track and people behind this event properly arrange some pre-events to welcome their main event next year. PASIFIC 2 as one of a series event from FEB UNPAD is definitely ready to warm up yourself with nature is highlighted as theme. Looking closer to the lineup, you will find a special ambience which are peace and calm because of compilation of the musicians. FLOAT, Pandai Besi, Senandung Taman, and Tiga Pagi are going to meet you next Saturday with one international artist with Indonesian blood, the legendary DANIEL SAHULEKA.


daniel sahuleka, jazzuality, pasific 2


As music looks very promising in this event, culture will appear in another form. The committee does remember that happy tummy go along with happy people; they will enjoy you with their culinary night and do not miss the bazaar. You will also find various cultures of Indonesia not only from artist’s performance but also angklung performance which emphasizes the specialty of West Java. There are many widespread talent of young musicians in Bandung and PASIFIC 2 is there to help distributing their abilities to more people. Through a series of band audition, there are several names come out as the best from all very talented participants. Blue Jays and the cool soul-jazzy unit SSP Band are the winner who is going to perform on December 6th, 2014. Meanwhile, the pop jazzy ensemble with Sundanese ethnic twist Mahesvara and Lebanon are bands who will be on stage in February 2015, The Mahad, Happy Man, and Summer Breeze are three groups who will play their music on March 2015.

Try to imagine December with current rainy season and a strategic place in Bandung where your favorite artists will be on stage, you will be sorry to miss this gig. Come and prove yourself how great the creativity of our fellows from FEB UNPAD Bandung is. Bring your lovely people around and make it as an unforgettable moment to close 2014. Hope to see you fella at the most festive music event presented by BEM KEMA FEB UNPAD!

Ticket Price (available at RKM BEM FEB UNPAD)
presale: 50k
on the spot: 65k

Date: Saturday, Dec 6th, 2014
Time: open gate at 5pm
Location: at Lapangan Parkir Selatan, Kampus UNPAD Dipati Ukur

For more info:
Twitter & Instagram: PASIFIC_FEB
Website: http://pasific.feb.unpad.ac.id/


Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Serambi Jazz 2014: Boby Limijaya Quintchestra]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15277 2014-12-03T05:05:44Z 2014-11-29T06:46:16Z SerambiJazz-BobyLimijaya-Quintchestra


The previous edition of Serambi Jazz presented a collaboration between Benny Lackner Trio and Indonesian Azfansadara Karim and Johanes Radianto held twice: in Bandung (October 15,2014,  http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/serambi-jazz-2014-benny-lackner-trio-ft-azfansadra-karim-and-johanes-radianto-the-report/) and Jakarta (October 16, 2014). Since Serambi Jazz is a two monthly program, another episode is ready to launch in the first week of December. As the last edition was very special, one may wonder who will be placed under the spotlight and what concept will he bring. The answer is here. To close the 5th consecutive year of Serambi Jazz, the final show will feature a brilliant musician. He is a pianist, composer, arranger, music director, lecturer, producer and orchestrator (you may add a ‘creator’ too). Jazz is clearly his thing, but interestingly he always go extra miles by inventing unique and distinctive concept. He’s none other than Boby Limijaya, presenting his newest concept called BOBY LIMIJAYA QUINTCHESTRA. This concert will be held on December 4, 2014 starting 7:30 pm at GoetheHaus, Jakarta. As usual it’s presented free by Goethe Institut Jakarta.

boby limijaya, jazzuality, boby limijaya quintchestra, quintchestra


Before we take you deeper into his new Quintchestra, let us introduce you to Boby Limijaya first and his previous creations. Let’s begin with a little historical background. Boby Limijaya was born in Tangerang 34 years ago. He already showed interest not long after he was born and already played when he was still 6 years old. He graduated from Pelita Harapan University, majoring piano classical and then continued his formal education to Berklee College of Music in Boston USA with the scholarship. He took dual major in Berklee: Jazz Piano Performance and Jazz Composition.

Being a great student he grabbed Herb Pomeroy Award in 2009 for excellence in jazz composition by Berklee. His experiences gained by performing in many prestigious events such as Java Jazz Festival (2005, 2006 and 2012), JakJazz Festival (2006) besides appearances in smaller scenes. He was once the keyboardist of Andien (2004-2006), worked as the arranger for Christmas Album (2007) and the creator/music director of “Give Thanks” concert in 2006. Known as an active participant in jazz communities in Jakarta and Tangerang, nowadays he has his own orchestra, also works as an arranger and orchestrator, a lecturer and pianist plus band leader of the famous trio, B3.

From what we see, he plays jazz in wide covering area, meaning he doesn’t stuck in one particular style. He’s expressive when placed behind the piano, he conducts his orchestra like a pro. And like we said earlier, he has many ideas and knows how to cook it. His latest CD received critical acclaims, both for his unique concept and his efforts to record it. If normally a band utilizes 4 to 6 brasses, he expanded it into 8 with 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, one alto and tenor saxophones plus clarinet and flute. Calling it Boby Limijaya 8 Horns, it was neccessary for him to go all the way to Budapest. He played with Budapest Jazz Orchestra and recorded the album in there. Not a normal path to take, but the CD’s released as a beautiful package where the bop and staightahead eras all the way to 70’s jazz-rock fusion live in, plus the addition of rich multi-layered sounds created by these 8 horn players. We have written an comprehensive article about it. You can read it here: “Boby Limijaya 8 Horns with Budapest Jazz Orchestra: A Fine Jazzchestra’s Journey” (http://jazzuality.com/album-reviews/boby-limijaya-8-horns-with-budapest-jazz-orchestra-a-fine-jazzchestras-journey/). The album’s titled “Journey”. If you haven’t got it yet, you can order it to us via this link : http://store.jazzuality.com/product/boby-limijaya-journey/.


boby limijaya, jazzuality, boby limijaya 8 horns, boby limijaya quintchestra, quintchestra


Now, let’s move on to the main subject, his new Quintchestra. What he means by Quintchestra is the combination of jazz quintet with orchestra, plus the flute and clarinet that he has used in the 8 Horns concept. “Basically I got reference from Michael Brecker Quindectet. I just want to try combining the jazz quintet concept with string orchestra and clarinet and flute.” he said. But this Michael Brecker’s 15-piece brainchild which was established in 2003 is not the only source of inspiration for Boby in giving birth to his Quintchestra. He expands his reference by listening to Metropole Orchestra and todays popular New York-based fusion band, Snarky Puppy.

If that’s already interesting, we also asked him more details about the Quintchestra. “The wide space for improvisations existed in the jazz quintet while strings orchestra supports it. But that doesn’t mean the strings are less important. There are some contrapuntal (counterpoint) elements played by the strings orchestra.” he explained. He also added that if this concept succeed, he plans to bring it into recording as his second album.

The quintet consists of Dhani Syah (piano), Teofilius Alvin Ghazalie (guitar), Indra Perkasa (contrabass), Donna Koeswinarso (saxophone) and Wahyu Prastya (drums). Add 12 strings orchestra and 2 woodwinds, there will be the total of 19 players for the December 2014’s edition of Serambi Jazz.

Many players, new concept and rich jazz sounds will become a climax for Serambi Jazz in 2014. Since it’s going to come in December, we can’t help but imagine it to be as twinkling as a multicolored lights on Christmas tree. Boby Limijaya once again surprises us. After his outstanding 8 Horns, here comes his newest, freshest concept that, as far as we know, never brought by anyone else before in Indonesia. Boby Limijaya Quintchestra is set to go as the last Serambi Jazz presentation for this year. Make sure to be a part of it. It’s time to find out how far jazz concept can be stretched out, and how proud it is to see that it comes from Indonesian artist. Mark your calendar and be there.


Date: December 4, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm – onwards
Location: GoetheHaus
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15 Menteng, Jakarta