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There are so many jazz events in Indonesia, but it’s not often to find something unique like this. Two guitarists around the same age that share the same passion in music by playing the same instruments but reside in different cities join forces in organizing an event with the intention to promote their new album which, once again, coincidentally released during close period of time. They are Tesla Manaf and Gerald Situmorang. And the event they are making is called “Duality”, an Album Showcase set to be held in two cities: Jakarta (Indro Harjdodikoro’s Jazz Spot at Rolling Stone Cafe on September 8, 2014) and Bandung (Lawangwangi Creative Space on September 12, 2014).

They chose “Duality” as the name based on the fact that it’s made by two different person that has different approach/style by using guitar as the medium but they have the same need. The collaboration occured since they have the same vision, that is to produce works as many as possible and share it to the public in the shape of album on CD.

Let’s take a closer look at them one by one.


As a guitarist, Tesla is the kind of brave young man that’s willing to risk everything in order to pursue his dream to become a musician. And he’s never stop making something. He had a duo with Bayu Kristianto called Bayu & Tesla, another duo with Ivan ‘AJ TheReal’ Jonathan (Ivan & Tesla) then with Grace Sahertian (Grace & Tesla), a trio called G/E/T (with Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe and Edward Manurung) and of course his collaboration with the Balinese gamelan ensemble from Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), Tesla Manaf feat Mahagotra Ganesha. They have released one album titled “It’s All Yours” which turned out to be a highly acclaimed album that got fantastic response from the market directly after it’s release two years ago, totally independently. On May 23 he released a repackage edition of it with indie label DeMajors (read the info here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-news/tesla-manaf-feat-mahagotra-ganesha-its-all-yours-reissue/) with two new tracks. A success story that finally came to the man who deserved it most of all.


tesla manaf, jazzuality, tesla manaf quartet, moonjune record, a man’s relationship with his fragile area


But the success story doesn’t stop right there. About a year ago Tesla attracted the USA Label MoonJune Records that made him a fresh, new recruit from Indonesia after simakDialog, Tohpati Ethnomission, Dewa Budjana, Ligro and I Know You Well Miss Clara. Tesla quickly worked on the concept and came out with something he called progressive acoustic experimental music. As a quartet with Rudy Zulkarnaen (contrabass), Desal Sembada (drums) and  Hadis ‘Hulhul’ Hendarisman (clarinet/sax) he exlores the more high-classed artistic style of jazz that could simply place him among the top ranks of jazz guitarists in the world. We have heard some of the songs and feel really proud of him.

More about this upcoming album, his debut with MoonJune Records will be released soon in November 2014. From Tesla himself we got the news that it’s going to be two albums in one CD. One will be the Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha “It’s All Yours”, and the Tesla Manaf Quartet with the title that’s kind of naughty, “A Man’s Relationship with His Fragile Area.” This title track will be played for the very first time in both of the concerts.


Gerald Situmorang is a superb guitarist. He’s still young, but he’s blessed with complete skills, ability to write and limitless creativity. We have known him for years with different bands that each has its own distinctive color. The jazz band BAG Trio that later turned out to be BAG+BEAT with more team-mates and urban sound, Hemiola Quartet that dares to tear down the normal jazz patterns and place loads of spontaneous improvisations which makes their music appear as fun as jamming, and of course his successful group Sketsa. Sketsa was born 9 years ago as a guitar-duo but later got expanded much wider, creating a new dimension by having instruments such as violin, contrabass, percussion, clarinet and accordion plus some vocals.


gerald situmorang trio, time is the answer, jazzuality


All of these mentioned bands of Gerald has already produced album, but it’s not Gerald if he doesn’t keep moving. On June 7, 2014 he launched “Time is the Answer” in the formation he simply called Gerald Situmorang Trio, featuring his long time partner Ankadiov Subran (bass) and Jessi Mates (drums). He got the idea for this album when he acted as the host of Red White Jazz Lounge’s jam session last February, 2013.

This album is like an introduction album to who Gerald Situmorang and his music really is. Furthermore, it will lead to his solo album which is projected to come next year. As usual he brings the talented young fighters, skillful musicians that he’s familiar with for years. Tell you what, this man is highly productive. He will keep on working on new stuffs for you to dig. It’s always interesting to be inside Gerald’s game.

Imagine a concert that you can have two fantastic group of talented young lions at once, two different concepts, styles, or even point of views, yet just as good. It will be a showcase of creativity, skill and imagination that will satisfy both hardcore jazz lovers and common music listeners. All free of charge.

On behalf of these two awe-inspiring guitarists Tesla Manaf and Gerald Situmorang and their respective teams, we invite you to the “Duality” Album Showcase. Be there and have a good jazzy time!

DUALITY – Album Showcase of Tesla Manaf & Gerald Situmorang Trio

Date: September 8, 2014
Time: 8:30 pm – onwards
Location: Rolling Stone Café
Jl. Ampera Raya 16, Kemang Jakarta

Date: September 12, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Lawangwangi Creative Space
Jl. Dago Giri no. 99, Bandung


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Terraz Jazz #11 http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/terraz-jazz-11/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/terraz-jazz-11/#comments Sun, 24 Aug 2014 15:23:17 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15055 Terraz-Jazz-11


Time goes so fast. All of a sudden, we, Jazzuality.com and Festival Citylink have done 10 editions of Terraz Jazz plus one Special Edition with Indro Hardjodikoro & the Fingers and Hadrien Feraud Trio (with Erick Sondhy, Yandi Andaputra) plus Nicole Gonzalez (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-special-edition-the-report/). Up to this point, we have featured tens of bands and hundreds of musicians. Other than presenting the talented local young lions, we have also invited top musicians from Jakarta, Bali and even overseas such as France, Los Angeles, USA and KL, Malaysia. For us its a proud achievement, but we are not going to stop since we still have many works to do.

In the 10th episode we brought a special Independence Day edition as the theme, since it was held just 3 days before Indonesia celebrated its 69th year of freedom (read the report and watch the highlight here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-10-special-independence-day-edition-the-report/). Now, here comes the Terraz Jazz #11. Personally, I like this number because it’s like reminding me of the first but double. Just like before, we feature three performers in the first session and then launch the open, free for all jam session all the way till the end (until the mall ends its service). You should have known the location by now, but in case you forget, this event is set regular to run twice a month (on Thursday, the 2nd and 4th weeks) at Terrazo Food Venue, the food court of Festival Citylink, Bandung. No charge once so ever, you can just come and enjoy the show, or even let yourself busy in the jam session.


terraz jazz 10, jazzuality, special independence day edition, hut ri, hari kemerdekaan, proklamasiScene from the previous edition, Terraz Jazz #10 (August 14, 2014)


Anyway, who are the takers of the showcase slot? If you need a hint, this edition will satisfy wide range of music fans, from smooth jazz/light fusion, acoustic jazz and … blues! Scroll down, we will let you know in details.

If you’re into acoustic, then this band will satisfy you at most. It’s Poinkustik. The band was established in 2009 and went through a couple of changes. Finally they found the solid formation that stays until now. The personnels are Firman and Olive (vocals), Vik (guitar), Reo (keyboard), Boif (bass) and Uci (drums/cajon). What’s interesting about this band is that they came from different musical backgrounds that enables them to spread the wings wide in covering the genres. Whether it’s pop, RnB, rock, funk or jazz, you name it, they have it.

As you see, the band is multifacet and each player has their own favorite genre, but they know how to put everything neatly under their cool acoustic style. Poinkustik has landed on many cafes, and other spots including at the same ground zero of Terraz Jazz, the Terrazo Food Venue. They are active in wedding, gathering, birthday party, grand opening/launching and so on. That’s not all, because they also have collaborated with some national musicians for example when they became the opening band for Sammy Simorangkir and Kahitna. If you need to see their gigs, simple go to their Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXBa8mBkoK6hNuK-nYJUnGw.

We’re happy that we manage to ‘kidnap’ them from their regular gig at Terrazo for this 11th edition.  If you come to Festival Citylink often, probably you have seen this band play. But now, they are going to cover some of the famous jazz numbers and probably original songs too. Let’s just see what Poinkustik will bring inside a jazz event, but whatever it is, we have no doubt it’s going to be cool.


terraz jazz 11, 5th avenue, poinkustik, guntur satria, jazzuality


For the smooth jazz lovers and fusion fans, 5th Avenue will give this side of jazz to you. Just like Poinkustik, the band’s active in jazzin’ up the weddings and parties. The band consists of talented personnels with some individual achievements and special gifts. The band had their reborn in 2012 and running well ever since. The frontman Chris Alfeus has the ability to scat singing the melody he plays over the guitar, the way George Benson, Mus Mujiono or Ari Pramundito’s signature style. The pianist (also stands as the manager) is Stella Inke is good in pouring out jazz chords on piano. The groove is safe in the hand of William Anthony and the beat is provided by an all-round drummer, AlbenOctorys.

We have them performed at Terraz Jazz already, but it was long time ago on the fourth edition last April (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-4-the-report/). So it’s about time to have them back again with their tasty fusion of jazz, funk, rock, ambience and soul. They have some great original compositions, but they do interesting covers of some famous jazz repertoires/songs. Fancy guitar-scat-singing? Wish to see a neat fusion band that serves smart arrangements, ear-catchy songs that are easy to listen to? Then you have to see this one. Oh yeah, another thing, 5th Avenue is one of the finalists of Jazz Goes to Campus 2013.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll see Guntur Satria representing the Blues corner, especially the naughty sides. It’s Guntur Satria. This young man is awe-inspiring not only because he can play Blues really well on guitar and sing as well, but also since he always goes to the important point of performing: that is, to entertain the audience. He’s eccentric, meaning that he can be on his own doing weird stuff and unpredictable, he’s energetic, attractive, expressive and interactive.

We have invited his trio GFRtrio to play at Terraz Jazz on the Special Blues Edition last May (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/terraz-jazz-6-special-blues-edition/).  A little info about GFRtrio, this band has just finished doing some recording hours in the studio. We will invite them again next month, but for now we challenge Guntur to play alone. This dude actually has no problem when being asked to play all by himself, and we want to show it to you guys. For the very first time Terraz Jazz will have a solo performer in the session. To be able to carry it up, the musician has to be strong on skill, concept and charisma. And yes, Guntur Satria definitely has it all. “You know… what I always wish to do is to bring something that can entertain everyone who see me. Other than that, I want to let them taste and enjoy some Blues. Guntur Satria is still young, but we know there are many things we can learn from him. Since we also carry the educational aspects inside this regular event, Guntur can be a nice source to learn from.

One question: would you like to hear The Beatles’ “Blackbird” in solo acoustic blues? If yes, then you have to come. From what we heard, Guntur has given a new perspective to this song. As how Guntur is, he will bring everything that’s pure from his heart, honestly, openly and for this act, acoustically. You’ll love this man and his performance, no doubt about that.

The open jam session as usual is set to run all the way to the end. Everyone can participate in it. If you’re a musician from whatever genre or style, you can just come with your gear and jump right in, especially if you wish to play on stage but still have no band yet, this will be a perfect spot for you. This session can be good for the members of participating bands to drain the whole energy that’s still left inside.

We wish to have your support in our attempt to jazz up the Southern part of Bandung. You can do it by coming and enjoying the show, or even be a part of it. Fusion, smooth jazz, acoustic jazz and naughty blues are to be expected in Terraz Jazz #11. Since it’s totally free from any charge, bring your friends, family and your loved ones along and let’s have fun together!


Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014
Time: 06:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Terrazo Food n Venue (foodcourt), Festival Citylink
Jl. Peta no 241,  Bandung



Guntur Satria – vocals, guitar

** 5th Avenue **
Chris Alfeus – guitar
AlbenOctorys – drums
Stella Inke Pratama – piano
William Anthony – bass

** Poinkustik **
Firman and Olive – vocals
Vik – guitar
Reo – keyboard
Boif – bass
Uci – drums/cajon

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Duo Tone http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/duo-tone/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/duo-tone/#comments Sat, 23 Aug 2014 07:25:39 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15052 Duo-Tone

An interesting concept is coming right at you, brought by Klab Jazz in cooperation with the Institut Francais d’Indonesie (IFI), Bandung. It’s called DUO TONE, set to be held on Thursday, August 28, 2014 at the Auditorium of IFI-Bandung, Jl. Purnawarman no 32 (right in front of Bandung Electronic Center/BEC). Surely you’re curious to know more about this program, the lineup and some brief informations about them. We will let you know all the details right here in this article.

Duo Tone

Duo Tone is the smallest collaborative work of a musical pairing. It’s made as a vehicle where two musicians try to interpret musics and lyrics, either from jazz, soul, blues, pop or their original works to the unity and harmony of taste and color that can really represent both sides.


Perhaps you wonder where this idea came from. According to Dwi Cahya Yuniman as the founder of Klab Jazz, he got the idea after realizing that many bands had to pass the invitation to play at Klab Jazz’s events because some of their personnels were having another activities elsewhere. Many of these bands are actually promising, but they are stuck due to the empty seats left by some of the team mates. Klab Jazz realized that those who are still staying actually have enough strength to carry on. It’s a waste if they had to loose so many chance only because they require a combo formation (including drums and bass). That shouldn’t stop them from expressing themselves musically, because there are still things can be done to support these musicians in order to fulfill their calling.

Duo Formation

The incomplete formation that often becomes an obstacle shouldn’t be a problem any longer. Looking from the positive side, the lack of players can push the rest of the personnels to give their best shot. They have to work harder to fill up the empty spaces and to make a composition stands just as good as being played by full team.

We say, it can pushes their creativities or even skills. It will sharpen their sensitivities and make them smarter in creating a concept. Duo is the smallest collaboration between players that needs more than just ability to play instrument. It often needs charm, extra energy and ability to connect to the audience more than ever. That’s the homework, that’s the challenge. In other words, both of the players have to be strong and work in harmony to provide a musical dialogues that can be understood and accepted by the audience.


Repertoire-wise speaking, the concept of Duo Tone is being directed towards the classic pieces that have stand the test of time, but might have been forgotten or replaced by today’s popular songs.

The Duo Tone will present four categories: Cole Porter, Nina Simone, Soul Jazz and Male Jazz Vocal.

In Male Jazz Vocal, this program will cover the present-time’s songs. There are many outstanding international male jazz vocalists today, but unfortunately since they don’t get enough air time in our radios and televisions, most of our music fans become unfamiliar with the fine works of recent male jazz stars like Jose James, Gregory Porter and others.

Opening the Chance to Play

Today there are many venues (from cafes, restaurants, meetings, parties or small festivals) that require bands with small formations to play. The reason may vary, like the size of the space, avoiding too loud sounds that can disturb their guests or the limited budget of the owners. Playing as a duo opens up a chance for musicians to be in this field, something that they might not get if they only choose to play in combo formation.

The Artists

duo tone, puspita regi, reo richo, agis bape, gallia


This is a slice of a ‘small’ group that plays French Gypsy Jazz, Satura ft Agis Kania. This time two members from this group: Agis Kania and Opik Bape will go deeper into Soul Jazz. This is a good choice since Agis is has a strong soulful vocal character. Step aside from the Django Reinhardt’s style that Satura is into, Agis and Opik will definitely give something tight and clean, the way they always do everytime we see them on stage.

This is the combination of Galant Yurdian, the bassist of an independent band 70′s Orgasm Club that also plays guitar with a superb jazz songbird, Puspallia Panggabean. We knew her since a couple of years ago when she used to play with Halfwhole Project, in another duo project with AJ theReal or in any other special sessions and we love her ever since. She has a regular gig at cafe Laos with Benyamin on guitar. What’s interesting in this act is to see how a indie-rock oriented musician/guitarist like Galant would sound when he takes on Cole Porter. As for Puspallia Panggabean, this young lady is the perfect one to carry this task. Let’s see how they cook the meals.

This is an experimental project between the vocalist of La Belle, Puspith March and a new sensation Reggie Badh. Reggie Badh once played solo, tackling both melodies with guitar and sing in Klab Jazz’s event “Et Alia” at the beginning of this year. Puspita Regi is going to pin the masterpieces of Nina Simone.

This is a newly-formed duo that was made especially for this Duo Tone event. Unlike the other duos, Yuricho Billy and Alvis Gusreo of Reo Richo combines vocal and piano. As the only male jazz vocalist in this event, Klab Jazz asked them to take on Male Jazz/Soul Vocal’s repertoires, ranging from the 70′s up to present.



sarah n soul, jazzuality, duo tone


Other than those 5 duos, this event invites a successful duo Sarah N’ Soul as a special guest star. Sarah Herliani Saputri and Nissan Fortz spread their musical horizon around soulful Blues. They have supported KlabJazz’s events three times before, and Sarah was once joined the jam session of our own Terraz Jazz some weeks ago. Both of them are individually outstanding and highly gifted, but when they become Sarah N’ Soul, that’s another story. They know how to combine everything they have inside to create the magical world of Blues. This sensational pairing has some singles that has been getting more and more attention from music lovers. From what we see and hear, we believe Sarah and Nissan is a musical soulmate.

Interesting concept we should say, and we’re happy to support it. For the jazz, soul and blues aficionados, indie fans, those who love acoustic duo formations or even if you want to see the potential pairings that one day can rule our music industry, this is for you. Strong lineup, strong combination and strong concept in cool varieties can be enjoyed all at once.


Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm – onwards
Location: Institut Francais d’Indonesie (IFI) de Bandung
Jl. Purnawarman no 32, Bandung

ENTRANCE FEE: IDR 20.000 only

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August Starday Monday and Daily Thematic Music Program at Street Gallery, Jakarta http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/august-starday-monday-and-daily-thematic-music-program-at-street-gallery-jakarta/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/august-starday-monday-and-daily-thematic-music-program-at-street-gallery-jakarta/#comments Thu, 21 Aug 2014 15:25:29 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15047 august-starday-monday


You have probably heard the new spot for jazz at the heart of Southern part of Jakarta. Yes, it takes place at Street Gallery, a new, happening ground as the extension of Pondok Indah Mall (PIM). Since last May this famous hangout area has launched its thematic music program that enables you to find live music entertainment every night, from 8:00 pm to midnight (8:00 pm to 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday). Especially for you who live around this part of Jakarta, you should be happy to be able to have full access on these shows that’s provided free from any charge. Put it simple, you don’t have to wait until weekend to get good quality music entertainment. Any day you need one, all you have to do is just come to the Street Gallery to have it.

Along with this program, there’s a section called STARDAY MONDAY. This section allows you to meet the stars and enjoy their cool, intimate performances from a very close range. Probably you’d ask, when the nearest date for it and who will it be? Here’s the answer. In this month of August, Starday Monday (Monday with Stars) will come on August 25, 2014, featuring papa-son BENNY and BARRY LIKUMAHUWA and the band, plus a very special guest star, THE GROOVE! Note: the show will start exactly at 8:00 pm all the way to midnight.

There are many great musicians who got it from their parents’ DNA, but not so many of them play together. From that few there’s Benny Likumahuwa -  a legendary jazz artiste who’s been active for more than half of a century – and his proud son, one of today’s most popular stars that serves infectious funk with his bass, Barry Likumahuwa. It’s always inspiring to see the harmonious soul and spirit connection between father and son being brought from daily life onto the stage. They have shown it many, many times either in Barry Likumahuwa Project, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection, special project Like Father Like Son or in any other occasional event, yet we’re still wanting to see more. In any of gigs when they share the spotlight, the audience can always feel love and respect they are transferring to each other. It’s not easy anymore to find this kind of harmonious relationship in today’s self-centered oriented planet. Moreover, what you can also catch is Benny’s pure and traditional swing spirit that blends with Barry’s youthful funky bass bites and chops. They never place themselves in an exclusive manners, on the contrary they tend to show an interactive, intimate session that bridges the stage to where the audiences are.


starday monday, jazzuality, the groove, barry likumahuwa, benny likumahuwa


Next, The Groove. This band was established way back in 1997 and said to be the trendsetter and icon of pop jazz/acid jazz in Indonesia. Amazingly they are still standing tall and strong today. They have uncountable number of loyal fans from 17 years ago, they are popular too among the youngsters. They have many evergreens but they do have new singles too like “Let’s Go (Reunian)” and “Kusambut Hadirumu”. What’s inspiring for us is that eventhough they, just like life, have had their ups and downs, they are always close as one tight family. No matter what, in the end they always know how to find their way back, just like how they were reunited in 2010 after being in absence for a while.

There are many reasons why this band can stand the test of time. Other than the strong family spirit, their soul, funk, disco with jazz taste is ageless. Other than that, they are absolutely interactive and their high-octane energy is really entertaining to see. Today the band consists of Rieka Roslan and Reza (vokal), Yuke Sampurna (bass), Ali Akbar (piano), Rejoz (perkusi), Deta (drum), Arie (guitar) and Tanto (keyboard). If you love them then, you’ll love them now, if not even more.

Imagine the moment when The Groove meets father-son Benny and Barry Likumahuwa. Imagine when so many great musicians that love to involve their audiences share the same stage together. That would be something you don’t want to miss. And yes, it will happen less just in a couple of days from now at Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta.

If you want to see the other days’ gigs, there are plenty of choices that surely can set your night cheerfully to music. The schedule is as follows:
- Tuesday Latino “Zarro & the Vega” (8:00 pm – 00:00)
- Wednesday Rockoustic “Bravo” (8:00 pm – 00:00)
- Thursday Pop Jazz “Davina & Friends (8:00 pm – 00:00)
- I Love Friday “Mr Brightside” (8:00 pm – 00:00) and DJ Teddy Mananta (00:00 – 02:00 am)
- Saturday Romantic “Romantic 4″ (8:00 pm – 00:00) and DJ Stefanya Morgan (00:00 – 02:00 am)
- Sunday Acoustic “Heart Worker” (01:00 pm – 05:00 pm), “Le’ Lucky Coustic” (8:00 pm -10:00 pm) and “DJ Erick” (10:00 pm – 00:00)

Be there and be a part of August Starday Monday on August 25, 2014 with Benny-Barry Likumahuwa plus special guest star, The Groove. Bring your friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy a nice dinner while getting great entertainment from these stars. Why wait till the weekend when you can immerse yourself in the musical festivities if you can do so on extraordinary Monday? Other than that, there are so many options to choose that we’re sure will catch your interest as well. Time to recharge yourself and feed up your soul, swing on and groove yourself up!

Keep updated and log on to www.pondokindahmall.co.id, follow their Twitter @pondokindahmall and like their Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/pondokindahmall


For Further Information please contact:
Yunita Prima
PT. Metropolitan Kentjana, TbkPondok Indah Mall
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok III B, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12310
Telp: 021-7506750 ext 390, fax : 021- 7506755

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Groove Collective #17 http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/groove-collective-17/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/groove-collective-17/#comments Mon, 18 Aug 2014 06:58:17 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15043 groovecollective-17


After being paused for two months due to the presiential election and Ramadhan, Klab Jazz is finally back again with its Groove Collective. This regular event is set to be the playing ground for bands or musicians who have groove, soul, funk, nu-jazz and the likes as their concept. It was launched for the first time on September 2012, happy to see that it has reached the 17th edition.

Let’s take a deeper look at the word groove as a musical term first. Groove is the kind of music that become more and more accepted as a genre. In groove the sense of rhytmic feel is mostly created by the rhythm section of a band, producing something that usually makes us want to move, dance and any other response by the body in sync with the music, including foot-tapping and so on.. While the term ‘groove’ was actually already used in music at least since the 50′s, this concept began to be taken and developed seriously in the late 80′s/early 90′s. Groove has been widely used in variety of genres. Most notably in R&B, disco, hip hop and jazz, but it can also be found in some other sides like reggae, metal/rock or even ethnic. However, for the common listeners groove is mostly related to the kind of music which combines some elements such as jazz, funk, pop, soul and R&B which has the kind of infectious beat that our body can’t refuse to respond.

Due to its pop pattern, groove often gives benefit to jazz development due to its ability to introduce jazz in friendly approach to the common listeners. So, while we have to maintain the traditional jazz, groove is also needed if we want to see jazz being developed in this country. Having that in mind, Klab Jazz provides a regular event where groove is placed as the main theme.

It’s an undeniable fact that the number of groove bands in Indonesia is significant. From what the founder of Klab Jazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman, has seen, the groove bands have helped the regular jazz gigs to keep going. We see that too in our own event, Terraz Jazz. On the other hand, the mutual symbolism of ‘pure’ jazz musicians and those in more pop-ish side has been going on for ages as well, enriching both sides, even able to create something new in music.

The Groove Collective #17 is going to run at the same homeground, Bober Tropica, Bandung. Five groups have confirmed to participate. The dynamic pairing of jazz vocalist Puspallia Panggabean and the all-rounder Galant Yurdian, together as Gallia, will give you light jazz in delightful acoustic groove. Then there will be Evan Natanael, the drummer we know as the personnel of jazz-rock band, E.I.P. This time he will bring his other band named Rhythm Motion. Stands as a trio, Evan brings his own team mate from E.I.P, Muhammad Ilham on bass and Yadi as the violist. The combination of drums, bass and violin will certainly give a different musical texture, especially since two of them are great in bringing jazz-rock.

More on the lineup, we find Ranitya Aulia‘s band. Other than Ranitya on vocal, the band comprises of Yanuar Gobel (bass), Zam Zam Yusuf Maulana (saxophone), Sena (guitar), Ferdi (drums) and Wais (keyboard). It’s the first time we hear about this band, but looking at the formation, we know this band will give colorful tunes that fits the main theme. Two other bands are the Green Dolphin Street and Hockeyhook.

If you’re looking for an event in this week that can fill up your relaxing hours with groove, do come to the Groove Collective #17 at Bober Tropica, Bandung. It’s provided free of charge as usual. It doesn’t matter if you like jazz or not, what’s important is for you to groove along the rhythm.

Groove Collective #17

Date: Friday, August 22, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm
Location: Bober Tropica
Jl. Sumatra no 5, Bandung


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Terraz Jazz #10 Special Independence Day Edition : The Report http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-10-special-independence-day-edition-the-report/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-10-special-independence-day-edition-the-report/#comments Sun, 17 Aug 2014 05:08:53 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15036 TerrazJazz-10


Man, it’s good to be back! We’ve been missing our tight activity in selecting the bands to participate in this very event, the Terraz Jazz twice a month. But then came the month of Ramadhan when the Muslims had to fast during the daylight and pray at night to have a spiritual cleansing. Since we didn’t want to distract them, the Terraz Jazz was paused for a month. Entering the second week of August, Terraz Jazz was back in action again. There are still many bands we haven’t invited yet, while the already played bands are worth to have another shot. We have to do the balance as well as trying to find the best combination in terms of dealing with the variety of jazztertainment. Just like before, the Terraz Jazz #10 was divided into two sessions: the live performances of three bands and an open jam session all the way to the end. Curious to see how it went? Let us spill it for you.

This edition was dedicated to the Indonesia’s Independence Day which falls on August 17, 2014. Due to this theme, we asked the performing bands to include something that could be related to it, either in repertoires, concept or even dresscode. Whatever it is, we let them free to choose as long as it fitted the theme.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Owcindful (5)


The first slot was taken by Owcindful. Quickly this band of youngsters poured some classic funky disco style that worked very well to open this come back edition. Nicodemus Horisson (piano), Inez (vocal), Ariel and Anthony (guitars), Jere (bass) and Andre (drums) didn’t just play, they clearly prepared the materials to fit the month of Indonesia’s Independence Day. A little fact about this band, it was established first of all on Valentine’s Day last year at an event in Trans Studio Mall. Long story short, they saw the opportunity to keep going. After many gigs around Bandung, Owcindful’s finally landed on Terraz Jazz.

Without any opening speech from us, the Owcindful quickly opened up their session with a national anthem written by Ibu Sud entitled “Tanah Airku”. They carried on with interesting version of Kahitna’s “Takkan Terganti”. Starting like it was going to be a ballad, they suddenly sticked this song in 70′s disco style, complete with the wah-wah guitar sound. What an enjoyable presentation that created smile on our faces. Then they moved on to another national anthem “Indonesia Pusaka” again in party mood, playful chords and Brazilian splash. Then they gave a song that’s listed in their memory, it was Sandhy Sondoro’s “Malam Biru” and sealed their show with “Can’t Take My Eyes of You”.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Owcindful (7)


If before we knew Nicodemus’ valuable contribution to the jazz band Chakraborty, we’re glad to see his ability to lead a band with cool music form. This would perfectly suit the young listeners easily. What’s also great is that these young folks served it not like a wannabe but we could feel that it came out right from their souls. It was groovy, soulful and danceable, but at the same time contained jazz in nice portion. Watching energetic boys with strong passion in music like this is always cool. With more experiences that can be gained from having more and more gigs, Owcindful can go fly up high. They have potential, we’re happy to have them in.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Frank and Co (5)


The second slot was taken by a band with the name that could remind you of a jewellery company. It’s called Frank & Co. We heard this band from its guitarist, Frank Navayo who came and jam many times in this event. So it’s about time for us to feature him in a session with his band. Other than this George Benson-ish guitarist, the band has Josua Stephen (keyboard), Yeremia Liong (drums), Christopher Andika (flute & saxophone) and Ken (bass).

This band was established just a couple of months ago for the purpose of participating in the audition in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan. Realizing that they have the same passion to jazz, they decide to keep working together as a team. We knew Frank’s great playing, but what about the band he’s in? Well, now we know that the rest are also great, and they are tight as a band as well.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Frank and Co (7)


Fusion is they core as they served some of the well known songs such as “Starsbrough St Dennis”, their own original song with a little Brazilian mood composed by Frank titled “Tropis”, and then closed the session with Chick Corea’s masterpiece, “Spain” that this time locked in between Spanish and Middle Eastern approaches.

Flute always adds up a different color in a band, especially jazz. It’s great to know that Bandung actually has a jazz flautist that can also play saxophone as well. And he’s here inside Frank & Co. The players possess great skill to execute jazz songs. They even already have original song, a really good one in our opinion. Well, if the Jewellery company has highly valuable products, this Frank & Co is valuable too. Clean and tight. Delightful.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Mahesvara (4)


For the last band we presented a distinctive band that combined modern Western instruments and traditional Eastern ones. It was Mahesvara, consists of young troops from Universitas Padjadjaran that share the same passion (and dreams perhaps) in music. Once they were called iPad, but then changed to Mahesvara which  we think much better in representing their concept. For Terraz Jazz #10, Mahesvara arrived with the team of Riri (vocal), Romi (guitar), Gani (bass), Doly (kendang), Hilmi (flute), Sarah (percussions) and Dika (drums).

Something’s interesting happened in this edition with Mahesvara. Since two of the players couldn’t join (female percussionist Hanna ‘Jipi’ was feeling unwell after a long coming home trip and the keyboardist Aldy got another gig elsewhere), they made some changes that actually showed their strength even more. Doly which usually plays flute now took the kendang position, and Hilmi who’s supposed to play talempong (the Minangkabau traditional instrument) became a flautist (including the bamboo flute). Riri got double job as vocalist and djembe player, the instrument that later guarded by both Riri and Sarah. If usually the drum is taken by a female drummer named Riska, this time she’s replaced by a powerhouse drummer, Dika. Tonight we saw the evidence that almost all of them are multi-instrumentalists, they can exchange position without problem and play just as good with less players. For us, that’s incredible.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Mahesvara (7)


They were captivating right from the start. The opening song directly pictured the music core they are into. Ethnic singing, kendang-percussion battle, the steady drumbeat, cool guitar and bass works plus the sound of the bamboo flute. All cooked with playful dynamics, nice timing and cool execution. Chrisye’s “Cintaku” got an interesting Sundanese music fashion in some parts that we never heard from others. They delivered “Five in One Medley” including “Djanger Bali” and then reached the final with Titi DJ’s “Ekspresi” where they unleashed all energy they had left.

Many unique things can be found in this two-dimensional ensemble. It’s never easy to find the perfect combination of jazz and pop with traditional Sundanese vibe. And, it’s rare to find female percussionists stand tall in a group. With this unique and complex concept, they can even exchange position or take double job. Mahesvara has it all. Moreover, they know how to cook it up by having totally different ingredients. Another thing, they were nice to look at too since they wore shirts with red/maroon as a dresscode. Quite big ensemble with happy vibes, energetic and totally entertaining. The guys played well, and the ladies? They were sensational, attractive, cute but powerful at the same time. The best performance of Mahesvara we’ve ever seen, it was epic.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Jam Session (1)


After all bands did their things, we moved to the second part of the show, the open jam session. Joo Yang of Chakraborty positioned himself on drums, Rizki Jonathan on vocal, Andre Fernando on guitar and two guitarists from Owcindful, Anthony and Ariel plus the pianist Nico were also back on stage. What’s different in this session is Anthony changed his role as a bassist. This batch played two songs, Chrisye’s “Kala Cinta Menggoda” and Bruno Mars’ “Treasure”. The next batch was filled with Agi (drums), Kevin (piano), Ken (bass) and Frank Navayo (guitar). Erick Gabe joined in demonstrating his ability on scat singing and his mouth trumpet signature. The photo session was the last thing to do, that’s the end of the whole program.

Having these three bands and the way the open jam session turned out satisfied us very much. The musicians are all still young and might not be as famous as today’s stars just yet, but the future actually lies in their hands. If/when one day any of them emerged as top player, we would be happy that they once got the Terraz Jazz as one of the sources to gain experience. All talented, all passionate, all are deeply into music, especially jazz. And they are open minded and creative too.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Titbits (7)


Speaking of Indonesia’s Independence Day, we have proclaimed and been living it for 69 years. We still dream to see Indonesia as one great nation where democracy and unity being lived fully by the society, respecting the differences as a blessing, not as a reason to destroy one another. Jazz can be a good way to show it as it carries the values. What we dream is to have jazz as the miniature of the nation or even the world we all dream of. Everyone respecting the others, playing together in order to create good stuffs, leaving all the ego and other self-attributes behind and works hand in hand in harmony to reach a better future.

Nelson Mandela once said: “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” If many parts of the world still unable to do such thing, the jazz people has to be able to live with that standard. There should be no room for ego or self-centered in jazz. We have met so many living jazz legends who are still humble and show big respect to other musicians. And for us, that’s really inspiring. Hopefully that will inspire you guys too, so we all can hope for a better tomorrow for our nation. Many thanks to all the participating bands, the attending musicians, the happening jazzy crowds, soundmen, the venue Terrazo Food Venue and everyone related. Let’s keep the spirit alive. Dirgahayu Indonesia, we love you.


Terraz Jazz 10 - Group Photo


Watch the highlight on Jazzuality’s Youtube channel:

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Ayu Lestari
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

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97.5 Play FM Palembang Presents: Jazz Taman http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/97-5-play-fm-palembang-presents-jazz-taman/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/97-5-play-fm-palembang-presents-jazz-taman/#comments Fri, 15 Aug 2014 07:48:39 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15032 Jazz-Taman


What is a city without a park?

With its magnificent trees taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, lush green parks serve as the ‘lungs of the city.’ Especially in the hot weathered city like Palembang, the existance of park can offer the best of freshness nature can give. Now imagine this. What if the relaxing sound of jazz blends with the cozy, cool atmosphere and fresh air that’s provided by a park located right at the heart of a city?

97.5 Play FM Palembang thought about it. Acknowledging the importance of city parks in keeping the quality of air and life for the people, 97.5 Play FM Palembang collaborating with Bank Sumsel Babel, Kuto Besak Theater Restaurant, PT. Rambang, Boom Futsal, Reload Kitchen, Koran SINDO Palembang, Trijaya FM Palembang, Jazzuality.com, and Palembang Jazz Community; presenting an event where people can feel the social function of the park as a place to interact and to relax through a program called Jazz Taman (Park Jazz).

The premiere of Jazz Taman will be held on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 3 until 6 pm. at Taman Kuto Besak Theater Restaurant. It will be hosted by 97.5 Play FM’s broadcaster, Dede Hasan, and will feature local jazz talents: Hei, Espresso and Real Band. If you’re a musician, you can also jam with them. Or else, you can just enjoy the performance while breathing fresh air and cozy green surroundings.

In addition to enjoying the city park and jazz acts, players can also participate through exciting games and by tweeting their Jazz Taman experience (mentioning @975playfm and @jazztamankota) to win prizes.

At the end of the event, there will be ‘Operasi Semut’ where the crews, alongside with the audiences, will actively clean up the park area to show support to the city.

For you, both jazz lovers and a part of the society who care about the environment in Palembang, do join this good jazzy cause. Not many people realize, but actually we can have fun while doing our part in greening the city. It will definitely give benefit to the better climate and certainly make world a better place. We’re happy to see jazz is once again involved in the environmental care movement, we are proud to be able to support it.

97.5 Play FM Palembang Presents: Jazz Taman

Date: Saturday, August 16, 2014
Time: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Location: Taman Kuto Besak, Theater Restaurant, Palembang


For more info on Jazz Taman :
Chelssa Seno
Promotion Executive 97.5 PLAY FM
Jl. Bay Salim No.1 Komp. Percetakan Rambang Palembang

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Serambi Jazz 2014: TUSLAH http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/serambi-jazz-2014-tuslah/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/serambi-jazz-2014-tuslah/#comments Wed, 13 Aug 2014 16:22:33 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15024 SerambiJazz-Tuslah


As one of the most successful overseas program of Goethe-Institut, Serambi Jazz has been doing great in presenting quality jazz concert every two months since 2009. Riza Arshad who acts as the curator of this program works hard to maintain each edition by featuring skillful bands/musicians who have dedicated their love to jazz both from our local source and Germany. Series of clinics has been made that already bore fruit, meaning that there are successful bands today actually started from attending the Serambi Jazz’s workshop. Two months ago this successful program higlighted a great man that can combine the strong jazzpression with sophisticated and poetic tunes at the same time, Julian Marantika http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/serambi-jazz-2014-julian-marantika/. Just a month later, a special Serambi Jazz visit to Yogyakarta was held by presenting Duo Project, a guitar-piano session of Ramadhani Syah Warongan (Dhani Syah) and Johanes Radianto http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/serambi-jazz-2014-duo-project-ramadhani-syah-warongan-johanes-radianto-yogyakarta/. Both received great results from the society.

In this month of August Serambi Jazz is ready to spread its venom again. Unique might be the best keyword to describe this upcoming show. It involved four cross-aged jazz titans where each of them can pour out a deadly one. If a band decides to play without bass is already unique, what if we say that this band utilize just set of keys (piano, synthesizer and Hammond organ) plus drum? How can this formation carry the concept and how will it sound? Tell us if you on’t think it’s unique. We think these four dudes are really daring and brilliant at the same time. Who? Well, it’s TUSLAH. This quartet is the headline for Serambi Jazz August 2014 which will come on August 21, 2014 at GoetheHaus Jakarta, starting 7:30 pm onwards. Just like always, this one’s free concert and open for public.


tuslah, jazzuality, riza arshad, adra karim, sri hanuraga, elfa zulham


We call Tuslah a group of Jazz titans is not without reason. Other than they possess worldclass skills in dealing with their instruments, they know what to do in order to flip you upside down. Maybe you’re wondering what Tuslah refers to. It came from “Toeslag”, which is a shorten word from Toetsen (keyboard) and Slagwerk (drums).

The Serambi Jazz curator Riza Arzhad on synthesizer, Sri Hanuraga on piano, Adra Karim on Hammond and Elfa Zulham on drums are the personnels of this very unique quartet.

This idea came from Riza Arshad first of all, as he thought it would be interesting to form a band with an ‘unusual’ formation since he has some fellow musicians with specialties and distinctive characters. So it was formed some times in October 2013 and had the first gig in Red White Jazz Lounge. “What I wish to make is a home for these ‘non industrial’ fellows. I want us all to maintain our intellectuality as an improvisator, especially in this non industrial segment of music scene.” Riza explains. He also said that this becomes more relevant today since there are so many musicians that actually dare to take this path. So now four them is living harmoniously together, sharing and throwing the ideas to one another in order to make this work. “This band doesn’t have a leader, but rather is a collective band.” he says furthermore.

We heard this band for the first time when they were featured in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta’s event Festival Musik 2013  and then saw them again at the Java Jazz Festival 2014 .  Based on the uniqueness, masterclass skill, brilliant concept and fine execution, Serambi Jazz is exactly one of the perfect playground for this group.

Tuslah’s music is served as a creative impulse of the musician whose background is rich with musical experiences in Indonesia, also in Europe and America. What’s also interesting is, this group is like a combination of two groups. Riza Arshad and Sri Hanuraga are from W/H/A/T while Elfa Zulham and Adra Karim are two of the four players found in Tomorrow People Ensemble (TPE). From what we’ve seen, Tuslah creates a ‘new color’. They combine the element of classic, jazz, blues, funk and rock which are going to appear through original compositions and new arrangements.


tuslah, jazzuality, riza arshad, adra karim, sri hanuraga, elfa zulham


Just like we said before, each of them can make a difference when asked to play, now imagine what would happen when they join forces. Think of how the combination of piano, synthesizer and Hammond in one shot along with drum without bass would sound. What kind of ‘jazz hybrid’ does they create? The key-wiz Riza Arshad, the magic fingers Sri Hanuraga, the strong funky-punchlines of Adra Karim and the rich beat from Elfa Zulham will surprise you. Just don’t miss the Serambi Jazz August 2014 Edition on Thursday, August 21, 2014 at GoetheHaus Jakarta, and prepare yourself to see a concept totally different than what you’ve seen so far.


Date: Thursday, August 21, 2014
Time: 06:30 pm – onwards
Location: GoetheHaus, Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Menteng, Jakarta


Photos of Tuslah were taken by Mia Damayanti Sjahir

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Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 Report : Day 2 http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/ubud-village-jazz-festival-2014-report-day-2/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/ubud-village-jazz-festival-2014-report-day-2/#comments Sat, 09 Aug 2014 21:37:06 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=14970 Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Day 2 (2)


The beatiful day of jazz already took place at Ubud yesterday, courtesy of Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014. (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/ubud-village-jazz-festival-2014-report-day-1/). Now we are going to let you know what’s happening on the second and final day of this second episode of this annual party.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - OpenMind Quartet (1)


Two bands started exactly at the same time: Openmind Quartet and Gustu Brahmanta Trio. The Openmind Quartet consists of musicians from the Universitas Pelita Harapan Jakarta such as Michael Setiawan (grand piano), Kevin Yosua (Electric Bass), Dion Jana Pria (Electric Guitar) and Joshua Setiawan (Drums). Once again reprised their great role in last year’s edition in pouring this event with cool swingin’ straight ahead. They played the traditional style of jazz, yet felt very fresh, something that we really needed while covering the event under the warm Bali temperature. Not only they cooled us up, but they also gave a beautiful start for the second day. Neat, tight and clean play from these very talented and skillful younger generation. They were playing originals by Michael and also some standards such as Rhythm-a-Ning by Thelonius Monk.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Gustu Brahmanta Trio (3)


For those who wished to enjoy jazz with authentic Balinese taste, Gustu Brahmanta Trio gave exactly that on Subak Stage. Think of this: a trio with the combination of western and Balinese instruments, you should get something different from it. The group which has Ida Bagus Putu Brahmanta (drums and percussion), Ida Bagus Indra Gupta (contrabass) and I Wayan Suastika (rindik, gamelan) served mystical pentatonic pelog scale with jazz as the foundation. What’s a rindik, you might ask? Well, a rindik is an instrument made from bamboo with 11-13 keyed xylophones tuned to a fairly even tempered scale.

Other than rindik, the trio also modifies the drumset with kelenang to add even more Balinese nuance. What’s unique is that, if the usual Balinese gamelan orchestra could have from 10 to 20 players with varieties of instruments, this three dudes dare to bring the Balinese jazz concept alive with just minimalist formation. From what we heard, they proofed it to work perfectly. This is the kind of jazz that we really want to see from jazz fest in Bali, thanks to Gustu Brahmanta Trio, we could get it very early on Saturday. The attempt of fusing traditional music of Bali with jazz has been done by so many musicians both from our own source and international, yet this trio is able to give something different while still rooting in the same spirit. Mind you, they are all native, so what we got from them was the authentic Balinese music with seamless jazz vibe inside. They showcased true Balinese ethnic music fused with modern jazz grooves, and they kept the rhythm in the pocket with just this formation. The show was simply educational, interactive, entertaining, magical, without having to lose the strong ethnic element. Ubud Village Jazz Festival just got defined.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Yuri Mahatma Astrid Sulaiman (5)


Then came the time to be entertained by the founder of Underground Jazz Movement also the founder of this very event, Yuri Mahatma. Once again he teamed up with dear wife, lady pianist Astrid Sulaiman. Using his weapon guitar, he led the quintet consists of Helmy Agustian on bass, Steve Bolton on drums, and Pramono Abdi Pamungkas on saxophone. One song that caught our attention is when they played “Hallucinations”. That song is always overlooked by many musicians but Yuri and Astrid nailed the song just right. Anyhow, the crowd seemed very relaxed from the cool grooves this band offered. This team opened up the Giri Stage just a few minutes after 5 o’clock in the very late afternoon.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Shadow Puppets (5)


Back to the Padi Stage we saw The Shadow Puppets played their delicate jazz. The original members Robert Mulyarahaja (guitar) and Irsa Destiwi (piano) was there, along with two other compatriotes Kevin Yosua (bass) and Elfa Zulham (drums). Not many band can still hang on after losing two players, but the Shadow Puppets still stands strong and active by getting the support from their friends to fill the empty seats in the band. The first album (EP) was released in 2010, then followed by a unique collaboration with a string quartet a year after. Robert then released his solo album which revisited the glorious Bebop era titled “Gratitude” in 2013.

In this gig they played quite many beautiful songs including Indonesian evergreens like “Aku Pasti Datang”, “Esok kan Masih Ada” and Adji Bandi’s “Damai Tapi Gersang”. Beautiful, ellegant and charming as always, these four young talents did very well in pleasuring the fest-goers including those who just came in. A sweet performance like this is always great to see in the jazz fest.  The fact that it came from the skillful players made it filled with quality. A nice show in the late afternoon it really was.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Erica Tucceri (4)


The number of jazz flautists might not be as much as the players of instruments we often found in jazz, yet there are many respected ones in the history like Dave Valentin, Eric Dolphy, Herbie Mann, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, James Moody and Hubert Laws. What about a female flautist? Rare, yes, but that doesn’t mean that there are none. Meet Erica Tucceri, a Melbourne-based flautist and composer from the younger generation. Not only she plays great, but she’s been working hard in developing a prototype electric flute that has a unique sound in conjunction with various ‘normal’ acoustic flutes.

For this event, she is backed up by local Balinese Catur Kurniawan on bass, Ade Surya Firdaus on keys and also Melbourne-based Tommy Harrison on drums. They played some covers such as “Footprints” and also Erica’s original called “Sunset Drive”. Erica showed strong latin feel and rhythm in her playing and composition, as if we were listening to female version of Dave Valentin.

When asked about her type of music, she answered “it’s a bit of a mix”. And we got what she meant during the performance as she reflected tunes beyond ordinary jazz.  Speaking of  her show, we experienced something we don’t find in many festivals: a relaxing getaway. It was chilly and windy, and Erica’s playing of her woodwind really set the mood right. Not to mention that the sound of flute in jazz is always sexy. Indeed, they served a delightful package.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Dwiki Dharmawan (4)


Dwiki Dharmawan was supposed to play with Kamal Musallam. But since the coflict occuring in the Middle East, sadly he had to pospone his participation. But the show must go on. So Dwiki took the part and played alongside Sandy Winarta (drums), Didiet Violin,  and Indra Gupta (contrabass).

Dwiki started with a beautiful solo piano recital covering an Indonesian folksong “Cik Cik Periuk” that apparently becoming the opening for a Borneo tune “Paris Barantai”. To respect Kamal, Dwiki went on playing Kamal’s composition called “Rima”. He carried on with an intense number from his World Peace Orchesrra album that usually played with Frank Gambale, “Arafura” and surprisingly invited Dale Barlow for “Janger Bali”. Just when the audience thought it was over, he called up Deva Permana to join and together they served “Numfor” as the ending.

Dwiki is an awe-inspiring jazzman. No one denes that. But at the same time undoubtedly his heart pulses strong Indonesian is 100% Indonesia. By saying so, no matter what he plays, there’s always Indonesia in it. And for that, we should give him a lot of respect. Other than participating, he also serves as the Event Advisor for this second edition.  Too bad Kamal couldn’t come, but the rest of the team saved the day.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Chika Asamoto (5)


There are so many fantastic jazz artists in Japan who gained popularity and success worldwide. One of the names you should know is definitely Chika Asamoto. Interesting fact about this performance: Chika was backed-up by her longtime friends, the legend from Malaysia Michael Veerapen (piano) and her fellow Japanese musician which is idolized by many young guitarists in Japan today, Toshiki Nunokawa (guitar). They studied music together at Berklee and ever since then they played many gigs together. In rhythm section there were Daniel Foong on bass and Steve Nanda on drums, both young promising musicians from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The performance was like a splash of water on the face. While most performance plays bop, free-jazz, hard-bop, these cats funked the house down! Tight groove, cool rhythm, they managed to get the audience to groove along. One of the songs they played was an original called In Paradise. So funky and the chemistry was strongly felt because they have played together for a couple of years in Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

As we said, the performance was like a splash of water on the face. Freshly entertaining!

Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Alexandre Cunha (3)


Almost at the same time, Alexandre Cunha had the second show on Subak Stage. Both jazz and Brazilian have different rhythms, but Alexandre knows how to swing the Brazilian rhythm up spontaneously and naturally. The way he produces the beat is like inviting everyone into a party and dance. After the cool run in the first day, there he was again gaining applauses and cheers from the audiences for his final shot. Ana Paula Moreti’s performance as the vocalist was even more captivating and seducing than the first day. There are so many great drummers in the world of jazz today, for sure Alexandre Cunha should always be included.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Gilad Hekselman (2)


An Israeli-born guitarist Gilad Hekselman ruled the Giri Stage around 8:00 pm. Although he is still considerably young, he has played with many great names such as John Scofield, Ari Hoenig and Mark Turner and has released four albums as the leader including the latest one “This Just In” (2013). Being mentioned as a guitarist who should stand in the same line as Pat Metheny and Kurt Rosenwinkel, this man has everything to proof so. Even though the audience has been offered a lot of heavy jazz throughout the second day of a festival, this trio successfully entertained the audience even with their very much heavy jazz. The trio was tight and Gilad’s unusual approach of jazz guitar playing really inspires not only musicians, but also the audience. Reminded us of Ulf Wakenius in some way. It was a shiny tour-de-force from start to finish.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Jiwa Band (5)


Look who performed on Padi Stage at 9:00 pm! It was a legendary band formed in 1998, then went on hiatus since 2001 due to the busy agendas of each players, but then just decided to reunite again last June, JIWA BAND. They have held the reunion gig a couple of times, but here at this Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014.. BAM!  They appeared in complete force for the very first time.

Rio Sidik (trumpet), Koko Harsoe (guitar), Ito Kurdhi (bass), Sonny Rywis (drums) and Erik Sondhy (piano) finally gathered on one stage again after 13 years. The energy blasted from the stage was really amazing. They played the new arrangements of the old songs and some new ones.

Since this is like a story in the making for 13 years, allow us to extend the story about this reunion. How did the band find the way to reunite? According to Rio, it was when he saw Koko Harsoe in one of his gigs. “As you know, I still play often with Ito Kurdhi and Erik Sondhy. But not with Koko Harsoe. When I saw Koko, I thought like, why don’t we play together again? The rest is history.” he said. They were all excited with the idea, and soon locked up playing together again. “I got goosebump during the practice sessions. The energy was unbelievable.” said Rio. “It was like people who fall in love, none of us wanted the session to end.” Rio also told that each of them brought their new arrangements in. All the journey they have gone through individually now collided in one massive harmony. “Love, that’s what I felt the most.” Rio said in expressing his feeling to be reunited with his buddies from his first-ever jazz band which was formed when he was still 19 years of age.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Jiwa Band (4)


If you really have to put it simple, they play fusion. But mind you that it’s not the ordinary fusion. Each of them can be a leader and stand as a great composer/arranger other than mastering their instrument. Spirit-wise, it’s an amalgamation of the ‘meditating’ paddy rice field and forest in Ubud and the raving beach party in Kuta, as well as the collision of styles possessed by each player. What’s great is that they can merge themselves to form a whole new dimension instead of trying to be the ruler. Giving birth to a new hybrid? Perhaps. At least we think so.

Enough about the band. How was the performance? Romantic. Remember, romance can’t always be related with mellowness. First of all, the band has not been playing together for so long, and the ‘missing’ feeling between the members could be felt by the audience. The spontaneity on stage, the laughs, the fun, and mostly their energy. Their music was driven by each member. Erik with his synth sound and modern jazz playing (now we understand why he’s being called Mr Fingers for so long), Koko’s jazz guitar tone and Metheny-ish solo, Ito’s and Sonny’s solid monstrerous groove, and the way Rio pushes the band from his tone and solo. Second of all, the romance was helped by the rain. Yes it was raining, but surprisingly, the audience stayed for the show! And it was amazing to see the band played their original such as “Put Yourself Together”, “When I Miss You”, and the very interesting unison intro between piano and guitar, “Singgasari Suita – Number One.”

The reunion has given tremendous positive energy to the members, may the flame continues on inspiring more players across nation. They hope so, we do too. We were trapped in nostalgia, but please don’t set us free. Well, welcome back Jiwa Band, we look forward to see new achievements to be added in your history.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Widi Noor Answara Project (3)


While Jiwa Band enjoyed their reunion, another action took place at the other spot. It was Widi Noor & Answara Project. Once a student of the late legend Bubi Chen and now stands as one of the important names in Bali music and jazz development, Widi Noor should be someone to look for in this festival. This time he presented his project named Widi Noor & Answara Project which consists of two keyboards (including Widi Noor himself), drum, bass and vocal choir. Just like what they gave at the Road to Ubud Village Jazz Festival, they served a nice blend of jazz fusion with vocal harmony and improvisations. Considering the talent of these youngsters brought in by Widi Noor, we can see the jazz movement in Bali is running very well. This act became a window for us to see the regeneration process of jazz artists in Bali.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Uwe Plath Dian Pratiwi Ondrej Stveracek (1)


No strangers in Balinese local scene, Dian Pratiwi and Uwe Plath once again took breaths away. As if natural-born jazz musicians, they swung the venue like crazy! Uwe Plath’s playing was magnificent with his aggressiveness  and choices of notes that somehow felt wilder by the appearance of Ondrej Stveracek as his partner.  Dian’s long-term expertise in singing jazz was shown, when she scatted the song away, effortlessly.  This became another nice coming home gig for Dian, and in some ways for Uwe too. They already got the Ubud spirit inside their veins and have it side by side with jazz DNA that flows freely from deep within. With this act we reached the end of the whole 2014 edition of Ubud Village Jazz Festival.


For two days straight Ubud area in Bali was painted with vibrant colors of jazz. The musicians, the venue and the surroundings was just magnificent. Yes, it’s true that Ubud is Bali’s cultural heart that’s still preserved all the natural essences of how a paradise island should be. It still has strong spiritual atmosphere by the existance of ancient temples and castle, traditional art shows, art/painting museums, sacred forests and caves. Hey, even the rice paddies found in that area can be really relaxing to watch. It can be a perfect spiritual and self-recollection place, thus can stand as another catch to be in Bali other than the rave party and Kuta beach. Now if you hear the name Ubud, you should also think of a new home of jazz, thanks to the existance of Ubud Village Jazz Festival, the brainchild of the founder of Underground Jazz Movement Yuri Mahatma and the owner of ANTIDA Music Productions.  AA. Anom Wijaya Darsana. Anom once said that Ubud location is perfect for jazz, and after being inside this year’s edition, we can’t be more agree with him.

Since the beginning Ubud Village Jazz Festival was built not to be just another jazz festival which has floods the country. It’s not just a party but a source of high quality jazz with hopes that this can be accepted as a significant contribution to boost the sense of appeciation of art especially music among Indonesian, as well as to add some more values to our cultural and tourism agenda. It carries a mission to re-introduce jazz to the Indonesian society especially in Bali, reminding everyone that jazz has been evolving rapidly since it was born more than a century ago.  Jazz now reaches much wider than the style of the origin, absorbing the arts, cultures and musical forms from wherever it lands, accomodates the trend change while amazingly, preserving the original tradition at the same time.  We can’t deny that jazz is not just a part of music anymore, it can also be a symbol of a lifestyle and any other forms of social symbol

What we should praise is that the festival wasn’t made just overseas players-oriented, but the local and national talents got fair portion too, both in numbers and in the playing spot distribution. We also saw a good percentage of well experienced players and the young lions. The cross-nation collaborations took place in many shows, which can be a miniature of the united world of jazz that we wish for.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Titbits (8)


Moreover, it’s also important to mention that this edition marked the collaboration between Yuri Mahatma and Ben van den Dungen, the   initiator of the Jazz Summer School in Korea. The product is the first ever Bali Jazz Summer School that’s planned to be annual. How great is that.

Perhaps it’s time to see new faces, as there should be so many of them are waiting for the chance to get in. Jazz doesn’t belong only to Jakarta and other big cities in Java, it has a home in Bali too.  Soon in the near future, tourists don’t go to Bali only to enjoy their holiday but also rush in to be a part of this jazz fest.

We thank everyone who have given their best efforts in keeping this festival running. There are homeworks waiting to be done, but we have no doubt that this event will become one of the most awaited jazz festivals in the world and noted in the playing wishlist of musicians around the world. Thank you Ubud Village Jazz Festival, thank you all commitees, performers, supporters, audiences and everyone involved for making an unforgettable two-day jazz party.  Also thank you very much for your hospitality and great service towards us, a media partner. Keep the jazzy vibe on the Ubud sky.

See more pictures:

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Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 Report : Day 1 http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/ubud-village-jazz-festival-2014-report-day-1/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/ubud-village-jazz-festival-2014-report-day-1/#comments Fri, 08 Aug 2014 20:08:20 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=14967 Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Day  1


Imagine this: Horizons of paddy fields, hills, steep ravines, chilly weather, smiles of the locals, and a jazz festival. You read that right fellas, a jazz festival in the middle of those beauties. If few months ago we had a jazz festival up 3,000 meters high on a mountain (Jazz Gunung 2014), the annual Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 offers jazz-lovers-festival-goers another unique experience for the second consecutive year. Ubud is a small town in Bali island, and is regarded as the cultural centre of Bali. This town was even featured in a 2010 movie Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts for its natural beauty, artsy atmosphere, and spirituality. Now since jazz has been added in it, the area is surrounded by even more magic. It was truly a wonderful experience to feel the spirit of jazz and island of God blend in. It created such feeling that you won’t find elsewhere.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 came in handy in terms of providing great value of jazzertainment. Plenty of great acts, rainbow-like variety to choose, all packed in nonstop pleasure for 8 hours straight, for two days in a row. The face of Ubud would never be the same again after it got a jazz painted colors which was initiated by the founder of Underground Jazz Movement Yuri Mahatma and the owner of ANTIDA Music Productions, Anom Darsana.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival - Underground Jazz Movement 1 (4)


Divided into three stages (Padi, Giri and Subak), the festival started at around 3.30PM at Padi and Subak Stages, simultaneously opened by Underground Jazz Movement 1 and Underground Jazz Movement 2, two local community-based jazz projects. This community has the mission to introduce jazz to young musicians, especially those who reside in Bali. They gather mostly on Sunday afternoon until night and fill it with open discussion, talk and even play jazz. They went swinging in pure delight with tradings and improvisations included in every song . From what we saw, this Underground Jazz Movement already bear fruits, delicious ones. From now on you have to know this: if you are a musician living in Bali and wish to be familiar with jazz, all you have to do is come to their meetings. You can get a lot of information, knowledge, playing tips and many more regarding jazz. Jazz is very much alive in Bali, and there’s a community that you can put yourself into.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Seiji Endo (1)


Carry on now. Up next at Padi stage, Seiji Endo took his turn. Endo-san is an expert in straight-ahead jazz and bebop, but for this event, his concept is solo piano. Wanna know what was up? A piano recital in nature, that’s what! Heart-capturingly beautiful, mesmerizing, clean and accurate, he immediately caught people’s curiosity and attention, and made them fall in love with the performance. It was romantic, sometimes funny, cool, and intense. Overall, his performance was story-telling. Great experience.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - BID Trio (2)


BID Trio consists of Balawan (guitar), Ito Kurdi (bass), and Deva Permana (drums). The funky Ito, the ethnic-rock-fused Balawan, and the ever-versatile Indonesian-born drummer but pursuing his career in the land of Oz, Deva Permana. Their concept was conversational-like performance. A lot of calls and responses, sometimes tempo-free, which formed the performance to seem like they are having conversations on stage: with their instruments. The use of effects from Balawan and his expertise in playing double neck guitar brings strong flavors to the band. They were also rhythmically strong with the combination of metric modulation and polyrhythm based on pure responding. From a composition inspired by the melody of “Gundul Gundul Pacul”, original songs Three huge names in one project, these guys really showed what we wanted to see from them. The unique collaborative performances that appeared as if it was a melting pot of three music wizards. Awesomeness overload.  Another interesting fact: eventhough this is some kind of experimental project, they move fast to even has an album already.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Bali Ska Jazz Syndicate (3)


Fun, amusing, highly enjoyable, hilarious, colorful, and danceable! As taken from their Facebook profile,”There is really nothing serious about Bali Ska Jazz Syndicate except our eagerness to have fun with our audience!”, they thoroughly entertained us all by their smart song choices packed in ska and jazz, opened with Also Sprach Zarathrustra, they also played some standards such as “I’m In The Mood For Love”, “Summertime”, and Ray Charles’ “I Got A Woman” with very strong straight ska beat, blues feel, and subtle funk . The band is a mixed of local-international members consists of Gatot Yudiantoro (guitar), Badud Widjanarko (bass), Elliott Smith (drums), Anders Hejlm (trumpet), Peter Bazylak (trombone), and Martin Denev (keyboard). We’re happy to meet Denev again who told us that he’s happily residing in Bali, the place that he’s been living in for the last 2.5 years. What we know about Denev is that he never wants to be conventional. He’s a breaking-through person. He plays great jazz, but he’s a star in the clubbing scene. Now that we see him in this ska band, once again Denev made unpredictable unconventional move. Dancing, feet tapping, finger snapping, and nodding audience, The Bali Ska Jazz Syndicate totally hyped up the Subak Stage.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Alexandre Cunha (1)


Alexandre Cunha is the boss of Brazilian rhythm and drumming. With Ana Paula Moreti who did really great on vocals, Bruno Coppini on bass, Eduardo Gallian on guitar, Ricardo Cren on keys, and Marcelo Valezi on woodwind and percussion, this ensemble brought out strong Brazilian beat with modern chording and rhythm approach and also rich melodies. The band sounded like Tania Maria and late Astrud Gilberto, with stronger Brazilian feel in the solos and the drumming reminded us of Carlos Bala and Edu Ribeiro, figures of Brazilian jazz drumming. Alexandre Cunha has been pursuing his drumming career professionally for a couple of decades, he has released many critical acclaimed albums since his debut in 2005 titled Balepapo and has graced many big music festivals around the world. What a chance to be able to witness him infecting the audience in Arma, Ubud Bali. Bringing Cunha and his band to this event really put this festival to another level.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Uwe Plath-Dian Pratiwi-Ondrej Stveracek (4)


The fantastic female singer who has natural jazz breath and distinctive phrasing all over her voice, Dian Pratiwi reprised her great performance last year together with saxophonist Uwe Plath, her music partner in Germany, the leader of the Glen Bushman Jazz Akademie Big Band where she joined since a decade ago.

Let’s get deep with Dian Pratiwi for a while. She fell in love with jazz right after listening to Sarah Vaughn’s rendition of “Misty” and then quickly turned to Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Randy Crawford, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and the likes as her source of inspiration. After playing together with Ireng Maulana and Yopie Item around Jakarta, she decided to move to Bali and then went to Holland, where she built her career for 6 years (including a shot at the North Sea Jazz Festival with Edwin Rutten Quartet and establishing her own bands, State of Mind and Picture This. She came back to Bali and involved in the jazz scene together with her brother Yuri Mahatma. But then in 2002 she made a decision to further develop her career in Dortmund, Germany. That’s where she met tenor saxophonist Uwe Plath, her compatriote in this event.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Uwe Plath-Dian Pratiwi-Ondrej Stveracek (3)


Last year Plath stated his support by recommending good musicians from Europe to be involved in this festival as he thinks it’s important tou establish some combinations between Indonesian and European artists. How nice it was to see that he didn’t just giving the support by giving recommendation but also by direct involvement as a participating musician. What’s great that they were not playing just by two, but they involved some other great musicians with international reputation such as Czech’s Ondrej Stveracek (sax), Dominique Elhert (drums) and Arne Donadell (piano).

A warm, homey but joyous party was served from their act. After two songs where Uwe and Ondrej demonstrated a soul connection in an energy-boosting collaborations, Dian Pratiwi made this show smoother without having to loose its wild grip. Having the assorted of jazz such as “Joy” and “Come With Me Now”, played by a group of international reputed artists in tropical, mystical Balinese surroundings was just too good to be true. The fact that they took famous songs made it even better since the audience could sing and dance together. Under the moonlight. What a scene.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Sandy Winarta Quartet (5)


Every jazz lovers in Indonesia must know Sandy Winarta. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but Sandy actually is a native Bali son. He’s a versatile jazz drummer that has achieved almost everything so fast, enjoying his success in such a young age. Lately he’s been digging the Bali jazz scene often and it’s a must to have him participating in an important event like this. For this occasion he took some of his fellows such as Jeko Fauzy on guitar, Indra Gupta on bass, and Kevin Suwandi on keys. They were playing mostly hard bop and they did really bop Subak stage.

We still remember what he told us once, “With my own group I just love to take standards as the template and then go on with our creativity in playing.” So when he plays, you might know the song yet he can always put his own spices on it and make it like his own. Another clean, sharp, effortless performance scored by him and the band.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Ben  van den Dungen (2)


In the meantime, from the distance we could hear a fast bebop number and a Coltrane-ish sax solo. Came from the biggest stage, th Giri Stage, it was Ben van den Dungen who took his turn. A little bit about him, Ben got his cum laude at The Royal Academy of Music in the Hague for saxophone, and he started his career in mid 80′s and has been involved in many projects of his own. For this festival, he brings his trusted musicians which really blew our mind with their tight, clean, precise, as if they have been playing together for life. After the show, Ben told us about how he sees his music. He sees his music very seriously, and he does not want the music he composed ended like an ordinary jamming concept. Meaning, solo run here, improvise there, and so on. As we could hear during his performance, the song were neatly formed without having to lose any grip on the element of jazz: improvisation and flavor. As bopping as it sounded, the modern touch could be felt which differentiate him from those saxophone colossus in the golden era, even though we believe he could be as one of them. The band sounded so clear as a recording, but visually stunning and tasty. Let’s not forget that he came here just in less than a month after his Northsea Jazz Festival gig. A great catch for sure. If you somehow missed his act, he will appear again on day 2. That’s your last ticket to see his participation this year.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Deborah Carter (4)


Deborah Carter got us all awed at Padi Stage! Deborah is a perfect example of a jazz dame.

If you want to know more unique fact about this jazz lady, she was born in USA but grew up in Hawaii and Japan. She has performed everywhere around the world from jazz festivals, clubs, seminars even television and radio show with variety of formats from solo, trio to even large orchestra. You need masterclass? Sure, she’d always love to give one. Just like Ben, she’s been in North Sea Jazz Festival as well.

She got a piano lady who plays a great role to this festival (she is the Vice chairman and Marketing Communication of UVJF) named Astrid Sulaiman, Helmy Agustrian on bass, and Pierre Giorgio on drums backing her up. They were playing from Fat Domino’s rock n’ roll song “I’m Walking”, Horace Silver’s “Sister Sadie”, to The Beatles’ “Something” which was included in her The Beatles tribute album. Her band complimented her singing nicely, and she got us all grooved and swung. Old soul yet somehow fresh, the thing that you can expect to see from a modern day jazz dame.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - Eko Sumarsono (1)


One experienced jazz bassist took position on Subak Stage as the final performer. It was none other than Eko Soemarsono with his own project. He’s well known as a fusion musician that always love to spread his wings wide by often including ethnic/world music into his show, and we also notice him sessioning in more than few albums including Yuri Mahatma’s and Riwin’s. Playing as the member of bands and sessionists are just one of the possibilities, because here he brought his own project that’s still involving mystical ethnic music deeply. The show was intimate but ultimately amusing and audience-friendly. People were also seen dancing to his last song about harvesting sugar cane which he got inspiration from and an encore called “Hide and Seek”. What a way to close the Subak Stage in Day 1.


Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2014 - The GAPP Project ft Dale Barlow (3)


Closing the Giri Stage, The GAPP Project ended the night with a BANG! The Gapp Project is a fusion band from Sydney and features some of Sydney’s finest musicians: Nick Fowler (keys, synth), Christian Young (bass), Dale Barlow (sax), newest member Tim Lockwood (guitar), and Indonesia’s very own Deva Permana on drums and percussion. Deva already played with Balawan and Ito Kurdi as Balawan BID Trio earlier, but here he plays with his regular team mates for over 10 years.

Their instrumentation ranges from classic jazz fusion to modern jazz, rhythmically and harmonically complex but fun to watch and very inspiring for musicians and jazz enthusiasts. This is one energetic band and they widen their music with the use of brass sounds and synth, and how inspiring it is to see that there’s Indonesian proud son inside it. A vicious yet pleasuring show that was perfect to seal the first day up.

What a day! See you tomorrow, Ubud Village Jazz Festival!

See more pictures:


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