Ginda and the White Flowers to Compete in Macau and Upcoming New Album


Blues is considered outdated and doesn’t suit for youngsters?  Totally wrong. We should be proud to see so many bands consist of young guns have blues as their main thing in Indonesia. These groups break that stigma and proof the otherwise. Naturally, it’s easy for us to recognize many young people nowadays got into blues as the result. One of the smokin’ blues band we have to mention in this case is Ginda and the White Flowers. We have been covering them for several years and happy to say, they have been progressing in each meeting. Looking for a great blues chopping guitar with a little progressive touch here and there, backed by on-target bassline that can go upfront when needed and steady rockin’ drum beat? Ginda and the White Flowers (GTWF) would always be the perfect poison.


Here, we’ve got good news for you. The band will fly to Macau on May, 24-25 2012. All the three of them: Ginda Bestari as vocalist and guitarist, Gega Gageh as bassist and Riyandi Andaputra as drummer, are newly elected as one semi-finalist at the Venetian in Macau. Ginda and friends will compete with 11 other bands from all over the world in Venetian International Blues and Jazz Competition 2012.

Before that, GTWF became one of the finalists at the Blues Band Competition which was organized by the Indonesian Blues Association (InaBlues). That’s why they were able to perform at Jakarta International Blues Festival and got their shot on the same stage with Sandhy Sondoro.


This Indonesian young talented blues band is influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, Cream, BB King, Gary Moore, John Mayer and many more. While Gega that is the protege of Indro Hardjodikoro inspired by Led Zeppelin, Bob James, The Beatles. And the calm and friendly drummer, Yandi inspired by David Garibaldi, Adam, Deitch and Coleman.

Not only they are great in bringing the blues kind of action, but they also love to use their work as a vehicle to deliver positive messages, no matter how simple it may sound. They are refering to white philosophy which they believe to be fresh, clean and positive impacts can be heard by many. They hope the band  will be like wild flowers that can grow anywhere. So, blues is no longer use only to shout out the pain, sadness or anger, but it can also carry the positive messages that will be good to think about, especially for the youngsters.


Wait, that’s not it. Their album will be out on this month, which consist of 11 songs. “Let Me Try” will be the title of their album which they put out from the one of their song featuring Indonesian Blues virtuoso, Gugun from Gugun Blues Shelter. For now we have listened to the EP given by their manager Janki Cahyadi which consists of three songs, and what we can tell you is, this band is really special in pouring out their vibrant blues color with meaningful lyrics.

So let’s wish them luck for competing in Venetian International Blues and Jazz Competition 2012 in Macau, and get ready to have their upcoming first full album “Let Me Try”. Good luck guys, always keep the blues alive!

Written by Tassia Loisha Putri Tarigan
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan