Jacques Pellarin Trio – Sound of Philadelphia (2009)


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Artist : Jacques Pellarin Trio
Album :
Sound Of Philadelphia
Released Date :
March, 2009
Label :
Global Graffiti

Voila! A perfect harmonious marriage between “The Sweet Philly” and “The Romancing French Jazz” was my first impression to this very elegant album from Jacques Pellarin Trio, “Sound Of Philadelphia”.

Jacques_Pellain_TrioThe Sweet Philly, another name of the music world referred to as The Sound of Philadelphia (TSOP), is one of the most exquisite music styles that defines the beauty of soul music, influenced by funk and often served with strings and horns. This is the music style widely accepted especially throughout the 1970s, and no one can forget the beauty of this style even until now. French music or French jazz in particular has been contributing in a big part of jazz enrichment throughout the century with its unique elements. It always feels different when listening French music, as I always provide a special place in my heart for French jazz. The question is, what if we have this exquisite TSOP transferred into the street of Paris, along with all its romance?. How would the sound be? Jacques Pellarin seems to have that thought, as he brought two of his friends and went on with creating this thought into reality. It’s a dream coming true for me, it’s a question coming out of my mind for years and finally found the answer. They delivered this marvelous marriage of two classic music styles, creatively, stylishly, elegantly.

Jacques Pellarin is one of the world’s greatest Accordeon player, more specifically, a superb Bayanist. (Bayan is a kind of classical chromatic button accordion that came from Russia, which constructed differently from the western accordion). Jacques’ background actually wasn’t jazz, but classic. Just 6 years ago he switched to jazz, creating many compositions with jazz improvisation. This came with a gratitude working with what Jacques called a jazz dream team, his two compagnon Diego Fano (saxophone, clarinet), and Yann Pajean (percussions). Jacques said he was lucky and prJacques_Pellain_Trio_oud to perform in Chris Jazz Cafe in Philadelphia, and this is an album he gave out as a tribute to the American jazz, the jazz scene he has been connected to for quite sometimes. Jacques’ music has been featured regularly in sixty radio stations across USA and Canada, and for sure this album will give even bigger impact to his career. Moreover, the fact that Jacques was a classical music player has given more taste into the songs found in the album.

Delivering the beauty of Sound of Philadelphia a la French, it’s like walking in the beautiful “romance in Paris” through the magical accordion play, plus impressive sax and percussions. Perhaps the best example of this fine blends is explained briefly through the song entitled “Blues Sur Nacre”. The delicious funky rhythm that defines The Sound of Philadelphia is here. In the middle of the song, Diego’s saxophone took charge and Jacques’ accordion took over the brass section single handedly. This is the song that shows the magical blend. “Jamais Dire Jamais” (“Never Say Never”) is one other example. Diego’s sax is heavily breathing the soul touch of The Sound of Philadelphia. “Groove Maker” gives another strong example of how “Sweet Philly” would sound if it arrives in the French side. Nice percussion was played by Yann in this song. In “Patchinko” , taken from the name of Japanese pinball, they delivered another case of blending the French and American sound in the playful way. There are some songs in the album served in latin jazz. Listen to “Laguna de Perlas” and “Accordeason”, the songs in latin jazz that are still influenced heavily with soul. Have a delightful Spanish taste in “Recuerdos de la Mancha”. It takes two to tango, as Jacques Pellarin trio plays two tango composition in the album. The thrilling “Free Tango” and the tango for Philly, “A Perdre Haleine”. Then, have a fun exotic ride of salsa with “Sotaviento”. Again, Yann’s percussions help a lot to create the magical salsa atmosphere. “Junior Valse” is another beauty. This song is dedicated to Jacques son, Lucas who is also a young talented accordionist. This talented trio doesn’t stop here because the last song I haven’t mentioned is going to bring you to the southeastern part of Europe. “Koloriages” is a song that describes the jazz taste of the Balkans. C’est Magnifique.

Jacques_Pellain_Trio4It’s a wonderful experience to listen through all the songs in Jacques Pellarin Trio‘s new album, “The Sound of Philadelphia”. Superb compositions, sweet chemistry between the three of them, skillful and talented, their creativity and artistic minds, all of these shaped a truly outstanding album which successfully transported the soulful Philadelphia sound into the romantic side of Paris. Jacques’ experience of classical music has also helped a lot to strengthen the album in many ways. While French music goes more into techno, it’s really nice to hear this kind of album, which brings back the originality of French sound, just like how we used to love it. The essence of the Paris beauty was pictured perfectly by this trio, Jacques Pellarin, Diego Fano and Yann Pajean. Imagine the perfect picture of French jazz that served with the accordion along with sax and percussions. “The Sound of Philadelphia” invites you to an unforgettable voyage of French-USA connection at its best. Bon Voyage!

Jacques Pellarin – BAYAN (classical accordion)
Diego Fano – Saxophones soprano, alto and clarinet
Yann Pajean – Percussions (Conga drums caron-bongos – carillon – drum kit with snare drum – cymbal – charleston…)

“Through my compositions, I invite the public to discover an accordion chameleon, outside clichés “accordeon music”, which crosses by very eclectic styles as the nuevo tango, the rumba, the sound, and the other Latin rhythms, the milonga, the waltz swing, the sertao and the samba of the brésil, the ballad-jazz, the music inspirations of the Balkans or the Yiddish fleurtant with the Jazz and the other surprises of more classic spirit “.
Jacques Pellarin


  1. Laguna de perlas
  2. Blues sur nacre
  3. The groove maker
  4. Junior valse
  5. Free tango
  6. Jamais dire jamais
  7. Patchinko
  8. Koloriages
  9. Accordeason
  10. Recuerdos de la macha
  11. A perdre haleine
  12. Sotaviento

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update (June 16, 2009):

Get Jacques Pellarin Trio – Sound of Philadelphia on Itunes (Japan)!

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Reviewed by: Riandy Kurniawan

Special thanks to : Alhenri Wijaya


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