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Guitar as a Jazz instrument

In our history of popular music, an Electric Guitar is an instrument that is still very much in infancy comparing to piano or brass and horn instruments. During Jazz’s early days, banjo was much more popular not only because it’s more easily obtainable but the sound was loud enough to cut through the brass section of an early New Orleans Jazz bands. So, that’s one of the reasons why you won’t find a guitar playing with a marching band in New Orleans.

Only at the beginning of the swing era craze in the 1930s, the guitar expands its endeavour to popularity as a part of the main rhythm section. Used primarily to thicken up the sound of a rhythm section on orchestras and Jazz big band, its main function was a comping instrument that commonly accentuates the quarter notes along with the double bass’ walking bass line. Hence we came upon the boom-chick rhythm term. That’s when you get a bass player to play notes (“boom”) on beats 1 and 3 and (“chick”) is the sound of the rhythm guitarist emphasising on beats 2 and 4.

When Swing era reaches its pinnacle in the 30’s, bigger venues were needed to accommodate those lindyhoppers and teenyboppers. So when the band format got larger, the guitarist needs extra volume to match the rest of the band. An electric guitar with amplification is an indispensable solution. When Les Paul created the first electric guitar in 1931 that appears literally like a frying pan, the world wasn’t ready for a soloing guitarist. But the next advancement which came in science of amplification and microphones came to change the function of anelectric guitar for good. That guitar players can do single note improvisation in a jazz band – just like a horn instruments would do, without worrying if the sound will be drowned out by other instruments.



Guitarist Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson had contributed a lot during the electric guitar’s transformation from a rhythm section instruments into a soloing instrument. But a young man called Charlie Christian who was the foremost essential figure in the history of Jazz guitar. His style was indistinguishable since the maestro would include a flowing legato notes in his improvisation just like a horn or a trumpet player would play. And fromcutting edge guitarists just like him, and Grant Green, Danny Barker and Django Reinhardt that incorporate language dictionary of Bebop improvisation, the guitar began to be seen as a Jazz instrument. Until their contemporaries such as Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Tal Farlow, Kenny Burrel had layed the ground work of what we know now as a Jazz Guitar Style.

Comping in Jazz Guitar

In popular music such as Pop and Rock, guitarists tend to play in a more rhythmical fashionand play sharp riffs that strongly characterise a song, especially in rock music. Occasionally guitar playing were divided into two “roles”, a rhythm guitarist who handle the song’s harmonic progressions and a lead guitarist who play all the riffs and solos. But in most times these two roles do not apply in Jazz Guitar style.

In those early days of electric guitar, Jazz guitarists like Danny Barker or Freddie Green from Count Basie band frequently plays a constant quarter notes strumming to ”push” the horn and brass section. This is a solid team work with the rhythm section members, especially bass player and the drummer to create an intense and tight swinging rhythm.

In modern Jazz guitar style, chords are being played more sparsely and at times resemble a horn section of a Big band. Chord voicings or inversions are frequently more complex, since it should be able to accommodate more complex melodic structure in modern Jazz tunes. On top of that, to properly accompany a soloist on a Jazz tune require some hearing expertise. Because in short words, in order tocompliment a solo which “tell a story” we can say that the accompanist improvise along with him.

Improvisation essentials

In the Jazz guitar style, guitarist often adopts a legato style of playing with natural breathing like horn players (saxophone, trumpet, etc). Horn players need to take a short breath between musical phrases, and these pauses are identically with traditional Jazz phrases. Needless to say, guitarists also must be able to play rhythmical grouping variations and appropriate dynamics.

Facilities and tools use in Jazz guitar improvisation like passing notes, guide tones of chord progressions and various scales, and their relation with harmonic structures are crucial. Some Jazz guitarists would take pride in making chord solos, which done by adding melody on top note of a chord voicing.


So to improvise, you need to be able to integrate the basic building blocks of harmonic structures and to understand their connections with the melody and forms, so that you can (intuitively) choose which notes to play. And then you fit them into a well balanced contour, both melodically and rhythmically musical phrases, while keeping the tempo and swinging with the band. Oh, and do not forget the foremost important thing in playing together, that is listening to your band mates doing those things too.

Sounds difficult? Well then I have some bad news; there are no shortcuts in learning music and improvisation. In our world, very few people, perhaps only less than 5% of musicians that able to improvise well on bebop and modern jazz harmonies with an elaborate harmonic structure, without sufficient knowledge of music theories. But the good news is that most of us are the 95% remaining. Who knows, it may also include your Jazz guitar idol that had spent tens of thousands of hours of practice to be able to reach that professional level.

In short, Jazz improvisation is almost like talking to somebody. To communicate with someone you need to be able to express your thoughts (song) at a person (the listener). For one can understand (enjoy), you must express your words clearly (articulation and phrases), with the right tone of your voice (tempo and dynamics). Not too slow, too loud or too fast and stay within the context of your subject. You need to be able to choose your words properly (proper selections of notes) and know exactly what you are talking about (harmony and their relationship with the melody). Sentences that are efficient in length and uncomplicated will sound much better (not playing too many notes that are inaccurate). Complete each of your sentences clearly and.. don’t forget to listen, so that you can react appropriately.

Playing with the band

Rhythm, melody and solos can be interpreted more freely in Jazz. Each musician can give musical ideas and others can react appropriately to that idea. Both melodies and soloscontain musical informations, and rhythm sections mightusually “follow” the subject. (Although sometimes can be interesting if we can change a bit the course of the subject). Trust between players is important, because you need to feel comfortable with the groove and the overall feel of the song that you play, to reach your goal which is to communicate your art to your audience.


Listening is the first rule in playing together with the band. So don’t just listen to yourself, but for example try to listen and notice how your bass player is trying to build solid harmonic structure in his walking bass to support the melody, or solo you are playing, or you should try to listen what type of inversion your piano player have on his left hand and what kind of musical idea that he might have which could influence you in choosing the next phrase, or pay attention to your drummer, maybe he was playing some very inspiring rhythmical ideas. Listening is also a way to identify musical problems so you can quickly find a solution to them.

If you are not aware of these things around you when playing Jazz, you will miss important moments in music. There are maybe 4 to 5 people in a Jazz ensemble so ideas are already there for you to grab, often it is much better to play music that is “there” than the music that’s already fixated “in your head”. And leave your ego at home because the ensemble playing is a collective activity, when musicians with various instruments have merged into a single unit of what we call music.

Tips on playing a Jazz performance:

Ensure that:

1. You can hear yourself clearly
Clear doesn’t mean loud.

2. You can hear every band members in your band clearly
Note the position and the volume of your band mates. On a big stage, if only necessary, slightly adjust your monitor speakers (never adjust your monitors to loud because it will cause discomfort and feedback, especially if you use a hollow body guitar).

3. Each band members can hear you clearly
This applies equally to point 2.

4. Ensure that the overall sound are well balanced
Adjust the volume balance and instrument’s EQ to blend the overall sound. (It is often a task of a sound engineer but remember it is your art at stake, so you should have a bit concern for this).

5. You are in a place where every band member can see you
It is important to be able to communicate and have eye contacts with your band when playing. So consider the position where you will be playing, and search for an ideal position where your ears can hear the overall sound adequately.

To read this article in Bahasa, log on to this link: https://www.facebook.com/notes/dion-janapria/cetak-biru-gitar-jazz/778287888874949

Dion Janapria (@dionjanapria)
Music Teacher at Djazz Music School, Jakarta
Lecturer and Jazz Guitar Coordinator at Pelita Harapan University, Tangerang (for Jazz Guitar, Jazz History, and Improvisation Concepts)

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Braga Jazz Walk #09 http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-walk-09/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-walk-09/#comments Mon, 19 Jan 2015 04:48:33 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15451 BragaJazzWalk09-Eflyer

Some people thought jazz is all about cozy, relaxing, nice and easy tunes. Some others thought that its the kind of music that’s difficult to listen, full of complexity, puzzling and hard to chew. Then, there are people who demand vocalists most specifically ladies, ask them to sing love songs and describe it as jazz. Don’t we see many venues have it in their perspective? The truth is, there are more than 70 hybrids or sub genres of jazz today, from those pop-ish, the nice and easy, the mainstream, the modern and traditional, up to the loud, rebelious sides jazz wich often deliver with distortion the way rock stars do. Well, we can find jazz everywhere, and jazz can be played in whatever style. You can have it with modern, western instruments, but you can also present it by using local traditional instruments. Or the combination. Et cetera. One thing you have to know is jazz is a dynamic, progressive music that’s keep growing, expanding and giving birth to many new hybrids. It was like that, it still is now.

At this Braga Jazz Walk we have many homeworks. On the surface, just like any other music event, we are doing our best to provide jazz-tertainment which is accessible and free of charge. But underneath that mission, we are dealing with the regeneration process of jazz (related) musicians, trying to invite the young players to try playing this music while at the same time providing playground for the jazz musicians to perform. Then, we also have to introduce the wide variety of jazz, showing how open jazz actually is toward the other genre and all the possibilities that can be brought inside thi particular music. This event should become the destination for those who need to promo themselves and/or their latest work and certainly a reliable source if one need some talents for their event. In the end, we wish Braga Jazz Walk to be a comfortable home for anyone, from jazz fans, musicians and music lovers in general. Together with our partners in crime Braga CityWalk and KPH Music, we are commited to bring it all on.


kafin, disney channel, mickey mouse club indonesia, jazzuality


Here we come to the Braga Jazz Walk #09. Who will be there under the spotlight this time? First, let’s see a kid prodigy who we found by surprise when we visited Venche Music School last year. At that time he was having a class with Mr Mochamad Yahya Salam who directed him very well into jazz. His name is Kafin Sulthan Reviera, still 10 years old but you’ll be surprise when you see him on stage. This boy can sing very well while playing piano, and he can draw like a pro too. You can see how great he can play and sing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge5WCnn2MCU or when he did vocalese jazz with Indra Aziz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkAS5x6swPA.

Kafin is still a boy, but he’s not an ordinary kid. He’s pursuing his formal study by taking homeschooling, level third grade of Junior High School. Musically speaking, he has taken vocal lesson since 5 year-old and digged jazz on piano 3 years after. He starred in Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza’s Laskar Pelangi, Musical Drama Theatre in 2012. Then, he joined Erwin Gutawa’s ‘Above Average’ kids project which is currently in the process of recordings and concert. More, Kafin is now busy doing singing and coreo practice for Disney. Yes, Kafin is a part of Mickey Mouse Club Indonesia that will be aired on Disney Channel this year. When we invited him last year to perform at the tryout of Terraz Jazz, he successfully wowed everyone (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/citylink-jazz-n-jam-terazzo-jazz-the-report/). At that time, he said that jazz is actually his thing. Last August he went to Bali International Jazz Summer School and now the ‘enhanced’ Kafin is more than happy to show his progress at Braga Jazz Walk. Do come early, because he’s going to appear first. You have to see him, seriously.


etudiant, jazzuality


The second to mention is a jazz trio named Etudiant (French word for ‘student’). This interesting trio consists of female jazz pianist Tiurma Tizadya Ramadhani Siregar and two active personnels of Isola Jazz: Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha (bass) and Galih Cahya Nugraha (drums). The band was formed not too long ago in October 2014, but they are definitely not a newbie. Experienced in every corner, they can spin any songs including those with difficult arrangements. We don’t see many jazz trio anymore, so we put high hope to this one. They played at the fourth edition last November, it’s time to reinvite them again and see what’s new from them. If you’re looking for a jazz trio with good chemistry, this one’s worth to check.


kafin, disney channel, mickey mouse club indonesia, jazzuality


We haven’t featured fusion jazz ethnic for quite some times. So now it’s a perfect time to invite Hariring, a Sundanese word meaning humming or sing gently). Hariring is a cool, unique and creative ensemble who collaborates modern and traditional musics, from Jazz, Blues, Rock, Fusion, Soul, Dance to the traditional West Java Sundanese music. Not just the sound, but also the instruments. They do use the modern, western instruments like electric bass, fretless, piano, keyboard, synthesizer but also some traditionals including angklung, suling (bamboo flute), kolintang and bonang (a row of small, horizontally-laid gongs that function melodically), kacapi (Sundanese zither-like instrument), saron (a set of seven bronze bars placed on top of a resonating frame) and kendang (the double-headed drums) among others, plus some samplings.

The ensemble consists of daring musicians who understand how to carry this concept including Ringga Hardika (electric bass, fretless electric bass, piano, keyboard, synthesizer, angklung, suling, gamelan sampling, percussive sampling and live programming), Ares Rudhiansyah (kendang, suling, ethnic percussions),  Resya “Eca” Firmansyah (Kolintang awi, kacapi, angklung, bass, bonang, saron), Asep Everbeat (cajon, percussions), Toni Besot (kendang), also featuring Fregian (lyrics) and Athu (sinden: traditional Javanese/Sundanese vocal). If you want to know them better, you can visit this page http://ringgahardika.webs.com/hariring or http://ringgahardika.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-hariring.html. By visiting those sites you can hear the songs, you can watch their videos or even, download their 1st album, Fall in West for free.

As usual, jam session will be provided after the showcases. Anyone can join in, whether you are jazz musicians, students or even someone who wish to experience playing some jazz on stage.


braga jazz walk, jazzuality


We believe this is going to be an interesting. A kid prodigy, a solid jazz trio and unique ethno-jazz fusion are going to spice this 9th edition. We hope you all can join and have a jazzy party with us. No event will last without the audience, and it certainly won’t work without participation of musicians. Therefore we need your support too in order to keep this event running. If you live or happen to be in Bandung next week on Thursday (January 22, 2015), do come and enjoy the show.

Braga Jazz Walk #9

Date: January 22, 2015
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



:: KAFIN ::
Kafin Sulthan Reviera (vocals/piano)

Tiurma Tizadya Ramadhani Siregar (piano)
Ilham Septia Inda Nugraha (bass)
Galih Cahya Nugraha (drums)

Ringga Hardika (electric bass, fretless electric bass, piano, keyboard, synthesizer, angklung, suling, gamelan sampling, percussive sampling and live programming)
Ares Rudhiansyah (kendang, suling, ethnic percussions)
Resya “Eca” Firmansyah (Kolintang awi, kacapi, angklung, bass, bonang, saron)
Asep Everbeat (cajon, percussions), Toni Besot (kendang)
also featuring:
Fregian (lyrics)
Athu (sinden: traditional Javanese/Sundanese vocal)

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Braga Jazz Walk #08: The Report http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-08-the-report/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-08-the-report/#comments Sun, 11 Jan 2015 14:37:10 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15437 BragaJazzWalk8

Braga Jazz Walk opened up its second year of service with interesting theme. This first one in 2015 a.k.a 8th edition featured notable musicians/singers from groups which have participated in our events earlier who are currently trying to establish their solo career. As we are committed to the regeneration process of jazz (related) musicians in Bandung, channeling the potential talents becomes crucial. So we are happy that the first Braga Jazz Walk in 2015 actually highlighted this matter.  We are also proud to have Braga City Walk and KPH Music still fully supporting this regular program.

Three names, more than three players and many jamming participants were in. Each slot has its own persona where different styles successfully caught the attention of people spotted in the venue. Some came to watch, the others were mall-goers who were there during the event, they got sucked in to see the musical concept these gifted young artists wished to offer. There were blues, folk and rock/heavy metal found in this edition along with assorted jazz as the main dish. Some were joyful, sweet and cool, but some were sharp and rebellious, like a strike of slashing blade. The audience loved it, so did we.


Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Guntur Satria (2)

This 8th edition kicked off with a one man band, Guntur Satria. We knew him from his catchy naughty blues trio called the GFRtrio. With GFRtrio he appears as a wild, expressive (and explosive) bluesman who knows how to burn the stage with so many unpredictable moves. He’s much calmer when he’s all alone, yet his charisma still allowed him to shine.

Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” was first, followed by a gem from 1969,  “Across the Universe” originally recorded by The Beatles. The Beatles  presented it in psychedelic folk  with rich musical structure, Guntur respected it yet he infused his own soul into the song. Then he played his original song “Kala Rindu” which will be available when his EP’s finished. This song has the tasty indie content that’s loved by majority of young music listeners today in Indonesia, we believe this song has enough power to achieve success once it enters the market. Another The Beatles’ classic was perfectly covered by him, it’s called “Blackbird”. The freshness of country side was all over this one.  He then chose to seal his performance with a song that’s meaningful for him, “Englishman in New York.” The audience sang the reffrain several times together with him.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Guntur Satria (5)

You can visit his Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/gunturblues to listen to some of his tracks. Currently he’s working on his EP titled “Pergi Keluar” which consists of 5 tracks. Billy Ramdhani is featured in the album, and Sarasvati’s said to be on one track too. We are happy to steal him again from his studio activities and get the update. All looks good. The way he let himself connected with the audience, the songs which speak about his real life story, the ability to write and compose, he has it all. Not many young lad could take the one man band road and have success, but Guntur surely can. No doubt about that.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Fearman (7)

The second session was taken by Fearman. This man is not an ordinary singer since he can sing all kind of styles as he wishes. He can go sweet and simple, he can give flawless manouvers in perfect pitch. He can climb the highest octave easily, he can reach the low keys without problem. He can climb the highest note like a rock star but he can also croon the way Michael Buble does. We have enjoyed his performance with his band Poinkustik a few months ago, but now he’s thinking of building his solo career as well, and we’re more than happy to provide him the ground.

Like we told you in the info article, he performed with a rock guitarist named TNT (Tinto Arief Anugrah). He was supposed to have a full band backing him, but since he didn’t get the available musicians, he decided to march on only with TNT. For us it was a blessing in disguise, since with minimalist concept we can enjoy his talent much clearer. Especially since both of them have bagged many achievements during their career and the good chemistry between them, their session was really enjoyable.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Fearman (5)

Andre Hehanussa’s “Bidadari” was the first song in medley with Koes Plus’ “Jemu”. TNT was done tremendous work on guitar by flying wild from country to blues. Next was “Esok Kan Masih Ada”, one of the signature songs of Utha Likumahuwa delivered in sweet, romantic mood.  Then they took surprising choice, “Kantoi”.  This funny song of Zee Avi with brilliant lyrics that’s written in Manglish (a cross between Malay and English) sounded cool from Fearman, TNT was kept busy with his country guitar playing. His original song “Demi Kamu” delivered sweet and romantic. For the last song he gave Michael Buble’s medley including “Home”, “Feeling Good”, “I Just Haven’t Met You Yet” and “Save the Last Dance For Me”.

As we said, this man can sing just about anything. But we are happy that he took the jazz lane for his solo debut. A voice like him would be great to sing with big band, but perfect too with minimalist concept like this one. He’s still at the good age, he’s like prince charming on stage with all the good vibes surrounding him. There are many guys can sing, but not so many have the singing skills like him. It was a nice collaboration with TNT, simple yet rich.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Amo (6)

The last session was filled with madness. This lad has never failed to surprise us everytime he appeared on our stage. He was called Conka by his friends before, but now he’s settled with Amo. His rocking spirit has been built since early age and grew up with such bands like Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer. He likes to keep all the distortion and slashes his guitar like a metal pro yet jazz can be clearly captured during his play. Vicious heavy metal riffs complete with rebelious distortion now blended with jazz, the genre that he’s started digging not too long ago, about a year and a half. Can jazz go with rock distortion? Amo said why not. Tonight he gave a solid proof that it indeed works. Jazz with rock and distortion, we called it ‘Jazztortion’.

Together with his friends including Andi Pramudito (drums), Robert Daniel (bass) and Hadi (rhythm guitar), Amo roared right from the start with three songs:  Andy Timmons’ “Groove or Die”, Lee Ritenour’s “Rio Funk” and Eric Johnson’s “Zap”.  Amo still kept the heavy metal sound roared wild on stage but he clearly brought in some cool groove and good doses of jazz. His team mates Andi, Robert and Hadi gave such substantial work in supporting Amo’s attacks.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Amo (1)

Jazz and rock have been on of the most exciting adventurous style that we have had in last century and combined/fused until they created some hybrids. We have enjoyed it for many decades, but apparently there are still areas left to explore. What Amo does is simple. He tries to enter the ‘new’ territory while still keeping everything real, holding in his pure rock spirit. The result is somewhat interesting. Yes, playing jazz with electric guitar along with distortion have been done by some artists, but Amo still offers something fresh and different by pushing the jazz-rock holy matremony into the far edge. So edgy until you forget to breath. Amo is dangerous when he’s running loose. If he keeps doing this path, he may even create a new hybrid. Absolutely sensational and distinctively unique.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Jam Session (4)


Jam Session was open, but first it was taken by a young talented man who visited us for the first time. His real name is Rizky Ahmad Mudzakkir, but he likes to be known as Izky Mudza. This man is talented in singing and playing guitar, plus he can write songs. What’s also cool from him is the way he control his performance. He enjoyed every second of his moment and shared it to the audience. Oh yeah, he’s also cool when he put his voice into falsetto.  Just two songs but memorable, how happy it is to spot great new talent.

Then three players of Find Taste took position on piano, guitar and mike. Erick, Puspallia Panggabean and Andhika Caesar of Imagodeo did scat party and some mouth trumpet/trombone.  The photo session took place during this act, and that’s the end of the show.

Braga Jazz Walk 08 - Photo Session


Cool stuff was found right from the first minute. All headlines for this 8th edition has something in common: are the key player in their group, but now they take another further step to establish their solo career. They have skills, highly talented and full of charisma, the thing that’s urgently needed if one wishes to pursue a solo career. They can turn the game differently, they are passionate and have something different to offer. We are happy to be able to provide the reliable ground for them. For all the musicians who showed up, we really appreciate your coming, hope you will make this community event become your own home. And to the happening crowds, thank you so much and look forward to have your support furthermore.

Watch the highlight on our Youtube channel:

In two weeks from now we will feature more bands, including a very mind-bending project where you can find progressive jazz and mystical ethnics pulsing strong in every note. Until then, take care and keep jazzin’.

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

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Braga Jazz Walk #08 http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-walk-08/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-walk-08/#comments Mon, 05 Jan 2015 07:10:05 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15423 Braga-Jazz-Walk-08


The Braga Jazz Walk ended its 2014 series with a joyful Christmas Edition. Many performers, guests and participants, ranging from 12 to 73 years old were there to celebrate and enjoy the season’s holiday together. Now we have entered the new year of 2015. Some people take it as a hard year to get through, but for us, what’s important is to give our best in everything we do. As for the Braga Jazz Walk, happy to announce that the cooperation between us, Jazzuality.com and two partners, Braga City Walk and KPH Music continues on; and we are determined to sail full speed. Since the second Thursday of January falls on 8th, that means the Braga Jazz Walk should also be ready to present the 8th edition. Are we? Yes, of course. We are going to give a strong start by featuring three highly potential young dudes in their attempt to pursue their solo careers. Curious to know them? Scroll down and read their brief profiles.


fearman, jazzuality, bandung male crooner

First, meet Fearman. We first met him as the vocalist of Poinkustik, a band that has graced so many cafes, malls and restos since its establishment in 2009. As once a senior musician told us that the oldest instrument is the human voice, you would be amazed to see how powerful voice can be through some really gifted singers. Fearman (Firman) is able to sing anything he wants, in just about any styles he wishes.

Firmansyah, his real name, was born in musical family. His father is one of Sundanese artiste in Bandung. He already started playing instrument since he was still in junior high school. He jumped into the music scene since 1999 by being a choir and private vocal teacher. He studied at Pasundan University (UNPAS) taking classical guitar as his major. Establishing a band would be next, rooting in progressive genre. He competed in some festivals in Bandung and reached final, for example the Asian Beat 2002. He has appeared on TVRI and IMTV. Poinkustik is his current active group.

Performing as himself, Fearman will be supported by TNT (real name: Tinto Arief Anugrah), a guitarist inspired by Guns N’ Roses’ guitar player, Slash. Just like Fearman, TNT has bagged some achievements too such as the Best Performance at LA Lights Music Enjoy.

Back to Fearman, aside from his singing ability, let us remind you that he has charm and charisma. We have seen how he stole the attention of some mall-goers or cafe guests even before he started singing. If you haven’t heard him yet, here’s his soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/fearmans . It’s about time for him to establish a solid ground for his solo career, and we are more than happy to provide it.

Guntur Satria

guntur satria, jazzuality


When playing as one of the GFRtrio, Guntur Satria is a wild blues cat, playing the role of cheeky, hyperactively playful, very attractive and full of surprise musician. But as a solo performer apparently he has a different concept. He chooses to be a one man band. He sings, he plays guitar and sometimes equipped with harp too. As a solo performer he digs his romantic side much deeper. From what we previously seen, he is much calmer and appears more folkish, but still has some sharp blues and jazz patterns here and there. You can check some of his solo sessions in his Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/gunturblues).

We have invited him as a single fighter at the Terraz Jazz 11 (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/terraz-jazz-11-the-report/), but it was 5 months ago. Currently he’s working on his EP, consists of 5 tracks. As he’s busy in the studio, it’s time to invite him again and be updated. Hey may be alone, but as usual, he will be fully connected to the audience and happily inserted some real-life stories during his show.


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Ever wonder how will it be when a rocker with his electric guitar does jazz? Well, for sure, this man named Amo is one of a kind. Plenty of rockers play jazz once in a while, that’s correct, but it’s rare to see a man still keeps all the distortion and slashes his guitar like a metal pro yet jazz can be clearly captured during his play along with vicious heavy metal riffs complete with rebelious distortion. That scene happened a couple of times on our stage. Yes, Amo has been featured in our event, but so far only as one of the personnels of a band or supporting player. This time Amo will represent his true-self. Prepare for the madness, the music where jazz is served with rock and distortion, or ‘Jazztortion’, the way we called it.

According to Amo, he has been into rock, heavy metal and thrash since his early years, listening to bands like Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer and the likes. He learned guitar and began to take it seriously when he reached seventeen years of age. He hatched in no time, standing tall as an open minded (and rebelious) musician with authentic rockitude. His killer instict is sharp and often makes his guitar like a blade. Last November he performed with double guitar for the very first time. Let’s hope he’ll bring it to this event. Hadi (rhythm guitar), Andi Pramudito (drums) and Robert (bass) are his friends to support. This dude is sensational, he will steal your attention the minute he steps on stage and blow your mind when he’s in action.

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As usual, the jam session will be totally available after the showcases. If you wish to join the party, you can just come and jump right in.

We believe this is going to be another interesting edition. All great male performers with charm, charisma and skill in their attempt to pursue their solo career. From pop, jazz, blues to rock, all will be served differently by them. We are excited and ready to start this program in 2015. Still plenty to show, still many to feature and still a lot to share. Join us and let’s have a good time together. Ngabaraga, Ngariung, Ngajazz!

Braga Jazz Walk #8

Date: December 11, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



:: AMO “Jazztortion” ::
Amo (guitar)
Hadi (rhythm guitar)
Robert (bass)
Andi (drums)

Guntur Satria (vocals/guitar)

Firman (vocal)
TNT (guitar)

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Braga Jazz Walk : Special Christmas Edition: The Report http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-special-christmas-edition-report/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-special-christmas-edition-report/#comments Mon, 29 Dec 2014 11:21:15 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15392 BragaJazzWalk-ChristmasEdition


“Speaking of jazz, of all season, I think Christmas is the best season for it.” That’s what a musician told us a while ago, expressing how happy he feels during Christmas season. Well, Christmas and Jazz have been buddies for many decades, probably right after the birth of jazz. Many people enjoyed it throughout the years, today we still enjoy it. Think of how many pop artists go swingy when they sing Christmas carols. Christmas and jazz, they are hardly separable.

Braga Jazz Walk has reached the 7th edition. What a pleasant coincidence that this year’s Christmas actually fell on the fourth Thursday of December, exactly on our regular shedule. That made us able to bring our Christmas Edition right on the special day. For this special edition, we set our mind towards the variety of jazz that would make the best of Christmas celebration. Smooth jazz, swing, fusion, bebop? Checked. Traditional, modern, soulful? Checked. Full band, instrumental, with vocals and just vocals in harmony alias acapella? Checked too. From adult to children? Yes, that too. Together with our partners in crime, the venue Braga City Walk and KPH Music, we, Jazzuality.com proudly presented this edition that suit the theme of the mall: The Oldtown Christmas. What made us even more proud is that we got to celebrate it with many audience. Some came to watch it, some were the mall-goers. Together they created a joyous atmosphere inside the big hall.

BragaJazzWalk-Christmas-MYKids (1)

The band consists of children age ranging from 12-16 called MY Kids were first. MY stands for Maulana Yusuf, the name of the street where their church stands. Billy (drum), Panji (bass), Adam (electric guitar), Korin and Miguel (acoustic guitar), Yugo (conga), Ferdi (keyboard), Louis Arnita and Syela (vocals) were found inside this team. MY Kids was formed from the GKI’s Sunday School who apparently have talents in music. They started only with acoustic guitar but then grew with more kids coming in. They have began their service since April 2011 and has been serving twice a month ever since.

Dream of cheerful Christmas celebration? The kids wanted to bring exactly that. “Allah Sumber Kuatku” was the first choice. This happy opening soon followed by “Sebab Tuhan Baik” and GMB’s “Tiba Saatnya ” which nicely included Sundanese music and singing style.  “Hark the Herald Angel Sing” was delivered in quite difficult rendition but executed perfectly by these kids.

BragaJazzWalk-Christmas-MYKids (6)

It’s always fascinating to see the kids play music. They are cute, but the way the perform, which usually are all out with ‘nothing to loose’ spirit can create surprises. The same with these kids. They are still at their teens, but they can entertain people already, as well as share the blessings. This is why we exist. The reason why we make Braga Jazz Walk in first place: to push the regeneration process forward, providing playground for the young ones to practice everything they learnt in front of real audience. We send love to MY Kids. Keep up the good work, kids! Don’t stop using your gifts to bless others.

BragaJazzWalk-Christmas-5thAvenue (2)

The second session was filled by one of the prestigious Jazz Goes to Campus 2014 consolation prize holder, 5th Avenue. This band consists of  a couple Chris Alfeus (guitar) and Stella Inke (piano), plus two more compatriotes AlbenOctorys (drums) and William Anthony (bass). Their playground is somewhere around jazz fusion and smooth jazz. Some of their specialties including brilliant arrangement and the scat singing along with guitar playing on the same note (or at the interval of an octave) by Chris. It brought Chris to win the Best Guitarist for Jazz Goes to Campus 2014 less than a month ago. They have some great original compositions, they do interesting covers of some famous jazz repertoires/songs. But here we got the chance to taste their Christmas menus. and man, it was delicious.

“Winter Wonderland” was served in GRP’s Smooth Jazz style. “Joy to The World” was served in more rockin’ style, Still keeping the groove but in slower rhythm, the band delivered “White Christmas” in medley with “Let It Snow”.  Chris demonstrated his scat-singing style while playing guitar in perfect pitch.  A lovely original song titled “Abba” was played sweetly before they ended up rockin’ on “Joyful Joyful”.

BragaJazzWalk-Christmas-5thAvenue (6)

A fusion style of Christmas was served classy by 5th Avenue. We have tasted their unpredictably complex arrangement over well known songs, we enjoyed it too when they take the simplicity road. They are not agressive on stage, but they know how to grab people’s attention and make them stay until it’s done. Speaking of Christmas, they took some of the most famous songs and put up fresh colorful outfit on it. Once again a solid package from them, being given just like a beautifully wrapped Christmas gift.

BragaJazzWalk-Christmas-Outof7 (1)

For the final act, we invited a band that delivers jazz with action, the Out of 7. The band places their feet in between secular and gospel. The personnels are active praise and worship musicians beside their daily works. We used to call them acrobatic band due to their ‘stunt’ attempt in exploring wide array of genres. The keyboarist Widiyanto Sutanto is the leader who is also in charge of composing the materials. Then, the young but hyperactive lady drummer Marissa Wiguna who has catchy appearance and rich punching variety, guitarist Herman Yulianto and Daniel Christy with their rock-blues colors over jazz and funky bassist Abet Darmaji. Last but not least, the man you’ve seen in every Braga Jazz Walk edition as the MC, Erick Gabe is the vocalist. This man has a magical vocal ability. Wide range, perfect pitch, extreme manouvers, scat-singing, mouth-trumpet,trombone, beatbox and so on, you name it, he does it. Today the band has original songs (including several contemporary gospel songs). They have won the Espose 2013 band competition and landed on JakJazz 2013.


Before the band appeared in complete team, first a trio called Harmony consists of  Norama Herty Yunieke, Mutiyani Repie and Lela Yuliantika Kawareh gave an acapella presentation titled “The Lord’s Prayer”.  A vocal harmony group is an important subject in making up Christmas Edition,  so we’re happy to have these three ladies taking on this part. After that, a duet between Lela Yuliantika Kawareh and Fredi Hendarman sang “What a Wonderful World” accompanied by Widiyanto Sutanto.

Then Out of 7 got their round. The band kicked off with “Gloria (in Exelcis Deo)”. Blues shone with “Amazing Grace” and then the swingy “Winter Winterland” with a little piece of Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” in the middle. Their original song “Sang Penerus Dunia” with a sharp rockin’ style and then sealed it up with “Spain” . This last song was served in jamming mood with enough solo run from each of the players.

BragaJazzWalk-Christmas-Outof7 (7)

We haven’t seen them for a while, but they are still carrying the same spirit in even more enhanced skills. Composition is still their forte while the manouvers created such attraction that’s fun and entertaining. Since they are building their career in both secular and gospel, let’s wish them the best. One thing for sure, with the way they play, surely they can really spice up both world.


The jam session was opened shortly after and quickly taken by some of the attending musicians. Chris Alfeus and William Anthony of 5th Avenue was back  again, also Widiyanto Sutanto and Marissa Wiguna of Out of 7. Then three members of Talking Jazz: Steven (piano), Billy (saxophone) and Jabez (guitar) also took part. On vocals were three men from the audience: Mr Simon singing “White Christmas”, Alex from Timor Leste took on “Karena Cinta” and Prof. Dr. Amri Amir, SpF, SH from Medan sang The Beatles’ “Yesterday”.  One singer from MyKids Louis was back too with “The Christmas Song”.  It was already 10:30 pm, still we got one more batch singing Michael Buble’s “Home”. Rizky Jonathan (vocal), Andre Fernando (guitar) and Yosua Setiawan (bass) were the last participants.



We started the jazz community event in the first month of 2014, now we have reached the last presentation for this year in Braga City Walk. We have run more than 20 editions and so far presented musicians from Bandung, Jakarta, Sukabumi, Bali and also from Malaysia, France, USA and Australia, plus the more recent, Timor Leste. There are many things we still have to work on, but so far we are happy and satisfied with the way things are. The regeneration process is on going. We have met and provided familiar playground to so many newcomers ranging from solo to full bands, welcoming the well established and experienced musicians/bands that wished to support the new players and presenting unique formation/combination that are rarely found in today’s stages.

It feels good to end our 2014 series with a joyful Christmas Edition. Such happening crowds, such joyful performers. The variation was on top since this edition contained many styles from swing, bebop, fusion, soulful to even rock, presented instrumentally, with vocals and acapella by adults and early teenagers. As for the age, this edition stood above all because the range was unbelievably wide, from 12 to 73 year-old.

BragaJazzWalk-Christmas-Crowds (1)

As the disintegration is taking place here and there by some people, we do hope jazz can stand as a great tool to promote peace and unity among people and nations, making it appears as an example of peaceful, full-loving and tolerance world. On behalf of everyone in Jazzuality.com and Braga Jazz Walk, let us wish you Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holiday to you all. Let there be peace on earth and joy to the world.

Watch the highlight:

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Titus Firmanto
Video Editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

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2014 Roundup: Indo-jazz and Blues-Rock Delight Bangalore Fans http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/2014-roundup-indo-jazz-and-blues-rock-delight-bangalore-fans/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/2014-roundup-indo-jazz-and-blues-rock-delight-bangalore-fans/#comments Sun, 28 Dec 2014 10:36:16 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15410 roundup2014-bangalore

As 2014 comes to a close, the jazz calendar in Bangalore comes to a climax with a range of outstanding acts at venues such as The B-Flat Bar! The featured bands include a number of local and international artistes, covering a range of styles: straight-ahead jazz, fusion, Indo-jazz, blues-rock and electro-jazz.

Here are some of the groups who delighted jazz fans this year at B-Flat, and I had the good fortune to check out many of them performing live! See also my earlier article, Big Bang Blues, 4th Element, Sean Rolden: A New Generation of Blues and Jazz in India.

Jovol ‘Bam Bam’ Bell

Phenomenally-talented drummer Jovol Bell has played with Stanley Clarke, Herbie Hancock, John McLaughlin, Jack Dejohnette, Miles Davis, Joe Sample, and many other jazz greats. The Texan drummer, a Berklee College graduate, was joined by Parker McAllister (bass), Kavyesh Kaviraj (keys), Mark Aranha (guitar) and Vasundhara Vee (vocals). Bell describes his music as ‘New Era,’ which with elements of jazz, gospel, salsa and even hip-hop. The set in Bangalore was an outstanding collaboration, with soaring vocals and scatting by Vasundhara and tight coordination between Jovol and Parker. Vasundhara Vidalur and Adil Manuel are the frontliners of the Indian blues band Adil&Vasundhara, and have released the album Ampersand.



Jyotsna Srikanth http://www.indianviolin.eu/

Indian violinist Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth, now based in London, performed a fusion set of carnatic violin blended with Western folk and classical. She was joined by Shadrach Solomon on keyboards and Manjunath N.S. on drums; the trio covered a wide range of musical territory and drew loud applause for their cross-cultural creativity. Jyotsna has also collaborated with the French Jazz Quartet, flamenco guitarist Eduardo Niebla, Portuguese singer Vitorino and Brazilian bassist Mario Caribe. She has collaborated on movie soundtracks with musical directors from South India such as Hamsalekha and Ilayaraja. Her albums include Call of Bangalore and Life.

Malcolm Braff www.malcolmbraff.net

Swiss pianist Malcolm Braff has a wide range of musical influences from Brazil, Cape Verde, Senegal and India. He has collaborated with djembe player Yaya Ouattara and French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz. Braff’s albums include Voltage, Benares, Yay, Methane, Walkabout, Maximal Music, Yele and Live in Lausanne. On his India tour of spiritually-inspired soul-jazz, he was joined by Reggie Washington (bass) and Stéphane Galland (drums).

Divine Raaga http://www.divineraaga.com


Divine Raaga is a Hindi folk-fusion band based out of Bangalore. Their debut album is titled I’m Divine Raaga. Most of the tracks are based on Hindustani ragas. The current lineup includes Buddhabrata Chakravorty (or Buddha, on vocals), Rahul (guitars), Mrinal (drums), Ashish (bass), Prithwin (flute), Ashraf (guitars) and Kishore (keyboards). Formed in 2009, the group’s songs are also about causes, such as cross-border brotherhood, inter-faith unity, and the importance of hope and nature.

Paban Das Baul

Paban Das Baul is a leading proponent of Baul folk music of West Bengal, and has evolved a unique genre of folk-fusion music. The vocalist also plays local percussion and string instruments such as ektara, dubki, dotara and khamak. He was joined by his wife Mimlu Sen (bells, cymbals), Lew Hilt (bass), Satish Sharma (acoustic guitar) and Tanmoy Pan (cajon). Based in France, Paban Das Baul has played across Europe and Asia, and released the albums Real Sugar, Inner Knowledge and State of Bengal. Baul music praises the divine love, and draws from a range of traditions including Tantrism and Sufism. Two musicians from the fusion band Aghor opened the evening’s performance: Jataveda Banerjee (singer-songwriter) and Nikhmal Gartuala (guitarist-composer from Kathmandu).

Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates

Bangalore-based band Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates released their debut album Tidy Funk at B-Flat in October. They blend jazz, electronica, progressive rock, Latin and Carnatic music. The lineup consists of Mana Dhanraj (vocals), Sidhant Jain (guitar), Kavita Sarna (bass) and Navneet Rao (drums). The musicians met at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. The tracks What Have We Become? and Moonlight drew loud applause at their B-Flat performance, and the band also played at The Humming Tree.



Indian Blue http://indianblue.org

Indian Blue is a talented fusion band founded by Shiraz Ali Khan on sarod, with a phenomenal family tradition in Indian classical music as great grandson of legendary Acharya Baba Allauddin Khan, grandson of late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, and son of late Dhyanesh Khan. He began experimenting with other sounds as well, and founded the fusion band, Indian Blue, in 2002. He is accompanied by Dishari Chakraborty (santoor), Arindam Bhattacharya (Indian vocals), Debjeet Ghosh (English vocals), Santanu Borah (rhythm guitar), Ronodeep Bose (lead guitar), Avijit Sarkar (drums), Ranjan De (tabla) and Shovon Mukherjee (bass). The haunting sound of the sarod coupled with Indian vocals and Western instruments makes for a marked contrast as well as smooth blend.




Parvaaz www.parvaazmusic.com

Parvaaz was founded in 2010 by Khalid Ahmed (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Kashif Iqbal (electric guitar) from Kashmir, and is based in Bangalore. They are accompanied by Sachin Banandur (drums) and Fidel D’souza (bass), and have performed their blend of blues and rock along with lyrics in Hindi, Urdu and Kashmiri in festivals across India. The youthful band’s debut CD, Baran, is named after the Persian word for rain, and is a soul-searching album about seeking truth in an increasingly materialistic and greedy world. In a sign of the times, the album was entirely crowdfunded with the help of 96 contributors. Their set in Bangalore was their last one of the year, and climaxed with the superbly-textured tracks Colour White and Roz Roz featuring Khalid’s soaring vocals and a superb bass solo by Fidel.

Other Indian blues bands that have performed at B-Flat include Hoodoo Gas, whose lineup has included Ananth Menon (lead guitar and vocals), Snehal Pinto (bass), Deepak Raghu (drums) and Vasudev Prabhu (harmonica). Mumbai-based Kabir Café also played to a full-house, with a blend of folk, rock and the philosophy of mystic poet and saint Kabir. The band is founded by Neeraj Arya (vocals, guitar), Raman Iyer (mandolin), Mukund Ramaswamy (violin) and Viren Solanki (drums).



Folk-rock was also showcased in B-Flat by the band Lagori, named after a popular South Indian street game based on striking a pile of seven stones. Their urban sound combines Indian classical melodies with rock music. The lineup includes Tejas Shankar (vocals), Geeth Vaz (guitar), Edward Rasquinha (guitar), Shalini Mohan (bass) and Vinyl Kumar (drums).

B-Flat’s programming on Wednesdays has featured DJ Unnayanaa (Prashanth Pallemoni) who blends Afro, funk, soul, electronic and experimental sounds. We look forward to another terrific lineup of bands at B-Flat and other Bangalore venues in 2015 already!

Written by Madanmohan Rao
Editor & DJ, World Music and Jazz; Bangalore
Global Correspondent for Jazzuality.com


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Braga Jazz Walk 07 : Special Christmas Edition http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-walk-07-special-christmas-edition/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-walk-07-special-christmas-edition/#comments Mon, 22 Dec 2014 07:43:45 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15375 BragaJazzWalk-ChristmasEdition-2014-web


Ho, ho, ho! Christmas is right around the corner. If you celebrate it, you should already be very excited now since it’s very, very near. Now put jazz in it, won’t you love it even more? Who doesn’t love the jazzy sounds of Christmas. Once a musician said, when jazz and Christmas intersect, his celebration would be truly enhanced. Surely this quote represent many of us who feel the same.

Now let’s talk about Braga Jazz Walk. As a fruit of cooperation between us, Jazzuality.com, Braga City Walk and KPH Music, the event has been showcased 7 times. 6 regular shows (every the second and fourth Thursday of each month) and one special edition in accordance with the culinary fest Bragalicious. Since we are entering the fourth week of December, Braga Jazz Walk is set to go again next Thursday. But hey, what a cool coincidence. If you look at the calenddar,  you will see that next Thursday is exactly fall on 25th of December. For us it was like a sign, a sign that we should make something special. We are. This time, in accordance with the theme of the mall: “The Oldtown Christmas”, the Braga Jazz Walk #07 is set to bring the joyful Christmas spirit to you. Three groups are going to give you that. Jam Session will be available too as always. Braga Jazz Walk: Christmas Edition will be held on 25th December 2014, starting at 7:00 pm at Braga City Walk, Bandung. If you are in Bandung on that date, do come and join us. Nothing to worry, we won’t charge you even a penny. This event is totally FREE and open for public.


5th avenue, jazzuality, jazz goes to campus, braga jazz walk


Who will be featured this time? First, one of the prestigious Jazz Goes to Campus 2014 consolation prize holder, 5th Avenue. This band consists of 3 lads: Chris Alfeus (guitar), AlbenOctorys (drums), William Anthony (bass) and 1 lady who is also in charge as the manager: Stella Inke (piano). Their playground is somewhere around jazz fusion and smooth jazz. Some of their specialties including brilliant arrangement and the scat singing along with guitar playing on the same note (or at the interval of an octave) by Chris. This made Chris won the Best Guitarist for Jazz Goes to Campus 2014. They have some great original compositions, they do interesting covers of some famous jazz repertoires/songs. This is our time to enjoy Christmas carols from them. Ever wonder how  Christmas songs would sound with guitar-scat-singing in jazz fusion/smooth jazz outfit? Wish to see a neat fusion band that serves smart arrangements, ear-catchy songs that are easy to listen to? 5th Avenue it is.


5th avenue, jazzuality, jazz goes to campus, braga jazz walk


Out of 7 is a band that places itself in between secular and gospel. All personnels are active praise and worship musicians beside their daily works. We used to call them acrobatic band due to their ‘stunt’ attempt in exploring wide array of genres. The keyboarist Widiyanto Sutanto is the leader who is also in charge of composing the materials. Then, the young but hyperactive lady drummer Marissa Wiguna who has catchy appearance and rich punching variety, guitarist Herman Yulianto and Daniel Christy with their rock-blues colors over jazz and funky bassist Abet Darmaji. Last but not least, the man you’ve seen in every Braga Jazz Walk edition as the MC, Erick Gabe is the vocalist. He has magical gift when it’s about voice. Wide range, perfect pitch, extreme manouvers, scat-singing, mouth-trumpet,trombone, beatbox and so on, you name it, he does it. They have some original songs too (including several contemporary gospel songs), and just like 5th Avenue, they love to surprise us with unique arrangement. Luckily none of them leave Bandung for holiday, we can invite them to fill one slot. We don’t get to see them often anymore nowadays, we’re happy to bring them back again.

For this act Out of 7 will bring some Friends, a vocal harmony group from GKI Maulana Yusuf consists of Norama Herty Yunieke, Mutiyani Repie, Lela Yuliantika Kawareh and Ferdi Hendarman. A vocal harmony group will surely enrich the Christmas Edition, we believe so.

my kids, maulana yusuf, sunday school, jazzuality

Then, speaking of GKI Maulana Yusuf, here comes the last band to highlight: MY Kids. MY stands for Maulana Yusuf, the name of the street where their church stands. This band consists of kids from 12-16 years of age including Billy (drum), Panji (bass), Adam (electric guitar), Korin and Miguel (acoustic guitar), Yugo (conga), Ferdi (keyboard), Louis Arnita and Syela (vocals). My Kids was built from the children of the church’s Sunday School who apparently have talents in music. It began only with acoustic guitar but then grew with more kids coming in. They have began their service since April 2011 and has been serving twice a month ever since. Cute performance will be just one aspect to expect, because usually children can surprise you with their all out ‘nothing to loose’ way of performing.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, jam session will be provided as usual. You can be on stage and play any song you like with the other players, but we expect some Christmas songs too. Just bring your gear and come, the stage is open for  one.

Christmas celebration is going to be colorful, served under the Braga Jazz Walk #07: Special Christmas Edition on 25th of December. Plenty of songs, plenty of styles. From swing to bop to fusion to smooth jazz, from full band to children ensemble to vocal harmony group, from full music and singing, instrumental and acapella, all wish to make your Christmas celebration and holiday season merrier than ever. Talks about the harmonious relationship between jazz and Christmas that has been walking side by side for decades, the Braga Jazz Walk is ready to bring that up in this special 7th edition. We may have no snow, but we do have jazz. So, do you wish for jazzy Christmas? Come and let’s celebrate with us.

Braga Jazz Walk #07: Special Christmas Edition

Date: Thursday, December 25, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Braga Jazz Walk
Jl. Braga 99 – 101, Bandung



:: 5th Avenue ::
Chris Alfeus (guitar)
Stella Inke (piano)
AlbenOctorys (drums)
William Anthony (bass)

:: Out of 7 ::
Widiyanto Sutanto (keyboard)
Marissa Wiguna (drums)
Erick Gabe (vocals)
Herman Yulianto/Daniel Christy (guitar)
Abet Darmaji (bass)
Vocal Harmony Group:
Norama Herty Yunieke, Mutiyani Repie, Lela Yuliantika Kawareh and Ferdi Hendarman

:: MY Kids ::
Billy (drum)
Panji (bass)
Adam (electric guitar)
Korin and Miguel (acoustic guitar) Yugo (conga)
Ferdi (keyboard)
Louis Arnita and Syela (vocals).

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4th Jazz Not Jazz “Absolutely Sensational Fusion” : The Report http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/4th-jazz-not-jazz-absolutely-sensational-fusion-the-report/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/4th-jazz-not-jazz-absolutely-sensational-fusion-the-report/#comments Fri, 19 Dec 2014 03:56:49 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15379 4thJazzNotJazz


After three successful edition, 100.4 FM KLCBS off-air program JAZZ NOT JAZZ bagged another success in year 2014. This event is a KLCBS Jazz Alliance Community Gathering that stands as an amicable meeting of jazz people – from jazz listeners (from beginners to enthusiasts), collectors, experts, musicians, journalists, and everyone who have interest in jazz.

The combination between the music appreciation side, the market’s response, the blends between careful selection of musicians and music pieces will result into unique presentation in every edition of Jazz Not Jazz. Furthermore, the Marketing Director of KLCBS Khirzan N Noe’man has stated earlier that in more than 2 hours all the attendances would enjoy the presentation and collaboration altogether, including Meet and Greet.

KLCBS, BNI and the venue Prama Grand Preanger presented The 4th Jazz Not Jazz with high quality entertainment by presenting mouth-watering batch of all-star cast who have been placing their feet in between jazz and rock for many, many years. The band is Donny Suhendra Band, consists of Donny Suhendra (guitar), Budhy Haryono (drums), Krishna Balagita (keyboard) and Adi Darmawan (bass).


4th Jazz Not Jazz (6)

Donny is a guitar hero who plays just about everything. He’s capable to play all kinds of music. Other than maintaining his own band, he’s one of the pillars of ESQI:EF aka Syaharani and the QueenFireWorks. Let’s not forget that he’s one of the Krakatau and JavaJazz. Not only he is a great guitarist, he is a superb teacher and mentor too. There are so many successful guitarists today who actually learnt from him. Then, Budhy Haryono. This is a versatile senior drummer who was involved in so many famous jazz and rock bands like Jamrock/Jamrud, GIGI, Krakatau and Karimata. Krishna Balagita is widely known as the keyboardist of ADA Band, but this man is actually not far from jazz. He even had the opportunity to learn from Jack Lesmana. He just celebrated his ‘comeback’ to jazz by releasing his solo album “Sacred Geometry” earlier this year and a shot at the Java Jazz Festival 2014. As for the eccentric bassist Adi Darmawan, he’s one of the LIGRO madmen. He plays bass like none other. Not only using his fingers or thumb, he often utilized other materials such as nail, woodenblock, iron plate, spatula, hammer and so on in his act. Other than that, he often hum in high pitch to give some haunting sound of world music.

4th Jazz Not Jazz (2)

While Donny has played together with Adi many times, it was great to see the ‘reunion’ between Budhy and Donny. During the early stage of Donny’s career, it was Budhy who often accompanied him. “We even built Krakatau together.” said Donny. But then they went on separate way. Donny was clearly happy for having Budhy again on his side. “You know, Budhy is a true fusion drummer.” he said.

This quartet got full reinforcement by more artits. The soulful powerhouse diva Dira Sugandi and one of the Salamander Voices (also the background singer of Tulus) Lia Amalia were in charge of vocals. Trumpeter Brury Effendy of Salamander Big Band and the jazz Paganini from Bandung, one of the 4Peniti: Ammy Kurniawan got important roles too. Mouth-watering lineup that for us could stand as a fine representative of Jazz Fusion at its best.

The whole lineup is also perfect to bring the theme of “Absolutely Sensational Fusion” which was set from the beginning by KLCBS.

The venue Prama Grand Preanger is one of the most famous historical buildings. It was once a grocery store but in 1897 it became a hotel, named Preanger Hotel. For over a quarter of a century thie Indische Empire style hotel stood as the symbol of pride of Dutchmen in Bandung. Then in 1929, the hotel was re-decorated by C.P. Wolff Schoemaker with former Indonesia’s first president Ir. Soekarno as his assistant. You can still find the classy art deco nuance in this 5-star hotel until now, both on the structure of the building and the interior. Serving a jazz community gathering inside a historical hotel brought such beautiful vibe which added even more values to it.

4th Jazz Not Jazz (12)

The adventurous “Tales from Nauru” and a refreshing track taken from Donny’s first solo album, “Disini ada Kehidupan” titled “Pagimu” gave a beautiful sign that we were about to go deep into fusion. Donny then invited trumpeter Brury Effendi to play Chick Corea’s “Sea Journey”. Brury’s sharp attack was loved by the audience as he got a lot of claps. Right after Brury left the stage, Krishna took over the course with his sparkling melodies. This song kept him busy as well as showing his skill. Budhy’s cool solo drum was the highlight too on this one.

4th Jazz Not Jazz (10)

Ammy Kurniawan came on stage. He was set to play Donny’s song “Kano”, but first Donny asked him to play a long solo. He did. Like a wizard he put spell on everyone. If the solo was already magical, his ‘duel’ with Donny doubled it. They flew together exploring the highest terrains, really entertaining as the excitement rose above the roof. They rose the bar higher with “Kano”, a song with high degree of difficulties, yet cleanly executed. The speed, the pace, the adrenaline rush, the dynamics, the precision, all were unbelievable.

Donny Suhendra Band carried on with a song written in 1991 by Donny that finally made its way into the recordings: “The Los Feliz”. It was written after his experience when he went to California with his group JavaJazz (along with Indra Lesmana, Embong Raharjo, AS Mates and Gilang Ramadhan) more than 2 decades ago. This song was the most rockin’ composition for the night. Sharp, edgy, and powerful. This song will appear in Donny Suhendra’s upcoming new album, projected to come in 2015.

4th Jazz Not Jazz (14)

Brury Effendi was back again, but this time with Flugelhorn. Ammy Kurniawan too, entering the scene from the audience’s area. They served Hoagy Carmichael’s classic, “The Nearness of You” in sweet fusion. A surprise came in the end since they sealed this song in an odd way, in keroncong style.

4th Jazz Not Jazz (16)
Time to hear some vocals. Lia Amalia was the first one, singing her favorite “Feeling Good”, a standard from the mid 60’s, which became popular again in 2005 by Michael Buble. Lia showed an awesome control on her voice, soulful yet bluesy, powerful yet smooth. Wow, what a voice.

4th Jazz Not Jazz (17)

She called Dira to replaced her position. She sang a jazz version of R Maladi’s evergreen, “Rangkaian Melati”, in loving memory of her grandparents. After that he cheered everyone up again with a hot samba beat on “Mas Que Nada”. She made the audience sang together while she was dancing just like a Brazilian girl in the carnival.

Donny Suhendra Band served one last instrumental titled “Teen Spirit”, and for the very last song, Lia Amalia sang her song  written by the late artiste Harry Roesli called “Kami Cinta Indonesia”. With this acousticly served song, the whole event was wrapped.

4th Jazz Not Jazz (19)

High caliber band, the special force of jazz fusion in Indonesia was able to bring the absolutely sensational fusion for the 4th Jazz Not Jazz gig. If the band was brilliantly formed from these experts, the featuring artists made it shine even more. Another important thing to mention is, eventhough the rain was heavily poured since the late afternoon, plenty of people still came to enjoy the presentation. Thank you KLCBS, BNI and Prama Grand Preanger for this nice fusion gig, until we meet again in the 5th edition next year.

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Mia Damayanti

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Braga Jazz Walk #06: The Report http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-06-the-report/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/braga-jazz-walk-06-the-report/#comments Sat, 13 Dec 2014 05:30:21 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15364 Braga-Jazz-Walk-6--Report


Jazz is full of improvisation. Jazz is full of innovation. It’s bursting with creative energy, respecting diversity and versatility. Jazz is played by young and old, of all creed and color. Herbie Hancock once said, “The spirit of jazz is the spirit of openness”. All of these are the spirit we keep in Braga Jazz Walk. Eventhough this is just a small, local community event, we try our best to keep it alive and based everything we do in it. We invite all kind of bands that enlive the jazz spirit. We try to push the regeneration, (re)introduce jazz to young musicians and the society, and give contribution towards the jazz development. Other than these, we also wish you bring some educational matters in variation. One of the way is to present tribute to legends. We hadn’t done it yet, but in Braga Jazz Walk #06 edition finally a well-established jazz band agreed to step on the plate.

The tribute was given to a legendary Jazz-funk master who passed away a few months ago in September, Mr Joe Sample. Aside from his illustrious solo career, he had a band who achieved a legendary status as well: The Crusaders (formerly known as The Jazz Crusaders).  And the band tributing Mr Sample and his group at this event was Chakraborty.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Nouveau (1)


Before we get down to it, The Braga Jazz Walk #06 as usual featured two more performances. The show started a couple of minutes after seven with Nouveau. Nouveau comes from Telkom University Bandung and established from a collaborative project of several bands, They have to go changes especially on the lineup too many times until they had to drop the word ‘Project’ and use only Nouveau as the name.

Nouveau are Fachmi Satriyo Yogaswara (vocal), Camelia Yunitasari (vocal), Wiim Bahar Maulana (guitar), David Winalda (guitar), Mohamad Naufal Ihsan (bass) and Wira Majid (drums). More about the past members, eventhough they have quit the band, interestingly they still support the band, either as the additional players or crews. They have visited our events many times, only now we could put them in one of the three spotlights.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Nouveau (2)


The groove started early with favorite songs among youngsters, “Kamu”. The Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” kept the cheerful mood. The vocalists did a great job in front, showing how soulful they are and how high they could climb. The third song was Dian PP and Deddy Dhukun’s “Masih Ada” in a happy disco beat. The disco beat continued on with “Treasure”, one of the recently happening hits of Bruno Mars and brought to the very end with Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be”.

This considerably new band is clearly rooted in pop Jazz with delicate Soul and RnB being glued into their concept, plus infectious disco beat. They don’t want to make anything too complex. They light it light but tasty. That should be able to reach the music listeners as wide as possible. One of the evidence was found in this event. They managed to drag good number of people too to watch them. We’re just happy to find more and more jazz-oriented band especially good ones like Nouevau.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Andre Arizky (3)


If you’re following the Rising Star Indonesia 2014, you should have seen this next performer’s face. He’s getting more and more fans, which is good because he’s been doing it for quite some times now. He has even started playing piano since he was still 5 years old, probably has been singing ever since too. This talented young man’s name is Andre Arizky.

We knew him since a couple of years back when he was still singing in a Blues trio named Royal Flush. This year he joined that reality singing competition in RCTI and made it to Top 36 Wall Riser. Andre was also a contestant of StarVoices season 3. He didn’t win but it was enough for the public to spot his ability. We asked him to fill one of the slot in this 6th edition, he agreed and came up with a cool idea. He chose to perform basically alone, singing and playing piano just like one of his source of inspirations, Elton John. We have featured one man show before, singing and playing guitar, but we never had the chance to feature a man singing and playing piano. Especially when Andre was the one to do that, we immidiately agreed.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 -Titbits (1)


Dara Puspita’s “Burung Kakak Tua” and Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” were just the warming up. “Hopefully I sing this one better than I did on TV”, he said before singing “Nuansa Bening”. Did he? Yes! It was deep. Next he took two songs from Elton John’s drawer. First was “Rocket Man”! Not many sing or even remember this song anymore, but Andre did a very lively cover. His voice matches Elton John, so does his piano playing. Then “Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word” was perfectly executed by him.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Andre Arizky (2)


He invited a female singer Lunar Simamora to be with him. The song? A Great Big World ft Christina Aguilera: “Say Something”.  Wait, he still had one last present from Chicago: “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”.

He’s going to compete in X Factor. The audition is going to open very soon. Let’s wish him the best. A talent like him should be given enough chance to grow. Charming young man with cheerful, positive vibe, able to control the stage, able to bring life into just about any song and play multi genre, Andre Arizky will give more colors into our music industry. He can be the Indonesian Elton John, but it’s better not to label him anything so he can explore as wide as he wish. We won’t be surprise if one day this man becomes one of the big stars. Why not? He has it all.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Chakraborty (1)


Then, the final act, Chakraborty. Like we said earlier, they came with a special tribute to Joe Sample and the (Jazz) Crusaders. In the early 60’s, Joe shared the joy of hardbop which was popular at that time as one of the founders of The Jazz Crusaders. Joe’s play injected ‘soul’ into the band. Entering the 70’s, elements of rock, RnB, soul and funk became the headlines of global music. The Crusaders, that was the name since 1971, began to explore the jazz funk. Joe went more electric by using keyboard instead of piano. Again, he did very well with this style.

Joe is famous with his funk jazz. But don’t forget that this man can interpret anything with his skill. He could play anything with his own distinctive style. He was a flexible, no surprise since he grew up amongst various genres from gospel, jazz, soul, latin, blues to classical. This led him to become one of the pioneer of contemporary jazz pianist. He reached success too in solo career as well as several notable collaborations like with Lalah Hathaway and Randy Crawford. The music world especially jazz deeply mourned when he passed away last September 2014. He’s not with us anymore, yet the legacy lives on.

Joe Sample and the (Jazz) Crusaders are one of the most important names in the history of jazz. We’re proud to have the tribute served at Braga Jazz Walk by Chakraborty. Chakraborty is still a year old, but they have got many achievements and now stands as one of the most ready jazz band in Bandung to play just about anything. They never back out from challenge, they always happy to attend any jazz events eventhough they have no schedule to play. A good band with good spirit, passionate and focus. That’s what we think of this band.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Chakraborty (3)


They appeared full team with Joo Yang (drums), Adya Amru Hidayat (guitar), Ayu Sara (vocal), Yosua Setiawan (bass) and Nicodemus Horisson (keyboard). The tribute started with the title track of The Crusader’s 1979 album, “Street Life”.  They made soul funk being felt all over the mall.  A very popular song from The Crusaders and Bill Whiters, “Soul Shadows” in more dramatic style came right after. The third song was from the fine collaboration between two Crusaders members: Nils Landgren and Joe Sample titled “Don’t Take Your Love to Hollywood”. Time to step out from the theme, they sang original songs titled “Tiga” and their first single written by Ayu, “Kepahitan Termanis”.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Chakraborty (7)


The tribute was done nicely by them. They kept the essence of each song, but managed to give their own taste and interpretation to the works of Joe Sample and the Crusaders. A tribute is a good way to remind the young musicians of the artists/bands from any eras and the legacies they left to us. As we also holds education as one of the mission, we think presenting tribute is important. We plan to bring more tributes to other legends periodically, let’s hope we can make it. Chakraborty once again proved that they are reliable and great as a partner in crime.  Oh yeah, cool original songs shows how serious they are in this business.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Jam Session (1)


The jam session in this edition was gleeful. Many musicians took part in it: The Owcindful boys Nicodemus Horisson (who shared the seat with Andre Arizky on piano), Jere (bass) and Andre (drums), Inez, Ayu Sara, Arjuna Sirait, Erick Gabe and Andre Fernando (vocals) and Hajar (guitar). While Andre Fernando played guitar and sing, Erick and Andre Arizky were found singing and playing piano. The songs? Well, Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning”, John Legend’s “All of Me”, Vina Panduwinata’s “Dia” all the way to Chris Kayhatu’s “Rame-Rame”. In some parts they blended harmoniously as if they have had rehearsals, in other parts they were chaotic yet fun.  Photo session took place while the jam session was still running, and with that the show was wrapped.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Jam Session (2)


Interesting edition is added to Braga Jazz Walk. This one got variety of style, format and good balance between jazztertainment and education. We’re happy with the result, hopefully our partners in crime Braga City Walk and KPH Music feel the same too.


Braga Jazz Walk 6 - Group Photo


What’s next? Allow us to share the good news. Since the fourth Thursday of this month falls exactly on Christmas (December 25), we are going to bring you A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS EDITION. We call it: Braga Jazz Walk: Oldtown Christmas. Two bands and one children choir are ready to celebrate Christmas together with you. So, mark the date from now. If you’re going to spend holidays in Bandung during Christmas or if you live in Bandung and have no plan to go anywhere, do join us. On top of that, let’s keep the jazz spirit alive. See you in two weeks from now!

Watch the highlight here:

See more pictures:

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Nia Kurniawati, Titus Firmanto
Video editor: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan

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The 4th Jazz Not Jazz: Absolutely Sensational Fusion http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/the-4th-jazz-not-jazz/ http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/the-4th-jazz-not-jazz/#comments Wed, 10 Dec 2014 19:25:04 +0000 http://jazzuality.com/?p=15355 jazz-not-jazz


The 100.4 KLCBS is a jazz radio in Bandung which has been consistantly served all kinds of jazz since the year it was established in 1982. The KLCBS Jazz Alliance was born as a media that accomodates listeners (from beginners to jazz enthusiasts), collectors, experts, musicians and journalists. KLCBS Jazz Alliance already has its own regular event called Jazz Not Jazz. The founder/CEO of KLCBS Nazar Noe’man who is also a jazz expert in Indonesia is the one who recommend the selection of arrangements and compositions for this jazz community gathering event. So far Jazz Not Jazz has been served three times. The first one at Javana Bistro featuring Arief Setiadi, Oele Pattiselano and Jeffrey Tahalele, the second at Opulence Dago and the  third installment once again took place at the same place with Gilang Ramadhan, Pra Budidharma and friends. Each event was attended by at least 250 people representing communities from all over Indonesia.

Here comes the 4th Jazz Not Jazz as the fruit of cooperation between KLCBS, Prama Grand Preanger and BNI. Holding the theme of “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”, this fourth installment will make sure you get the best of fusion by featuring full batch of highly talented and experienced artists. Jazz Not Jazz is coming on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at Prama Grand Preanger, Jl. Asia Afrika 81, Bandung.

As you may have seen on the e-flyer above, big names are going to treat you with high quality of jazztertainment. First, the band: Donny Suhendra Band. Led by senior jazz-blues-rock and all-rounder guitarist Donny Suhendra, this group is indeed the home of the giants because it featurs names like Budhy Haryono (former drummer of GIGI, Krakatau, Jamrock/Jamrud and Karimata), pianist Krishna Balagita (former keyboardist of ADA Band who celebrated his comeback to jazz by releasing a solo album titled “Sacred Geometry” eaerlier this year) and bassist Adi Darmawan, a multitalented figure found in the mainbending trio, LIGRO. As you can see, these are artists who have been placing themselves in between jazz and rock (and everything else in between) for many, many years. They will serve madness, no doubt.

As if these are not enough, the lineup goes longer with guest stars. Who? Well, listen carefully. The soulful powerhouse diva Dira Sugandi, violist/string man Ammy Kurniawan (one of 4 Peniti), Lia Amalia (one of the vocalists of Salamander Voices and background singer of Tulus) and Brury Effendi (the trumpeter of Salamander Big Band).


jazz not jazz, donny suhendra, krishna balagita, budhy haryono, adi darmawan, lia amalia, dira sugandi, ammy kurniawan, brury effendi, jazzuality, klcbs


There are two ways to be a part of this event: Gold Package (Dinner and Concert) or Silver Package (Concert only). Scroll down to find the complete info about it.

BNI, KLCBS and Prama Grand Preanger are ready to warm you up during the rainy season with the 4th Jazz Not Jazz “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”. Interesting lineup that you won’t find elsewhere, featuring all players that could change the course of game with their presence. Other than that, it’s going to be cool to meet new friends who share the same passion or hobby inside a jazz community gathering like this. As we are a jazz-related media which happen to maintain our own jazz community through our two weekly regular event Braga Jazz Walk, we are proud to support this event. Alright. Jazz lovers, hope to see you at Grand Preanger on December 18, 2014.

BNI, KLCBS and PRAMA GRAND PREANGER Present: 4th Jazz Not Jazz “Absolutely Sensational Fusion”

Date: Thursday, December 18m 2014
Location: Prama Grand Preanger, Jln Asia-Afrika no 81 Bandung


Donny Suhendra Band :
– Donny Suhendra – (of ESQI:EF Krakatau and many other bands/projects) – Guitar
– Budhy Haryono (former GIGI, Krakatau, Karimata and Jamrock/Jamrud) –  Drum
– Krisna Balagita (former ADA BAND) – Keyboard
– Adi Darmawan (of LIGRO) – Bass

Guest Stars:
– Dira Sugandi – Vocalist
– Amy C. Kurniawan (4 Peniti) – Violinist
– Lia Amalia (Salamander Voices, Tulus’ background singer) – Vocalist
– Bury Effendi (Salamander Big Band) – Trumpeter


Gold Package : Dinner and Concert
Silver Package : Concert only

Dinner starts at 6:30 pm
Concert starts at 8:00 pm

Gold Package IDR 250.000,-
Silver Package IDR 150.000,-

Online ticket: http://www.jazznotjazzgig.com

Ticket box:
Prama Grand Preanger Hotel
Jln. Asia Afrika No. 81, Bandung
+62 22-4231631

Studio KLCBS:
Jln. Karang Layung No.10, Bandung
+62 22-2032452

Get Lucky Dip with BNI Card

For more info, visit:
http://www.klcbs.net, Twitter @KLCBS
http://www.jazznotjazzgig.com, Twitter @JazznotJazzGig

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