Douyé – Journey


Douye - Journey

Artist : Douyé
Album :
Label : Betsy Blue Music

There’s always something we get when soul and R&B melt into jazz. This combination often produces sexy, silky-smooth and romantic sounds that can make us feel real good. From time to time we have some great soulful jazz artists to fulfill our needs on this matter. Name some like Jill Scott, Anita Baker, Maysa Leak, Sade, Les Nubians to say the least. The amount of each ingredient could be different from one artist to another, but no matter what or who, this kind of soulful jazz has seldom failed to make us feel sexy and relax. It’s comforting, the beautiful smooth groove can make us speechless, and ready to make us go into the journey of beautiful mind-wondering. It will never be enough to have this kind of music, and now we have a strong contender who should be listed among the top rank of soulful jazz singers with excellent voice. She is Douyé.

Douye - Journey

Douyé was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and her parents came from the state of Bayelsa, Nigeria. Getting the influence when growing up in a family who were really into jazz, she quickly found her passion by enjoying the jazz recordings she listened at home. She was told to be influenced by legends such as Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and also an internationally famous artist who also came from Nigeria, Sade. She started as a chDouye (3)urch singer at the age of seven. She found her other passion on poetry three years after that led her to become a compelling songwriter. During her teens she went to Europe to carry on her dreams. She didn’t stop only by having a soulful voice as a blessing. She continued to get formal music education at Musicians Institute in Hollywood to improve her vocal quality. And soon Douyé was ready to enter the music world as soulful jazz singer with prime vocal, plus the ability in song writing. Placing all the gifts she has and the kind of music she loves in one plate results in a lovely fine-blend between soul, RnB and jazz. It all blends beautifully within her music concept, appearing in her independent debut album called “Journey”.

Douye (5)Journey is like an autobiography album reflecting Douyé’s meaningful life experiences and her musical career. Her sultry soulful vocal taking on poetic lyrics appearing sensually in melodious and seductive smooth jazz vibe, all packed in 11 songs contain in the CD. Interestingly Douyé brought Terry Shaddick along for the writing. If you remember a legendary art rock band in the 70’s named Tranquility, Shaddick was one of the personnel and responsible for the brilliant songwriting and fine melodious harmonies for the band. Later Shaddick was involved in the evergreen disco song of Olivia Newton-John, “Physical”. Having a senior songwriter would surely give Douyé more experience in the writing field, completing the talent she already had in her. Besides Shaddick, the album also features Jeff Pescetto, Harry Kim, Gary Meek and James Harrah. Having a solid team, Douyé made her debut in the most stylish way, taking us on a journey of sensual soul on smooth jazz. 11 smooth groove tracks are ready to take your breath away and make you feel sexy in no time.

Some people compared her to Sade who also came from Nigeria but you will easily notice from the first song that Douyé certainly has her own style. She brings her soulful taste to appear in jazz naturally, creating the nuance that you would love to hear around midnight when you are relaxing with a glass of champagne. Not only presenting 11 lovely songs in rich melodies, Douyé also invites us to see her life journey with her debut album. Along with the tracks you will be able to see the road she’s taking and experiences with the ups and downs until she finally found what’s destined for her, who she is and what she has to be. Many of the songs are inspirational, and what’s good about it is that Douyé tells us based on her own personal experiences.

Let’s dig the album. It starts with “Fly Away”, the single chosen for the album. The steady light groove and ear catchy melody on this song will force you to tap your feet instantly and fly together with Douyé. (Check out the video clip of “Fly Away” below). The sexy groove continues on with “On For You” that will easily savor the taste of the listeners range from smooth jazz to RnB. Douyé goes further visiting the beauty of retro soulful smooth jazz the way we like it back then around the 80’s. Pescetto’s guitar and cool sound of saxophone by Meek builds a very cool layer to match Douyé’s voice. You will love this song for a long time. The next song is the title track “Journey”, an inspiring and uplifting song in which Douyé shares her life story of finding her destiny as an artist that’s full of positive thoughts and optimism.

Douye (6)Another case of tributing over the lovely retro smooth jazz can be found in “Still Hurting”. In this song Douyé speaks about someone who’s trying to move on after a painful break up serves in cool soul groove. “Wicked World” is a song picturing the story of a drug addict mother leaving her child in loneliness. Even in this kind of situation Douyé still shows her positive thoughts by keeping on being strong and trying to move on. The splashes of trumpet in many parts of this song simply add more tastes onto the song. In “Cold Wind Blows”, Douyé shows her ability to bring the sweetness out in acoustic style. Close your eyes and you will feel so calm just like sitting in a greenfield with the wind breezes gently over you. This song gives a different taste than the previous ones, and this attempt enriches the album as well as showing more of Douyé’s style.

The rhythmic groove is back again on “Waiting for My Man” that will tempt you to tap your feet even to dance instantly, just like much of the songs in the album. And again, the groove line continues on with the next track, “Walk Away”. The next track “A Day in Paradise” appears funky with the exotic Caribbean vibes, which is perfect to describe the feeling of having such a beautiful day in paradise. It’s really refreshing to get the ambiance of exotic island through this song. The album ends pleasingly with “The Voice”, a heartfelt ballad with more pop approach.

Douye - Journey

“Journey” is an album that brings back the joy of sensual soulful smooth jazz vibes the way we like it back then but still appearing fresh and current at the same time. This album has many things to be loved like Douyé’s beautiful vocal texture with full of soul in every breath, honest and inspiring lyrics, colorful ear-catchy melodies and cool groove lines. It’s always amazing to see that some artists know how to tell their inspiring life journey in poetical lyrics and nice tunes, and Douyé is definitely one of them. There’s no reason not to love this album. It is smooth, relaxing and crisp enough to comfort you. Douyé invites all the listeners to see her life experiences and influences that have touched her life along the way with this album elegantly. If you are into silky-smooth, romantic and sensuous smooth jazz, this CD is the answer. If you need an album to make you feel good and sexy this one is also recommended. Whenever you need to release yourself from the stressful daily activities, having some relaxing time late at night, this album will help you to get the best of it. From now on, Douyé has to be listed among the top of soulful jazz artists for every talents and gifts she has. Looking at this album, surely success is coming her way. Why not? She has everything needed for that.

Fly Away
On For You
In Love With You
Still Hurting
Wicked World
Cold Wind Blows
Waiting for My Man
Walk Away
A Day in Paradise
The Voice

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Reviewed by: Riandy Kurniawan
Proofreader: Alhenri Wijaya


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