Audiophile Female Vocal : Voices of Love (2012)


Album: Audiophile Female Vocal – Voices of Love
Artists: Various
Released Date: 2012
Label: Evosound

Would you fancy a crystal clear sound with pretty female voices in one package? “Voice of Love” compilation album is a right choice to brighten your day. Fifteen singers, specialist for audiophile recording will offer you a comfortable atmosphere wherever you are. We all know, an audiophile CD can produce high quality sound that similar to live music performance, as if they are singing right beside you. To enjoy its clarity at best you should play the CD in high-end audio stereo set or preferential playback components like turntables, amplifiers, electrostatic speakers, and other equipments. Then, just a moment you’ll find the distinction in quality with ordinary CD.

Truthfully, an audiophile is someone who’s able to recognize the good or even the perfect sound. And what is a good sound? It’s the sound that we hear directly from the source without going through an electronic process. However, CD is an optical disc used to store digital data. So, if we listen to it, we have to understand the factors that determine the quality of sound reproduced by the electronic device. Ethan Winer, an expert on music technology said that, “Four audio parameters that define everything needed to assess high-quality audio reproduction are frequency response, distortion, noise, and time-based errors.” Master those four points, then you’ll become an audiophile.

We can call an audiophile is a “purist”, a person who has deep concern about the purity of the original song without any “polish” in it. The sound quality of recordings is the main thing to gain the high level of result. Audiophiles are not related to the certain type of music, as long as the sound is great. But people usually find classic and jazz, because both contain more various dynamic range than pop or rock.

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So here we have a label based in Hong Kong named Evosound who’s always concern of the quality of recording at its finest. As a company which stands at the forefront of the new generation ’boutique’ music labels, they always intend to bring you the best music from everywhere, even from the furthest corners of the world if they have to. With that in mind, a very beautiful CD recorded in the finest way consisting love songs from some of the most beautiful female voices in the world today was released not long ago called “Audiophile Female Vocal : Voices of Love”. We’ll see who are the ‘nightingales’ featured in this album, but first let’s see a wonderful fact: Voices of Love CD currently stands in Hong Kong Top 10 albums, even more it now enters the daily and single weekly chart Top 100 in Europe and USA. This great news wouldn’t actually surprise you if you listen throughout the album.

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This is it, fifteen hits that reached top charts several years ago either by the original artists or the version listed in this album. Some lovely female singers represent the covers in fresh arrangements, placing their souls inside, making each recycled songs as their gem. There are also one original songs by the featured artist in this album such as Katie Melua’s “I Cried for You” and Woong San’s “Yesterday”.

Let’s see each song in this high quality CD. First of all, “When You Say Nothing at All” by Susan Wong. This song was written by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz and had attained popularity with three singers, Keith Whitley in 1988, Alison Krauss in 1995, and an Irish pop singer Ronan Keating in 1999. Susan Wong’s version has been very popular especially in Asia since it was released for the very first time in her album “Someone Like You” in 2007.

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“I Knew I Loved You” a romantic number from Australian duo Savage Garden. Julienne Taylor brings a different color here. Saxophone swings so smooth and accentuates its sentimental side. Next, the original composition “I Cried For You” by Katie Melua, a Georgian jazz singer beautifully pours her soulful voice in this sad tune.

Chantal Chamberland takes us to a memorable moment when “How Deep Is Your Love” was an international hits. Recorded by the Bee Gees in 1977 used as part of the soundtrack to a movie Saturday Night Fever. A jazz song written by Jesse Harris, “Don’t know Why” will always on every jazz lover’s mind. Norah Jones successfully blew her name up as a new artist in 2002. Now Cheryl Bentyne, one of the legendary American vocal music group The Manhattan Transfer gave her gospel-soulful treatment into this song. She’s currently off from stage as she’s in recovering process after suffering an illness. We wish Cheryl a speed recovery and hope she’ll be back again soon.

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“You’ve Got A Friend” is a 1971 everlasting track performed by Carole King, countless artists have remade it.  Stacey Kent covered it in a very convenient way and should stand as one of the most beautiful renditions which is presented in a simple package. An English jazz singer, Clare Teal delivers “Chasing Cars” from Snow Patrol, released in 2006. It got more famous after being featured in the second season finale of a medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. In Clare Teal’s voice which stands as one of the most beautiful female jazz voices we’ve been hearing lately this song got a new soul.

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Le Couple, a Japanese band consists of Emi Fujita on vocal and her husband Ryuji Fujita on guitar popularized a beautiful song titled “Wishes”. Actually, the original music was created by Toshifumi Hinata. Emi Fujita this time serves “Wishes” as a solo performer, but still keeping the style of Le Couple. Olivia Ong, a very popular singer originally from Singapore presents a Dan Hill’s biggest hit from  1978 titled “Sometimes When We Touch”. She chose to keep the purity of the sweet melody and presented it nice and simple just like it is.

A loveable one from Ann Sally on  “I Wish You Love” appears  like an angelic voice in the sky accompanied by swingin’  acoustic guitar. Léo Chauliac wrote the song first time with French lyrics under the title “Que reste-t-il de nos amours?” or in English “What remains of our love?” by Charles Trenet. Then, Albert A. Beach re-wrote the lyrics and made the English title. It’s a standard popular song since Keely Smith recorded it in 1957.

Chlara, a British born Philippines singer brings a 1984 Lionel Richie hit “Stuck On You”. Chlara gave a chill out ambience here by singing only with guitar. Dana Sedgwick sings “I Can’t Make You Love Me”, a very lovely pop country song first time popularized by Bonnie Raitt in 1991. Sedwick decided to kept all the essences in placing her soul in it.

Jazz lovers would surely be familiar with “Autumn Leaves”, but only a few know that it was originally a French song, “Les Feuilles Mortes” means “The Dead Leaves”. It’s the Johnny Mercer’s version which he wrote in 1947 that we all know today. For decades “Autumn Leaves” has become a jazz and pop standard for every musician. Mikaela Kahn, an American singer liven it up by putting a soulful voice color, deep and nice. It’s a unique version that appears quite different than the way it’s usually brought.

Woong San delivers her own blues tune, “Yesterday”. She is a Korean jazz and blues vocalist. The country scene also becomes the major element in “Yesterday”. It was highly praised by critics in 2007. The last song of this album is an elegant track, “When I Dream” by Carol Kidd. Originally it was made famous by Crystal Gayle in 1978, but 7 years later Carol Kidd sang her version and included it in her “All My Tomorrows” album. Since then, this song often associated to Carol Kidd and believed to be one of her finest track.

All said. Whoever and wherever you are, “Audiophile Female Vocal : Voices of Love” is a highly recommended album. Picturesque voices, classy musics, no matter how the situation is, day or night, you’ll be enchanted. The clear voice is an essential advantage for this kind of CD. This should stay along the playlist of people with strong interest in high quality sound, especially in music production. Don’t wait too long, let’s get the CD!

1.  When You Say Nothing At All – Susan Wong
2.  I Knew I Loved You – Julienne Taylor
3.  I Cried For You – Katie Melua
4.  How Deep Is Your Love – Chantal Chamberland
5.  Don’t Know Why – Cheryl Bentyne
6.  You’ve Got A Friend – Stacey Kent
7.  Chasing Cars – Clare Teal
8.  Wishes – Emi Fujita
9.  Sometimes When We Touch – Olivia Ong
10. I Wish You Love – Ann Sally
11. Stuck On You – Chlara
12. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Dana Sedgwick
13. Autumn Leaves – Mikaela Kahn
14. Yesterday – Woong San
15. When I Dream – Carol Kidd

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Written by: Bintang S Tania and Riandy Kurniawan


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