Jakarta Blues Festival 2010


If one asks, “where did all today’s popular music come from?” we would gladly answer it’s the Blues. Blues is undisputedly the root of all modern music along with the variations we could find in the world up to this day. That’s why we got a very famous quote saying “Blues is the roots and everything else is the fruits”. It’s a very good quote to remind us of how important this music actually is. If there’s no blues, there’s no jazz, there’s no rock, there’s no R&B and others, and try to imagine how life would be if it happened that way. But no matter how far the music changes from one era to another, it’s always fascinating to see how Blues as the root of all modern music still manages to stand the test of time. Blues is still marching on, still pulsing on strong for more years to come. From each generation we have witnessed many brilliant Blues players carrying the torch triumphantly and later pass the torch to the younger generations. The Blues itself might appear in many different forms or shapes, blending here and there with its derivates, or some choose to go back into the original roots, but no matter what, it’s the Blues that will always be loved by millions of people across ages.

For us as the media that focuses specifically on jazz, Blues is always something important to talk about. Except as the root, Blues and Jazz has completed each other through ages. They could blend so tightly until we can’t separate them apart anymore. We can’t close our eyes from seeing how Blues has grown so well all over Asia, including Indonesia. Blues is still widely popular until today in this country, not only with the presence of superb Blues musicians but also with the millions of fans. Proudly say that we now have an international scale festival of Blues that has been delivered successfully for two years in a row, and now the third one is coming real soon. Let’s make some noise for the third one, The Jakarta Blues Festival 2010.

It all started by a frequent meetings between the major Blues fans who have also been living in it for all their lives. Frans Sunito, Edwin Hudioro, Oding Nasution, Bambang Wurianto, Tamy Daud, Keenan Nasution, and many more. A rock-solid association called “Ina Blues” (Indonesian Blues Association) has emerged as a result. The combination of brains in it finally came to an idea of making a Blues Festival in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. It was made for the first time in 2008 with huge success, followed by the second one last year again with amazing result, and now they are ready to deliver the third installment with performers from all over the world and the local Blues heroes. This is the festival that belongs to everybody, because no matter what music you are into, it all came from Blues. It will also be interesting to see the most recent updates on the Blues world. The innovations, the variety of styles, the colorful lineup to contribute their style to enrich the music, all will surely be there for us to enjoy. Jakarta will be the city of Blues once again, and looking at the previous years we know it’s going to be special if not even better.

jakarta blues festival 2010

Seriously cool lineup of performers have been listed. The one and only delta blues player Adrian Adioetomo and the internationally acclaimed Gugun Blues Shelter will be there. The senior Donny Suhendra and the legendary Noor Bersaudara, Oppie Andaresta, Syaharani and the Queenfireworks (ESQI:EF), Abdee Slank and many other will be there too. From the international list we have Gary Clark Jr, Matt Schofield, Solmate, Bluebird & Skoko, Ana Popovic, Kara Grainger and many more. Let’s check out the complete list of Blues heroes that will grace the stages this year.

Indonesian artists:
Rama Satria & The Electric Mojos with Lance Lopez
Noor Bersaudara
Donny Suhendra
SnR Band
Inablues All Star
Tjahyo Wisanggeni
The Sigit
Andre Harihandoyo & Sonic People
Oppie Andaresta & Friends
Endah & Rhesa
Adrian Adioetomo
Abdee Slank & Friends
Gugun Blues Shelter

International Artists:
Bluebird & Skoko
Gary Clark Jr
Kim Mok Kyung
Kevin Borich
Matt Schofield
Ana Popovic
Kara Grainger

It’s going to be grand! Don’t miss the moment when the Blues heat burns Jakarta!

Date: October 15,16, 2010
Location: Istora Senayan, Jakarta

Ticket price: IDR 100.000/day

For more information, please contact:
Febi (+62 21 75904943)
Yara (+62 21 8129968851)
Ina Blues Secretariat (+62 21 75904943)

Find out where to find the ticket box here

For more information, log on to Jakarta Blues Festival official website