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For Indonesian and some other parts of Southeast Asia, Lunpia (Loenpia: the oldest Indonesian spelling or Lumpia) is undoubtedly one of the most favorite pastries. For our foreign readers, if you haven’t heard or tasted it, lunpia is the snack similiar to spring rolls. Originally brought in by Chinese immigrants, loenpia (derives from Hokkien language) can have its own variation from one place to another. One of the most famous is Loenpia Semarang, the variant from the capital city of Central Java, Semarang where significant numbers of Chinese Indonesian (Peranakan) settles. Loenpia Semarang has, in fact, become one of the most famous icons of Semarang, the top of Semarang’s culinary attractions.

Speaking of jazz, this largest city of Central Java province certainly has a healthy one. Thanks to the solid local jazz community Jazz Ngisoringin, jazz has been accessible in regular basis since 2009. Their openness towards all genre, status and level, the mindset of learning and having fun together in the simplest and friendliest way have been proven to work. Since 2012 Semarang has been having its own Jazz Festival too, presented by this very own community. Brilliantly, as a way to promote the hometown and be proud of its cultural heritage, Jazz Ngisoringin decided to use the name Loenpia Jazz for their annual fest. “For us, Loenpia is the symbol of cultural diverstiy of Semarang, and certainly works in harmony with the wide array of rich variety found in jazz.” they said. They also wish to see Loenpia Jazz as a media to strengthen the cultural diversity in Semarang that are communicated in jazz music. Unity in diversity.

Last year’s Loenpia Jazz was situated at the Chinatown of Semarang, featuring no less than 300 musicians, watched by more than 6000 visitors and served for around 10 hours straight. This year it’s going to be bigger and merrier, and it’s just around the corner. LOENPIA JAZZ 2015 is set to roll on Sunday, June 7, 2015, taking place at Puri Maerakaca (Maerokoco), Semarang. As usual, not only you will find all kind of jazz, you can also expect variety of cultural contents too in it. All FREE OF CHARGE.

Last year’s Loenpia Jazz at Pecinan/Chinatown Semarang

Puri Maerakaca is an iconic, beautiful tourist site which pictures the miniature of Central Java province located just 3 km from the airport. It’s named after an ancient wayang story, Maerakaca garden, the most beautiful garden in heaven which was moved to earth by Sukrasana with all cost under the request of Bambang Sumantri. This story inspired the tagline of  this 2015 edition: “Aku Ngejazz Mergo Kowe”, translated as “I’m Jazzing Because of You”. This tagline describes that Loenpia Jazz is presented sincerely by Jazz Ngisoringin community to all the people of Semarang.

The Loenpia Jazz 2015 is set to run from 12 noon to 10:00 pm involving four big stages spread around Puri Mearakaca. These stages will accomodate hundreds of musicians. National stars including Syaharani, Barry Likumahuwa, Endah N Rhesa, BubuGiri, Yura and Bonita & the Hus Band, then some jazz communities from all over Indonesia including Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK), YK Samarinda and Komunitas Jazz Mben Senen from Yogyakarta. Also featuring Rencang, Aljabar, Baroqah and Baruch Jethroobe representing the local community Jazz Ngisoringin. Stay tuned for more updates from the organizer.

Unlike before, this time you can taste variety of food while enjoying jazz at the same time. Not only to offer new experience but it will strengthen the identity of Semarang as the culinary haven.

Komunitas Jazz Ngisoringin as the organizer believes that Loenpia Jazz can make the city and people of Semarang proud, that through jazz and music, we all can contribute good things toward the art and culture of Semarang. The jazz lovers have an important role too in order to make it successful, simply by attending and having wonderful time in it. In the end, Loenpia Jazz is not just a music fest, but it should also be consider as a cultural event. Come and support Jazz Ngisoringin’s presentation for Semarang, “Aku Ngejazz Mergo Kowe.”

For more info log on to http://loenpiajazz.jazzngisoringin.com
Follow Loenpia Jazz on Twitter and Instagram: @LoenpiaJazz

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Rachel Guerzo Productions launches “Alfonso 25”: A various artist album featuring re-arranged original compositions of legendary Alfonso Soliano.

There’s a very interesting project being made in Malaysia. This project project is not only about music, but about how a national heritage must be conserved and how important it is to pay homage to those who have broken down barriers for us. It’s a project involving various artist, featuring re-arranged original compositions of legendary Alfonso Soliano which is packed in one album titled “Alfonso 25″. This album is produced by none other than his own granddaughter, jazz pianist/singer who has been honing her art and cementing her reputation for over two decades, Rachel Guerzo. The title of the album is a play on numbers related to Alfonso’s birthdate (he was born on February 25, 1925, and this year actually marks the 25th anniversary of Alfonso’s demise.

alfonso soliano, rachel guerzo, alfonso 25

Alfonso Soliano was a pioneer in Malaysian music industry. He started his career professionally at the age of 7 by playing as a pianist for the Grand Jubilee Bangsawan troupe with family members in 1932. He was instrumental in setting up our nation’s first orchestra for Radio Malaya, infusing modern music elements with traditional Malay music. Speaking of jazz, Alfonso is also known as Malaysia’s father of jazz. He trained generations of Malaysian musicians, he broadcast sounds of Bebop, Cha Cha and Rhumbas into Malayan homes, thereby shaping musical consciousness of a modern nation. Alfonso had a very illustrious career for over half a century. Today, his influence continues in the form of jazz inflected Malaysian music which can be heard in Angkasapuri and Dewan Filharmonik Petronas. His protégés include Dato Johari Salleh, Dato Ahmad Nawab and Michael Veerapen. Alfonso’s compositions which run into the hundreds, have never been catalogued.

Since the album is produced by Alfonso’s own granddaughter, we think it would be interesting if we could dig some of the memories of him from Rachel herself. “I was still 16 and alone at home with him when he suffered his final stroke.” said Rachel. “Most times, I would play piano when he was napping. Thinking he would not hear my mistakes – but he would get out of bed to correct me each and every time I made one. He could never stand a wrong note!”. On the day he had his last stroke, Rachel was practicing and he did come downstairs twice to correct her before he got the fatal attack. 25 years later, this girl paid respect and brought the unforgettable works of Alfonso into a whole new, modern horizon. “He was a wonderful grandfather who spoilt all his grandchildren. A pat on the head from him meant the world to me and I would only get that when I played all the right notes – which wasn’t often.” Rachel added, smiling.

alfonso soliano, rachel guerzo, alfonso 25

The book “Rosalie and other love songs” written by Saidah Rastam and published by Khazanah Nasional, was among the catalysts for this project. A journey into Malaysian music heritage, “Rosalie” highlights Alfonso’s contribution to our music industry and how the ‘Negaraku’ came to be. “Alfonso 25″ features most popular original compositions by Alfonso Soliano, made popular in the 50s – 60s by legendary artists such as Asiah Tuah, Zain Azman, Ahmad Daud, Dato’ Julie Sudiro and Kartina Dahari. These famous songs of Alfonso are rearranged freshly, aims to bring his music to contemporary audiences. Songs in the album (listed below) were given fresh arrangements and re-recorded by The Guerzos, Bihzhu, Ali Aiman and Lokman Aslam.

Tunas Kasih – Julie Sudiro
Ku Puja Alam – Kartina Dahari
Memujuk Cinta – Zain Azman
Rindulah Rindu – Zain Azman
Teruna Idamanku/Gadis Idamanku – Asiah Tuah/Zain Azman/Ahmad Daud
Airmata Berderai – Zain Azman
Malam – Asiah Tuah

Let’s take a closer look at those names. Jazz pianist/singer Rachel Guerzo studied at Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. Born into Malaysia’s most influential music family, the Solianos, Rachel has emerged as one of the most exciting and innovative jazz musicians in her own right, honing her art and cementing her reputation by playing to discerning live audiences over the past two decades. Rachel is a fluid pianist with a rich and sultry voice to match, a charming personality with a great sense of humor. She is a naturally gifted entertainer in a class of her own. Rachel’s most unique ability to breathe new arrangements to already popular jazz standards, R&B and chart topping tunes is her winning trademark. She has worked alongside very fine musicians such as Jeremy Monteiro, Michael Veerapen, Pascoal Mirelles, Steve Thornton, Valtinho Anastascio, Lewis Pragasam and Farid Ali. With a resume that includes a sell out performance at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) and two albums that has garnered local and international buzz, Rachel continues to strengthen her portfolio and remain relevant to the regional jazz circuit

alfonso soliano, rachel guerzo, alfonso 25

.Rachel’s siblings are also involved. Together the band’s called The Guerzos. The band consists of Alfonso’s grandchildren: Rachel Guerzo (piano and vocals), Don Guerzo (bass) and Dado Guerzo (drums). The Guerzo siblings who are all well renowned musicians in the local music industry, have a diverse repertoire and a formidable musical lineage. Currently working on their debut album, the Guerzos are fourth generation professional musicians, all natural born entertainers and have worked extensively with various musicians and bands before coming together to form this one of a kind trio. The siblings love different genres of music, from Pop, Rock, Jazz, R&B, to Malay Classics and Brazilian Rhythms. They often blend these various styles to produce their own unique sound.

Lokman Aslam is indeed KL’s latest sensation. He’s a newcomer in Malaysian Contemporary Jazz Scene, but the clarity and crispness of his voice, soulful and tender, plus his effortless style of singing confirms him as a rare talent in recent time. His debut album “Namun Engkau Tahu” (“But You Know”) garnered over 100.000 views on YouTube. Currently signed onto Alibi Music as a singer-songwriter, he is currently working on his latest single “Melodi Cinta” (originally by Mazlan Hamzah) and upcoming plans include a collaboration with Jazz songstress, Atilia; and Tilu the experimental, funk and jazzy band consisting of 7 members from both Malaysia and Indonesia.

Then there’s Bihzhu, 2013 Voice Independent Music Award “Song of the Year” winner and “Vox-Pop Winner” in the Cabaret Song category for USA-based 12th Independent Music Awards. This Penang-born lady is gifted with rich, soulful voice and rapturous performances. She’s just recently returned from a 3-city tour of China and continues to enchant audiences from intimate acoustic concerts to festivals in all around Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and Australia. Her latest single “Bright Veins” follows in the tradition of her hit single “The Heart Way”. She was also chosen for a Penang Global Tourism ad featuring the famed shoe couturier Dato’ Jimmy Choo on the Asian Food Channel that aired in for 14 weeks in 10 different countries.

Also featuring Ali Aiman. He is without a doubt, one of the few standout producers/singer-songwriters to emerge from the KL music scene in 2014. Known for his sparse, electronic and down-tempo piano-anchored tracks, Ali Aiman’s debut EP, “Overture” has earned rave reviews from local and international medias. His “Every Little Thing” from “Overture” topped the charts while his other songs have appeared on local radio stations. Speaking of magazines and newspaper, he’s all over it too. Together with his trio, Ali Aiman has performed at major festivals and events.

The first release consists of two songs, “Ku Puja Alam” by The Guerzos and “Gadis Idamanku” by Lokman Aslam. “Ku Puja Alam” originally was made as a ballad ‘bolero’ rhythm and sung by the late Kartina Dahari. Later the instrumental version was rearranged and recorded by Orkes Radio Malaya. Classified as R&B with a touch of Pop Rock, Ku Puja Alam featured a well crafted rock guitar solo by Wan Gigi. “Gadis Idamanku” on the other hand, is considered a classic and Alfonso’s most famous composition. This song has been recorded quite number of times by Asiah Tuah, Datuk Ahmad Daud, Zain Azman,The Solianos and Rachel Guerzo. Originally the song’s called “Teruna Idamanku”, sang by Asiah Tuah in bossanova, now this song got a contrasting arrangement by injecting a R&B feel. Lokman’s soulful vocal is perfect on this song. These songs is available on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/alfonso-25-single/id991175988).

The album will be time released and sold online in three stages over a period of six months. A double CD limited edition will be made available by end of September 2015. The final product will contain 8 re-arranged and 17 originally recorded Alfonso compositions. All tunes will retail online via iTunes and Spotify, at USD.99 cents per song. Pre-orders for the final product can be made via email to rachelguerzo@gmail.com.

This project/album is important and interesting. Interesting since it’s produced by someone who’s really close to Alfonso which is none other than his own granddaughter, it involves great all-star lineup and the arrangements are made fresh to suit the taste of today’s music listeners. It is indeed important, since this album can remind everyone of the legends who have started it all so we all can pay respect to them and continue their legacy. “I do hope with this project, to create awareness and to continue in the legacy of my beloved grandfather.” said Rachel. We do hope so too.This project contains good stuffs that you can both enjoy and learn from, made beautifully in memory of the great legend Alfonso Soliano. Let’s support it.

All photos are courtesy of Rachel Guerzo, used by permission

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After one full month, Braga Jazz Walk was back again. Reaching the number 13, this edition featured variety of styles brought by wide range of talents, from high school to university students, from the new rising star to the name who has achieved respect inside the independent circuit. Two bands, one vocal group and one solo, that was the list in terms of format. Speaking of crowds, we are happy too that we got many visitors, from the jazz lovers, active musicians (some of them enjoyed the jam session), and we even got jamming participants from the audience.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Puella ft Marvel (3)

This edition started with a vocal group consists of high school students: Ervita Fauziah, Luis Anastasia S, Astiani Dewi A, and Cynthia Prilly P. and the only boy helping them on music, Marvel Timothy. This group appears as Puelle ft Marvel served pop jazzy vibes with soothing vocal harmony. They are still high school, but this group actually has begun 4 years ago and already bagged many prestigious achievements.

Since the first song, “A Whole New World” from Aladdin OST, these young girls have shown their maturity of singing. They have good control and lovely harmony over any song they choose. And the selection of songs are interesting too, ranging from Kahitna, “Cerita Cinta” and “Cinta Sendiri”  to U2’s “With or Without You”. They did it really good, so good that we felt these were too easy for them. Marvel on piano did very well too in providing sweet melodies to the girls. Nice opening.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Puella ft Marvel (1)

There are not so many vocal group today in our music scene, especially in the jazz corner, so Puelle is actually important to stand as the ambassador of jazz vocal group, especially since they are good. The audience seem to love them too, as they attracted many passers-by to watch the whole performance. It won’t be easy since they still have to pursue their formal education, but if they keep going, we believe they have the chance to fly high. You go girls!

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Frank & Co (7)

From high school to college students. The second round was taken by Frank & Co. The name would remind you of a big jewelery company, but they are not associated in any way. Having said that, their music is as precious as a jewel. Guitarist Frank Navayo led his team consists of Josua Stephen (keyboard), Yeremia Liong (drums), Christopher Andika (flute) and Ken (bass) to drive us into the contemporary, smooth jazz horizon. For half an hour straight we enjoyed good stuff from them under high skill of playing.

The sound of flute made their music richer, and Frank in front did really well in leading the show. The rest of them gave stand out contribution too from start to finish. This was like more enhanced Frank & Co. They have risen the bar much higher by playing more complex compositions comparing to the last time they played for us at Terraz Jazz. Al Jarreau’s “Mornin'” got a modern jazz treatment. Then Frank presented his own composition inspired by the early swing years which has some Dixie inside titled “Humble Girl”. From there, even more difficult one came out, still original song titled “Try to Find Someone”. And they went funky on the last song, Jaco Pastorius’ “Chicken”.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Frank & Co (1)

We don’t find many pure jazz band in Bandung anymore, so we cherish the moment when we meet one from the new generation. Frank is undoubtedly a fine young guitarist that loves to explore. He told us that he’s into Kurt Rosenwinkel at the moment, and we can see how he’s upgraded himself much higher than before. Having skillful companions make this band sharp in presenting the concept. They play tight and neat too. In the midst of pop jazzy bands, a pure jazz band like Frank & Co should carry the mission to preserve jazz in its true form, along with the tradition and so on. Frank & Co speaks jazz fluently, we like it.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Pangeran Muda (7)

Next is the next big thing. A smiley, cheerful and humble young man who soon will dominate the industry. A man who has bagged more than 200 achievements and graced so many prestigious stages in and out the nation before he even reached 30. He is none other than Pangeran Muda. Recently Panda, his nickname, is working hard in establishing his position stronger than ever by preparing his debut solo album. Last month just a week after the Java Jazz Festival 2015 he released his single carrier titled “Terpaku” as well as launching the Crowdfunding GO PANDA! campaign. If you don’t know what it is, it is a creative move made by him that openly involves the fans and wider society to support local musicians (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-news/pangeran-muda-panda-single-launching-and-crowdfunding-go-panda-campaign/). If this works, this can be a groundbreaking alternative for newcomers who want to make their own album. Believe it or not, Panda wishes for that. “I wish to present a more real forms of art that can be enjoyed at any time. And my dreams won’t stop there. I also wish to motivate young generation in Indonesia to be fruitful. Despite anything they lack of, they should know that they still have the chance to make something according to their calling and gain success.” he said.

We have had him performing in Braga Jazz Walk #5, and since he has made new moves, it’s about time to have him back again. If last time he brought all-star cast to back up his performance at Braga Jazz Walk, this time Panda gave more intimate session, featuring Andi Rustandi, the pianist of a famous band T-Five and his producer, Yabes. Yabes is the bassist of Bams (ex Samsons), but for tonight he played guitar in one song.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Pangeran Muda (1)

Pangeran and Andi greeted everyone with a famous song “Love Me Harder”. He directly demonstrated how high he could climb the scale without problem. He took time to give his single CDs to three lucky people right after he sang “Dibawah Sinar Bulan Purnama”. Then the single carrier “Terpaku” that has all the ingredients to be a big hit, and Yabes joined in to serve one last party with Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s song, “Bang Bang” in funky blues style.

Since he’s inspired by wide range of artists; from Soimah (Soimah Pancawati, a presenter, singer, sinden, comedian) to Amy Winehouse, he likes to call his music as ‘complicated pop’. But his songs are not difficult to digest at all. He writes lyrics that speak about what we experience in daily basis and use it to send positive messages. The melodies are made ear-catchy but rich. He’s appeared in television musical series, he’s won some competitions, he’s been everywhere. But now is the time to establish himself as a major force in the music world. By looking at what he has, we have no doubt that he has all the chance to succeed. He has good vibes, the medias seem to love him and of course his works, and the wind is currently perfect for him to sail. It’s certainly fascinating to see a star in the making like this. And we are happy that he has left his marks in Braga Jazz Walk. Pangeran Muda a.k.a Panda can be a good source of inspiration for those who are still working to establish their spot in music.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Galant (3)

A manouver happened when the third session began. Galant Yurdian, better known as just Galant took over the stage and performed all by himself. Allow us to tell you more about this cool dude. First of all, this man is no stranger in Bandung, especially in the indie communities, from jazz, folk and blues. He’s originally a bassist, but he plays guitar amazingly well. Plus, he sings just as good.

Speaking of bands, this man has quite colorful sound. He goes deep into blues with 70s Orgasm Club, he embraces folks with Deugalih & Folks that just released an album “Anak Sungai”: https://itunes.apple.com/id/album/anak-sungai/id965589936), and in duo Gallia he shows his jazzy side. Other than that album, he has released his debut “About A” in 2010 and also “Live at Eksperimentasi Akustika 3″. Tell you folks, Galant can play any genre, from jazz, blues, RnB, alternative, rock and so on just as good. You can access his albums and find out more about him by log on to http://inmyroom.us/galant2/ and http://inmyroom.us/galant/.

If in last edition we had him playing as Gallia (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-12-the-report/), this time he appeared all by himself, singing some of his songs from his two albums. Some has jazzy vibes, the other got blues, folk even grunge/alternative fashion. A strong start with “(Don’t Let Me Say) Goodbye”, he carried on with his version of “Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama” and his own composition picturing a beautiful site from his homeland, “Tanjung Sopan”. The last song is his new, unrelease song titled “Sing It”.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Galant (2)

If you notice, we have featured so many solo performers in our own created events. We believe it will enrich the music scene, especially since not many event would love to have solo players. We are, however, happy to have at least one in every edition if possible, especially when realizing how many talents Bandung has that can carry on the concept of appearing just alone. Proud to have Galant and his artistry, and hope to see him back again in other editions.


At the jam session we got so many young singers. Andi T-Five was kind enough to provide music from piano. First his own student named Diva sang two song, “” and “”, then a young man who apparently enjoyed the show while having dinner with his friends. He sang John Legend’s “All of Me” with good soulful style. Then the attending musicians had their own party, mostly from Owcindful plus Ayu Sara and Ocha in front. They sang Raisa’s “Could This Be Love”. And with this song, the 13th edition was wrapped.

Braga Jazz Walk 13 - Photo Session

The Braga Jazz Walk #13 was fun. Each session offered different side of jazz, different format and wide age range. Tonight the audience got solo acoustic, vocal group, one instrumental jazz band and one pop jazz artist with full band. The jam session was lively too, thanks to participating musicians.

Watch the highlight of Braga Jazz Walk 13 on our YouTube channel

Next month we will be back with a fresh new batch. There will be male solo artist that will definitely hook you up and a female jazz singer who loves to sing standards. We will let you know more later, in the mean time, keep supporting your local jazz community, because it won’t be able to exist without you guys. See you next month!

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[“I’ll keep playing until I feel like I can’t” – 60 Inspiring Quotes from the Late Great blues Legend B.B. King]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15758 2015-05-21T13:36:57Z 2015-05-16T08:02:52Z bb-king

The world of music has lost a legend with the passing away of blues singer, songwriter and guitarist B.B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015). He was nicknamed ‘The King of the Blues’ and one of the ‘Three Kings of the Blues Guitar’ (along with Albert King and Freddie King).

Though I was lucky to hear Albert King in concert (and other blues greats like Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Jimmy Smith, Koko Taylor, Stevie Ray Vaughan), I missed the legendary B.B. King. When I was training to be a radio jockey at WMUA FM 91.1 in Amherst, Massachusetts, the blues featured prominently in my early mixes, especially the soul-searching vocals of B.B. King and the hypnotic riffs on his guitar, Lucille.

bb king

Though he witnessed humiliations and discrimination during the racial segregation days in the US, B.B. King continued to tour and play across the US and around the world, inspiring people of all races and nationalities with his devotion and brilliance in music. Here are 60 quotes which capture some of the spirit and experience of B.B. King, whose music has influenced blues, jazz and rock musicians for over five decades and will continue to do so decades to come.

  • A lot of times I say to myself ‘I wish I could be worthy of all the compliments that people give me sometime.’
  • A rose is a rose. It’s pretty. But that doesn’t mean you want to snap it off and put it on your lapel.
  • America might be a little eager too go to war. We don’t consider the cost of what this is going to do to us in the long run.
  • Blues don’t necessarily have to be sung by a person that came from Mississippi as I did, because there are people having problems all over the world.
  • Blues seemed to be right at the bottom of the totem pole, and because of this I always felt that I wanted to bring the kind of respectability to the music.
  • Blues was started by the slaves and I think everybody thinks that it all should be sad … even some of the slaves had fun with it.
  • Don’t matter if you’re gay or straight, Black or White, you still have the same problem.
  • Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die to get there!
  • Everything I record, I just try to sound like me and come up with songs that suit what I do, and then just go for it.
  • Guys who would ask me to play a blues song would always tip and maybe give me a beer as well!
  • I believe all people are good. Some just do bad things.
  • I call myself a blues singer, but you ain’t never heard me call myself a blues guitar man.
  • I don’t think it’s meant for man to know everything at once.
  • I don’t care for the music when they’re talking bad about women because I think women are God’s greatest gift to the planet – I just like music.
  • I don’t like anybody to be angry with me. I’d rather have friends.
  • I don’t think anybody steals anything; all of us borrow.
  • I don’t think it’s meant for man to know everything at once.
  • I don’t try to just be a blues singer – I try to be an entertainer. That has kept me going.
  • I like to feel in most cases like I’m a big guy with long rubber arms that I can reach around my audience and swing and sway with them — move them with me.
  • I like to feel that my time and talent is always there for the people that need it.
  • I love women most of all.
  • I never use that word, retire.
  • I started to like blues, I guess, when I was about six or seven years old. There was something about it, because nobody else played that kind of music.
  • I still think I’ve got a head on my shoulders, and it pleases me.
  • I think I’ve done the best I could have done. But I keep wanting to play better, go further.
  • I think maybe I’ve earned the right to sit down now.
  • I think of guitar players in terms of doctors: you have the doctor for your heart, the cardiologist, then one that works on your feet, your leg. But I believe George Benson is the one that plays all over. To me, he would be the M.D. of them all.
  • I tried to connect my singing voice to my guitar an’ my guitar to my singing voice. Like the two was talking to one another.
  • I was born and raised in a segregated society, but when I left there, I had nobody I disliked other than the people that’d mistreated me, and that only lasted for as long as they were mistreating me.
  • I’d rather be B.B. King. I try to do what I do better, not get away from it.
  • If T-Bone Walker had been a woman, I would have asked him to marry me. I’d never heard anything like that before: single-string blues played on an electric guitar.
  • If there was no ladies, I wouldn’t wanna be on the planet. Ladies, friends, and music – without those three, I wouldn’t wanna be here.
  • If you can’t get your songs to people one way, you have to find another.
  • I’ll keep playing until I feel like I can’t.
  • I’m no good with chords. I’m horrible with chords.
  • I’m still searching even today for a sound, like the guy that’s searching for a home. I haven’t been able to find that completely.
  • It can never be perfect, it can never be exactly what it should be, so you got to keep going further, getting better.
  • I’ve been married twice. Most women would rather not be married to a traveling blues singer.
  • I’ve put up with more humiliation than I care to remember.
  • I’ve said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice.
  • Jazz is the big brother of the blues.
  • Nobody loves me but my mother, and she could be jivin’, too.
  • Some people say that blues singers are always cryin’ in their beer. But you know what? I don’t drink.
  • That to me is heaven, being out in nature.
  • That’s one of the things about being an entertainer. What we do — it’s just sharing the thoughts that many people have.
  • The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
  • The blues was bleeding the same blood as me.
  • The blues was like that problem child that you may have had in the family. You was a little bit ashamed to let anybody see him, but you loved him. You just didn’t know how other people would take it.
  • The crowds treat me like my last name. When I go onstage people usually stand up, I never ask them to, but they do. They stand up and they don’t know how much I appreciate it.
  • There are so many sounds I still want to make, so many things I haven’t yet done.
  • There’s a sadness to all kinds of music if you want to hear it. There’s also happiness to it if you want to hear it.
  • Touring a segregated America – forever being stopped and harassed by White cops hurt you most ‘cos you don’t realise the damage. You hold it in. You feel empty, like someone reached in and pulled out your guts. You feel hurt and dirty, less than a person.
  • Water from the White fountain didn’t taste any better than from the Black fountain.
  • We all have idols. Play like anyone you care about, but try to be yourself while you’re doing it.
  • When I do eventually drop, I pray to God that it’ll happen in one of three ways. Firstly, on stage or leaving the stage, then secondly in my sleep. And the third way? You’ll have to figure that out for yourself!
  • When I go onstage each night, I try my best to outguess my audience.
  • When people treat you mean, you dislike them for that, but not because of their person, who they are.
  • When you don’t have much money, you worry that they’ll just put you in the ground someplace and your loved ones won’t know where you are.
  • You got to pay attention to the language, hear what it’s really saying.
  • You never miss what you’ve never had. I never had any other life. I didn’t know any other life.

by: Madanmohan Rao
Editor & DJ, World Music and Jazz; Bangalore
Global Correspondent for Jazzuality.com


Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2015: First Announcement]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15745 2015-05-18T14:08:38Z 2015-05-13T08:06:51Z ubudvillagjazzfest2014-firstannouncement

Close your eyes and think of Bali. What’s pictured in your mind? Beach, forest, green paddy fields? The island of 10.000 temples? Majestic view of sunset and sunrise? The mystical fragrant of frangipani? Traditional dress and the Balinese gamelan music? Well, those are a few of the magical thing that you could get by visiting Bali. No wonder, Bali has been standing as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for ages. Now, what about picturing Bali as one of the top jazz destinations, not only in Indonesia but in the world? Why not. Since two years ago, the relationship between Bali and jazz has been getting closer than ever. There is an annual jazz event that serves cross-cultural entertainment that can be used as a knowledge and experience exchange. We’re talking about a big move made by the founder of Underground Jazz Movement Yuri Mahatma and the owner of ANTIDA Music Productions, Anom Darsana. Their brainchild added the specific jazz color into the Ubud’s heavenly landscape. It’s Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF).

So here’s the big news. The annual 3rd Ubud Village Jazz Festival will be held, once again, on 7th and 8th of August 2015 at the same location, ARMA Ubud and will feature a world-class line-up that is guaranteed to be even more impressive than the previous festivals (read our report from last year’s edition:  UVJF Day 1 and Day 2).

Acclaimed jazz musicians from Indonesia such as Indra Lesmana, Nial Djuliarso, Dewa Budjana, Dodot & Co, Gustu Brahmanta Project, Kirana Big Band, Dion Janapria, Nita Aartsen Trio, Dwiki Dharmawan, Balawan etc, and international musicians, Oran Etkin (USA), a great bass clarinetist who has won a Grammy Award for his compilation CD “All About Bullies”. Etkin’s latest album on Motema Music, Gathering Light, features his trio with Nasheet Waits and Ben Allison plus guests Lionel Loueke and Curtis Fowlkes. This won’t be the first time for Etkin to visit Indonesia, since he has been here, also in Bandung to perform at the Saung Angklung Udjo in 2012. But now he’s going to paint the Bali sky with jazz. This amazing Trio just can’t wait to come to the island of God and experience the unique sensation of playing jazz in Ubud.

New Yorker Laura Brunner will bring you her deep voice, combined with Nial Djuliarso Quartet. Both, they have done some projects in USA and Asia. Nevertheless, Julian Banks Trio and Alex Lahey (Australia), the interesting Miles! Projects (Holland) which features Michael Varenkamp and Ben van den Dungen. The brain, guitarist Yuri Mahatma, his dear wife, pianist Astrid Sulaiman and many, many more artists, will play under the stars in the grounds of the magnificent Arma Museum, Ubud.

ubud village jazz festival 2014, ubud village jazz festival 2015, jazzuality

Last year’s Ubud Village Jazz Festival (doc. Jazzuality.com, photo by Praditya Nova)

Encouraged by different kinds of local communities, Ubud Village Jazz Festival stands for one of the most respected Jazz Festival in the region. Most of the organizers who volunteered in the event, are coming from different backgrounds, such as art, media, video, design, music, even food! Yet, it keeps the spirit of UVJF, that is mall festival but big message.

Anom Darsana, one of the co founders of UVJF said, “Our talented young Indonesian artists are the key to the development and future existence of Jazz in Indonesia.” The Festival aims to provide important cross-cultural and networking opportunities between International and local jazz musicians and will showcase established and emerging musicians over two days, using three stages. It will collaborate with local industries, such as handmade drums from Jakarta and double bass from Solo and bamboo installation for the stage décor.

And for the second time, Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2015 is proud to partner with The Jazz Summer School in Korea-Netherlands as an exciting initiative to promote Jazz education in Indonesia. The Bali Jazz Summer School will be held over 5 days before the festival and will be divided into 6 classes featuring guitar, drums, piano, double bass, brass and reed instruments and vocal.  Said Yuri Mahatma, Festival Co-Founder , ”This is a great opportunity for young Indonesians to gain valuable knowledge and improve their skills through classes in theory and daily jam sessions”.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival says this in their official website. “We wants to keep it elegant, small, but we will maintain the quality.” They will work with whatever they can to make a clear statement that this is not only about concert and party but we concern about the regeneration and the high quality music education for the youth. A festival with character, that’s what they intend to be in each and every year. This event will come in a few months, arrange your trip to Bali and be a part of this fest. It’s time to feel the magical, mystical vibes of Bali not only by everything this land possesses, but also from its jazz spirit.

For more info, please visit: www.balijazzsummerschool.com

Early bird Ubud Village Jazz Festival tickets are now available online and will be available until July. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary deal!

– Early Bird ticket price (Including taxes) February- July 2015 period
Please log on into our website to get the most updated tickets’ price.

– Normal ticket price (Including taxes) Aug 2015 period
One day ticket: IDR 385.000
Two days ticket: IDR 550.000
For further information or inquiries, please check our website: www.ubudvillagejazzfestival.com

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Braga Jazz Walk #13]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15729 2015-05-19T16:47:07Z 2015-05-09T15:59:56Z BragaJazzWalk13

If Indonesia were a plane, the nation is currently having turbulence by passing the stormy economic weather. Indonesia’s economy has been slowing down and getting even worse this year. Prices go up, the purchasing power has only gotten worse. Empty restaurants, malls, public places are just normal these days. Well, if you feel the same and need some good entertainment which is totally free of charge, we are happily invite you to come to Braga Jazz Walk, a regular community event presented by Jazzuality.com, Braga CityWalk and KPH Music. The next stop is Braga Jazz Walk #13, set to go on May 14, 2015, as usual starting on 7:00 pm up until 10:00 pm. And yes, just like before, there will be live performances and totally open jam sessions.

galant, galant yurdian, deugalih and folks, jazzuality

What will you get this time? There are three groups and one solo ready to pleasure you. First, let’s talk about the solo performer. His name is Galant Yurdian, but he likes to be known just as Galant. This man is no stranger in Bandung, especially in the indie communities, from jazz, folk and blues. He’s originally a bassist, but he plays guitar amazingly well. Speaking of bands, this man has quite colorful sound. He goes deep into blues with 70s Orgasm Club, he embraces folks with Deugalih & Folks (just released an album “Anak Sungai”: https://itunes.apple.com/id/album/anak-sungai/id965589936), and in duo Gallia he shows his jazzy side. More on albums, he has released his debut “About A” in 2010 and the most recent one, “Live at Eksperimentasi Akustika 3″. This man can play any genre, from jazz, blues, RnB, alternative, rock and so on just as good. If you want to know more about him and his works, simply go here http://inmyroom.us/galant2/ and http://inmyroom.us/galant/. If in last edition we had him playing as Gallia, this is the time to have him performing all by himself. He’s one of a kind, see yourself.

pangeran muda, panda, terpaku, crowdfunding go panda, jazzuality

Then a new rising star who we predict will be all over the scene in no time, Pangeran Muda (also known as Panda). This handsome, smiley young man amazingly has achieved no less than 200 achievements throughout his career. He’s been in prestigious international-scale events in Indonesia, he has performed in Hong Kong and Macau, even crowned as the Ambassador of Jakarta Musical Production Ministry. Speaking of competition, he won the Sherina Star Kids Competition in 2000, McDonalds Kids Awards in 2002, Heartline Gospel Singing Contest (2006), the winner of talent search show produced by Trans TV “Suara Indonesia” and runner up of Bintang Radio Festival in Jakarta, 2005. Last year he reached the Top 20 in Indonesian Idol. He starred the musical series “Peri Cinta dan Anak Jalanan” as the leading role as a part of the 9th Anniversary of SCTV. His voice was heard in some jingles for tvs and radios such as Honda, Spacy, Madurasa and Aneka Tambang. Speaking of album, Panda has released a couple of albums and soon, his debut solo album is right around the corner.

Approximately two months ago he just launched his single carrier titled “Terpaku” at Tokove Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta. Not only that, he also launch the Crowdfunding GO PANDA! campaign. If you don’t know what it is, it is a creative move made by him that openly involves the fans and wider society to support local musicians (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-news/pangeran-muda-panda-single-launching-and-crowdfunding-go-panda-campaign/). Here’s how it goes. Panda and the team will visit many places to run a campaign in a hope to move many people to support the album. It’s certainly interesting to see him using people’s power, and if this idea works, many artists could follow his step, and that will give benefit to our music industry. We are proud to have him again for the second time, after the 5th edition in November 2014 (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-05-the-report/).

frank & co, frank navayo, jazzuality

Next, Frank & Co. The name could remind you of a famous jewellery company, but this band has no connection with it. Instead, it comes from the name of the leader, Frank Navayo on guitar. If you see him play, he will remind you of George Benson and the likes. He is calm while in action, seriously and confidently into his play. Accompanying him in the band are Josua Stephen (keyboard), Yeremia Liong (drums), Christopher Andika (flute & saxophone) and Ken (bass).

They play contemporary jazz which is friendly even to the most common ears, and interestingly the band involves flute that certainly adds more flavor into the music. Last time we had him in our event in August last year, they gave a tight and neat performance. We are curious to see them now. How far has the band grow? Let’s check it out together.

fpuella, puella ft marvel, jazzuality

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that this edition will have high school students too. The name is Puella ft Marvel. Puella is a vocal group consists of four girls: Ervita Fauziah, Luis Anastasia S, Astiani Dewi A, and Cynthia Prilly P. They are still pursuing their formal education in high school, but as a team they are solid and have bagged some shiny achievements in local and national level. Serving as the musician for them is Marvel Timothy. A vocal group that has been running since more than 4 years ago that has won some competitions would be interesting to see. At least we know the singing quality of Luis who performed at the Christmas Edition as a part of MYKids (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-10-special-independence-day-edition-the-report/). Plus, on behalf of regeneration, this group does suit our mission.

Jam session will be available after the performances. No matter what you play and your musical background is, you can always jump into the pool and join the other sharks. You can meet new friends and who knows, you might form your own band with new friends. It already happened, just so you know.

There we have let you know the menu for Braga Jazz Walk #13. Once again, this is a FREE event. That means, you can bring your friends as many as possible, and you can join the jam session any time you want to. If you have a band and wish to be featured, don’t hesitate to tell us. This event is created as a platform for any jazz-related musicians to express their soul, unleash the creativity and also, a place where you can gain media promo. If you are not a musician but a jazz lovers, you can be entertained for 3 hours straight. Alright then, hope to see you on Thursday.

Braga Jazz Walk #13

Date: May 14, 2015
Time: 07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga CityWalk
Jl. Braga no 99 – 101, Bandung



Pangeran Muda Siagian (vocals)
Klency Lyman Lembono (keyboard)
Reinhard Woran (bass)
Bernardus Ajutor Moa (guitar)
Martin Julio Sutanto (drums)
Mario Ruben (saxophone)
Gina Dewi (backing vocals)

:: GALANT ::
Galant Yurdian (guitar/vocal)

Ervita Fauziah (vocal)
Luis Anastasia S (vocal)
Astiani Dewi A (vocal)
Cynthia Prilly P (vocal)
Marvel Timothy

:: FRANK & CO ::
Josua Stephen (keyboard)
Yeremia Liong (drums)
Christopher Andika (flute & saxophone)
Ken (bass)

Mellysa Anastasya <![CDATA[The 7th International Kampoeng Jazz “Don’t Stop Till You Jazz Enough”: Report]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15719 2015-05-13T08:12:36Z 2015-05-08T05:21:27Z KampoengJazz2015


2015 must be a blessing for The Executive Student Board (BEM) of the Law Faculty of Padjadjaran University because this year fortunately they could held their annual jazz event, the biggest in Bandung, The 7th International Kampoeng Jazz, without any postponed agenda like previous year. Located at their own campus, Universitas Padjadjaran Dipati Ukur, for about twelve hours in last Saturday, the visitors were spoiled by various artists, lots of food booth, and bazaar. Couple of hours before the show the committee held Press Conference for all media partners at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers. Jizue, Syaharani, G-Pluck Beatles, and Beben Jazz were some musicians who met us there. Back to the main event, at the punctual time as scheduled, Kampoeng Jazz Project Officer, Frero, gave his speech as the event was officially begun. After that, Kama Soekarno, Chief of BEM Fakultas Hukum UNPAD, and the Chief of P2K2M also welcomed the visitors and finally the fun had begun.


With a lot of musicians to perform, Kampoeng Jazz got two stages for them to explore, Main Stage and Lounge Stage which was sponsored by Nescafe Coffee. Just like before, Kampoeng Jazz always gives the chance for amateur/newborn bands to participate via auditions. For this year, three bands were selected by the judge. One, Chakraborty delivered a tight package in the name of jazz. The band was established a little bit more than a year ago but they have played hundreds of times in front of public. They have played in prestigious festivals like JakJazz, they have bagged quite many achievements too. “Kepahitan Termanis”, “Soul Shadows”, and “Sabda Alam” were their creation specially delivered to us. Then, a trio from Jakarta named MEP Trio was really solid in exploring the funky jazz terrain. These guys played like a pro, sharp but smooth. MEP stands for Madra, Eky, and Pandu. For this event the drum position was given to Afi because Pandu couldn’t make it. That was from Lounge Stage, while for Main Stage, Salty Sugar was the first who tasted it. This band is a large ensemble consists of young guns who have been friends since junior high school. They served funky party that would fit everyone. Knowing how today hits could easily attract the crowd, the band closed their performance with upbeat “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams and Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars”. So there, three audition winners did very well in setting up the fire early.

KampoengJazz2015-REB (2)

Bell Bottom Blues Trio consists of Ruzan as singer and guitar player, Fahmi as bass player, Dhana as drum n percussion player. Starting the journey worked on Jimi Hendrix’s songs three fellows from different genres fuse under blues and epically entertained us with their skills and shared their souls. Hope their motto, “kami akan bermain di mana saja dan kapan saja dengan 200% effort dan soul” goes well with their musical journey. Continued with Dadung and Friends played today’s hits “Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Then, Russel and Electric Band (REB) came up and hit the stage with “Leaving on the Jet Plane”.

KampoengJazz2015-BebenNFriends (2)

Beben Jazz and Friends made a visit to this fest. As you probably know, Beben Supendi Mulyana – better known as Beben Jazz- is an important figure in Indonesian jazz. His community, Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran has performed hundreds of regular gigs and still running well until now. It’s always interesting to see how he introduces jazz to the society. He knows how to make it acceptable to all segments in the society without having to lose the jazz traditions. Jamming mode, improvisations, call and response, all that jazz, plus communicative as Beben likes to share knowledge during his show. A joyful treat full of lessons, that’s what it was. Not only beautifully entertained us with Ella Fitzgerald’s “Summertime”, Duke Ellington’s “Take the A Train”, “Just the Two of Us”, Beben also got a Hall of Fame achievement by Kampoeng Jazz Project Officer.

KampoengJazz2015-Mocca-ft-Yura (2)

One of many things we like about Mocca and Friends is how their melodious tunes never get us bored, both live and recorded. Charmed and swept everyone with Arina’s soft voice and the beat from all band players really couldn’t stop us from singing along with them. Greeted their listeners with “Secret Admirer”, continued with Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”, “Bandung”, and then Yura joined the gig in “Balada Sirkus” and “Butterfly in My Tummy”.

KampoengJazz2015-DriedCassava (1)

Dried Cassava started their musical journey since high school at South Jakarta. Baskoro Adhi Juwono as vocalist and one of the guitarists, Nandie Daniel Febryan as lead guitarist, Bana Drestanta as bassist and Kago Mahardono as drummer, these talented fellow gave us another experience in jazz event with their alternative funk rock and blues. “Paradox” was one of many songs they brought up on stage and you can get this song from their debut album ‘Mind Thieves’.

KampoengJazz2015-AdhitiaSofyan (2)

As rain was pouring, Adhitia Sofyan just came on very proper time, marking his second participation in this event after last year. His voice blended with his guitar produced perfect ambience. “Adelaide Sky”, “The Stalker”, “Tik Tik Tik Bunyi Hujan”, “Blue Sky Collapse”, “After the Rain”, and “Tokyo Lights Fade Away”, a song from ‘How to Stop Time’ album were the list at that noon.

KampoengJazz2015-BlotyMama (1)

A university as big as UNPAD surely has many talented people within. Surprisingly, not only the students made this event as medium for their musical needs, but their lecturers also have that craving. The Bandos is the proof. It is a band consists of Fakultas Hukum UNPAD’s lecturers and they didn’t want to throw away the opportunity to get along with their students and have fun on stage. Blotymama contains high dose of funk. As they said earlier, “our mission is actually simple. We only want to give you some fun”. Absolutely they already checked that mission. Teddy Adithya  on vocal, Ade Avery on guitar, Rendi Raditya on bass, and Rio Agung on drum are people behind this band with rock and R n’B touch. ‘Bloty Time’ is an album full of creation from the heart. These four fellows, who already spread their marks in many other musicians’ work, a hundred percent stole the night as many people looked for their album right after watching their show.

KampoengJazz2015-SaungAngklungUdjo (1)

Babendjo Saung Mang Udjo is what really represents Bandung as a city full of artsy people. This group with a male vocalist wonderfully sang Chrisye’s hits “Untukku” and “Cintaku”, covered “Hey Jude”, and played Sundanese song “Manuk Dadali”.

KampoengJazz2015-ESQIEF (2)

Then we found the band we always consider as friend, Syaharani and the QueenFireworks a.k.a ESQI:EF. The year 2015 seems to be a good year for the band as the name has been listed in numerous festivals across the nation. We haven’t cross path with each other for quite some times especially since they launched the latest album ‘Disini Ada Cinta’, so for us this was the chance to check what they currently have in store. The core members were all here. The jazz songstress Syaharani, guitar master Donny Suhendra and the creative head and multi-instrumentalist Didit Saad, along with the team mates including. They played Answering some requests from twitter, the songs including “Arisan Hujan” and “Merah Kuning Jingga”, both taken from the third and latest album, “Selalu Ada Cinta”. Not only jazz, she brought blues too as the roots of all modern musics. As a band that stands above genre with personnel that share the same point of view ‘music to share’, once again ESQI:EF brought pleasure and joy to the audience, interactively. No boundaries, no gap, all connected. Other than the ability to make many different arrangements on the songs, the happy way of performing always makes their show loveable.

KampoengJazz2015-Mocca-ft-Yura (1)

If we have Tulus in male side, Yura definitely rules the female corner. Her unique gesture while singing is really something. This talented young woman made a sundanese song called “Kataji” and you could taste a spoon of jazz right there. “Berawal dari Tatap”, “Cinta dan Rahasia”, and a covered song from Ellie Goulding’s“Love Me like You Do” were a complete eargasm for us.

KampoengJazz2015-GPluckBeatles  (3)

It felt like going back to the 60’s, smelling the music scene in England. Yes, the Genuine Pluck loves to play The Beatles; simply called G-Pluck Beatles brought that kind of atmosphere to the youngsters. Awan Garnida (vocals/bass) role as James Paul McCartney, Adnan Sigit (vocals/rhythm) role as John Lennon, Wawan HID on (lead guitar/vocal) role as George Harrison and Beni Pratama (vocals/drums & percussion) role as Ringo Starr not only played the way the original did, but they also dressed themselves alike (hair style, clothing, shoes etc). Mimic, dialects and the gestures really resemblence the Beatles too. For almost an hour they made the audience went crazy rockin’ and rollin’ along the performance with Beatles’ and John Lennon evergreens including “Imagine”, “Hey Jude”, “Ticket to Ride”, “Here Comes the Sun”, and “I Saw Her Standing There”. The Beatles’ music is ageless and amazingly still relevant today. Thanks to G-Pluck Beatles, the youngsters who haven’t born during The Beatles’ golden era could taste how it was.

KampoengJazz2015-Kahitna (1)

Kahitna, a lot of woman, couples, and romantic songs, is a whole package every time they go for a gig. So did Kampoeng Jazz. A song list contained of “Biar Cinta”, “Andai Ia Tahu”, “Tentang Diriku”, Chrisye’s “Untukku” and Raisa’s “Mantan Terindah” which also are composed by Yovie Widianto really blew the night.

KampoengJazz2015-EndahRhesa (2)

On the other stage, Endah N Rhesa came up with their hits for instance, “Wish You Were Here”, “Someday”, “No Tears from My Eyes”, and “When You Love Someone”. This couple never lost their love power and that what makes them special. Crowd straightly could feel the love they spread via their lyrics and tunes.

KampoengJazz2015-Gigi-JazzProject (3)

Assembled from artists with various kinds of music background including Dewa Budjana from jazz area, pop-rock band Gigi has been ruling the music scene for more than 10 years. The founding members Armand Maulana and Dewa Budjana then Gusti Hendy and Thomas Ramdhan are the pillars who make this band stand tall today. It’s quite a surprise to see Gigi in a jazz event, especially when they go serious by establishing special project called Gigi Jazz Project. Although this wasn’t the first time they went jazzy (they did it at the Java Jazz Festival 2011), it’s still different, knowing that this time they didn’t go with Ron King Big Band like at the Java Jazz back then. Other than the jazz icon Dewa Budjana who’s currently doing very well in the international scene with MoonJune Records, Gusti Hendy is also the drummer of the dare-devil avant band LIGRO. So the band actually has jazz blood too inside the vein. The songs that we really love so much, such as, “Terbang”, “Nirwana”, “Pintu Sorga” were served with more jazzy arrangement. No one denies the greatness of Gigi in the pop/rock scene. But now all should know that with the kind of talents found inside the band, they can deliver madness in just about any genre. As for jazz, having Gigi’s signature certainly offers more varieties and possibilities.

KampoengJazz2015-Jizue (2)

Jizue is the winner. This solid, neat unit of four has unique sound which is high energy, trance-techno jazz with distortive post rock twist found inside. It is composed of Noriyuki Inoue on guitar, Go Yamada on bass, Shin Kokawa on drums, and Kie Katagi on piano. Mogwai, Envy, Strike Anywhere, Brian Blade, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, The Mars Volta, Incubus, Robert Glasper, Radiohead, and Shingo02 are some examples of other musicians who influence their work. No doubt their plays are so rich, their performances are so full of energy and really proven they always have great times on stage. The personnel themselves are lively and spirited, they are expressive and explosive. Even when they played standards like “When You Wish upon a Star”, they fit it within their style. Not to mention how they really grabbed our attention when playing “Halo-halo Bandung”. Incredibly neat, one high octane action packed show that made us fresh again during the late hours. Arigatou Jizue, love you! What a dynamic group.

KampoengJazz2015-Bondax (3)

Bondax is an electronic music duo consisting of young talented English musicians, Adam Kaye and George Townsend. Since 2011 until now, the pair continually expands their work in music and many stages already tasted. Now, Indonesia, especially Bandung, was the luckiest one to feel their trance house music alive. Just Us Recordings, their own record label is another thing they do release all the creativity in their minds and shape it to tunes. “You’re So”, “Baby I Got That”, “Gold”, “Giving It All”, “Wet Summer”, “Fires”, and “All I See” were the list made people going crazy moved their hips and shook their head as this duo tremendously closed the event.


So pleased to have this kind of big jazz event once again in Bandung and to see many musicians always want to come back having gigs in Bandung. With this range of success, absolutely the expectation will grow bigger for the next Kampoeng Jazz and hopefully the committee can maintain their hard work to serve this annual event. As a media, we hope to see better treatment for photographers who are doing their work. The committee must realize that medias should be considered as partners who give benefit in sending out the news about this event to public, so making them difficult definitely doesn’t give benefit to both sides. Since the regulation is getting worse , we do hope to see a better system next year.

As for the visitors, all jazz lover out there, keep up your supports toward local gigs, especially jazz, so together we can gradually improve the quality of Indonesian music and its festival. Indeed, it was a lovely night in Paris Van Java city and we’ll see you around upcoming jazz events. Cheers!

See more pictures:

Reporter: Melissa Anastasya, Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto, Septian ‘Lardlles’

Riandy Kurniawan http://jazzuality.com <![CDATA[Indonesian Jazz Festival 2015: Kita Indonesia! First Announcement]]> http://jazzuality.com/?p=15725 2015-05-27T12:11:35Z 2015-05-06T10:31:10Z indonesianjazzfestival2015

Indonesia is not the origin of jazz, it’s true. But amazingly, there are so many musicians go towards this direction, embracing jazz and breathe them to life through their creations. So many players, so many styles, so many flavors, shapes and sounds, until you lose count. While the long time players still exist, the new ones keep coming. While jazz is not the main thing in today’s music industry, the receptions are really great. The fact is, we always need a huge platform that can accommodate as many local talents as possible, an event where we can see just how rich our jazz world really is.

Here’s the thing. We believe you still remember that two years ago, in the month of August, a new jazz festival was born with many stories to tell. The name they chose was Indonesian Jass Festival. accomodating more than one hundreds musicians from local resources ranging from today’s toppers, legends to the potential and promising young ones. This year the festival is finally back again. We have heard the rumors since last year, but now it’s officially confirmed. With a slight change from Jass to Jazz, the 2nd Indonesian Jazz Festival 2015 will take place on 29-30 August 2015 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

As the realization of the initiator’s vision, Indonesian Jazz Festival (IJF) comes as the desire of every music lover in Indonesia. This jazz event has the mission to connect jazz lover, musician, and even the legends, placing the national talents as the host in their own country and providing chance for the young lions who are not getting enough spotlight yet to shine. The warm atmosphere in Indonesian Jass Festival should be able to provide an opportunity for all music lovers and musicians to get good time together. If you check their official website http://indojazzfest.com, you will directly see their mission and intention of the people behind it. They are back with Indonesian Independence Spirit, they wish to Unite Jazz appreciators, musicians and legends in one occasion, dedicate the event to the musicians as a way to appreciate the local musical creativity.

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The Groove at the1st Indonesian Jazz Festival (2013)

The logo which is built within the red and white colors represents Sang Saka Merah Putih, the Indonesian flag. The event itself runs not far from Indonesian Independence Day. This second installment has the tagline: Kita Indonesia (We Are Indonesia).

According to ALBA Productions as the initiator and organizer of the event, no less than 120 musicians will be participating at the Indonesian Jazz Festival 2015. They will be spread over 5 stages. Each stage is expected to deliver jazz in wide varieties.

The pre event including auditions to find potential talents have been running, starting from March up until May 2015. Some live performances are set to go in various locations. You can check the spot later through Indonesian Jazz Festival’s social medias.

We will keep you updated with more news. For now, should you need more info regarding the Indonesian Jazz Festival 2015, log on to:
Website     : http://indojazzfest.com
Twitter      : @indojazzfest
Path          : @indojazzfest
Instagram : @indojazzfest

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Jazz saxophonist Roger Hanschel: “Take your time, drink tea and listen to music!”

Jazz saxophonist Roger Hanschel studied at the Musikhochschule Köln in Germany and School for Fine Arts in Banff, Canada. He founded the group Nana in 1983. His works have appeared in 23 CDs and he has toured extensively at jazz festivals around the world.

Since 1987, he has been a member of the group Cologne Saxophone Mafia, which won a number of awards. Hanschel also founded the trio Triosphere, quarter Heavy Rotation, and a duo with the singer Gabriele Hasler, and has teamed with Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger as well.

His most recent collaboration is with Indian musicians Deobrat Mishra on sitar and Prashant Mishra on tabla. Their group, Trio Benares, performed in Bangalore recently at the Windmill Craftworks jazz pub. I caught up with Roger Hanschel after his performance for this exclusive interview on jazz and fusion.

How did Trio Benares get formed?
RH: I have felt deep love for Indian classical music since a long time, because I am a fan of shehnai legend Ustad Bismillah Khan since the early 80s. But after all those years I was dis-satisfied because of my limited knowledge of this music. So, I decided to spend some time there in India where Bismillah Khan lived and take some lessons.

In summer 2013, I was visiting the Mishra musicians – Deobrat on sitar and Prashant on tabla. It was clear that this would not be a regular teacher/student relationship but more a ‘colleague-ship.’ So after playing a little together in Varanasi we had a concert in Cologne in September 2014. That was when we decided to form Trio Benares.

What made you interested in music in your early years?
RH: My mother was singing in a choir and my sister, who is four years older than me, is a violin player and was of course inspiring me in early years. I started playing recorder at the age of eight, and at the age of eleven I was listening to a concert where there was a saxophone player. I fell immediately in love with that instrument and never stopped playing it since then!


roger hanschel, jazz saxophonist


What are the challenges you face as a musician and composer?
RH: The challenge is to express my emotions through music and the way to get to this goal. I always want to find the emotional center in myself and make this portable through music.

Who would you say are the leading musical influences in your career?
RH: John Coltrane, Bismillah Khan, J.S. Bach, Jan Garbarek, Hariprasad Chaurasia.

How are you able to blend such different musical genres so effectively, i.e. create ‘fusion without confusion’?
RH: It is all about avoiding copies of any styles and to find the true voice of yourself. It’s about finding the real unique sound of this trio. We do not put fixed styles together. We try to be open minded and put influences of the colleagues into their own ways of playing. We are all leaving known paths and approach unknown areas without losing their own expression.

How would you describe your musical journey?
RH: In the beginning of my career, I was playing and composing much more experimental, searching for new possibilities which were not there before. The older I become, the more experienced I become with the ability of getting to the point of concern, which is searching for the real Roger. Who am I, and what is my center of being which has to come out through my music? For this aim I am now much more able to design my music, to know exactly what I want to express.

What is your vision of what music can do in this day and age.
RH: Music can move people emotionally. This is a big power I think. It can be stronger then every political statement.

What new album or video are you working on now?
RH: I am now working on the recordings we made with Trio Benares. The CD-recording has to be edited and mixed and will be released hopefully soon. There are also some videos we made of our concerts we played in India last month I have to work on. Besides Trio Benares, I am working on a pre-production CD for a septet. I was writing music based on poems of Christina Rossetti.

What have been your previous highlights in playing across India?
RH: In 1994, we played a four-week tour through India and Pakistan with the saxophone quintet, the Kölner Saxophone Mafia. That tour was very important to me. After being a fan of Bismillah Khan for many years, it was a little like coming home.

Do you compose on the road also, while travelling?
RH: Basically I am never composing on tour. At the most I make some notes to not forget ideas. Composing is for luxury of time and I want to have a good time while composing. No stress, good tea, silence!

Do you also teach workshops?
RH: Yes, I am teaching one day a week at the Musikhochschule in Köln. I am educating future professional musicians there. They can sign up for bachelor or master’s degrees with me.

How has the music industry changed over the years, and how has that affected your work?
RH: Producing CDs is not as important anymore as it was 10 or 15 years ago. Downloading or copying illegal is taking place more and more. The music industry is looking for money, not for art above all. This can compromise art. So, especially for young artists, it is important to decide how far they go away from their art towards a career for making money.

What message would you like to convey through your music?
RH: Take your time, drink tea and listen to music!

Written by Madanmohan Rao
Editor & DJ, World Music and Jazz; Bangalore
Global Correspondent for Jazzuality.com

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Jazz in Palembang has been growing rapidly for the last several years. We are proud to see that some radios in that capital city of South Sumatra are actually active in presenting jazz to the public places. Last year in August, 97.5 Play FM Palembang came up with a great idea that connects the freshness of green nature with the relaxing, calming and pleasuring sound we find and love from jazz. The name of the event is JAZZ TAMAN (Park Jazz). The first one was held in 2014, just a day before Indonesia celebrated its Independence Day and got success. Having jazz on the green, filling your lung with oxygen while letting your mind and soul happy with jazz. What’s not to love about it?

Following the success of the first attempt, 97.5 FM Play FM Palembang once again presents this year’s edition of JAZZ TAMAN. Cool venue and decoration will be provided in order to accomodate the music lovers especially jazz enthusiasts with good quality jazz entertainment while enjoying the natural goodness of city park. And it’s all totally FREE of charge.

This year Jazz Taman will be held at the lovely Kambang Iwak Family Park, Palembang, on Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This edition features jazz crossover musicians such as Jazzyndicate, The Pure Acoustic and special performance by Leonardo & His Impeccable Six.

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We have watched and covered Leonardo & His Impeccable Six a couple of times since 2013 and urge you not to miss it. The rockabily-swing connection in Indie music scene courtesy of Leonardo & His Impeccable Six is like none other. Not many group take this kind of train, but Leonardo Ringo and his team opened up a new ride with their rebelious swing with additional assorted flavors. How is it like? More or less, they play swing with Rock ‘n Roll attitude, Blues and even Ska exist in harmony. The whole team proved that swing is not outdated. Today we can still go swingin’ hard without losing our youth. Rebelious, twisting, mind-bending, and when it happens in jazz plus served in the park, imagine what kind of atmosphere will be created.

This year 97.5 Play FM Palembang collaborated with various institutions such as Bank Sumsel Babel, Dinas Pertamanan Penerangan Jalan dan Pemakaman Kota Palembang, Carla & Leaf, PT Rambang, Boom Futsal, Reload Kitchen, Koran Sindo Palembang, Sumatera Express, BP Radio Palembang, Radio El-John Palembang, Jazzuality.com, Warta Jazz plus join hands with some communities including Palembang Jazz Community, Fotografer.net, Bike to Work, Earth Hour Palembang and Palembang Sketch.

In addition to enjoying the city park and jazz acts, players can also participate through exciting games. If you are active in Twitter, you can be updated through @Jazztamankota and @975playfm.

At the end of the event, there will be ‘Operasi Semut’ (Operation Ants) where the crews, alongside with the audiences, will actively clean up the park area to show support to the city.

If you live in Palembang, love jazz and enjoy being in the fresh, green nature, do join this good jazzy cause. Not many people realize, but actually we can have fun while doing our part in greening the city. It will definitely give benefit to the better climate and certainly make world a better place. You can do that while getting the best of entertainment, jazz way. Come and fresh your mind, body and soul.

97.5 Play FM Palembang Presents: Jazz Taman

Date: Saturday, April 25, 2015
Time: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Kambang Iwak Family Park, Palembang


For more info:

Jefri: +62 81368682626
Jl. Bay Salim No.1 Komp. Percetakan Rambang, Palembang