“As a jazz aficionado and proud Indonesian, I am thrilled and proud to know that Indonesia has a representative jazz website. Not only do you guys present information on the thriving international jazz scene, more importantly, Jazzuality writes about what’s happening in Indonesia in English, making the presented info on the scene and its musicians accessible to the international world. You have done a fine job, I sincerely hope that you continue to thrive. The partnership between Jazzuality.com and Java Jazz Festival will certainly boost Indonesian jazz in the world scene. Happy anniversary, may Jazzuality.com someday be one of the world’s jazz references.”
Peter F Gontha

“On behalf of Inline Music, we would like to sincerely congratulate you on your 3rd anniversary.We must say that we are very much proud of your spirit, effort and dedication toward this jazz as an art form in Indonesia. As a musician/artist, we believe those have become priceless support for the existence of jazz musicians in having their capacity to create something and to say something from their true mind and heart.

Jazzuality should always be the channel to deliver the message of our music.
Through out open minds, understanding and excellent writing .. Jazzuality has perform the rules to make this art community survive and proud.

We believe there will be so many challenges ahead for all of us to deal with. As music has been major in our life, we would require you to keep up the spirit and behold the history of this journey. To remember the passion when you begin and to understand the meaning of being part for each moment. Nothing can really survive without true passion and solid positive intentions.

We wish you all the best in your future career and life endeavors, whatever they may be.

Happy 3rd anniversary !
and thank you for being with us ..”

Indra Lesmana & Honhon Lesmana

“I’ve known Jazzuality since the beginning of Serambi Jazz program at Goethe Jakarta two years ago, it was cool to have a new friend with the same vision in our jazz world. I’m very happy to know Riandy Kurniawan (I personally call him “bung Endy”) and all the crews. I feel connected with the vision and work ethics, and it’s beneficial especially at times when this country needs a change to be better in every field.

Riandy and friends think the same like me and my fellow musicians. We are living in the working field that not everyone may ‘like’. When some fellows choose to take the “safe road”, we try to open the “new road”, offering an alternative for all the music listeners to listen and slowly dig the music, locally and internationally.

There are too many words for me to say to describe what I feel about jazzuality, but put it simple, I feel happy to have them as a friend, a friend that understand that what we really believe, our hard works, efforts with enough knowledge will make something good in the future, Insya Allah.

On behalf of everyone at simakDIALOG I wish Jazzuality a happy 3rd Anniversary. Never stop working!”
Riza Arshad and simakDIALOG

“I still remember the first time I heard about an E-Mag Jazz by the name of Jazzuality.com in 2007. I’m so proud to talk about the spirit and passion of the people behind this Bandung-based media on jazz, also their seriousness and sincerity in looking on jazz news in the most independent way, with the right and fine journalism work ethic. I’ve witnessed the way they work with my own eyes on spreading the jazz news of Indonesia, taking on the new project of jazz musicians and also the jazz events all over Indonesia. That includes two events which I involve, Java Jazz festival and Urban Jazz Crossover. We always get their support. All the mutual relationship between us for the past three years has made me feel really close with the whole Jazzuality team. I also see how Jazzuality can fill up the needs of Jazz Magazine in Indonesia, as one of the link in completing jazz infrastructure in Indonesia. I’m sure by holding the same spirit and passion, and with the good collaboration between every components in jazz, the jazz industry in Indonesia will grow towards the better direction positively. Personally I want to wish Jazzuality and its whole team happy 3rd anniversary. Keep it the spirit up, keep sharing the Indonesia’s jazz information and keep being active to push our jazz industry forward. We are the loud minority! Wassallam.”
EQ Puradiredja


“I want to wish Riandy and Jazzuality.com a very happy 3rd anniversary! I know from personal experience, the jazz fans in Indonesia are very passionate about their music—and it’s wonderful to have this spot on the web where so much information about the music and artists can be shared. Bravo, guys. I have so much to be thankful for–20 years of amazing support from Indonesia…I am very grateful and humbled by this. Terima kasih for all the love! My new album, “Hello Tomorrow” is coming this Fall, and I look forward to seeing you soon to share the new music. And here’s to many more years of success, jazzuality.com!”
Dave Koz, Los Angeles CA


“Jazzuality.com is more than just a partner is spreading the news of Indonesian jazz. Jazzuality is a nonnegotiable element of Indonesia’s Jazz Movement. The site’s coverage and reviews is a worthy information source and an inspiration to Indonesian jazz. Since it is written in English, Jazzuality.com is the gateway and bridge of Indonesia’s jazz to the world’s jazz public.
Happy Birthday!
May you succeed in your effort to be more ‘vocal’.

Indonesia’s Jazz Movement supporter”
Widyasena Sumadio

“Jazzuality is amongst my favorite sites for jazz and music news. This on-line community offers some of the best, in-depth, thorough, and comprehensive album reviews, as well as interviews from artists from all over the world. The nicely designed website and the easy navigation menus, makes the entire experience even better!!! Two thumbs up to Riandy Kurniawan and the entire team at Jazzuality.com for creating, editing, and maintaining this great portal!”
Hristo Vitchev (San Francisco – USA)


“I am a supporter of Jazzuality.com . I feel the review that Riandy Kurniawan wrote on my acoustic trio was really great ! He really captured the spirit of the music and was able to describe what is the Jazz accordion french touch ! He is a fine connaisseur of the french music and latin- Jazz music . I was really grateful for this beautiful review of “Sound of Philadelphia ” and i’m exciting to read soon the review of my new album ” Karenita” …Worldwide Jazz musicians are lucky to be reviewed by Riandy ! He is a great promoter of Jazz in Indonesia . “
Jacques Pellarin (France)


“First of all I would like to congratulate Jazzuality on its 3rd Anniversary. I think it’s great that in these modern times it is possible to read and learn about jazz so easily. This certainly makes jazz more accessible to a larger and often younger audience which is good for us artists! When I was interviewed for Jazzuality last year in Jakarta I felt very comfortable with the team and I do hope to meet you guys soon again. I wish you every success for the future, you will always have my support!”
Laura Fygi (Netherlands)


“So far Jazzuality is one of the best media that bridge the musicians and the jazz fans. I hope jazzuality’s existance can inspire the others to do the same.”
Indrawan Tjhin


“Jazzuality.com has responded well to the cyber development and has given tremendous supports for the Indonesian music development, especially jazz in particular. Salute to you, happy anniversary from myself and the ESQI:EF’s team. We love you.”


“I am a found supporter of Jazzuality.com. I feel the review that Riandy Kurniawan wrote on my band’s CD Joe DeRose and Amici “Sounds for the Soul” was superb!!! He really captured the spirit of the music and was able to depict what the vibe is all about! I am forever in debt for his beautiful review and am so glad to see our music expressed into words by Riandy! Thanks to Riandy and everyone at Jazzuality!!! Much Peace and Love.”
Joe deRose (San Fransisco-USA)


“Jazzuality.com is a website that has successfully given the information and education about what jazz is. Fast moving and accurate, with friendly and humble crews. Everything in this world needs process, and there will still be many process that you have to face in the future, but I’m sure you will pass those periods well and reach the success, because even now you have awed many people, not only the jazz lovers, but also the jazz musicians even the music fans who still don’t understand about jazz at all. Keep jazzin’, Jazzuality!”
Idang Rasjidi


“Happy 3rd birthday Jazzuality! hope for many more! much success for Riandy and team! Any news about jazz is good for the musicians and people involved in the art form in one way or another. It can create more educated and informed listeners, and possibly create more job opportunities for the musicians. Currently, there are not many websites that follow the current development of jazz music in Indonesia. Jazzuality fills that void. Jazzuality is really in touch with the latest projects that many of the jazz musicians have in Indonesia and interviews them. Jazzuality follows and cover the latest jazz events in Indonesia, so we can be more informed. Living in New York at the moment, I can still follow what my musician colleagues are doing in Indonesia, what jazz events are happening there and who’s playing, all because of Jazzuality. Keep it up!”
Nial Djuliarso


“It’s always been a pleasure and honor to play in Indonesia. The fans love soulful sounds and are very very nice. I’m impressed by the rich musical culture there. I’m looking forward to my next trip.. Thanks to all my Indonesian fans for listening. Terima Kasih!”
Jeff Lorber (Los Angeles-USA)


“I’m very happy Indonesia has a journalist by the name of Riandy with his Jazzuality that consistently and exclusively write eveything about jazz. Before we had Tim Kantoso as the source of jazz in Indonesia that really helped us to know jazz musicians at that time. Many of the young generation don’t know so much about the jazz founding-fathers in Indonesia anymore, and somebody has to start thinking about it. So I put a big hope to the younger generation like Riandy and friends to dig more about the legends while at the same time keep pushing the new ones forward.”
Gatot Soenjoto


“I’m really thankful with the existance of Jazzuality that can feature the jazz scene in Indonesia and abroad. Why? Because as a genre that might be weird or complicated for some, we do need a media that can act as the “eye witness” to describe the complexity into something easy to understand.

What I think about Jazzuality:
Jazzuality can deliver the complete scene from jazz event along with the musicians and all the activities behind it in full honesty. Such case I dont find often in other media, because in my opinion, in delivering a music concept, in this case jazz, if the media doesn’t know about their object in general, the output would be different. You won’t get any taste from it at all. And Jazzuality gets high scores from me for its packaging about jazz.

Then, about how Jazzuality appears, absorbing and digging through the music concept deeper than others naturally, complete with the basic informations like the composers, the years and the albums (some typo-mistakes still found though, sorry). But overall, the informations in Jazzuality can always be the witness of what we feel, see and hear, especially to those who missed the event. You bring the atmosphere in words to your readers. Another high scores from me on that.

It would be lovely if Jazzuality can present the history of senior jazz musicians and legends, with all their struggle to bring jazz into such stage like we have today. If we look at their history, we would see they had fought so hard, even had to sacrifice sometimes, but that wasn’t enough to stop their consistency.

I have big hopes for Jazzuality. Keep on being the Jazzuality we all know, that can always deliver articles about jazz in quality. Happy Birthday Jazzuality, may God always gives you wisdom in pouring out everything about jazz.”
Jilly Likumahuwa


“My experience with Jazzuality started with the Java Jazz Festival in 2009. It’s been wonderful to explore and get informed about artists from not only Indonesia but the World! The enthusiasm and effort to support this genre of music by jazzuality.com is something I appreciate and truly regard . Wishing you Success and Music in many more years to come and we in India will keep looking foward to updates from you. All the best!!”
Mili Nair (Bangalore, India)


“Jazzuality is cool.. for me, Jazzuality is a media that can satisfy the musicians and the jazz fans. You always bring article about jazz and the musicians interestingly, fresh and up to date. The reportage from jazz concerts are always interesting to read because you can always find the way to tell the story with throughout report in good quality. Keep up the good work!! all the best for the 3rd year!”
Sandy Winarta


“Well, just a few days ago we gathered in InLine and watched a movie called “A Great Day in Harlem.” In the movie there was Nat Henthoff. I joked with Widyasena, “you are the Indonesian Nat Henthoff..” but he said, “no, it’s jazzuality team.”

His statement made me think, I agree with him. For me personally, Jazzuality is not just a website, blog or photo gallery of jazz in the cyber space. Your existance for the past 3 years means a lot more than that:
– You are a friend (because you always place yourself as a friend in the interview session)
– You are the audience (because when you’re reviewing us, you can really make your readers able to feel the moment by describing the view from the audiences’ seats)
– You are our supporters. (now you have moved further in distributing the jazz CDs and merchandise)
Just by looking at those three examples, I can say that “Jazzuality is more than just an Indonesian jazz website.” Happy Birthday guys , be blessed, Thanks for all your support !!”

Nikita Dompas


“Congratulations to Jazzuality for your 3rd anniversary. Eventhough you’re still 3 years old, but you have given a lot of contributions to our music world, especially in jazz. Wish you many more years to come and always be the innovator in Indonesian jazz!”
Indro Hardjodikoro


“Indonesia is very lucky to have Jazzuality as the media partner, because there’s no other media could be as enthusiastic and totally focus to jazz like you do. It’s a big advantage to our jazz world. I wish to see more critics on the report. Happy anniversary, Jazzuality.com”
Teddy AB


“I feel that Jazzuality.com can give a new color to the online jazz news in Indonesia. You wrote everything carefully with crosscheck, so Jazzuality is more valid and reliable than others. Jazzuality has also opened an online store so it should be easier now to find the jazz recordings which might be difficult to find on the market. That surely helps the musicians to sell their recordings. Jazzuality can also help to educate people on everything about jazz. The point is, I wish you all success!”
Barry Likumahuwa


“Happy 3rd Annniversary to Jazzuality.com. Wish you the best, keep moving on! With your presence, I hope to see better progress of jazz in our nation, may there be many new jazz musicians go international, and push jazz in Indonesia further in front. Jazzuality is always the source to share the information about jazz among the musicians. Keep updating the life inside the jazz world, more power to Jazzuality.com!”
Boyke Priyo Utomo


“I’m so thankful to Jazzuality.com which keeps on retweeting my performance on twitter before the D-day, and also to give a lot of informations. I hope you will always contribute in the online jazz news.”
Mery Kasiman

My first encounter with Jazzuality was on JAK JAZZ 2008 during their coverage on Kyoto Jazz Massive live performance ever since then I always follow their development and news coverage of jazz events and artists review. Riandy and his crew have taken a great contribution towards Jazz movement in Indonesia. I always find their news coverage as if we are actually took part on the event occurred. Not only that jazzuality also have a fine collection on their online store. Big ups to Riandy and jazzuality we need you and your team. Thank you very much for the support on jazz!
Robert Pelenkahu

“i just want to say that jazzUality is very usefull for the whole jazz progress in Indonesia.not only teachers,concerts or cd..but the media like jazzUality it’s needed for the jazz future development in our lovely country,INDONESIA.i hope all players,teachers, event organizers and media like JazzUality work together for jazz development in this country.”
Andi Wiriantono