Jakarta Blues Festival 2010: InaBlues Band ft Fonticello


It’s time to have all the senior behind the successful InaBlues Band on stage. Presenting the love they have over the blues, they were all on fire with their performance. As one of the founder of InaBlues Oding has contributed so many things to the blues development in Indonesia. Oding Nasution has been in the music scene for a very long time. He was once joined God Bless, then he was known as the guitarist of Guruh Gypsy. Later he established El Haj with the late Batavian legend, Benyamin S, Harry Sabar and Keenan Nasution. We can’t imagine how blues in Indonesia without him. May he still keep his passion for many more years to come.


Tonight InaBlues brought the excellent flavor or blues with a heavy lineup. Besides Oding Nasution, the InaBlues band brought some other legends such as Raidy Noor (bass), the Chaseiro‘s flutist Edwin Hudioro, Herman Gelly (keyboard) and Uce Haryono (drums). If that wasn’t enough, they performed together with a band with unique formation, Fonticello.

INA Blues (5)Unique, distinct and different. That can be the right three words to describe Fonticello, a band came from Yogyakarta. This is the one and only cello band in Indonesia and South East Asia ever since they were formed in 2005. The formation consists of 4 cellist and 1 drummer. With this strange formation, Fonticello has the right to claim their own music as “Cello Rock”. If you’re used to see a singing guitarist, you would be surprise to see a singing cellist. Angga is the one who does it in Fonticello.Besides Angga, the band features Alex, Madey, and Taufan. Moving a normal concept like we used to see in a band with lead guitar, drum, bass and rhythm into the formation of four cellos is something extraordinary. Plus, if you think cello can only be used in classical repertoires, this group showed that it could also become powerful to bring the rock and blues.

INA Blues  (2)

Together these two bands merged throwing blues from the stage to the crowds. They brought Mahavisnu Orchestra‘s “Dance of Maya” where Oding used the Cry Baby effect, “Road to Cairo” where Imelda Rosalin joined them on stage, then Diana Krall‘s “Love Me Like A Man”, Chicago‘s “Sing, Mean, Tune, Kid” and The Beatles“I Want You (She’s so Heavy)”. The crossover generations have delivered a madness on stage.

Oding and Friends continued playing again on the other stage a few hours after that, featuring another member of Chaseiro, Rizali Indrakesuma. They brought 6 songs, including “Living in the Past”, “Cross Eyed Mary”, Metallica‘s “Nothing Else Matter” and Jethro Tull’s “My God”. Getting the blues pattern from the senior from InaBlues was really delightful.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Muhammad Fadhly, Stanley Tulung
Photographer: Febrian Dirga


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